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l 3UL f HE ADS 32 H,l r tt S c,ectoR STRIPE 7,TAIL SKII DETAIL. lkH SQ L E I s,06 LANDING,TE 1 GEAR DE TAIL IBS r E T 1 1. WING RlB 10 REQ I ill,PROPELLER j ELEVA TO,FR5 tl ta9 CK I i 2 818 I. 1t 11 a J 11 1r rl J AK12 t, Another e oo lie fro TUNY Pt l SR s lnnler This orward use a peg I. ne coulcl be a good flier Obviously it h11s to be to wicleu the wing chord a bit. lightened especially the tail Fins should be add l 4 to the re Jr De ure to make e ltire. utline not sheet bo iy and Jin r tips shoL1ld be nose block renovable not just the bearing but. uilt uo not sheet Who needs 1 B square leading ton Wing should be one piece through fuselage. dge or l 8 x l 16 trailing edges not panels butted to bo y Beef up LG joint. Re Kibbie Dome,Fri Jul13 2012 8 42am PDT Posted by.
Yuari kang Lee ykleelx, A few results deserve extra mention Moscow Idaho is situated at an altitude of 2600 ft The altitude. results in serious performance loss compared to sea level As an example my EZB flies with an average. RPM of 64 at Johnson City but turns a fast 69 RPM at the Kibbie. John Sayre s HLG 2 flight total of 180s 90 90 I believe these are site records I saw a couple of John s. practice flights and his launches were very high about 120ft In 2008 the big guns of HLG were at the. Kibbie for the Battle Near Seattle and the winning time was 158 by Stan Buddenbohm. Emil Schutzel s 13 11 Ministick flight, Royce Chung who is a junior flier winning Limited Pennyplane with a time of 13 42. Larry Coslick s 29 12 EZB flight There has only been a handful of 29 minute flights at the Kibbie. Jake Palmer s 1 2 A winning time 12 37 This is a site record. Tim Chang s 35 02 in Intermediate Stick Tim is an incredibly good flier I believe he holds the Kibbie site. record in F1 D Look out for him in the F1 D Team Selection contest in 2013. Larry Coslick s 34 55 in Intermediate Stick,Intermediate Stick EZB. HLG Larry Coslick 29 12,Tim Chang 35 02,John Sayre 180 90 90 Yuan Kang Lee 28 24. Larry Coslick 34 55,Ed Berray 111 Kurt Schuler 24 33.
Ministick F1D,Larry Coslick,Emil Schutzl13 11 Jake Palmer 52 31. Royce Chung 11 22 Leo P 52 04,Pennyplane,Limited Pennyplane John Sayre. Royce Chung 13 42 A6,Michael Altig,Michael Altig Emil Schutzel 9 02. Ed Berray 13 26 Michael Altig 8 25,Ed Berray 7 20,F1 L Larry Coslick 18 40. Steve Brown 40 27 1 2A,Ed Berray 17 24,Leo Pi Iachowski 38 37 Jake Palmer 12 37.
Wally Miller 16 05,Emil Schutzel 11 33,0 6g Larry Coslick EZB Wally Miller 10 58. Larry Cos lick 24 11,Wally Miller 23 00 3,Jake Palmer 21 51. 1 vliNNE POLiS MODEL AERO CLUB March April i 990 Page 7. WITH Pnc H,PtA NUT Y 1 0 6 1 5 I0 15,N P 65 85 12 2 0 2 13 DRILL oc o THR J. p TUE E A CIQO,75 12 17 5 22 30,14 2 2 12 16 HooK TO SUIT. Poor noN Sc LE To 8b A RiNG BLOGI,cjJ LINE WITH RE MoV4BLE.
HARLAN BRNG Po cr 1 oAJE D,l50 6it t E ON 2 1 g DP NS. 3 L PLY Z BASE,WAYS y K I,RuNAJC R 2 5o x 2 50,X s G L L TO BA c I. BM E Y J PLy,b Yz x 2 Yz J,LNOOOR PrzoP LLE,1 JoCAL Bo oNlA l Elc. W G oRI2 E R IC ST,4 OG J5f DuLUTH lv11J 55812,Under New 01vnership. SUMMER SAlE,Mention this ad and get,1 0 o off orders over 50.
