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Theme 2 Themed Word Lists Journeys B2 Teacher s Resource Pack. A Match the words 1 20 with their meanings A T, 1 q suit n A a piece of clothing for the upper part of the body eg a T shirt or blouse. 2 q costume B a jacket and trousers skirt made from the same material. 3 q top C sports shoes, 4 q tracksuit D a set of clothes that you wear when you want to look like someone something else. 5 q hoody E a thick cotton jacket with a part that you can pull up to cover the back and top of your head. 6 q uniform F a jacket made from soft warm material that feels like sheep s wool. 7 q fleece G a loose top and matching trousers that you wear for exercising etc. 8 q trainers H a special set of clothes worn by members of a particular group or by students at a. particular school, 9 q suit v I have the same colour style as another thing. 10 q fit v J look good on you and make you look good. 11 q match v K put clothes on to see if they look good and are the right size for you. 12 q try on L be the right size, 13 q baggy M well dressed in fashionable formal clothes. 14 q tight N looking dirty and untidy,15 q smart O big and loose.
16 q scruffy P comfortable informal, 17 q casual Q fitting very too closely to part of the body. 18 q leggings R what men boys wear to go swimming, 19 q swimsuit S what women girls wear to go swimming. 20 q swimming trunks T very tight trousers for women made of stretchy material. B 1 Write the opposites,tight scruffy, 2 Write three things that you wear only on the top part of your body. 3 Label the items below,42 HILLSIDE PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE. Journeys B2 Teacher s Resource Pack Themed Word Lists Theme 3. A Match the words 1 20 with their meanings A T,1 q murderer A someone who steals from a shop.
2 q burglar B someone who sells illegal drugs, 3 q arsonist C someone who sets fire to a building forest etc intentionally. 4 q smuggler D someone who steals from a person or a bank etc and often uses violence. 5 q robber E someone who brings things into takes things out of a country secretly and illegally. 6 q shoplifter F someone who kills another person intentionally. 7 q kidnapper G someone who attacks and robs another person usually in a public place. 8 q mugger H someone who breaks into a house etc and steals things. 9 q drug dealer I someone who takes a person and keeps them prisoner usually to get money from their. family etc, 10 q evidence J the person in charge in court who decides on the punishment. 11 q proof K a group of usually 12 citizens who listen to the evidence in court and decide whether. someone is guilty or not, 12 q judge L information used in court to try to show whether someone is guilty or not. 13 q jury M a room building where trials take place. 14 q court N evidence that shows for sure whether something is true or not. 15 q bribe v O say that someone is guilty of a crime. 16 q release v P give offer someone money etc in order to persuade them to do what you want. 17 q sentence v Q punish someone by making them pay a sum of money. 18 q fine v R say in court what someone s punishment will be. 19 q arrest v S set someone free, 20 q accuse T take someone to the police station and keep them there. because it s believed that they are guilty of a crime. B Complete the table,CRIMINAL VERB CRIME,shoplift shoplifting.
kidnapping,burgle burglary,set fire to,C3 C What crimes are shown in the pictures. HILLSIDE PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE 43, Theme 4 Themed Word Lists Journeys B2 Teacher s Resource Pack. 4 EDUCATION,A Match the words 1 20 with their meanings A T. 1 q nursery school kindergarten A a child s first real school which he she attends for about six years. 2 q primary school B a school for children aged between 11 and 18 approximately. 3 q secondary school C a place of education at the highest level. 4 q college D a school for children under the age of 6 where they mostly play. 5 q university E a place where you go to study usually practical technical subjects when. you ve finished secondary school, 6 q certificate F a document that shows that you have completed a course of study at. university or at some colleges, 7 q diploma G an official document paper which states that the information printed on it.
