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3rd International Conference on Fish Telemetry,International Organizing Committee. Kim Aarestrup Technical University of Denmark Denmark. Pedro Almeida University of vora Portugal, Paul Cowley South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity South Africa. Scott Hinch University of British Columbia Canada,Andy Moore CEFAS UK. Karen Murchie College of the Bahamas The Bahamas,Carl Schreck Oregon State University USA. Eva Thorstad Norwegian Institute for Nature Research NINA. Hiroshi Ueda Hokkaido University Japan,Ocean Tracking Network.
Dalhousie University,1355 Oxford Street,PO Box 15000. Halifax NS B3H 4R2,Local Organizing Committee,Nikki Beauchamp Ocean Tracking Network Co Chair. Kes Morton Ocean Tracking Network Co Chair,Fred Whoriskey Ocean Tracking Network. Sara Iverson Ocean Tracking Network,Amy Ryan Ocean Tracking Network. Montana McLean Ocean Tracking Network,Chris Holbrook US Geological Survey.
Chuck Krueger GLATOS,Bob Rangley World Wildlife Federation. Mark Jollymore Vemco,Alexia McGill Agenda Managers. Conference Venue,World Trade and Convention Centre. 1800 Argyle St,Halifax NS B3J 3N8,Information for Delegates Page 2. Information for ICFT Delegates,Program Sections Workshop Info.
Information for Delegates OTN Data Workshop,Program Vemco Workshop. Sunday Wildlife Computers,Monday Science Communication Workshop. Tuesday Part 1 From Pings to Podcasts,Thursday Science Communication Workshop. Friday Part 2 Knowledge Mobilization,Field Trip Information Lotek Workshop. WTCC Floor Plan European Aquatic Animal,Speaker Index Telemetry Network EAATN.
Poster Index Modelling of Animal Movement,Sponsors Workshop. Major Corporate Sponsor Tropical Telemetry Workshop. Platinum Sponsors,Gold Sponsors Special Events,Silver Sponsors. App Quick Start Guide Registration Sunday,Reception Sunday. Registration Monday,Exhibitor Information,Registration Tuesday. Registered Booths Sunday Student Poster Session,Animal Telemetry Charter Meeting.
OTN Futures Committee, Receive 20 off the Murphy s tours Lobster Dinner and C ilidh. excluding the Harbor Hopper The Poster Session, coupon code is ICFT2015 and it is valid Lunenburg Fieldtrip. from July 13 July 19th Guests just Glider Technology Outreach. have to go to www mtcw ca to book Citadel Hill Gala Dinner. Tropical Telemetry Mixer,Information for Delegates Page 3. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY,MORNING AFTERNOON. 10 00 OTN Data Workshop 12 00 Registration Open 12 00 6 00. Rowe Building Dalhousie University WTCC Level 2,Room 1014 1 30 OTN Futures Meeting.
Learn about and install the Ocean Tracking, Network s Sandbox Virtual Machine and use WTCC Summit Suite. the suite of tools it provides to analyze filter 2 30 Wildlife Computers Workshop. and visualize detection data A new tool that, can be used to identify cohort behavior will be Delta Halifax Baronet Ballroom. presented as well as methods for exploring and 3 00 Student Poster Session. visualizing the resulting dataset Also learn, about OTN s shared community software WTCC Main Plenary Room. repository GitLab 5 00 Open Reception 5 00 6 30,10 00 Vemco Workshop WTCC Summit Suite. WTCC Room 200,Dalhousie Rowe Bldg,To Rowe Building WTCC.
Spring Garden Rd,becomes Coburg Rd,Delta Halifax,Information for Delegates Page 4. 3rd International Conference on Fish Telemetry,SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY. MORNING AFTERNOON,8 00 Registration WTCC Level 2 1 45 Josep Al s. Home range size declines with increasing conspecific. 8 30 PLENARY Rory McCauley density in a sedentary fish. Monitoring and mitigating Western 2 00 Bernardo Quintella. Australian shark hazards Movement patterns of Mediterranean moray and. European conger in a coastal MPA,9 00 Altan L k, Movements of Pomatamus saltatrix in artificial reef 2 15 David Crook. area preliminary results Wet season use of inundated floodplains by fish in a. tropical lowland river,9 15 Pieterjan Verhelst 2 30 Todd Hayden.
