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02 MARINE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS,Global reach,local touch. Howden is a truly independent broking group with Howden is part of the Hyperion Insurance Group. one of the world s largest international networks which is 70 staff and management owned. We provide global solutions with local expertise Originally founded in 1994 as a wholesale broker. from our retail offices throughout the world We it now has businesses across. also have a specialist wholesale and reinsurance l Retail broking. practices operating from key global placement hubs l Wholesale broking. l Underwriting, Our reputation is built on trust the passion we show. for supporting our clients and our ability to come up. with the solutions to even the toughest challenges. 2 200 95 30,EMPLOYEES OFFICES COUNTRIES,Revenue by location of insured. Pro forma including acquisition,LOCAL INTELLIGENCE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. The marine environment is notoriously unpredictable The impact of maritime. casualties throughout the world whether at sea or inland can be far reaching. with consequential delays and the real risk of loss of life. Capital investment is always significant and even Coupled with longstanding relationships with global. more so in recent years due to the steady growth in insurers primarily based in Lloyd s and the London. shipping that has led to a re evaluation of insurance Market as well as Europe Far East Scandinavia. requirements and Japan we are able to provide a service which. is consistently comprehensive highly effective and. At Howden we fully understand the unique and without boundaries. difficult challenges facing those in the marine sector. We pride ourselves on our high standards borne from For all your insurance requirements we will identify. an innovative structure and our expertise which has analyse and measure the risk prior to offering product. been acquired over many years We deliver creative related solutions and security options in the most. solutions for ship owners and managers cargo simplified way available. owners ports and terminals charterers passenger, operators ship building and repair yards and financiers We constantly keep abreast of the developing global.
from all parts of the world market trends and update our business processes. to enhance efficiency thus enabling us to fulfil our. personal approach and ethos to ensure clients receive. performance stability consistency and longevity, We pride ourselves on being an insurance partner that. delivers innovation and ingenuity one that will tough. it out and find new ways to solve the major risk issues. and disputes A broker that never says can t,04 MARINE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS. OUR MARINE TEAM, The Marine division of Howden was initially formed in London in February 2005. Subsequently offices have opened in Hamburg October 2007 and Rotterdam. September 2013, The Howden Marine division now comprises The local knowledge we offer in addition to our. of offices in team of marine specialists in London is without. l London equal Both the Hamburg and Rotterdam offices. l Hamburg work closely with specialised marine insurers in. l Rotterdam the European market the majority of the international. group P I clubs as well as Fixed Premium P I, Following the acquisition of a majority share in facilities worldwide.
FP Marine by Hyperion in January 2013 there are, associated Group offices in the Pacific Asia region Being globally far reaching our marine broking. and Miami with the headquarters based in Hong capability comprises of over 160 professionals who. Kong providing broking services for all aspects seamlessly deliver expertise and highly competitive. of marine insurances bespoke and innovative solutions to maritime. enterprises worldwide,GROWTH DEVELOPMENT OF HOWDEN MARINE. WHOLESALE RETAIL SPECIALISM,REINSURANCE,WINDSOR INSURANCE BROKERS. LTD START TRADING,AMERICAS EUROPE FAR EAST,SCANDINAVIA REST OF THE WORLD. WORKING ON YOUR BEHALF, Whatever your needs we craft the right balance between risk and enterprise.
and deliver the level of cover that works for your business Our team of specialist. professionals uses their broad knowledge and product expertise to offer bespoke. insurance solutions for all classes of marine exposures. HULL MARINE LIABILITIES SHIP FINANCE, We are able to provide specialist advice and expert We work with leading financial institutions to. knowledge with respect of all types of tonnage and arrange ship mortgage insurance and financing. exposures including insurance including,l Hull and machinery l Mortgagees interest. l Disbursements increased value freight etc l Innocent owners insurance. l Loss of hire l Lessors interest insurance, l Charterers liability l Political risks insurance. l Charterers default,l Machinery deductible SHIPYARD RELATED RISKS. l Protection and indemnity For the many and diverse shipyard risks we can. l Other marine related liabilities deliver bespoke solutions to cover. l Towage risks l Shipyard and building risks,l Ship repairers liability.
