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PSYCHIATRIC,AND MENTAL,HEALTH NURSING,3RD EDITION,Ruth Elder. RN BA Hons PhD,Katie Evans,RN BA MLitSt PhD,Debra Nizette. RN Credentialled Mental Health Nurse,Endorsed Midwife DipAppSc Nursing Ed. BAppSc Nursing MNurStudies FRCNA FACMHN, Sydney Edinburgh London New York Philadelphia St Louis Toronto. sample proofs Elsevier Australia,Prelims i x 9780729540988 indd 3 17 08 12 1 00 PM.
is an imprint of Elsevier,Elsevier Australia ACN 001 002 357. a division of Reed International Books Australia Pty Ltd. Tower 1 475 Victoria Avenue Chatswood NSW 2067,This edition 2013 Elsevier Australia. First edition published 2005 Second edition published 2009. This publication is copyright Except as expressly provided in the Copyright Act 1968. and the Copyright Amendment Digital Agenda Act 2000 no part of this publication. may be reproduced stored in any retrieval system or transmitted by any means including. electronic mechanical microcopying photocopying recording or otherwise without prior. written permission from the publisher, Every attempt has been made to trace and acknowledge copyright but in some cases. this may not have been possible The publisher apologises for any accidental infringement. and would welcome any information to redress the situation. This publication has been carefully reviewed and checked to ensure that the content is as. accurate and current as possible at time of publication We would recommend however that. the reader verify any procedures treatments drug dosages or legal content described in this. book Neither the author the contributors nor the publisher assume any liability for injury. and or damage to persons or property arising from any error in or omission from this publication. National Library of Australia Cataloguing in Publication Data. Author Elder Ruth, Title Psychiatric and mental health nursing Ruth Elder Katie Evans and Debra Nizette. Edition 3rd ed,ISBN 9780729540988 pbk,Subjects Psychiatric nursing Australia Textbooks.
Psychiatric nursing New Zealand Textbooks,Other Authors. Contributors Evans Katie Nizette Debra,Dewey Number 616 890231. Publisher Libby Houston,Developmental Editor Elizabeth Coady. Editorial Coordinator Geraldine Minto,Proofread by Tim Learner. Indexed by Forsyth Publishing Services,Cover and internal design by Avril Makula.
Typeset by Midland Typesetters Australia, Printed in China by China Translation and Printing Services. sample proofs Elsevier Australia,Prelims i x 9780729540988 indd 4 17 08 12 1 00 PM. Foreword vii PART 3,Preface viii Understanding mental illness 211. About the editors ix 12,Intellectual disabilities 213. Contributors x Charles Harmon Philip Petrie and Chris Taua. Reviewers xii 13,Disorders of childhood and adolescence 234.
Mike Groome and Kristin Henderson,Preparing for psychiatric and mental 14. Mental disorders of old age 249,health nursing 1 Wendy Moyle. The effective nurse 3 15,Schizophrenic disorders 264. Debra Jackson and Louise O Brien Murray Bardwell and Richard Taylor. 2 Recovery as the context for practice 14 16,Mood disorders 283. Vicki Stanton and Barbara Tooth Peter Athanasos,Historical foundations 35 17.
Personality disorders 302,Katie Evans Michelle Cleary and Jan Horsfall. The Australian and New Zealand 18,Anxiety disorders 316. politico legal context 54 Katie Evans,Eimear Muir Cochrane Anthony O Brien and 19. Eating disorders 339,Timothy Wand Gail Anderson,Professional and ethical issues 68 20. Substance related disorders and, Anthony O Brien Phillip Maude and dual diagnosis 362.
