Investigations and Experiments with Wisconsin Fast Plants

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Environment Will high humidity make open dehisced anthers. close back up,How would changing the light affect the growth of. Fast Plants Do all genetic varieties of Fast Plants flower at the. What happens if you change the amount of soil, and root space that a plant has What environmental parameters might affect the. speed of growth and development of a Fast Plant, What if you interrupt the growth of Fast Plants by. breaking off the top of the plant Are different varieties of Fast Plants affected by. changes in the environment in the same way,Why would gardeners who want lots of flowers. pinch off the growing tips of their plants Do plants growing at higher temperatures flower. Why does a plant produce side shoots if the top is. pinched off and growth is interrupted Does this Do all plants have the same pattern of flower. tell you anything about the main goal of a plant positioning on the stem. namely reproduction Are variations in patterns of flower orientation on. the stem genetic,Chemical Conditions for Plant Growth.
Do various Fast Plant genetic stocks vary in nectar. What chemical liquids might affect seed production. germination,Is nectar production in Fast Plants genetically. How does liquid plant food affect seed controlled,germination. What is the effect of temperature on time to first. flower for a Fast Plant,Physical Conditions for Plant Growth. When does the first flower open, Plants growing outside get touched by all sorts of. things such as insects and raindrops and they are How much nectar is produced. moved by the wind Is plant growth affected by What is the sugar concentration of the nectar. any of these factors,Why does a plant have flowers.
Fertilization What do flowers do, What is unique about fertilization in plants Why are flowers colorful. What is endosperm and what is its relationship to Do all flowers have the same number of flower. the embryo parts as Fast Plants, How does an embryo develop into a seed Do stamens outnumber pistils. How does the maternal parent contribute to the Do all flowers have stamens and pistils. developing embryo,Why is the pistil growing longer. Germination, Do the biggest seed pods produce the most seed Does crowding the seeds effect germination. Do unpollinated flowers produce seed Do seeds germinate under different colors. wavelengths of light, Flowering What effect would various concentrations of.
solutions have on germination,How does a plant know when to produce leaves. and when to produce flowers How do different seeds germinate How about a. corn seed vs a grass seed,What might be the advantages of flowering. sequentially one flower at a time What about How does seed orientation effect germination. disadvantages,What chemicals might a germinating Fast Plant. Does a period of high humidity affect pollen seed give off. What chemicals affect seed flavor, Page 2 Investigations and Experiments with Wisconsin Fast Plants 2017. Germination continued In how many ways can you measure and quantify. What seeds do we eat,How many different organs are growing at various.
How are the hilum and micropyle like a belly stages in a plant s life cycle. Can you find a plant trait that predicts seed yield. How might light impact germination,Can you determine when a plant is growing most. On a seed which way is up rapidly, When planting a seed is there a best way to orient Does the number of hairs on a leaf margin. it correlate with the number of hairs on the whole. Does the root or shoot grow faster in a Fast Plant plant. during germination Are there ways that you can set up an experiment. What percentage of Fast Plant seeds germinate that alters the gravitational field for a plant. under ideal conditions How could you use a turntable to give you some. How does light color affect germination clues about the effect gravity has on hypocotyl. How does a germinating Fast Plant seedling, respond to gravity How does a Fast Plant respond to light. What are the main components of the How tall is a Fast Plant at different stages. environment necessary for germination How many hairs are on the leaf margin of a Fast. What enables the emerging plant to shift its Plant. dependency from stored energy to the energy How important are the cotyledons for Fast Plants. from light fast growth,Do all seeds germinate as fast as Fast Plants. Would the seeds germinate if you changed the, environment For example would the seeds What is food for plants.
germinate if you put them in the refrigerator How does limiting essential growth components. What is inside a seed affect plant growth, Where do seeds come from How does proximity population density influence. competition for essential growth components,Why did the seed swell. Are plants capable of growth without light,Does a seed germinating in soil look the same as. one germinating in a petri dish What is the ideal amount of fertilizer pellets to add. to Fast Plants,Will seeds germinate while still in the pod. Will Fast Plants produce seed when lots of pellets. Growth and Development are added, What happens when an apical meristem is How do Fast Plants grow with other fertilizer.