is true eg a marriage certificate the qualification you get when you pass. 8 q degree H a document that shows that you have completed a course or part of your. 9 q syllabus I a list of the topics books etc that you study for a particular subject at school. college university, 10 q curriculum J the subjects that are included in a course or taught at a school etc. 11 q undergraduate K someone who s got a degree, 12 q postgraduate L someone who is studying for their first degree at college university. 13 q tutor M someone who has finished their first degree and is now doing research or more. advanced study, 14 q lecturer N someone who teaches individuals or small groups of students at university. 15 q graduate O someone who gives talks on a particular subject to groups of university. college students, 16 q BA P Master of Arts a second university degree in languages history literature etc. 17 q BSc Q Doctor of Philosophy a very high level university degree that is given to. someone who has done research in a particular subject. 18 q MA R Bachelor of Science a first degree in a science subject. 19 q MSc S Bachelor of Arts a first degree in languages history literature etc. 20 q PhD T Master of Science a second university degree in a science subject. B Write diploma degree or certificate,1 A birth shows when and where you were born.
2 A high school shows that you have completed your secondary school education. 3 Miranda s got a in chemistry from Glasgow University. 44 HILLSIDE PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE, Journeys B2 Teacher s Resource Pack Themed Word Lists Theme 5. 5 the ENVIRONMENT NATURAL DISASTERS,A Match the words 1 20 with their meanings A T. 1 q climate change A the amount by which a person etc adds to the pollution caused by CO2 carbon dioxide. 2 q exhaust fumes B the waste gases that come out of cars etc. 3 q carbon footprint C changes in the Earth s weather rainfall wind patterns and especially temperature. caused by an increase in gases such as CO2 carbon dioxide. 4 q fossil fuels D a form of air pollution caused by a mixture of smoke gases and chemicals. 5 q smog E electricity produced by using energy from the sun. 6 q nuclear power F coal oil gas etc, 7 q solar power G electricity produced by using energy from the wind. 8 q wind power H electricity produced by splitting the central parts of atoms atom the smallest part of. a simple substance that can take part in a chemical reaction. 9 q tsunami I a huge mass of snow and ice that falls down the side of a mountain. 10 q earthquake J an enormous wave in the sea usually caused by an earthquake. 11 q flood K a long period when there s no rain, 12 q drought L a serious shortage of food in a country or large area. 13 q famine M a large amount of water that covers an area that is usually dry. 14 q avalanche N a violent storm with very strong winds especially in the western Atlantic Ocean. 15 q tornado O a violent shaking of the ground, 16 q hurricane P a very strong wind that looks like an upside down cone and destroys buildings as it.
moves across the ground, 17 q GM food Q something either natural or chemical that is put into soil to help plants grow. 18 q organic food R something usually chemical that is used to kill pests especially insects on plants. 19 q fertiliser S food which is produced without using artificial chemicals. 20 q pesticide T food made from living things whose genes have been changed by scientists in order. to make them produce more or not be affected by disease. B Write one word in each gap,1 Coal gas and oil are examples of fuels. 2 When there s a famine there s not enough, 3 food is produced without artificial chemical fertilisers or pesticides. C What s this,HILLSIDE PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE 45, Theme 6 Themed Word Lists Journeys B2 Teacher s Resource Pack. A Match the words 1 20 with their meanings A T, 1 q have surgery an operation A be unable to stop taking harmful drugs or doing using something as a habit.
2 q be allergic to B have your body cut open so that part of it can be removed fixed. 3 q be addicted to C react badly feel sick when you eat touch a particular food substance. 4 q get fit D become strong and healthy especially by doing exercise. 5 q a balanced diet E a photograph that shows bones etc inside your body. 6 q symptom F a piece of paper on which a doctor writes the name of a medicine you should. 7 q prescription G a collection of things that can be used to help people who have been hurt or. suddenly become ill, 8 q a first aid kit H a change in your body mind that shows you re not well. 9 q an X ray I the right amounts and types of food that you need for good health. 10 q surgeon J a doctor who has special training in a particular type of medicine. 11 q specialist K a family doctor a doctor trained in general medicine who works in a local. community not a hospital, 12 q GP general practitioner L a doctor who is trained to perform medical operations. 13 q swelling n M a lot of small red spots on the skin caused by illness allergy heat etc. 14 q bruise n N an opening or wound made by eg a knife. 15 q rash n O a blue black area on your skin caused by an injury. 16 q cut n P a place on your body that has become bigger or rounder than usual because of. illness or injury, 17 q faint v Q a piece of material that you tie around your neck to support a broken or injured arm. 18 q feel dizzy R pass out lose consciousness, 19 q sling n S a hard white covering that protects a broken arm or leg. 20 q cast n T feel as if things are going round and round feel that you re not able to balance. B Write one word in each gap, 1 If you re to computer games you spend all your free time playing them.