Eimear Muir Cochrane Janette Curtis and Peter Athanasos. Somatoform and dissociative disorders 386,PART 2 Ruth Elder. Mental health and wellness 85 22,Forensic mental health nursing 405. Mental health and illness in Australia and Brian McKenna and Trish Martin. New Zealand 87,Pat Bradley and Ruth De Souza PART 4. Indigenous mental health in Australia and Developing skills for mental health nursing 427. New Zealand 109 23,Settings for mental healthcare 429. Deanne Hellsten and Hineroa Hakiaha Ruth Elder Julie Sharrock Phillip Maude and. Beyond theory understanding Michael Olasoji,mental health and illness 122 24.
Working with consumers 453,Patricia Barkway Kim Usher and Kim Foster. Mental health across the lifespan 139 25,Therapeutic interventions 473. Debra Nizette Christine Palmer,Crisis and loss 161 26. Psychopharmacology 504,Paul Morrison Kim Usher and Kim Foster. Assessment and diagnosis 182 Glossary 522,Jan Barling Index 533.
sample proofs Elsevier Australia,Prelims i x 9780729540988 indd 5 17 08 12 1 00 PM. The knowledge and expertise of the mental health students are better prepared for the postgraduate arena. psychiatric nurse are no less challenging today than of study which then frames them with the tools for and. they were in the day of Hildegard Peplau the mother of recognition as a mental health psychiatric nurse. psychiatric nursing No longer is our area of expertise The uniqueness of this text is in its solid location of. and specialisation granted the protection of separate our two countries The Indigenous ethical social and. registration across Australia and New Zealand It is political contexts will assist students to understand our. our own self regulation through standards outlined professional knowledge and consumer care support in. by Australian and New Zealand mental health nursing the constructs of our wider society thus acknowledging. colleges and our postgraduate specialist programs that the wider factors that are socio determinants of mental. are defining our parameters of practice health and mental illness. The existence of a text for Australian and New The challenge that this text creates is twofold First. Zealand nursing students and as a relevance point for ensuring that students are supported by lecturers tutors. mental health psychiatric nurses is not only signifi who themselves have the appropriate mental health. cant but also vital The need for nurses to undertake psychiatric nursing specialist skills to be role models for. both undergraduate and postgraduate mental health learning and second ensuring that our health hospital. psychiatric nursing programs to become mental health care settings provide environments conducive to this. psychiatric nurses will ensure that our services and learning with our consumers. consumers have the benefit of contemporary evidenced I hope you enjoy this text and thank the contributors. based practitioners for their time in its development. This text demonstrates active adult learning prin, ciples in its style of engagement with its readers As a basis Dr Frances Hughes. for undergraduate education it provides the cornerstones Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer. and fundamentals of our practice From this grounding Queensland Health. sample proofs Elsevier Australia,Prelims i x 9780729540988 indd 7 17 08 12 1 00 PM. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing was first conceived contexts of practice and politico legal implications. in response to the clear need to provide Australian and embedded in practice. New Zealand nurses with an accessible text designed to Part 2 aims to contextualise practice examining. actively engage undergraduate nursing students with theories about mental health and wellness across the. the relevant contexts in which they were learning and lifespan and within societies and cultures as well as. working It was also essential to provide understanding exploring crisis loss and assessment issues. of the unique legislative policy and cultural contexts of Part 3 develops a better understanding of the major. psychiatric and mental health nursing work in Australia mental illnesses examines DSM IV TR diagnoses. and New Zealand As the text has evolved over the past interventions and effective treatments and. 10 years these initial goals have remained at the forefront incorporates the client s experience of mental illness. of our writing and this third edition continues to provide A new chapter on forensic mental health nursing has. a valuable and influential text that is grounded in the been included to explain the work of mental health. realities of these contexts nurses who assist people with mental disorders who. The third edition emphasises the need to adhere have become involved with the criminal justice. to the principles of evidence based practice and to use system. the most recent research from primary sources As an Part 4 focuses on psychopharmacology and. acknowledgement of the sustained growth of the consumer therapeutic skill development for practice and applies. movement we have incorporated a strong