The importance of estuarine and coastal areas for Post surgery behavior of walleye in Lake Huron. fish migration Evidence of a tagging effect,9 30 Matthew Taylor 2 45 David Callaghan. Movement and homing behaviour of fish Gambling with reproductive success Do lake trout. translocated from a power station canal hedge their bets. 9 45 Amanda Babin 3 00 Dylan van der Meulen, Atlantic Salmon Movement in the Mactaquac Temperature mediated spawning migrations of an. Reservoir Saint John River NB Canada estuarine dependent sillaginid. 10 00 Jonathan Bolland 3 15 Jacob Brownscombe, Movement of brown trout in and between Multi scale behavioural ecology of bonefish inhabiting. headwater tributaries and reservoirs reef flats in Puerto Rico. 10 15 Karen Murchie 3 30 Stephanie Watwood, Adult bonefish movement corridors and spawning Habitat Preferences and Migration Patterns of. locations around Grand Bahama Federally managed Fish Species. 10 30 Coffee Break 3 45 Coffee Break,11 00 Ayta zg l 4 15 Jordan Matley.
Determining movement patterns of fish to manage Niche partitioning of sympatric reef fish using passive. of fisheries on artificial reefs acoustic telemetry. 11 15 J Ellen Marsden 4 30 Nathan Furey, Use of Acoustic Telemetry to Evaluate Lake Trout Migration routes influence early marine survival of. Use of Constructed Reefs juvenile Pacific salmon,4 45 Martha Robertson. 11 30 Chris Vandergoot Freshwater Spawning Migrations of Adult Atlantic. Providing Movement and Ecology Information to Salmon in Two Labrador Rivers. Great Lakes Fishery Managers,5 00 Aaron Spares, 11 45 Fr d rique Bau Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus movements relative to. Migration on the fragmented Dronne River major estuaries. Alas silver eels don t fly like drones 5 15 Matthew Ajemian. Can t we all just tag along Gulf of Mexico acoustic. 12 00 Steve Cooke,telemetry compatibility, A moving target spatial ecology of fish biological. assessment and management 5 30 Hassan Moustahfid, OTN Charter on Access and Benefit Sharing of Animal.
12 15 Natalie Sopinka Telemetry, Using sight and sound to make sense of science 5 45 Animal Telemetry Charter Meeting. communication,WTCC Ballroom, 12 30 Science Communication Workshop 7 00 Lobster Dinner and C ilidh. Part 1 From Pings to Podcasts Murphy s Cable Wharf. WTCC Ballroom Anthropogenic Impacts Behavioural Ecology. Sponsored by Emera Visualization and Modelling Large Scale Movements. Conservation Physiology New Frontiers,Information for Delegates Page 5. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY,MORNING AFTERNOON. 8 00 Registration WTCC Level 2 1 30 Robert Lennox, Sub lethal effects of catch and release angling on.
8 30 PLENARY Chris Holbrook Atlantic salmon behaviour. Plan for the worst and hope for the 1 45 Taryn Murray. best Using pilot data and simulation The wanderings of juvenile leervis Lichia amia an. estuarine dependent piscivore,to design telemetry studies. 2 00 Tomoya Hori, 9 00 Trevor Middel Spatio temporal distribution of conger on. Seasonal variation in precision of an acoustic tsunami stricken lagoon in Fukushima. telemetry array in small lakes,2 15 Neil Hammerschlag. 9 15 Elodie L d e Predator prey movement ecology between sharks. Identifying the movement of reef predators a turtles across dynamic seascapes. network modelling approach,2 30 David Villegas R os. 9 30 Karl ystein Gjelland Personality and behavioral syndromes of wild cod. A fate assessment key for acoustically tagged fish determined by telemetry. 9 45 Enrico Gennari 2 45 Shinnosuke Nakayama, Exploring links between life history and behaviour.
Movement based behavioural modelling of white,in wild adult Eurasian perch. shark active telemetry data,10 00 Eric Warner 3 00 Matthew Faust. Environmental cues to walleye spawning,Use of telemetry as an independent assessment of. movements in two Great Lakes tributaries,sockeye spawner abundance. 10 15 Ross Dwyer 3 15 Anne Marie Gorman,Vertical Movement of Lake Erie Walleye.
V Track An R package for the analysis and,Ecological and Management Implications. visualization of telemetry data,3 30 Coffee Break,10 30 Coffee Break 4 00 Sue Lowerre Barbieri. 11 00 Colin Simpfendorfer Assessing spatio temporal reproductive behavior. Ghosts in the data false detections in acoustic important to management. telemetry monitoring 4 15 David Noakes, 11 15 Marie Auger M th Predicting ocean navigation of Atlantic and Pacific. Tackling the challenges of fitting movement models salmon. to marine telemetry data 4 30 Will Patterson, 11 30 Jonathan Carr The Effect of Invasive Lionfish on Red Snapper. Bayesian modeling of salmon smolt inter stage Home Range and Movement Dynamics. survival from eastern Canada 4 45 David Yurkowski, 11 45 Kyoko Ohashi Ringed seal feeding behavior in the Arctic a.
