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Introducing,CHAPTER 15,Chapter Objectives,After studying this chapter. students should be able to,1 describe the gradual expan. Art or Photo here sion of the Ottoman Empire,2 discuss the achievements of. Mehmet II and S leyman the,Magnificent,3 discuss Ottoman rule includ. ing the division of people by,religion and occupation.
4 highlight Ottoman achieve,ment in art and architecture. 5 describe the signs of decline,of the Ottoman Empire. Chapter Overview,Introduce students to chapter,content and key terms by having. Titletilework featuresbyanartist s,of this image namefrom. inscription theafterward,Then Quran thethere,is abook of Islam.
very short description of a painting or photograph them access Chapter Overview. 15 at wh glencoe com,Time Line Activity,c 1632 1757. Building of Taj British defeat Moguls As students read the chapter have. Mahal begins at Battle of Plassey Chapter Overview them review the time line on pages. Visit the Glencoe World 454 to 455 Have students select a. History Web site at,world event on the time line learn. wh glencoe com and click, 1625 1660 1695 1730 1765 more about it and write a brief. on Chapter 15 Chapter, Overview to preview description of the impact it had on. chapter information the Muslim empires L1,1600 1639 1722.
Safavid British establish Safavid dynasty,dynasty fort at Chennai collapses. Persian painting,peaks in India,Dinah Zike s Foldables are three. 455 dimensional interactive graphic,organizers that help students. practice basic writing skills review,key vocabulary terms and identify. MORE ABOUT THE ART main ideas Have students complete. the foldable activity in the Dinah, Islamic Calligraphy Elegant calligraphy artistic handwriting transforms the words of the Quran Zike s Reading and Study Skills.
into a work of art on this strikingly beautiful piece of Islamic tilework Because the Hadith a collec Foldables booklet. tion of sayings of Muhammad warns against any attempt to imitate God by creating pictures of. living beings inscriptions from the Quran are often used to decorate Islamic art and architecture. Islamic calligraphers seek to convey both the power and the beauty of the Islamic religion through. the stylized lettering of sacred words This piece of tilework can be found today in a mosque in. Introducing,A Story That Matters,Depending on the ability levels. of your students select from the,following questions to reinforce. the reading of A Story That,Describe Babur s pitifully. small first army on foot,wearing sandals and long frocks. armed with clubs,What was different about,Babur s second army besides.
its greatly increased size,armed with artillery, Describe the effects of The Fortress of Gwalior in India greatly impressed Babur. Babur s words to his troops,The Conquests of Babur. before the last battle holy,war to fight until death. t the beginning of the sixteenth century to the north. Why It Matters,What does it mean to be, of India in present day Afghanistan lived a military During Europe s age of exploration. flayed skinned, adventurer named Babur a descendant of the great Asian between 1500 and 1800 the world.
Why do you think Babur of Islam experienced new life with. conqueror Timur Lenk Tamerlane Babur began with a, ordered this dreadful death pitifully small following The greater part of my followers the rise of three great Muslim. for the enemy leader as an empires With his victories Babur. about 250 men were on foot with sandals on their feet. created one of them the Mogul, example to his enemies L1 clubs in their hands and long frocks over their shoulders. Empire in India Along with the, After seizing Kabul in 1504 Babur increased his forces Ottomans and the Safavids the. armed them with newly invented firearms and extended his Moguls dominated Southwest Asia. About the Art vision of conquest to the lands of India With a force of eight. thousand men armed with artillery he destroyed the much. and the South Asian subcontinent,For about two hundred years these. Gwalior is strategically situated larger army of the ruler of North India three powerful Muslim states. atop a cliffed plateau that is Nine months later Babur s army faced yet another Indian brought stability to a region that. nearly 2 miles 3 2 km long and prince with a considerably larger army Babur rallied his had been in turmoil for centuries. rises a sheer 300 feet 91 m from forces with these words Let us then with one accord swear. History and You The English, the plain on God s holy word that none of us will even think of turn language contains many words.
