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Shelf Life Masterton District Library,IN THIS ISSUE From the Editor. There are some exciting things happening at the library. From Your Library 3 this month, What We re Reading 4 We have partnered with OpenAirLife and are now home. New Books 5 to a community seed bank The mission is to facilitate. the sharing of seeds between community members, From the Wairarapa Archive 6 Stop by and donate any extra seeds you have and collect. seeds to take home and plant page 7,Did you know 7. Harry Potter Book Night 8 At the end of January the first of the modules for the. Library Learning Centre Te Puno Ako were delivered. The Amazing Read SRP 9 Work begins in February and the Learning Centre is. Library Programmes 10 11 scheduled for a March 2019 opening page 7. February 2019 Calendar 12 On 7 February the library is hosting its first Harry Potter. Book Night Come dressed as your favourite character. for the chance to win a prize page 8,Finally February marks the return of the Story Go.
Round Preschool Programme Puanga K hanga Te Reo, Facebook Masterton District Library Programme and Book Bugs Book Club. Instagram mstnlib, Twitter mstnlib Tiffany Daubitz Team Librarian Outreach Services. Contact Us,Masterton District Library,54 Queen Street Masterton. PO Box 444 Masterton 5810,P 06 370 6253,F 06 377 1195. info library mstn govt nz,www library mstn govt nz.
Library Hours,Monday 10 00 am to 5 30 pm,Tuesday 10 00 am to 5 30 pm. Pressreader connects people through news All,Wednesday 10 00 am to 5 30 pm. you can read digital newsstand with thousands,Thursday 10 00 am to 8 00 pm. of the world s most popular newspapers and,Friday 10 00 am to 5 30 pm. magazines With your library card you are able to,Saturday 9 30 am to 1 00 pm.
read thousands of newspapers and magazines,for free using your phone tablet or computer. Compiled and edited by Tiffany Daubitz,Available in over 50 languages. tiffanyd library mstn govt nz,How to access thousands of free newspapers and. ONLINE NEWSLETTER magazines,1 Visit www pressreader com. Did you know that you can stay updated with what s. going on at the library by signing up for our email 2 Click Sign In. newsletter Receive the Shelf Life 3 Select Library and Group. before it gets printed and download, 4 Search for Masterton District Library and select.
it to your phone tablet or computer, Visit https library mstn govt nz 5 Enter your library card number and PIN if you don t. my library shelf life to sign up now know your pin contact the library. Page 2 February 2019 www library mstn govt nz,Masterton District Library Shelf Life. From your Library Masterton Library Libraries Transform. Summer Reading At the end of the programme the staff involved met to. discuss ways that we can support families to recognise. The 28th Summer Reading Programme the Masterton the benefits of the programme and to participate and. District Library has delivered has been completed with an complete the programme Planning for next year s. amazing Finale see the photos in this edition and the 390 programme starts now and will be a focus for our. children that registered to participate are starting back to promotion for the year to enable us to register more. school children and have them supported to complete the. Each of the 317 children that completed the programme. reported to Summer Reading programme staff at least Masterton District Council has adopted an Educational. 4 times over the 6 weeks to record and discuss their Strategy with the Well Being Strategies The Summer. reading These Masterton children have had the support Reading Programme supports the desired outcomes for. of an adult to enable them to report in and attend the the strategies through supporting improved learning. activities borrow books and attend the finale opportunities for everyone equity of access access. to life enhancers removing barriers to access or, The Summer Slide has been researched in New Zealand participation and prioritising activities that increase. and overseas with Summer Reading programmes opportunity and participation. recognised as a way to address the cumulative impact. of children not engaging with reading over the summer We look forward to the creating more summer reading. holidays success with the 29th Summer Reading Programme. Weeks if not a term or more are spent helping students Sandy Green Library Manager. catch up to their reading levels from the previous year. In one New Zealand study some students in a South, Auckland decile 1 school lost 5 8 months reading progress. over the summer holidays McNaughton et al 2012, The summer slide in reading levels can also be seen in.
