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I N T E R N A T I O N A L F E D E R A T I O N O F G Y N E C O L O G Y A N D O B S T E T R I C S. President s ect success We have almost com,pleted our planned transformation into. Introduction,a UK Registered Charity,The last three years have been. Our colleagues at the International,transformational for FIGO We have. Journal of Gynecology Obstetrics,continued to build on our previous. worked hard to ensure a smooth tran,accomplishments with major.
sition from an editorial office in,strategic developments intended. Chicago to the FIGO Secretariat in,to benefit our member associations. London Dr Tim Johnson as the inno,and the health and rights of women. vative and prestigious new Editor has,and newborns globally Over the. continued the traditions and excel,last three years we have secured.
lence of the Journal whilst introducing,grants for charitable activities. tion and I am deeply indebted to all new and exciting features and. including an anonymous donor, those whose dedicated work and increasing the number of pages Clare. UNFPA two grants and the Bill, volunteerism have led to our suc Last is the outstanding new Managing. and Melinda Gates Foundation and,cesses Editor based in London and recently. each one has clearly identified and,recruited Pete Chapman as Manu.
valued our significant volunteer In addition to the charitable activities. script Editor The FIGO website has, contributions in kind I have also above FIGO s headquarters have been completely overhauled in the last. been able to use a grant from been radically transformed and reor year and continues to be improved. Schering for presidential activities ganised over the last three years as providing news on women s health as. on maternal mortality for selective planned When I became President of well as being an important source of. activities as well as bridge funding FIGO there was an exceptionally small information including access to arti. for priority activities With all that but dedicated team of three people cles from the IJGO and news on FIGO. has transpired in the last three employed at the FIGO Secretariat in activities It also provides the possibil. years it is impossible in the pages London Since that time the Secre ity of on line donations as our. of this report to provide you with tariat has grown and as part of these communications strategy evolves and. more than an abridged account of far reaching changes new depart provides greater interaction with wider. the wide range of charitable activi ments have been set up to handle all audiences including civil society. ties undertaken by the aspects of the organisation s adminis. organisation using the best avail Again implementing agreed plans. tration Of critical importance to our, able scientific evidence to inform FIGO recruited the experienced Marta. success was that we recruited a Chief, our efforts FIGO has become Collins as Events and Meetings Man. Executive Professor Hamid Rush, recognised internationally by ager a critical role that meant FIGO. wan in September 2007 who has,could increasingly take a much more.
global leaders as a key organisa been pivotal in our grant acquisitions. direct role in organising its own con, tion to involve in addressing the strategic planning and increased rep. gresses and meetings to enable the, disparities in health care and resentation The decision for this. Federation to save costs and gener, women s rights articulated in the recruitment was made in 1999 and. ate additional funding that will be used, Millennium Development Goals President Acosta had the courage to. to support our charitable activities, and more broadly FIGO is a co move forward on implementation.
founding member of the global Financial controls have been At the Congress in Kuala Lumpur I. maternal mortality campaign enhanced as appropriate for the man indicated that we would continue the. begun in 2008 as noted in Sarah agement of large grants all of which strong focus on the activities of our. Brown s invited address to the entail detailed deliverables and report Committee on Safe Motherhood. World Health Assembly in May ing for the grant funding received We Newborn Health SMNH in terms of. 2009 It has been a privilege to pro have recruited specific dedicated staff their country level projects and the. vide leadership during this time of on a term basis as needed to ensure Prevention of Postpartum Haemor. significant growth and transforma fiscal responsibility and facilitate proj rhage Initiative POPPHI in. I N T E R N A T I O N A L F E D E R A T I O N O F G Y N E C O L O G Y A N D O B S T E T R I C S. partnership with the International anonymous donor for just over ogists around the world In addition. Confederation of Midwives Bruno US 2 9 million and Anibal Faundes the Committee on Sexual and Repro. Carbonne and Sabaratnam Arulku was recruited as the Project Director ductive Rights is focused on. maran have represented FIGO to for the resultant initiative I am gratified pre service curriculum and adoles. provide technical expertise in the to inform you that 54 member associ cent sexual and reproductive rights. POPPHI initiative Andr Lalonde Co ations committed to participate 53 and health All of these have been the. Chair of the FIGO Committee has completed a situational analysis and subject of concerted efforts by FIGO. been outstanding in these initiatives 43 currently have action plans in the through its Committees and dedi. and also at the International Partner process of implementation This cated individuals over the past three. ship for Maternal Newborn Child impressive effort has been recognised years with the support of a remarkably. Health PMNCH where he has been by the donor which is considering small complement of staff at our. praised for his outstanding leadership continuation of funding during the headquarters in London. at their Board The expertise from our implementation phase to ensure a. In Kuala Lumpur the growing aware, SMNH Committee as well as the successful outcome I am personally. ness of the need for organisational, President and Chief Executive and gratified by the level of interest this ini. capacity building for our member, others has been utilised to represent tiative has created and would like to. associations made this a priority A, FIGO at various international forums publicly acknowledge Anibal Faun. major team effort involving Hamid, including PMNCH Women Deliver des his outstanding leadership and.
