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Required Text and Materials, Introducing Public Administration 9th Edition Shafritz Jay M and Russell E W and. Christopher P Borick if you find the 8th edition a cheaper option you can use this version. of the text also,Student Learning Outcomes, Introduction to Public Administration meets the following learning objectives adopted by. the Department of political science pursuant the strategic plans of the College of Arts and. Sciences of Western Illinois University, 1 Civic Engagement Students will gain political literacy including enhanced. appreciation of the importance of political participation and public service You will. learn terminology that will help you comprehend current news events worldwide. and learn about the value placed on political participation and public service in. other countries, 2 Methodology and Communication Students will become more discerning. consumers of political events messages and processes by applying theories and. methodologies of political science and through effective oral and written. communication, 3 Substantive Knowledge of Political Science Students will understand the.
institutions processes and values that underpin political behavior and events In. particular you will learn important terminology and about major political. institutions and processes including comparisons of presidential legislative. relations systems of interest representation party and electoral systems and models. of socio economic development, 4 Diversity Students will become more aware of the political impact that social. cleavages and cultural contexts can produce in other political systems This will. raise student awareness of diversity concerns, PLEASE NOTE This course is taught online which does not mean that the. course is easier than classes that meet in an in class setting As the course outline. shows the course is divided into modules To take the course students must. regularly check their email and be able to use Western Online Inabilities to. access Western Online because of technical malfunctions are NOT. ACCEPTABLE reasons not completing assignments, I will be available via email and will post course announcements and grades on. Western Online Allow 24 to 48 hours for me to respond to emails Students. should check the page regularly for course related announcements and resources. In general assignments will be opened by Monday morning 12 00 AM and. students will have the fourteen 14 days ending on Sunday night 11 59 PM to. complete all of the assignments listed for that assignment Once the window to. complete the module has passed the lectures and materials will still be available. but it will be impossible to complete the assignments discussion boards exams. and or papers for that module,Course Evaluation, Students will demonstrate learning through the following participation in threaded. posts class discussions performance on modular exams and written assignments. WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS, For each module you will complete an assignment related to the material.
covered in that module These assignments are designed to get you engaged. with current related to theories and practice of public administration as well to. give you an opportunity to apply concepts learned from class Modular. assignments are worth 50 points,DISCUSSION BOARD, For each module you will participate in a discussion board These discussion. forums are designed to get you critically thinking about potential reforms to our. system of government and understand how American public administration is. influenced by our constitution and our system of government The specific. discussion board guidelines as well as a rubric for grading are posted at. Western Online Each week s discussion boards are worth 25 points. Exams will consist of true false multiple choice and matching and cover one to. four chapters Exams will be graded out of 100 points with points for each. question indicated on the exam All exams are timed students will have roughly. 60 to 75 minutes to complete an exam Do not exceed the time limit for an. exam Exam scores are deducted five 5 points for every minute an exam. goes beyond the time limit,CLASSIC ARTICLE ASSIGNMENT. This assignment is to help you familiarize you with the early writers and thinkers in the. field of public administration The specific guidelines as well as a rubric for grading. are posted at Western Online The Classic Article assignment is worth 100 points. The Use of References and Writing For Modular Written Exercises. and Assignments, References should be properly cited in all written assignments and discussion boards. The assignments should be well written and properly formatted with one inch. margins all around double spaced paragraphs and 12 point Times New Roman. font Papers will be graded based on the rubric posted at Western Online In. general papers that contain typos and grammatical mistakes or do not follow. the formatting guidelines will lose points as shown on the rubric. Assignments are due in accordance with the attached course schedule and. assignment folder The papers will be submitted as a Word document or PDF. through assignment folder at Western Online No late papers will be accepted. Grading and Grade Scale,Exams 5 100 points 500,Papers 1 100 points 100. Classic Article Assignment,Discussion Board 8 25 points 200.