ing his face from this warfare nor desert from the battle and derived from Arabic Research the. slaughter that ensues till his soul is separated from his body subject of etymology where words. Babur s troops responded with enthusiasm Towards come from using the Internet or a. evening he wrote later the confusion was complete and dictionary Identify 25 English words. the slaughter was dreadful The fate of the battle was decided derived from Arabic Alphabetize. I ordered the enemy leader to be flayed alive Babur them and then write a paragraph on. had won yet another decisive victory the influence of Arabic on English. HISTORY AND YOU, Babur was not only a descendant of Timur Lenk but also of Genghis Khan He hoped to create an empire worthy. of his ancestors However there is another side to Babur He was a highly educated man who later in life wrote his. memoirs The Baburnama as his work is known was the first autobiography in Islamic literature Historians have. appreciated Babur s keen observations of the culture in which he lived There are descriptions of political and. STUDENT EDITION, SUNSHINE STATE STANDARDS military life social events family life art and architecture A primary source document such as the Baburnama. is invaluable to historians,CHAPTER 15,The Ottoman Empire Section 1 457 463. Guide to Reading,Main Ideas,Ottoman Turks used firearms to expand. People to Identify,Mehmet II Sultan Selim I Sinan,Reading Strategy.
Organizing Information Create a chart,their lands and appointed local rulers to. administer conquered regions,Places to Locate,to show the structure of Ottoman society. List groups in order of importance,Section Overview. The Ottomans created a strong empire Anatolian Peninsula Bosporus Dard This section describes how the. anelles Sea of Marmara Makkah Sultan, with religious tolerance and artistic Ottoman Turks expanded and. achievements Preview Questions strengthened their empire. Key Terms 1 What were the major events in the, janissary pasha gunpowder empire growth of the Ottoman Empire.
sultan harem grand vizier ulema 2 What role did religion play in the BELLRINGER. Ottoman Empire Skillbuilder Activity,Preview of Events. 1450 1475 1500 1525 1550 1575 1600 Project transparency and have. students answer questions,1453 1520 1526 1529 1571. Ottoman Turks cap S leyman I becomes Ottomans defeat Austria defeats Spanish defeat. ture Constantinople Ottoman ruler Hungarians Ottomans at Vienna Ottomans at Lepanto Daily Focus Skills Transparency. Copyright by The McGraw Hill Companies Inc ANSWERS. UNIT 1 D 2 C 3 B 4 A 5 E,3 DAILY FOCUS SKILLS,Voices from the Past. Chapter 15 TRANSPARENCY 15 1,The Ottoman Empires, DIRECTIONS The column on the left lists five people Match one of the statements on the. right with each of these people,Column A Column B,1 S leyman I A The greatest of all Ottoman.
architects,2 Mehmet II B Took control of Mesopotamia. In 1453 the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople the Byzantine capital One Egypt and Arabia and declared. himself caliph, Greek described the scene 3 Sultan Selim I C Built the Topkapi Palace in the. fifteenth century,4 Sinan D Ottoman leader under whom the. The soldiers fell on the citizens with anger and great wrath They were driven by. the hardships of the siege and some foolish people had hurled taunts and curses at. empire reached its high point,E Built power in the Anatolian. them from the battlements all through the siege Now they killed so as to frighten all. the city and to terrorize and enslave all by the slaughter When they had had enough. of murder some of the troops turned to the mansions of the mighty for plunder and. spoil Others went to the robbing of churches and others dispersed to the simple Guide to Reading. homes of the common people stealing robbing plundering killing insulting taking. and enslaving men women and children old and young priests monks in short. Answers to Graphic Sultan Ruling,Class Merchants Artisans Peasants.