Rushwan Andr Lalonde SOGC and, Countdown Engender Health Gates that of the regional directors towards. myself led to success in obtaining a, Foundation DFID WHO NORAD reducing needless maternal deaths grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates. POPPHI AMDD and others At the from this preventable cause Foundation for US 10 5 million to. Global Health Workforce Alliance Pius, More recently FIGO has been improve maternal and newborn health. Okong has represented FIGO Again, involved in technical consultations on in low resource countries through. through the President and Chief Exec, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy strengthening the role of Obstetric.
utive as well as Committee Chairs and, another major cause of maternal and and Gynaecological national associa. Working Group leaders and others, newborn morbidity and mortality We tions David Taylor has been recruited. FIGO has been represented widely, can expect this area to come more as the Project Director with Patrick. including the UN General Assembly, into focus as research provides the Delorme as Project Manager They are. on Millennium Development Goals,working actively to finalise the 8 coun.
ECOSOC UNESCO and in fora such evidence to identify those women in. tries selected for the first phase of this, as cervical cancer fistula ethics sex the community who are at risk of. initiative,ual and reproductive rights and adverse outcomes. diagnostic imaging FIGO was the In addition thanks to the initiative of. Impressive progress has been made, only health professional organisation Jerker Liljestrand and Bill Dunlop an. by the Committee on Fistula not only, represented at the Civil G8 NGO on line manual for organisational. with the continuation of their invalu, forum I attended in Kyoto in 2008 and capacity building is underway and will.
able work in the areas of fistula, progress was made in collaboration to be available to all member associa. treatment including Francophone, get maternal newborn health on to the tions This is particularly important. Africa but also the training manual, G8 agenda for the first time This year with the likely addition of 12 new. and classification system that has, the G8 meets in Italy and FIGO was member associations to our FIGO. been agreed upon Similarly the eth, again represented at the Civil G8 in family at the 2009 General Assembly.
ical guidelines produced by the FIGO, Rome by Giorgio Vittori the greatest single increase in our his. Committee for the Ethical Aspects of, In Kuala Lumpur I made it clear that Human Reproduction Women s. we would use an evidence based Health and the Good Practice Guide Combating Cervical Cancer was. approach to make progress in lines produced by the FIGO approved by the FIGO Executive. another major contributor to maternal Committee for Gynecologic Oncology Board as an activity to develop and. mortality that of unsafe abortion To provide an invaluable resource for initiate strategies for FIGO member. that end a grant was secured from an practicing obstetricians and gynaecol societies and countries to engage in. advancing cervical cancer prevention International Pediatric Association as particularly Professor Hubert de. and treatment in the era of vaccine well as strengthening our links with Watteville in whose honour the tradi. development and increasing options organisations such as the World tional De Watteville lecture will again. for intervention The two areas of edu Health Organization Cervical Cancer be given during the forthcoming FIGO. cation and advocacy under the Action UNFPA International Planned World Congress. leadership of Joanna Cain have been Parenthood Federation the White. I would like in particular to thank my, active and guidelines on the evolving Ribbon Alliance Family Care Interna. fellow FIGO Officers President Elect, technologies for cervical cancer pre tional World Federation of Societies. Gamal Serour immediate Past Presi, vention and management are of Anaesthesiologists and many.
dent Arnaldo Acosta Vice President,imminent more,Shahida Zaidi Honorary Secretary Ian. Sexual violence and HIV was identified As I stand down at the end of my term Fraser and Honorary Treasurer Jerker. as a priority with a plan for interna as President of FIGO I would like to Liljestrand I think it is fair to say that. tional guidelines for sexual assault thank all of the volunteer Officers the progress that we have achieved. With other activities occupying time Committee Chairs and members of has only been possible through their. this initiative is now under way and various Committees and Working collegial and unstinting support over. soon to be completed ably chaired Groups for their hard work which has the past three years I wish President. by Stephen Munjanja of Zimbabwe allowed us to accomplish so much Elect Gamal Serour every success. and has made my term as President and am confident his leadership will. During this triennium we also have, both enjoyable and tremendously sat continue to steer FIGO in the direction. made progress with the classification, isfying You may recall that Rodolphe that is making a real difference to. of menstrual disorders led by Ian, Maheux was to have been the Chair women and their children around the. Fraser as well as guidelines for training, of the Congress Scientific Programme world I further wish to acknowledge.
in Pelvic Floor Medicine and recon, Committee and we were all shocked the mentorship of our past presidents. structive surgery led by Oscar, by the untimely death of this great and particularly Mahmoud Fathalla. Contreras Ortiz, man in May 2007 I was very fortunate who has been a source of wise coun. The August 2009 issue of the Journal that Tom Baskett agreed to take on sel to me over many years Finally it is. is the World Report on Women s this responsibility and wish to publicly difficult to adequately convey the per. Health guest edited by President acknowledge Tom and his wife Yvette sonal and collective eternal gratitude. Elect Gamal Serour Having had the for their tremendous team effort in due to our staff at the FIGO Secre. same role three years ago I fully bringing us a wonderful scientific pro tariat especially Bryan Thomas as. appreciate how much hard work is gramme of which Rodolphe would be Administrative Director Marie Chris. involved in putting together this highly proud The dedication of Ralph Hale tine Szatybelko Senior Administrator. prestigious publication The report is and colleagues as well as Gerhard and Committee Manager and our. being made available to all delegates Lindeque and colleagues in South more recent recruit Administrative. of the FIGO World Congress in Kuala Africa in organising the XIX FIGO Assistant David Jeffery Their loyalty. Lumpur The Journal will also publish World Congress of Gynecology and commitment have been critical to. a special supplement containing Vol Obstetrics which I am confident will our success.

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