Assignments 8 50 pts 400,Total points 1200, To determine your grade divide your total points earned by total points of the course. material multiplied by 100,Example your total points earned 1175. Total points of course material 1200 1175 1200 98 x 100 98. Students Expectations,Western Online Familiarity, Because this course is totally web based students should be familiar with Western. Online and its features particularly the discussion board. Please refer questions about Western Online and other IT questions issues to WIU. at 309 298 2704,On line Decorum, Students will use standard English in group discussions avoid on line jargon i e. Please note technological failure will not be accepted as an excuse for missed. deadlines The WIU IT have a back up plan in case of technology malfunction. Submission and Formatting Guidelines, Submitted work i e papers and written assignments will be typed double spaced.
have 12 point font Times New Roman one inch margins on all sides and. conform to APA guidelines, Accommodations In accordance with University policy and the Americans with. Disabilities Act ADA academic accommodations may be made for any student who. notifies faculty of a specific need for accommodation It is imperative that students bring. such needs to the faculty member s attention as faculty is not legally permitted to inquire. about such particular student needs Students who require special assistance in emergency. evacuations should contact their faculty to discuss emergency procedures Contact. Disability Support Services 298 2512 for additional services. Academic Misconduct Academic misconduct will not be tolerated Academic. misconduct is a serious offense and constitutes grounds for failing the course regardless of. your grade on other assignments Academic misconduct includes. 1 Cheating on exams either through crib sheets or copying another student s. 2 Plagiarism including,a Turning in a paper someone else has written. b Copying directly from the book you read, c Using material obtained via electronic sources without proper. documentation, d Failure to properly document quotations used in your paper. Any and all of these activities will result in an F for the course The penalties for. plagiarism apply whether you plagiarize inadvertently or deliberately If you have any. questions about how to cite sources ask before you turn in your assignment. Incomplete Policy In accordance with University policy incompletes will only be given. in rare instances where a student cannot complete the course requirements during the. semester due to circumstances beyond their control You must keep me informed. regarding such circumstances in a timely manner However the decision to allow an. incomplete is at the discretion of the instructor, For more information regarding academic misconduct and incomplete refer to your student.
handbook at http www sdo wiu edu handbook handbook pdf. Disclaimer the instructor reserves the right to alter or change the syllabus to fit the. needs of students or the demands of curriculum objectives. SCHEDULE may be modified as needed,Module 1 January 15 January 28. Defining Pubic Administration,READ Introducing Public. Administration IPA chaps 1,DUE Discussion Board 1,Assignment 1 Privatizing Police Forces. Module 2 January 29 February 11, Political Cultural Environment of Public Policy Its. Administration,READ IPA chps 2,DUE Discussion Board 2.
Assignment 2 The Killing of Bin Laden Power,Bases Legality of the Action. Exam 1 chps 1 2,Module 3 February 12 February 25,The Continuous Reinventing of Government. READ IPA chp 3,DUE Discussion Board 3,Assignment 3 Writing Exercise. Module 4 February 26 March 11,Intergovernmental Relations. READ IPA chp 4,DUE Discussion Board 4,Exam 2 Ch 3 4.
Spring Break March 12 March 18,Module 5 March 25 April 1. Honor Ethics Accountability and Leadership,READ IPA chps 5 10. DUE Discussion Board 5,Assignment 5 Levels of,Exam 3 Ch 5 10. Module 6 April 2 April 15,Evolution of Management Organizational Theory and. READ IPA chps 6 7,DUE Discussion Board 6,Assignment 6 The Contributions of Herbert Simon.
Exam 4 chps 6 7,Module 7 April 16 April 29,Public Personnel Social Equity. READ IPA chps 11 12,DUE Discussion Board 7,Assignment 7 Writing Exercise. Module 8 April 30 May 6,Public Financial Management Strategic Management. and Government Relations,READ IPA chps 9 13,DUE Discussion Board 8. Classic Article Assignment,Exam 5 chps 9 11 12 13 1.
1 Exam 5 Must be completed on or before May 8 2018 There is no final exam. Introduction to Public Administration ePOLS300 Spring 2018 Syllabus Dr MaCherie M Placide Office 411A Morgan Hall Cell Phone 763 415 0936 text is quicker Email m placide wiu edu allow 24 48 hours for a response Course Objectives This course is designed to introduce and link academic theories of public administration to administrative practices In the process we will gain a basic

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