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Student Number 3594 902 3, I declare that A PRACTICAL THEOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF THE DIVINE. HEALING MINISTRIES OF SMITH WIGGLESWORTH AND JOHN G LAKE A. CONTINUATIONIST REFORMED PERSPECTIVE is my own work and that all. the sources that I have used or quoted have been indicated and acknowledged by. means of complete references,Johanes Lilik Susanto 14 June 2007. Divine healing Miraculous Gospel Atonement Jesus Christ Holy Spirit Divine. Life The Word of God Kingdom of God Supernatural Healing virtue Power. Divine encounter Divine compassion Divine anger Divine hatred Simple faith. Faith of divine healing Act of faith Consecration Boldness Resurrection Spirit. baptism Baptism with the Spirit Baptism in the Spirit Divine guidance Evangelism. Sickness Disease Devil Death Demons Smith Wigglesworth John G Lake. Charles Spurgeon John Gill Andrew Murray A B Simpson Herman Ridderbos J. I Packer Martyn Lloyd Jones Abraham Kuyper Martin Luther Augustine John. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, This thesis is a part of the miracles of grace by which God did extraordinary. works in and through my life not only in my childhood but also at present in my. calling as an evangelist The essence of this study deals with God s work of. miraculous healing which He wants me to experience testify about minister study. and use for Christ s glorious Kingdom Therefore first of all I look at God and give. my greatest love praise thanks glory honor and all because this study is His. enabled by His abundant love power and grace My part in this study is only the. flaws and weaknesses of it, Special love thanks and smile to my wife Ayny Hastuti and my children. Michael Susanto Elizabeth Kristine and Elishema Katheline for their great love. sacrifice patience and support during this doctoral program I was given so much. time and liberty for this research using their time and rights. Also special honor love and thanks to Prof Dr Jacques P J Theron of the. University of South Africa the promoter pastor and father for me and my family in. South Africa You have given me much great insight theologically spiritually and. intellectually constructive criticism challenge encouragement support and all. things I needed to finish this complicated study Your great heart example and. sharing of the subject of research in a very personal and spiritual way means so much. for my existential study Your beautiful wife is also a great blessing to my whole. family in South Africa Please convey our greetings love and thanks to her. A warm welcome encouragement and love from Prof Dr Andrew Phillips. the head of the Practical Theology department of the University of South Africa is. also very meaningful for me and my study I will always remember your smile and. friendliness Thank you so much, To Rev Dr Stephen Tong the founder of the Evangelical Reformed Church.
of Indonesia and one of the three co founders of the Evangelical Reformed Council of. Indonesia a great servant of the Lord Jesus I convey my deep love honor and thanks. for your great support for me and my family here Beyond measure my family and I. always receive great blessings love and grace from you and your family I always. remember God s miraculous strength and exceptional gifts in your ministry for His. Kingdom Praise the Lord, To the central church of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Indonesia. Jakarta and the synod of the same I thank you very much for the financial support. love and prayers for me and my family here Your contributions were meaningful. and I ll always remember them To the persons who financially support my study. here I thank you very much for your kindness and love I believe that you have done. this out of love for the Lord May the Lord repay your offerings according to His. To the University of South Africa and especially Ms J M Steynberg the. manager of Financial Aid Bureau I heartily thank you and appreciate the research. expenditures and bursary award given in my last period of doctoral research This is. God s gift at the right time May God bless you, To my dearest parents this dissertation is made possible through your daily. prayers constant encouragement and support of great love I thank you very much for. this We always love and honor you in the Lord Jesus Christ Also to my brothers. and sisters my big family in Semarang Magelang Blora and Cepu Java Indonesia. this thesis is made possible through your prayers and love I thank you and love you. To my dear congregations in from Indonesia and the USA my close friends in. ministry and their family who always kindly pray for me my study and my family. here my deepest gratitude and thanks to God because your love and kindness is. incomparable You deeply touch my heart You already know personally that you. have been our consolation in the Lord here in South Africa and wherever we are. Without mentioning your names and kindness God has put your names and kindness. in my heart our hearts and especially in the Lord s heart Also if I mention your. names