PORTS TERMINALS l Worldwide delay in delivery,Through working with port authorities worldwide. and understanding their requirements we have WAR POLITICAL RISKS. in depth expertise and are able to provide flexible We can arrange cover for the risks associated with. and comprehensive insurance cover for international trade and investments which can be. l Loss of or damage to cargo under your care tailored to provide cover for. custody or control l War risks,l Third party liability l Kidnap and ransom. l Professional indemnity l Confiscation expropriation and nationalisation. l Fines and penalties l Credit insurance,l Physical loss of or damage to equipment. l Port property MEDIATION, l Business interruption We are able to offer professional qualified assistance. for any kind of global maritime mediation,MARINE CARGO.
Whether it s by land sea or air or even in storage. we are able to arrange cost effective protection,for marine cargo. RISKS LTD JOINS,2007 HYPERION INSURANCE,WINDSOR INSURANCE GROUP LTD. 2005 BROKERS BECOMES 2012, HANRAHAN THOMAS LTD WINDSOR PARTNERS LTD WINDSOR PARTNERS LTD. 1994 BECOMES THE MARINE JOINS HYPERION INSURANCE SEPT 2013. HOWDEN INSURANCE DIVISION OF WINDSOR WINDSOR PARTNERS LTD GROUP LTD TO DEVELOP HOWDEN OPENS. BROKERS LTD FOUNDED INSURANCE BROKERS LTD OPEN HAMBURG OFFICE HOWDEN MARINE DIVISION ROTTERDAM OFFICE. 06 MARINE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS,PROACTIVE CLAIMS SERVICE. We are committed to a claims service of the highest standard in respect. of all our clients needs As such the claims team works closely with. our broking team and are fully involved with all the portfolios from inception. In addition we are able to offer expertise in the field. of adjusting as well as providing guidance on clauses. and potential legal implications following a claim. We recognise the importance of personal proactive, claims handling in order to meet the ever changing and.
diverse nature of our clients requirements Our claims. team is available to provide advice and assistance. 24 hours a day in order to ensure an efficient effective. and complete service,Our claims team is available to provide advice. and assistance 24 hours a day in order to ensure,an efficient effective and complete service. This document and any recommendations,analysis or advice herein are not intended. to be taken as nor does it constitute legal,insurance or professional advice It is not. specific to any individual circumstances,regarding policy terms conditions and.
exclusions Please contact your specialist,broker legal or financial advisor for. an analysis of your specific facts and,circumstances. Howden UK Group Limited,71 Fenchurch Street,United Kingdom. www howdengroup com,Part of the Hyperion Insurance Group. Howden is a trading name of Howden,UK Group Limited part of the Hyperion.
Insurance Group Howden UK Group,Limited is authorised and regulated by the. Financial Conduct Authority in respect of,general insurance business Registered. in England and Wales under company,registration number 725875 Registered. Office 16 Eastcheap London EC3M 1BD,Calls may be monitored and recorded for. quality assurance purposes,Broker at expect more,AWARDS RECOGNITION.
2014 Insurance 2015 Insurance 2015 Insurance 2015 Reactions 2015 The British. Insider Honours Insider Honours Insider Honours London Market Awards Insurance Awards. Underwriting Initiative Broking Initiative of M A Transaction of Insurance Broking 2015 Insurance. of the Year the Year the Year M A Deal Broker of the Year. 02 MARINE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS Global reach local touch Howden is a truly independent broking group with one of the world s largest international networks We provide global solutions with local expertise from our retail offices throughout the world We also have a specialist wholesale and reinsurance practices operating from key global placement hubs Our reputation is built on trust the

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