Simulation of Atlantic salmon post smolt bioindicator of fish distribution. movement in the Gulf of St Lawrence 5 00 Carl Meyer. New Insights into Coastal Habitat Use by Tiger,12 00 Kim Whoriskey Sharks in Hawaii. Template Model Builder for fitting switching state. space models to animal tracks 5 15 Kim Holland,New stuff GPS fixes and oxygen profiles from. 12 15 Tom Binder sharks via land based receivers,Use of Cormack Jolly Seber models to estimate. spawning site fidelity in fishes 5 30 Samuel Westrelin. Water level fluctuations impacts on habitat, 12 30 Science Communication Workshop preferences of fish lake species. Part 2 Knowledge Mobilization OTN Field tagging app. WTCC Ballroom 5 45,presentation,Sponsored by MEOPAR.
6 00 POSTER SESSION,WTCC Main Plenary Room,Information for Delegates Page 6. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY,3rd ICFT Visit to Historic Lunenburg Village. Tour 1 bus departs at 9 a m Tour 2 bus departs at noon. Register for Tour 1 or Tour 2 at the ICFT Information Desk beginning Monday July 12. Whale Watching is optional You re welcome to wander for the duration of the tour. If you are registered for the conference but have not signed up for the visit to Lunenburg and wish. to do so please ask at the registration if seats are available Cost is 75 to all ICFT delegates. Lunch is NOT provided, Please be on time for your scheduled departure back to Halifax a taxi from Lunenburg to. Halifax will run you 200,Information for Delegates Page 7. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY, Shark Night in Halifax join world renowned experts for talk and trivia.
Feared revered or mythologized sharks have captured our imaginations for thousands of years But. these ancient predators are in big trouble long the victims of unsustainable and irresponsible fishing. practices The vast diversity of sharks found in Canadian waters play important roles in keeping our. oceans healthy all the way from bottom feeding dogfish and nutrient cycling basking sharks to top. predators like Greenland and great white sharks, Twenty eight species of shark have been reported across Canada s Pacific Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Close to half of them are threatened but still many Canadians don t know that sharks are at home in our. Join us for a keynote presentation by Dr Nigel Hussey University of Windsor an expert on the. mysterious Greenland shark followed by Halifax s first ever Shark Trivia Cage Match pitting both experts. and audience against the world s most viciously clever questions on sharks Prizes and praise will be. awarded to the victors Trivia will be followed by networking. When July 15 2015,Time 7 10pm,Where Potter Auditorium Rowe Management Building. 6100 University Ave Halifax Nova Scotia, RSVP Chris Chaplin cchaplin wwfcanada org 416 669 9155. This is a free event Please RSVP by Monday July 13 2015. Cosponsored by,Information for Delegates Page 8,SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY. MORNING AFTERNOON,8 30 PLENARY Sara Iverson 1 30 Valerie Whalon.
The potential of networking to transform aquatic Bridging a Gap in Hudson River Shortnose and. animal telemetry science Atlantic Sturgeon Research. 9 00 H l ne de Pontual 1 45 Ine Pauwels, European sea bass movements and migration Habitat preference of pike Esox lucius in an. from large scale electronic tagging anthropogenically impacted river. 9 15 Michelle Heupel 2 00 Jan Reubens, Conservation challenges of sharks with Belgian Animal Telemetry Network setup. continental scale migrations collaboration and a case study on cod. 9 30 M lanie B guer Pon 2 15 Nigel Hussey, Oceanic scale spawning migration pattern of the Aquatic animal telemetry a window into the. American eel underwater world,9 45 Erin Rechisky 2 30 John Kocik. Testing delayed mortality of Snake River Chinook Using Telemetry to Understand Gulf of Maine. Salmon in the coastal ocean Atlantic Salmon Marine Ecology. 10 00 Hiroshi Ueda 2 45 Mark Ridgway, Large and small scale Pacific salmon homing Lake Habitat Occupancy Models and Brook Trout.
behavior using the PIT tag system Position from Acoustic Arrays. 10 15 Coffee Break 3 00 Coffee Break,10 45 Corey Wright 3 30 Collin Middleton. Rocky Reach Reservoir White Sturgeon Migratory Conditions and Hydrosystem Effects on. Supplementation Telemetry and Management Adult Sockeye Salmon Navigation. 11 00 Kevin Hedges 3 45 Amy Teffer, Application of acoustic telemetry to stock Surviving bycatch multiple stressors and disease. INTERACTIVE PROGRAM AND ABSTRACT BOOK 2015icft org Information for Delegates Page 2 3rd CEFAS UK Karen Murchie College of the Bahamas The Bahamas Carl Schreck Oregon State University USA Eva Thorstad Norwegian Institute for Nature Research NINA Hiroshi Ueda Hokkaido University Japan Convener Ocean Tracking Network Dalhousie University 1355 Oxford Street PO Box 15000 Halifax NS

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