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Levels assessed in UIS Questionnaire on,Educational Expenditure. ISCED 2011,UNESCO Institute for Statistics,ISCED 01 Early Childhood Educational. Development, ISCED 02 Pre primary o Education systems vary across. ISCED level 1 Primary countries,o ISCED International Standard. ISCED level 2 Lower secondary classification of Education. ISCED level 3 Upper secondary internationally agreed. definitions to enhance the, ISCED level 4 Post secondary non tertiary internationally comparability of.
ISCED level 5 Short cycle tertiary education indicators. ISCED level 6 Bachelor s or equivalent level,ISCED level 7 Master s or equivalent level. ISCED level 8 Doctoral or equivalent level,Typical Sources of Education. Financing multiple actors,Government Public often the largest contributor. UNESCO Institute for Statistics, to the education sector and or most sectors of the. Income generated by schools, External grants or loans channelled via government.
accounts or directly to institutions,Households mainly parents. Private organizations NGO s that may directly fund. programmes in schools or act as intermediaries,Local administrations local communities that. manage some aspect of education at local levels 3,Mapping financial education flows. How much is allocated to,UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Direct transfers to,Technology institutions,What are the How are.
sources of the funds Education,Education funds multiple In direct transfers to. allocated Levels ISCED 0,actors institutions e g via 8. Agriculture Environment intermediaries,Foreign Nature of Type of Expenditure e g. allocations salary non salary,textbooks operating,capital current. Public costs teaching and,learning materials others.
How much funding is,available Private,What are the national. priorities Level of priority,of level of, May not be registered in Private foundations Education. government accounts and NGO s Is expenditure, could be disbursed directly Official development decentralized. to recipients school or assistance,local regional levels Business Private. individuals,Households,Mapping Private education,financial flows.
Complementary to,Government,UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Expenditure,External Partners,budget support,School fees paid to public. or private institutions,Often the second Supplies textbooks and. Households largest contributors uniforms transport. including Parents after Parents association fees,and Students government public. expenditure,Private Entities,NGO s Government public s.
Associations support to private,institutions,Institutions. Communities Institutions,Communities Grants other financial support. payment for the salaries of civil,service teachers. UNESCO Institute for Statistics,Mapping several actors in education financing. Country Example Kingdom of,Tracking expenditure on education.
public and private sources e g EMIS,Some administrative data could be. sourced directly from institutions,UNESCO Institute for Statistics. e g school level including private,institutions not all survey. instruments capture sufficient,information on all dimensions. requested in UIS QB,Some financing that may be,directed at institutions may not be.
recorded in government records,e g those channelled by external. entities that support education,Quality of data collected at the. school level may vary,Other sources household surveys. or other sample based surveys 7,Tracking expenditure on education. private sources e g Household Surveys,Often conducted by.
UNESCO Institute for Statistics,national statistical offices. Often based on self,reporting validity,Coverage and frequency of. household surveys vary,across countries,Consistency with UIS. definitions not guaranteed,It is crucial to determine. the extent of private,expenditure on education,at the HH level in relation.
to public expenditure If,substantive additional 8,surveys may be warranted. Considerations, Consider all potential sources of data it may not be possible. UNESCO Institute for Statistics,to capture all sources e g private sources. Understand the proportion of expenditure assigned to each. level of education some are substantive others,negligible. Internal coordination of data collection may be required to. complete UIS questionnaire on educational expenditure e g. formalization of data collection from entities outside the. Ministry of Education Finance may be necessary to ensure. coverage of data reported to UIS, Consider cases where certain education levels have been.
devolved local administration and financing at these levels if. Introduction to financing Education financial flows Workshop on Eductional Expenditure Dakar Senegal 30 May 2016 Monica Githaiga s 2 ISCED 2011 ISCED 01 Early Childhood Educational Development ISCED 02 Pre primary ISCED level 1 Primary ISCED level 2 Lower secondary ISCED level 3 Upper secondary ISCED level 4 Post secondary non tertiary ISCED level 5 Short cycle tertiary education

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