removed treatments instead of fertilizer pellets, Does the effect of removing an apical meristem Does exposing the plant to stress stimulate. vary depending on the point in a plant s life cycle flowering For example will the plants flower if. they are deprived of fertilizer If they do can they. What environmental conditions might affect seed set viable seed. How does liquid plant food affect seed, How might soil type effect seed emergence germination. Does the plant from deeply sown seeds emerge,Does the plant from a deeply sown seed flower. 2017 Investigations and Experiments with Wisconsin Fast Plants Page 3. Photosynthesis How does the flower recruit the bee. Do Fast Plants make starch in their leaves If they How does pollination occur. do can you devise a method for the quantitative How does the flower discriminate between self. measurement of photosynthesis for example by and non self in the mix of pollen. using leaf discs Do discs cut from cotyledons What would happen if you didn t pollinate Fast. behave any differently from discs cut from leaves Plants. How do young and old leaves compare What happens if you pollinate only one plant. Cotyledon discs float in a sodium hydrogen Are flowers pollinated by means other than bees. bicarbonate solution but sindk if all the air is sucked. out of them They rise again if exposed to light and Which is the best agent for pollination a. sink if placed in darkness Can these observations paintbrush a bee stick or cotton wool bud. be used to investigate which wavelengths of light,are involved with photosynthesis Seeds. What pigments are present in Fast Plants Is it How does the abcission zone of a petal compare to. possible to relate the pigments identified with the that of a leaf or cotyledon. action spectrum for photosynthesis above What How does the abcission zone of a Fast Plant petal. effect does variation in light intensity have on compare to the petal from a different species. photosynthesis, How could you test for the effect of environmental.
Pollination stress on the development of Fast Plant embryos. When does a pistil become a pod,How does the varying length of the anthers and. the orientation of the stamens relate to the Is there a relationship between flower age and the. position of the bee as it visits a brassica flower position of the stigma relative to the anthers. Beyond pollination what might be the specialized What happens to the sepals and petals on an. roles of other bee body parts unpollinated flower What happens to the pistil. Is pollination more successful if a whole bee is How many ovules can you count in a pod At what. used rather than just a bee thorax stage of development can you first accurately. count the ovules,What other materials would substitute for a bee. stick How could you quantify and track senescence,during the lifecycle of a Fast Plant What organs. Are some flower parts more important in relation,would be the first to senesce. to pollination and sexual reproduction than, others Why What might a senescence mutant Fast Plant look.
like How would you identify such a mutant,Consider testing your hypothesis using floral. mutants such as the apetalous or male sterile How rapidly does the pistil of a pollinated Fast. mutant of Fast Plants Plant grow, What might affect pollen tube germination and How many seeds does a Fast Plant produce. growth Consider factors such as environment When do the first organs on a Fast Plant senesce. flower age genetics,When does a Fast Plant s petal first fall off. How can you quantify pollen tube germination and,What is unique about fertilization in flowering. How fast does a pollen tube grow,Will large seeds germinate better than small ones.
How does humidity affect pollen viability,Why do some seed pods have lots of seeds and. How quickly does a pollen tube germinate others have few. How old can a Fast Plant flower be and still be Is there an optimum number of pods per plant. successfully pollinated How many seeds are in each pod and what factors. How do flower parts function to influence mating influence this number Does position in the pod. behavior confer any advantages or disadvantages on a seed. Page 4 Investigations and Experiments with Wisconsin Fast Plants 2017. Seed Dispersal How do leaves expand, How has the plant solved the problem of Without light would plants grow up. packaging the new generation Do plants respond to light and to gravity. How is Fast Plants seed dispersed Do roots grow down because of gravity. Tropisms Do plants prefer certain colors of light,Which wavelength or wavelengths of light elicit. How does a plant grow upward,the phototropic response Is continuous or. Why does the shoot grow up and the roots grow intermittent light more effective. Credits Investigation questions developed by Whitney Hagins Illustrations by Amy Kelley. 2017 Investigations and Experiments with Wisconsin Fast Plants Page 5. Investigations and Experiments with Wisconsin Fast Plants Do you want to design experiments to learn about plants Are you looking for Science Fair Project ideas Look no further When you explore with Wisconsin Fast Plants research discovery and the practices of science and engineering come alive You will find the thrill of growing a real living plant is irresistible Fast Plants

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