recovery and skills to clinical situations. strengths focus across all chapters dealing with mental This edition continues to acknowledge the import. health nursing practice and its specialties We promote ance of a client focused approach and supports a holistic. consumer and student centred approaches and focus philosophy of practice with a strengthened focus on. closely on providing students with examples and guid recovery This assists the beginning practitioner to under. ance about helpful and transformative communication stand that mental wellness is a concept that balances. Wherever possible specific suggestions about what the mental disorder and that mental disorder is caused by a. practitioner can do and say during interactions with clients complex web of circumstances A healthy society requires. have been provided This hands on approach is designed that mental health needs are acknowledged and services. to actively engage undergraduate nursing students in developed to enhance the existing protective factors in. developing the knowledge skills and attitudes necessary our communities. to interact effectively with clients and their families We hope that the third edition of this text continues. All contributors to the text have been selected for to have wide appeal and that its practical approach. their acknowledged expertise in the field of mental provides the relevant support to students and teachers as. health Chapters written by nurses working in clinical well as practitioners in any setting who work with people. and management contexts as well as nurse academics who have a mental health problem In an environment. communicate approaches employed by skilled nurses to where technological professional and health service. counselling assessment interviewing history taking and evolution is continuous and inevitable we continue. a range of interventions Nurses stories and case studies to stress the importance of a personal empathic and. drawn from the experiences of practising psychiatric holistic approach to psychiatric mental health nursing. mental health nurses are included to assist students in practice. developing insights about the realities of mental health. nursing Ruth Elder,The text is divided into four parts Katie Evans. Part 1 explores broad areas such as the history of Debra Nizette. mental illness and mental healthcare the nurse June 2012. sample proofs Elsevier Australia,Prelims i x 9780729540988 indd 8 17 08 12 1 00 PM.
About the editors,Ruth Elder Debra Nizette, RN BA Hons PhD RN Credentialled Mental Health Nurse Endorsed. Ruth taught and coordinated subjects and courses in Midwife DipAppSc Nursing Ed BAppSc Nursing. mental health nursing for both undergraduate and MNurStudies FRCNA FACMHN. postgraduate students at Queensland University of Debra is interested in the interpersonal nature of nursing. Technology Her primary interest was in the care and mental health nursing in particular and believes that. rehabilitation of people with chronic mental disorders students who develop self awareness and understanding. Ruth s own nursing practice was predominately in of others are able to recognise their therapeutic potential. community mental health and community health Debra s aim is to support learning to assist students to. where she worked as both a mental health nurse and a achieve this potential through her role in the nursing. community liaison nurse program at the Australian Catholic University in. the areas of mental health nursing psychosocial and. Katie Evans professional aspects of health and nursing care and. RN BA MLitSt PhD therapeutic communication, Since training as a psychiatric nurse in Sydney Katie has. researched and taught at the University of Queensland. Queensland University of Technology Griffith University. Central Queensland University and Queensland Health. At present she designs and delivers education programs. on a freelance basis in a range of domestic and overseas. contexts for nursing mental health and forensic mental. health students Katie also works with the Viet Nam. Nursing Project at Queensland University of Technology. teaching writing and directing the distance learning. program Her research includes a master s degree tracing. the social evolution of women from Homer to Euripides. and a PhD investigating mental illness in the ancient. Graeco Roman literature,sample proofs Elsevier Australia. Prelims i x 9780729540988 indd 9 17 08 12 1 00 PM,Contributors. Gail Anderson Ruth Elder, RN RM MN Adolescent Mental Health Cert MACN RN BA Hons PhD.
Clinical Nurse Consultant Adolescent Health,Westmead Hospital NSW Katie Evans. ISBN 978 0 7295 4098 8 9 780729 540988 Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing third edition continues to deliver students and lecturers an authoritative and accessible approach to mental health nursing The combined efforts of a highly respected and experienced editorial team and the expertise of the contributors have resulted in a valuable and influential text with a strong focus on evidence

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