15 o off orders over 1 00,300 Kits 1000 Free Flight Indoor. Micro Plane items available online,20 o off orders over 250. Consolidated orders for,clubs are welcome,Sale ends August 31 2012. Shorty s Basem ent,7686 B DriveS Battle Creek Ml 49014. 269 339 9795,www shortysbasement com,RAY HA RLANS INDOOR SUPPLIES.
www indoorspecialties com,Special tools Special supplies. Superstrip rubber strippers Pigtail thrust bearings. Micrometer balsa strippers Ultrofi m My or coverings. Digital thickness gages Boron fibers,Spring and beam scales Tungsten bracing wire. 15 Happy Hollow Road,Wayland MA 01778,and much more. 508 358 4013 J Send me some more of the world s, Online use credit cords or PoyPal best thrust bearingsu. LOOK ME UP, Automatic stab tilt If your model won t turu left under a full.
launch torque try this,Drawing by Steve Gardner, I stumbled on this automatic stab tilt phenomena by accident after completing a smalllS square inch model. called 1 2A stick designed by Wally Miller the originator of the EZ B VP props are legal on this model The. model would fly fine on a fixed pitch prop but it didn t like the high pitch of my 8 VP prop I used a lot of off. set in the wing along with wash in and it would start it s climb OK and then crab off to the right and stall. Nothing seemed to work to correct this problem including lowering the pitch I decided to off set the stab. and did it in a big way 70 of the stab on the inboard side The offset stab looked weird and drooped enough. to cause quite a bit of negative stab tilt at rest. The model is small enough to fly in a large room and when I flew it with the same torque and high pitch that. caused the stall in the first Pie ce the model continued it s climb without any hint o f a stall The boom and stab. twist under the flightf ad to giv a le ft turn I tried the stab offset one of my Fll s that didn t warit to turn. with a lunch torque over 2 in oz and it solved that problem I didn t have to change the boom on either. model and tweaking the boom can be used to change the circle L Coslick 2010. NADESHI 0 11 A 6 BY AKIHIRO DANJO, AKIHIRO SAYS CENTER OF GRAVITY 23 MM AFT OF WING TRAILING EDGE. C G WILL MOVE FORWARD WITH RUBBER MOTOR INSTALLED 6. The variable pitch prop hub is a combination of ideas from. various builders I couldn t get enough movement from the. plastic tissue hinge style set up of the Banks Brown designs so. I incorporated rolled tubes on a half round hub more like those. I ve seen from a few of the European flyers The hinges are. Kev ar thread The adjuster brackets are made from basswood. pinned through the hub with a hard balsa dowel and then. wrapped a couple of times with single Kevlar filaments I m so. sick of these breaking off just when I think I have it set up. Jack Metcalf Tim Hayward Brown and Max Newcombe,Blue Streak FlD Tim Hayward Brown. Best time 18 44 Melbourne 18 Dec 2011, Glue is the enemy of indoor models or too much of it. anyway After making a number of overweight motorsticks one. VP Mechanism 32mm wide day I added some blue dye to the Atnbroid and acetpne to see. how much was being used and exactly where it was going The. The motors used were about 058 width wound to around result on the sticks especially after the four barons had been. 0 6oz in and thet1 backed off to half that for launch The test added left long blue streaks along the sides As it happens my. flight of 16 45 was made on Sep 2000 Tan II thanks Peter Dad worked on the rocket projects at Woomera back in the 60 s. Twiss and the 18 44 on Apr 2010 Super Sport I used both later So the name Blue Streak came to mind readily Mine travel a bit. in the day but as conditions deteriorated the early times were I to be said. hard to match,Blue Streak Weight and Component Breakdown.
