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Job Interview Tips, Prepared by Department of Economics Economics Leadership Council. 6 Watch your Body Language,a 80 of communication is non verbal. b Smile to connect with interviewer when appropriate. c TURN OFF YOUR PHONE OR LEAVE IT IN YOUR CAR If your cell phone. rings apologize and turn it off without looking at who is calling. 7 Sell Yourself,a CONFIDENT but HUMBLE,8 Concise Clear answers. a NO nervous rambling preparation practice and research will help. 9 Listen to the Interviewer, a Always listen concentrate on what the interviewer is saying so you can give. the answers that speak to their questions, b When answering a question that you do not understand ask questions if.
necessary but too many questions looks like you are avoiding answering. their question, c When the interviewer asks if you have any questions this is your. opportunity to gain a significant edge Organize specific questions. targeted to each person who is interviewing you based on your. research into their roles and responsibilities assuming such a list has. been provided in advance WHAT WILL YOU ASK TO GET THE. INTERVIEWER TALKING Research the industry and competitors and. products Get the interviewer talking about the competition new. products product direction etc that are SPECIFIC AND RELEVANT to. the company DO NOT just ask how do you compete Do enough. research that you know what to ask and ask good questions that get the. interviewer talking Also ask follow up questions without interrupting. NEVER INTERRUPT Because they are talking and because you asked. such good questions it will give the interviewer the impression that. you know a bit more than you do and set you apart from the. competition ALSO PEOPLE ENJOY TALKING ABOUT THEMSELVES SO. THEY WILL REFLECT THAT YOU HAD A GREAT INTERVIEW IF THEY. DID A LOT OF THE TALKING, d NO DEAD SPACE Not all interviewers are good communicators so be. ready to pick up the slack and ask another question if the interview. seems to stall out The impression of the interview and the energy of. the interview will reflect on YOU no matter whose fault it was. END WITH A SMILE HANDSHAKE AND ASK WHAT IS NEXT IN THE PROCESS. Ask when is a good time to follow up and with whom. Send a thank you letter in the MAIL,Job Interview Tips. Prepared by Department of Economics Economics Leadership Council. Before the Interview,PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE, a IF YOU WERE THE EMPLOYER WHAT WOULD YOU BE LOOKING FOR IN AN. b Consider prepping with a friend for a mock interview Brainstorm on what. questions might be asked and work to structure the best answers Don t. forget to THINK OUTSIDE the BOX Companies like Google are known to. throw out some head scratchers See Interview Videos list at the end of this. c Learn about the company what it does how it competes who it competes. with and how your desired job fits into this You will use this research in. answering typical interview questions such as Tell me about yourself Why. should we hire you Why do you want this job Do you have any questions. for us me about our company, d From this research write down the company s mission vision core values.
and relevant business practices,e Determine the company s goals for the position. f Match your skill set with the job duties and articulate shared values. g Prepare and outline your answers to typical interview questions especially. the most difficult ones listed below, h REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE Do any professors business contacts. friends or family know anything about this company the industry the. company is in Primary research like this is also very valuable but NOT a. substitute for all the work listed above,2 Prepare your REFERENCES. a DO NOT write references available upon request Everyone knows they can. ask for references, b DO call your references and ask their permission to use them as a reference. and discuss the position you are seeking, c If a reference seems hesitant thank them but do not use them as a reference.
because the potential employer will also pick up on this hesitance. d RECONFIRM their preferred method of contact office or cell and their. phone number address and email address They will need to speak to your. potential employer so it needs to be a phone number. 3 Plan an outfit AND backup outfit ONE WEEK PRIOR so you have time to sew. buttons or take clothes to the dry cleaner Have a back up outfit in your car in case. the unexpected happens spilled coffee food ink ripping etc. 4 Look at directions map the route to the office online and plan your departure so. you can arrive 10 minutes early If it s at a time or place where traffic can be. hard to predict plan to arrive at a nearby coffee shop an hour before and re. read your notes you have prepared for the interview. Job Interview Tips, Prepared by Department of Economics Economics Leadership Council. Prepare for Difficult Interview Questions,1 Tell me about yourself. a MOST IMPORTANT keep your answers to open ended and vague questions. CLEAR and CONCISE, b Open with one sentence that says where I m from as you never know how. that might connect with the interviewee Highlight anything extremely. unique about you ie I was raised in Korea am the oldest of 9 children and. started working fixing PCs at age 10, c Start with an overview of best qualifications matching the company s needs. d Run through jobs internships relevant volunteer work you have held. following the structure of your resume, e Give examples of achievements or skills you have gained that are relevant to.
the companies needs,2 Why did you leave your last job. a Focus on Positives finished mission needed to further career. b Do not badmouth previous job employer,3 What are your weaknesses. a NEVER SAY I TRY WORK TOO HARD or I DON T HAVE ANY avoiding the. question somewhat dishonest and not humble,b Avoid personality flaws they are hard to change. c Be honest pick something you have already improved on and discuss steps. you have taken to improve it and how it has improved. d EXAMPLE I do not have much experience in team management although I. have managed small teams before so I am excited by the opportunity to. manage larger teams in this role, e EXAMPLE Although I have managed my personal portfolio for X years and. am very passionate about researching stocks I know there is much more to. managing money professionally including reporting and daily pricing and I. look forward to gaining that experience,4 Why do you want the job Why should we hire you.
