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John Deere,OPERATORS MANUAL,John Deere 544 8,OMT68748 Issue Kg English. John Deere Dubuque Works,OMT68748 Issue Kg,LITHO IN U S A REVISED. Safety Rules 2,Controls and Instruments 4,Operation 7. Fuels and lubricants 25,lubrication and Periodic Service 27. Service 44,Storage 54,Trouble Shooting 56,Specifications 59.
Operation 17,TOWING THE LOADER,IMPORTANT 00 not tow loader to start the en. gine under any circumstances,IMPORTANT When tOWing the loader. 1 Always use loader drawbar as hitch point,Tow the loader backwards. 2 Always use a solid tow bar,3 Parking brake must be off. 4 Tow with shift lever in neutral and neutral,lock applied.
IMPORTANT Do not tow the loader faster than,20 mph 32 km h. Engine Operational, When the engine is operational the steering brakes. and transmission lube may be operational depending DiSCOllll6Cting Front and Rear Drive Shafts. on type of failure,Towing Loader with Rear Wheels off. NOTE It is not necessary to remove the drive lines Ground. when towing loader with engine running provided en Disconnect front drive line by removing telescoping. gine to transmission drive line is connected double universal joint so that transmission output shaft. does not turn,Perform following steps before towing loader. Towing Loader with all Wheels on Ground, 1 An operator must be on loader to control steering.
Have an operator on loader steer unit when neces,and brakes. 2 Shift range shift lever into neutral, Remove front and rear telescoping double universal. joints so that transmission output shaft does not turn. Engine Non Operational, Secure exhaust stack cover Install the frame lock NOTE The REAR telescoping double universal. ing bar before towing joint may be DISCONNECTED by pulling up on rear. axle disconnect lever if equipped This will eliminate. Block loader boom in raised position so that it cannot REMOVING rear universal joint. strike ground see page 44 for blocking instructions. HIGHWAY DRIVING,Disconnect front and rear drive shafts. A CAUTION When driving the loader on a,road or highway use accessory lights and.
devices for adequate warning to operators of other. 22 Operation,MULTI PURPOSE BUCKET OPERATING POINTERS. Bucket Dozer,A Bucket Back C Ope Clam, With clam fully closed multi purpose bucket serves B Bucket Forward. as a digging or materials bucket, Fully opening clam converts multi purpose bucket to. Clamshell a dozer blade For deeper cuts tilt forward for a lesser. degree of cut tilt it back,A Bucket Forward B Open Clam. Opening clam and tilting bucket forward forms, clamshell Raise clamshell over stockpile then lower it.
until contact It is helpful at times to hook clamshell. over pile and back away closing clam as you go,A Bucket Back C Close Clam. B Open Clam,Partially opening clam forms multi purpose bucket. into a scraper,The degree to which clam is open determines the. depth of cut When bucket has been loaded tilt it all the. way back and close clam,60 Specifications, Hydraulic Cylinders Bore Stroke Additional Standard Equipment. Boom two 5 25 in 133 mm 22 26 in 565 mm Adjustable cushioned seat. Bucket one 5 25 in 133 mm 27 22 in 691 mm Engine side shields. Cylinder rods Ground heat treated chrome Front fenders. plated polished Gauges, Boom and bucket cylinder Transmission oil temperature.
rods 2 25 in 57 mm dia Transmission oil pressure,Tires Coolant temperature. 14 24 12 ply rating grader tread G2 Engine oil pressure. 17 5 25 12 ply rating loader tread l2 Electric hourmeter. 17 5 25 16 ply rating loader tread l2 Voltmeter, 17 5 25 12 ply rating rock tread L3 Loader hydraulic system indicator. Key switch,Wheel Treads Pushbutton safety start,Front and rear 70 in 1 78 m Cigaret lighter. Parking brake warning light and buzzer, Capacities U S Imp Liters Transistorized voltage regulator. Cooling system 32 qt 26 7 qt 30 3 Vandal protection. Fuel tank 40 gal 33 3 gal 151 4 Driving lights,Crankcase 18 qt 15 0 qt 17 0 Work lights.