and kindness in the Lord these pages will be too long However I have to. mention some names with love Mr Soedarjanto now in the USA whose personal. spiritual and theological interactions brought me to a deeper walk in the Lord Jesus. and His calling His family is a great support to us here Mr Suwito Ayub Mrs Fey. Ming and their children who always open their hearts home and all things for me. and my family in our difficulties Mr Dianto and his wife Mrs Bella Munansa. whose maturity of faith faithfulness in Christ and deepest love for the Lord us and. the lost deeply moved us Thank you for all your prayers care and support Mr. Andrean Tjen and family always gave great joy and consolation for my evangelistic. ministry and study Miss Ina Susanti whose ministry talents and love for the Lord. became a great comfort for me in the Lord Mr Samuel Habil and his wife Lily. Ratnawati who always gave help to us without our knowledge from afar All of you. and your hidden contributions made significant development in my study and ministry. possible I thank you very much and love you all in the Lord. To a group of lovely people who love the Lord and did language editing for. me I heartily thank you and appreciate your hard work and love of the Lord They. are Mrs Laura Smalberger SA Mr Christopher Hart USA Rev William N. McElrath USA and Mr Brian de Vries USA Your work has great meaning for. me my family other believers and for unbelievers as well Also to Mrs Marti. Gerber SA and Mrs Janice Wiggill SA as professional English editors who did. several parts of my thesis I thank you and appreciate your hard work May the Lord. Jesus bless you all, To those who took part in prayers and support for this work I thank you very. much They are most members of the house church who worship at the New Hope. School who is shepherded by the promoter of this study in Pretoria most people of. the Indonesian Christian community that begin a new joyful fellowship in Pretoria. and some members of the Lynnwood Baptist Church congregation Your. contributions cannot be measured I cannot do my research without your prayers. Although I write this thesis by my own hand it is in reality indirectly a work. of a great family of God in Christ It cannot be finished without them all. This is a practical theological study of divine healing from a Continuationist. Reformed perspective It attempts to provide existential practical theological help to. attain a fruitful ministry of divine healing Within my present Continuationist. Reformed conviction I need more powerful frequent predictable manifestations of. divine healing to support my evangelistic ministry that is sometimes blessed with. unplanned divine healing manifestations Therefore I try to identify and formulate a. combined practical theological theory on divine healing from the ideas and. experiences of two Classical Pentecostals who experienced unusual remarkable. predictable manifestations of divine healing namely Smith Wigglesworth and John G. Lake This will be done through literary research based on their transcribed sermons. and writings A new Continuationist Reformed theory is developed by reworking the. findings through evaluations Theological reflections contribute to the evaluations. My contention is to provide a practical theological theory of divine healing from a. Continuationist Reformed perspective, To accomplish this Chapter I presents fundamental elements of the research. definition of terms research orientation and short biographies of Wigglesworth and. Lake Chapter II deals with their understanding of the nature of divine healing a. necessary knowledge for their fruitful ministries This is followed by evaluations In. Chapter III I describe their basic attitudes in dealing with sickness and disease and. then evaluate them Chapter IV and V are focused on miraculous faith as the most. significant determinant for their fruitful ministries of divine healing Followed by. evaluations the former deals with necessary convictions about miraculous faith for. divine healing and the latter with the practical theological principles of this faith for a. fruitful divine healing ministry Chapter VI investigates their spiritual equipping for a. fruitful divine healing ministry i e the baptism with the Spirit This is also followed. by an evaluation Chapter VII deals with God s direct supernatural guidance needed. for their fruitful ministry of divine healing This is also evaluated As the general. conclusion of the study Chapter VIII summarizes all previous investigations into an. integral concise Continuationist Reformed theory of divine healing. TABLE OF CONTENT,KEY TERMS iii,ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS iv.
ABSTRACT vii,CHAPTER I FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS OF THE RESEARCH 1. 1 1 General Introduction 1,1 2 Definition of Terms 2. 1 3 Rationale of the Research 11,1 3 1 The Background of the Key Questions 11. 1 3 2 The Background for Selecting Wigglesworth and Lake 23. 1 4 The Research Problem 26,1 5 The Framework of the Research 27. 1 6 Resources of the Research 27,1 7 Aims of the Research 29.