a Research the company its mission and values and business practices. b Articulate shared values,c Match your skill sets with job duties. d Communicate verbally and non verbally motivation and interest. e THIS IS ABOUT HOW YOU CAN HELP THE COMPANY ACHIEVE ITS GOALS. NOT HOW THE COMPANY CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOURS,Job Interview Tips. Prepared by Department of Economics Economics Leadership Council. 5 What is your salary expectation,a AVOID saying a specific number. b The role responsibilities and being part of a team matter most to me and I. am sure my salary will be commensurate with the role and the skills I have. c Because my past positions were internships part time while I was still. seeking my undergraduate degree my past salary history is not relevant to. what I am seeking now, d Understand that you do not want to eliminate yourself from the running by. giving the employer the view that you are unattainable or give an impression. that you think that you should be paid more than they can pay etc The. current environment is of scarce jobs and many job seekers Be careful with. your message, e If really pushed you can mention a past salary number if its relevant to this.
current role Try not to do this Smile Keep repeating varying versions of. 6 Where do you see yourself in 5 years, a Connect with the current role the company s mission and values and fast. forward 5 years ie Senior Manager running a team generating. revenues performance for the company managing a portfolio etc. b Do NOT say you want to leave the company and start your own company. Why hire you if you are already planning to leave,7 Do you have any questions about us the company. a The answer is NOT no, b Do not ask the interviewer personal questions his her salary. c Questions should be positive NOT how much travel how many hours. d Your research will have led you to some questions that demonstrate your. interest in the company and the fact that you spent time researching their. Job Interview Tips, Prepared by Department of Economics Economics Leadership Council. Illegal Interview Questions,from www jobinterviewquestions org.
Try answering by saying that you would rather keep the focus of the interview on the job. not your personal life, Age based inquiries should be avoided because state law prohibits discrimination against. persons age 40 and older An age inquiry may be made to ensure a person is old enough. to work for the job being filled or if the job is among the few where age discrimination is. permitted such as physically dangerous or hazardous work or driving a school bus. Example of Illegal Questions,How old are you,When is your birthday. In what year were you born, In what year did you graduate from college high school. Possible Legal Alternatives,Are you over the age of 18. Can you after employment provide proof of age, Marital Family Status often alludes to sexual orientation.
The purpose of these family inquiries is to explore what some employers believe is a. common source of absenteeism and tardiness Typically these questions are asked only of. women making the inquiry clearly unlawful However even if such inquiries are made of. both men and women the questions may still be suspect Such information has been used. to discriminate against women because of society s general presumption that they are the. primary care givers If the employer s concern is regular work attendance a better. question would be Is there anything that would interfere with regular attendance at. Example of Illegal Questions,Are you married,Do you have a permanent partner. With whom do you live,How many children do you have. Are you pregnant,Do you expect to become pregnant or to have. a family When How many children will you have,What are your child care arrangements. Possible Legal Alternatives,Would you be willing to relocate if necessary.
Job Interview Tips, Prepared by Department of Economics Economics Leadership Council. Travel is an important part of the job Do you have any restrictions on your ability to. Do you have responsibilities or commitments that will prevent you from meeting specified. work schedules, Do you anticipate any absences from work on a regular basis If so please explain the. circumstances, Minimum height and weight requirements are unlawful if they screen out a. disproportionate number of women or minorities Unless the employer can show that a. height or weight requirement is essential for job performance such inquiries should be. Example of Illegal Questions,How tall are you,How much do you weight. Questions about height and weight are always illegal unless it can be proven that there are. minimum requirements to do the job,Possible Legal Alternatives.
Are you able to lift a 50 pound weight and carry it 100 yards as that is part of the job. Disabilities, Inquiries about a person s disability health or worker s compensation histories are. unlawful if they imply or express a limitation based on disability Under the federal. Americans with Disabilities Act any inquiry at the pre employment stage which would. likely require an applicant to disclose a disability is unlawful Employers must avoid such. inquiries or medical examinations before making a bona fide job offer. However an employer may inquire about an applicant s ability to perform certain job. functions and within certain limits may conduct tests of all applicants to determine if they. can perform essential job functions with or without an accommodation. Example of Illegal Questions,Do you have any disabilities. Have you had any recent illness or operations,Please complete this medical questionnaire. What was the date of your last physical exam,How s your family s health. When did you lose your eyesight leg hearing etc,Possible Legal Alternatives.
Are you able to perform the essential functions of this job with or without reasonable. accommodations Legal if the interviewer thoroughly described the job. Job Interview Tips, Prepared by Department of Economics Economics Leadership Council. Will you be able to carry out in a safe manner all job assignments necessary for this. Are you able to lift a 50 pound weight and carry it 100 yards as that is part of the job. NB Medical exams are legal AFTER an offer has been extended results should be held. strictly confidential except for reasons of safety. National Origin Citizenship, Inquiries about a person s citizenship or country of birth are unlawful and imply. discrimination on the basis of national origin A lawfully immigrated alien may not be. discriminated against on the basis of citizenship The Immigration Reform and Control Act. of 1986 require employers to verify the legal status and right to work of all new hires. Prepared by Department of Economics amp Economics Leadership Council Illegal Interview Questions from www jobinterviewquestions org Try answering by saying that you would rather keep the focus of the interview on the job not your personal life Age Age based inquiries should be avoided because state law prohibits discrimination against

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