BECAUSE BOOKS,other curriculum areas such as mathematics and on. levels of confidence generally,SHOW US EVERY, Research indicates a variety of barriers prevent students. COLOR OF THE,reading over the summer holidays including. lack of access to books and other reading resources. low choice and lack of appropriate high interest material. lack of reading skills and consequent low self efficacy. negative attitudes to reading readers are boring,reading is boring. no opportunity to practice reading, lack of reading role models and encouragement to read.
Research findings also show that school community,approaches have helped to address the barriers by. building a culture of reading for pleasure By working. together teachers parents family wh nau and public. and school library staff have helped to remove barriers for. summer reading,115 Masterton children registered as first time. participants this year and 79 of these completed the. programme a 68 completion rate compared to a 78,completion rate for the programme overall More of. these at risk children need to be able to complete the. programme and receive the benefits,06 370 6253 February 2019 Page 3. Shelf Life Masterton District Library,What We re Reading.
Chris is reading Under the knife a history Rachel is reading An easy death by. of surgery in 28 remarkable operations by Charlaine Harris. Arnold van de Laar,Western Fantasy Wizards,Medicine History Science. Set in a fractured,The word surgeon,United States in the. derives from the Greek,southwestern country,for hand work and. now known as Texoma this is a world,since the dawn of time the surgeon. where magic is acknowledged but,has been charged with the task of.
mistrusted Battered by a run across,patching people up when they need it. the border to Mexico gunslinger,Arnold Van de Laar himself a surgeon. Lizbeth Rose takes a job offer from a,in Amsterdam uses medical case. pair of Russian wizards She may be,histories to examine the past present. young but Gunnie Rose has acquired a,and future of surgery 617 09 LAA.
fearsome reputation and the wizards are at a desperate. crossroads even if they won t admit it They re, searching frantically to locate the only man whose blood. they believe can save their tsar s life FN HARR,Georgia May is reading Summer of. broken things by Margaret Peterson,Tiffany is reading L appart by David. Young Adult Friendship Vacations Lebovitz,Autobiography Culinary Parisian. Fourteen year old,Avery Armisted and,Bestselling author.
sixteen year old Kayla Butts once,and world renowned. good friends begrudgingly travel to,chef David Lebovitz. Spain together for a summer vacation,continues to mine the. where they uncover a secret their,rich subject of his evolving ex pat life in. families kept hidden from them their,Paris using his perplexing experiences.
entire lives YA HAD,in apartment renovation as a launching. point for stories about French culture,food and what it means to revamp. Thea is reading Behind the Murder one s life ANF 920 71 LEB. Curtain Special Agent Bruce Sackman,Hunts Doctors and Nurses Who Kill Our. Veterans by Bruce Sackman and Iay Gully Lynn is reading Sabotaged by Dani. Non Fiction Murder Veterans,Christian Suspense Romance. When Veterans Hospital Ecoterrorism,patients on the road to recovery.
suddenly die in increasing numbers it s Growing up in Yancey. up to VA Special Agent in Charge Bruce,Alaska Kirra Jacobs. Sackman to find out why His shocking,discovery rips open the hidden world. and Reef McKenna, of what goes on behind the bedside were always at odds now working. curtains when a killer doctor or nurse together to stop an ecoterrorist. decides a patient must die ANF threatening the Iditarod and. 364 152 SAC Alaskan lives Kirra and the entire,McKenna family attempt to prevent. tragedy in this final book of the, If you ever need help choosing your next read stop by.
the front desk and ask one of our librarians We can. ALASKAN COURAGE series PETT,suggest titles based on your reading interest. Page 4 February 2019 www library mstn govt nz,Masterton District Library Shelf Life. ADULT FICTION ADULT NON FICTION CHILDREN TEEN, Queenie Malone s Paradise Hotel veganlife Taking cover one girl s story of. by Ruth Hogan by Women s Weekly growing up during the Iranian. Revolution, Tilly was a bright Embracing a by Nioucha Homayoonfar. outgoing little girl world of plant,who liked playing based eating is This coming of.