1 8 Philosophical Research 29, 1 9 Delimitation and Assumptions of the Research 38. 1 10 Methodology of the Research 40, 1 11 Short Biographies of Wigglesworth and Lake 41. 1 11 1 A Short Biography of Smith Wigglesworth 41,1 11 2 A Short Biography of John G Lake 49. CHAPTER II THE NATURE OF DIVINE HEALING 58, 2 1 Viewing Divine Healing in Terms of the Coming Kingdom of God 59. 2 1 1 Description of Divine Healing 60,2 1 2 Practical Implication 62.
2 1 3 A Continuationist Reformed Evaluation 64, 2 1 3 1 Within the Present Realization of the Coming Kingdom 65. 2 1 3 2 The Final Realization of the Coming Kingdom 72. 2 1 3 3 Healing within the Tension between the Already and. Final Aspects 73, 2 2 Viewing Divine Healing in Terms of Exercising the Kingly Dominion 77. 2 2 1 Description of Divine Healing 77, 2 2 2 The Process of Divine Healing from the Kingly Dominion 79. 2 2 3 The Kingly Dominion through Faith is the Key for Divine Healing 80. 2 2 4 A Continuationist Reformed Evaluation 81, 2 3 Viewing Divine Healing as a Deliverance from the Devils and Their Work 82. 2 3 1 Description of Divine Healing 82,2 3 2 A Continuationist Reformed Evaluation 84.
2 3 2 1 Most Problems Come from the Enemy 85,2 3 2 2 God s Special Approach to His Elect 86. 2 3 2 3 God s Treatment toward Unbelievers 89, 2 3 2 4 The Authorship of the Problem of Sickness 90. 2 3 2 5 Handling the Problems of Sickness 91, 2 4 Viewing Divine Healing in Terms of the Efficacy of God s Word 93. 2 4 1 Description of Divine Healing 93,2 4 2 A Continuationist Reformed Evaluation 96. 2 5 Viewing Divine Healing in Terms of a Trinitarian Work 98. 2 5 1 Divine Healing as a Manifestation of God s Gracious Presence 98. 2 5 2 Divine Healing as an Application of the Blood and Resurrection. Life of Christ 104, 2 5 3 Divine Healing as a Work of the Holy Spirit 106.
2 5 4 A Continuationist Reformed Evaluation 111,2 6 Conclusion and Practical Lessons 113. CHAPTER III BASIC ATTITUDES TOWARD SICKNESS AND DISEASE 117. 3 1 Encountering the Problem of Sickness with Divine Compassion 117. 3 1 1 Divine Compassion in Wigglesworth and Lake 118. 3 1 2 Divine Compassion according to Wigglesworth and Lake 119. 3 1 3 A Continuationist Reformed Evaluation 122, 3 2 Encountering Disease in Forceful Hatred and Holy Anger 125. 3 2 1 Experience and Teaching of Wigglesworth on the Issue 125. 3 2 2 Experience and Teaching of Lake on the Issue 130. 3 2 3 Wigglesworth and Lake on the Significance of Divine Anger. and Hatred 131,3 2 4 A Continuationist Reformed Evaluation 132. 3 2 4 1 Comprehending the Idea about the Diabolical Source. of Disease 132, 3 2 4 2 The Evil Nature of Disease in Most Cases 137. 3 2 4 3 The Sovereignty of God upon His Enemies 141. 3 3 Encountering Sickness and Disease within the Framework of Evangelistic. 3 3 1 Evangelistic Spirit in and according to Wigglesworth 142. 3 3 2 Evangelistic Spirit in and according to Lake 143. 3 3 3 A Continuationist Reformed Evaluation 145, 3 3 3 1 Divine Healing in the Context of Evangelism 145.
3 3 3 2 Priority of the Ministry of the Word over the Ministry. of Divine Healing 146, 3 3 3 3 The Scope of God s Manifested Compassion and Mercy 147. 3 3 3 4 Divine Healing in the Life of the Congregation 148. 3 4 Encountering Sickness and Disease by a Total Consecration to God 149. JOHANES LILIK SUSANTO submitted in accordance with the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF THEOLOGY in the subject PRACTICAL THEOLOGY at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA PROMOTER PROF DR JACQUES P J THERON JUNE 2007 ii Student Number 3594 902 3 I declare that A PRACTICAL THEOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF THE DIVINE HEALING MINISTRIES OF SMITH WIGGLESWORTH AND JOHN G LAKE A

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