2 My GP said I needed to see a heart,3 The doctor wrote me a for antibiotics. C Look at the pictures and write one word in each gap. The boy s arm is in a This is an,and it s supported by a. 46 HILLSIDE PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE, Journeys B2 Teacher s Resource Pack Themed Word Lists Theme 7. 7 HOLIDAYS,A Match the words 1 20 with their meanings A T. 1 q accommodation A a house small hotel that gives you a room to sleep in and a meal the next morning. 2 q youth hostel B a place where you can stay in a tent caravan. 3 q B B bed breakfast C a large vehicle that contains beds a table etc that you pull behind your car. 4 q self catering apartment D a cheap place for especially young people to stay which usually has lots of. beds in each room, 5 q campsite E a flat where you can cook your own meals.
6 q caravan F a place to stay work or live in, 7 q passport G a book that gives information about a country city etc for tourists travellers. 8 q visa H a small book that shows who you are and what your nationality is and which you. usually need to leave enter a country, 9 q guidebook I a stamp that is put in your passport and gives you permission to enter stay in a. foreign country, 10 q resort n J the bags suitcases backpacks etc that you put your clothes and things in when. you re travelling, 11 q book v K someone whose job is to arrange holidays tickets hotels etc for others. 12 q souvenir L something that you buy keep to remind you of a holiday place event. 13 q night life M arrange for a hotel room ticket seat to be available at a particular time. 14 q travel agent N in or to a foreign country, 15 q abroad O see the sights visit interesting famous places as a tourist.
16 q go sightseeing P a place where lots of people go on holiday. 17 q luggage Q the entertainment that s available in the evening and at night. 18 q packed R very crowded, 19 q lively S without much noise activity without many people. 20 q quiet T full of life and activity,B Write one word in each gap. 1 James brought back a horrible plastic model of the Colosseum as a of his trip to Rome. 2 Diana often travels She loves visiting other countries. 3 You should your hotel rooms a month in advance,HILLSIDE PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE 47. Theme 8 Themed Word Lists Journeys B2 Teacher s Resource Pack. 8 the MEDIA,A Match the words 1 20 with their meanings A T. 1 q the press A newspapers with small pages short articles and lots of pictures. 2 q tabloids B newspapers and magazines the journalists and photographers who work for. newspapers and magazines, 3 q broadsheets C newspapers with more serious articles sometimes called the quality press.
4 q headlines D small advertisements in a newspaper put in by people who want to buy sell. something or find offer a job etc, 5 q classified ads E titles of newspaper articles printed in large letters. 6 q series F a programme that follows the lives of a group of people the stories are often. hard to believe, 7 q serial G a programme about social political problems or events that are happening now. 8 q episode H a programme where people answer questions and get prizes. 9 q soap opera I a programme where a presenter talks to famous interesting people about their. lives and jobs, 10 q current affairs programme J a film or programme with facts about animals history etc. 11 q quiz show K a story that continues from one programme to the next over a period of time. 12 q documentary L a set of programmes that deal with the same subject or have the same. Journeys B2 Teacher s Resource Pack Themed Word Lists Theme 1 1 the ARTS A Match the words 1 20 with their meanings A T B Write one word in each gap C Label each book with the correct item from the list then write F for fiction or NF for non fiction detective story biography fairy tale sci fi 1 q play n A writer 2 q stage n B something that is written for

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