with ghosts and easy once you age memoir set,matches She realise that you during the Iranian. loved fizzy drinks aren t missing Revolution tells. swear words fish out on anything the true story, fingers and Catholic taste wise This of a young girl. churches but most book caters to who moves to,of all she loved every food need Tehran from the. living in Brighton or mood ANF 641 563 VEG U S and has to. in Queenie Malone s magnificent adjust to living, Paradise Hotel with its endearing and in a new country. loving family of misfits staff and Hit the road vans nomads and learning a new language and starting. guests alike FN HOG roadside adventures a new school during one of the most. edited by Robert Klanten and turbulent periods in Iran s history JNF. Apple of my eye Maximilian Funk 920 HOM,by Claire Allan.
A psychological trip a longer The agony house, thriller about grief vacation off the by Cherie Priest. and the lengths beaten track,parents go to for or a nomadic Denise and her. their children journey around family have just,When a mysterious the globe moved back to. note arrives for Hit the Road New Orleans after,seven months features vans Hurricane Katrina. pregnant Eliana overland to fix up a house, she begins to doubt vehicles and their passionate to convert it into a.
every aspect of her life from her owners and celebrates a life on the bed and breakfast. mixed feelings about motherhood move ANF 910 HIT However the. to her marriage to Martin who has house has a past. become distant in recent months FN and Denise will. ALLA Rewite your relationship need to unravel the mystery if they are. by Jacqui Christiem able to survive YA PRI,The lost girls of Paris. by Pam Jenoff Stop struggling and,Start loving again All kinds of planes. With the world at Would you like to by Carl Johanson. war Eleanor Trigg have a relationship,leads a mysterious built on love and All Kinds of. ring of female trust International Planes is your,secret agents in author eye in the sky. London Twelve entrepreneur for some of the,of these women leading relationship wildest most.
are sent to aid the expert and Clinical Psychologist imaginative. resistance They Jacqui Christie shares her ground aircrafts you ve. never return home breaking techniques to create a loving ever seen PB. FN JENO and passionate relationship ANF JOH,06 370 6253 February 2019 Page 5. Shelf Life Masterton District Library,From the Wairarapa Archive. From Cross Street to Parklet Street, When Masterton was first settled by p keh in 1854 there were three major streets Queen Chapel. and Dixon and a number of smaller streets known collectively as cross streets running between. Near the north end of town a small lane developed connecting Queen and Dixon streets intersected. by another small lane These became officially named as Cross Street and Cricket Street the latter. so named as it was the site of Masterton s first cricket game. Both streets were narrow and unformed in the 1880s The town s overseer complained that. nmanure and other filth collected in stagnant water on Cross Street while Cricket Street residents. complained it was a quagmire, In the early 1900s the Masterton Borough Council cleaned up and slightly widened Cross Street to. connect better with Masterton Park They also renamed it Park Street Despite this widening until. the 1950s the streets remained narrow and lined with cottages of a rudimentary nature Near the. end of the decade the Council decided it was time to properly emphasis the connection between the. business centre and Queen Elizabeth Park and purchased properties on the southern side of Park. Street to properly widen it At last there was a clear wide line of sight from Queen Street to the park. The recent experiment with a parklet in Park Street is part of a proposed development of the street. as part of the Council s CBD renewal programme It can be seen as part of a number of initiatives to. achieve this, 97 025 240 Looking down Park Street in the 1950s Virtually all the buildings in the view have been.
Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey Christian Suspense Romance Ecoterrorism Growing up in Yancey Alaska Kirra Jacobs and Reef McKenna were always at odds now working together to stop an ecoterrorist threatening the Iditarod and Alaskan lives Kirra and the entire McKenna family attempt to prevent tragedy in this final book of the ALASKAN COURAGE

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