every age and class, The Islamic World William H McNeill and M R Waldham 1973 Pastoral Peoples. After this siege Constantinople became the capital of the new Ottoman Empire Preteaching Vocabulary. Have students define the term gun, Rise of the Ottoman Turks powder empire Ask students. In the late thirteenth century a new group of Turks under their leader Osman whether the term sounds positive or. began to build power in the northwest corner of the Anatolian Peninsula That negative Do students suppose con. land had been given to them by the Seljuk Turk rulers as a reward for helping the temporary Iranians Indians and. rulers to defend their lands against the Mongols in the late thirteenth century Turks refer to these empires in this. At first the Osman Turks were relatively peaceful and engaged in pastoral way Why or why not L1. activities However as the Seljuk Empire began to decline in the early fourteenth. century the Osman Turks began to expand This was the beginning of the Otto. man dynasty,CHAPTER 15 The Muslim Empires 457,SECTION RESOURCES. Reproducible Masters Transparencies, Reproducible Lesson Plan 15 1 Daily Focus Skills Transparency 15 1. Daily Lecture and Discussion Notes 15 1,Guided Reading Activity 15 1 Multimedia.
Section Quiz 15 1 Interactive Tutor Self Assessment CD ROM. Reading Essentials and Study Guide 15 1 ExamView Pro Testmaker CD ROM. Presentation Plus CD ROM, CHAPTER 15 From their location in the northwestern corner of the Balkans With their new forces the Ottomans. Section 1 457 463 the peninsula the Ottomans expanded westward defeated the Serbs at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. and eventually con During the 1390s they advanced northward and. Constantinople Black Sea trolled the Bosporus annexed Bulgaria. Dardanelles,Bosporus and the Dardanelles, Sea of Reading Check Identifying What strategic lands and. Marmara These two straits, Sea bodies of water did the Ottomans take from the Byzantine. narrow passage,ways separated by Empire,Mediterranean Sea the Sea of Marmara. connect the Black Expansion of the Empire, Answer the Bosporus the Dard Sea and the Aegean Sea which leads to the Mediter Over the next three hundred years Ottoman rule.
anelles the Sea of Marmara the ranean The Byzantine Empire had controlled this expanded to include large areas of Western Asia as. Balkans area for centuries well as North Africa and additional lands in Europe. In the fourteenth century the Ottoman Turks, expanded into the Balkans Ottoman rulers claimed The Fall of Constantinople Under the leadership. the title of sultan and began to build a strong military of Mehmet II the Ottomans moved to end the. by developing an elite guard called janissaries Byzantine Empire With eighty thousand troops. Recruited from the local Christian population in the ranged against only seven thousand defenders. Balkans the janissaries were converted to Islam and Mehmet laid siege to Constantinople In their attack. trained as foot soldiers or administrators to serve on the city the Ottomans used massive cannons with. Answer Answers will vary but should the sultan 26 foot 8 m barrels that could launch stone balls. show an understanding of current As knowledge of firearms spread in the late four weighing up to 1 200 pounds 545 kg each. events You might wish to assign this teenth century the Ottomans began to master the The attack began on April 6 1453 with an. activity to students as a research project new technology The janissaries trained as a well Ottoman bombardment The Byzantines took their. and have them use current and historical armed infantry began to spread Ottoman control in final stand behind the walls along the western edge. sources to prepare a history of the,Daily Lecture and. Discussion Notes 15 1, Conflict in Yugoslavia cleansing in which they killed Muslims or forcibly. removed them from their homes, In 1919 Yugoslavia was formed as a new state in the. Copyright by The McGraw Hill Companies Inc, Daily Lecture and Discussion Notes Ethnic and religious struggles in Yugoslavia had deep.
Balkans It consisted of six territories that had little inter. Chapter 15 Section 1 roots in the past In the Middle Ages the Slavic peoples. est in being part of a single nation From 1945 to 1980. Did You Know, The ottoman a stuffed footstool also called a had accepted Christianity While the Croats and Slovenes. hassock is named after the Ottoman Empire Tales of this great. the dictator Marshal Tito held the country together. empire excited the European imagination and by the end of the. eighteenth century a large market had formed for items of Eastern became Roman Catholics the Serbs and the others. The Muslim Empires 1450 1800 Key Events As you read this chapter look for the key events in the history of the Muslim empires Muslim conquerors captured vast territory in Europe and Asia using firearms Religion played a major role in the establishment of the Ottoman Safavid and Mogul Empires Trade and the arts flourished under the Muslim empires The Impact Today The events

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