Component Weights,VP Prop 0 280,Wing 0 351,Stick Posts 0 356. Boom Fin 0 168,Stab 0 110,TOTAL 1 265,Stick 0125in 4 4 on 1 4in form 4 barons. Stick ext OlOin 4 5,Boom 009in 4 5 1 4in 1 8in diom. The three models brought to Melbourne were I, Winq design The prop shape is borrowed from Ivan Treger and the. Spars 036 X 050 036 X 100 036 X 050 5 5, stab shape from John Kagan The wing is set a bit further back.
Tips 027 X 050 027 X 030 027 X 050 5, than most flyers There is no boron on the wing or tail bootn but. four around the tnotorstick The webs at the prOp bearing and. Stab rear hook extend well back This has helped prevent the. Outline 027 X 055 027 X 030 027 X 055 5 ext er iettcedin earlier versions. Ribs 024 X 030 024 X 045 024 X 030 4,Outline 022 X 022 5 5. Ribs 022 X 022 4 5,Spar 075 X 080 025 X 025 5,7 Biuestreak in Flight. EZ5 H ND C LC TOF QUO f 1ET R,SL r DE F NG R HOLD ov R TUBS r CRST CA N PLAC S. Vv IZE AN PO r ITER A HEN METER CS C DMPI E TED FOR PRDPE R E ALA N E. I ONE P E C5 O P BRASS,i UBS 7 LONG J NGER HOLD,I TIL FLAT IN BF A SS TUBE BEND.
I 1 w r RS,so DER WITH ST AY BR L TE,f ALM TLJBI NG OC J CAL LBRATI NG M TER. Ye A M TU5IN G o D s t 7 s G7,ID 3Z NUT DRILL FOR TZGHT FIT i I. ANPC TO PACE ANDT JBING,02 5 03 A M D c Ac D,qo i x B SA. wR A AND so D w c H oNs sTP ND oF c oPPO R T W I hTS HeR r N 7 j OP r N. u R Ro 0 0,yy r r L 1 r Ob, TORSC DN VIRE CAN BE ANI LENG7H AND THIC K lE55 INCH OZ O WEIGHT IN GF AMS NU i 02. u 7 r H M IO R,J r 1 I 1 l J,l D i 1 s r I,r i3R s s J s s ic.
o I 1AR K s J J N oz,0 0 X ii 5 WIR, 24 HYP0Di Rr 1 C C NO E DLE 5 R OiAT IN v r S VVSJ 7. PLI C 5 Hlf D NE DL O ON 010 VVIRE AI ID SEND 90 rs ADDED UNTIL C Al ASfZAT Oi. I scUFF w RE PARTS Y 1 H 220 5AND PAPER AND 5 TIC K s l S v. SOLDER w T H STAY BRITE SQ DER so BALhNC S7 c DN, Y J G iT II GRAMS I NC OZ w IGH N GRAMS NCf 7 OZ M K B FORE A P N v SI H TS. 05 0 35 07,2 J DRA 1 NGS N T s,t N t IONI, 31JNnl l 3115 9NIA1 l 1 1 1 1 3SI I31d3S 171 0T Sdl l t HJ 1 1 t S. t N t IONI 31JNnii I 311S 9NIA1 l 1 11 1 1, 1Sn9n 1 01 9 Sl t NOil t N 1H911 l 33 l 0001n0 S l JN 1 1 1 1. INDOOR t ll H F lLW1 l 3S,ff f 1 r P T J til Itt t J 5.
NEWS and VIEWS,ABRAM VAN DOVER EDITOR,112 TILLERSON DR. NEWPORT NEWS VA,23602 4011,FIRST CLASS,MID SUMMER,10n I II I I I J I II JJ J I I 11 J JJ. times in flying your indoor models We also have a Peanut scale model that is unique and kind of weird looking but will start you down the path of building scale models This might cau e a lot of controversy from you scale guys Not everyone wants to start with a Piper Cub or the likes In keeping with my idea of putting a page from John Barker s pamphlet on building a Pennyplane you may use

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