Crankcase including Flashing and turn signal lights. filter 20 qt 16 7 qt 18 9 Horn,Transmission case and Fuel filter. filters 40 qt 33 3 qt 38 Automatic return to dig, Front differential No Spin 24 qt 20 0 qt 22 7 Vertical muffler with rain cap. Rear differential 25 qt 20 8 qt 23 7 Rear bottom guard. Loader hydraulic sump 52 qt 43 3 qt 49 2 Hand grips. Fixed drawbar,Special Equipment ROPS cab and seat belt. Rear axle disconnect Heater,ROPS canopy and seat belt Antifreeze. Instrument panel cover with lock Precleaner,ROPS quiet cab Cold weather starting aid.
Reverse warning alarm,Triple loader hydraulic valve. Bucket teeth,Engine coolant heater,Side counterweights. Front bottom guard,License plate bracket,Defroster fan. Automatic boom height control,Auxiliary cutting edges. Suspension seat,Sucker Fan,Accumulators 50 Detailed periodic service 31.
Air cleaner 31 10 hour service 31, Air cleaner restriction indicator 31 50 hour service 36. Air conditioning 16 52 100 hour service 36,Alternator 48 200 hour service 38. Alternator fan belts 37 500 hour service 39,Antifreeze 46 1000 hour service 41. Attachment control lever 19 Differential housings 39 41. Axle bearings 36 39 Differential No Spin front 12,Drawbar 13. B Driving the loader 1 0,Backhoe oil filter 41,Batteries 47 E.
Battery charger 48 Electrical system 47,Bleeding fuel system 46 Engine coo ant heater 9. Boom and bucket lubrication 33 Engine coolant temperature gauge 5. Boom control 18 Engine difficulties 57,Booster battery 8 Engine idling 9. Bottom guard service 51 Engine oil pressure gauge 5. Break in period 9 27 Engine speeds 9,Bucket control 18 Engine starting 7. Buckets 21 Engine warm up 9,Cab and accessories 16 Frame locking bar 13. Cigar lighter 50 Fuel 25,Circuit breakers 50 Fuel filter 35 41 45.
Clutch controls 11 Fuel gauge 4, Cold weather starting aid 8 Fuel injection nozzles 46. Controls and instruments 4 Fuel injection pump 46,Cooling system 46 Fuel system 45. Crankcase 32 38 Fuel tank outlet screen 39,Fuel transfer pump 46. Gauges 5 Radiator 34,Grease 26 Rear axle disconnect 12. Grille 44 Regulator 48,Ground speeds 10 Reservoir oil filter 40 41.
Reverse warning switch 10,Heater 16 S,Horn 13 Safety rules 2 3. Hour meter 27 Seat 10,Hydraulic oil specifications 26 Service 44. Hydraulic pump shut off screw 8 Service brake 4,Hydraulic reservoir 34 Shift lever 4 11. Shifting ranges 10,Side weights 21,Instrument panel 4 44 Specifications 59 61. L Starter 49,Light switches 14 Starting engine 7,Lights 14 50 Starting fluid adapter 8.
Loader boom height control 19 Steering oil filter 43. Loader break in 9 27 Storage 54,Loader control lever 18 Supporting the loader 44. Log and lumber fork 23,Lubricants 26 T,Lubrication and periodic service 27 Throttle 4. Tire inflation 10,M N Tires 10,Multi purpose bucket 21 22 Towing 17. No spin front differential 12 Transmission oil filter 43. Transmission oil pressure gauge 5,o Transmission oil specifications 26. Oil specifications 26 Transmission oil temperature gauge 5. Operating boom and bucket 18 Transmission service 35 43. Operating controls 4 Travel speeds 10,Operating pOinters 24 Trouble shooting 56 58.
Operation 7 Turning lights 14,Overloading 12,p Vandal protection 15. Parking brake 13 Voltmeter 4,Parking brake adjustment 52 Warm up period 9. Parking the loader 9 Warning lamps 14,Periodic service chart 28 30 Wheel retainers 51. Power steering and brakes 12 Wheels 51,Pre cleaner 32 Windshield wiper switches 16. The John Deere 544B Wheel Loader Operators Manual fits the John Deere 544B Always in stock so you can get it fast Also available as a pdf download Jensales offers the finest in Manuals Parts and Decals Keywords JD O OMT68748 81223 JD O OMT68748 John Deere 544B John Deere 544B Wheel Loader Operators Manual John Deere Created Date

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