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FloLogic System Specifications,General Lead free bronze valve body. Full port stainless steel ball,PTFE Teflon seals on ball valve. EPDM gasket seals on union fittings, Female union fittings on both ends of valve NPT or solder. Integrated manual override 8mm with included tool, Rated for Indoor and Outdoor Installations valve assembly ONLY. Valve Assembly 1 System Length 11 Height 10 Depth 4 5 Weight 11 5 lbs. 1 System Length 12 Height 11 Depth 4 5 Weight 16 5 lbs. 2 System Length 13 Height 12 Depth 4 5 Weight 25 lbs. Ingress Protection Class IP 68 Submerge up to 48 Hours at 39 Deep. Low Flow Sensitivity User adjustable 0 5 32 0 ounces per minute 15 ml 1 liter. AC Power 120 VAC 60 Hz Current draw 300 mA 0 3 amps. System Battery 12 Volt DC Sealed Lead Acid 6 Amp Hour. Standby time 5 7 days following loss of AC Power,Monitors flow and actuates Valve if needed.
Pressure Limits Maximum 150 psi at 73 4 F 23 C,Working 100 psi at 73 4 F 23 C. Environmental Water Temp Min 34 F 1 C Max 140 F 60 C. Ambient Air Min 34 F 1 C Max 120 F 50 C, Control Panel Backlit alpha numeric LCD with soft touch silicone keypad. Warranty Five years on All Components Details on Page 23 ANSI NSF 61 8. Regulatory,FloLogic System 3 5, CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm www P65Warnings ca gov. Note that the warning does not mean our products inevitably cause cancer or reproductive harm Proposition 65 may be best defined as. a Right To Know law and Proposition 65 warnings are not an indication that a product is violating safety standards or regulations. Pressure Loss versus Rate of Flow,Pressure Loss PSI. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140,Flow Rate GPM.
INSTALLATION GUIDE CONTENTS, Installation Times are Estimates Based on Field Observations. PLANNING AND PREPARATION 15 60 minutes,Step 1 Determine Valve Location. 1 Planning, Step 2 Locate Existing or Install New Electrical Outlet 2 Install Valve. Step 3 Shut Off Water Main and Drain Pipes 3 Install. VALVE INSTALLATION 45 90 minutes,Step 4 Measure Mark and Cut Pipe. Step 5 Install Fittings onto Water Line,Step 6 Install Valve onto Water Line.
CONNECTING THE CONTROL PANEL 15 30 minutes,Step 7 Determine Control Panel Location. Step 8 Run Communication Cable ACCEPT,Step 9 Install Control Panel. POWER UP SYSTEM 2 minutes,Step 10 Connect the Battery to the Power Supply. Step 11 Plug in Power Supply to 120VAC Outlet,Step 12 Connect Power Supply to Valve FloLogic. OPERATIONAL TEST 10 minutes,Step 13 Confirm System is in HOME Mode.
Step 14 Check for Background Water Flow,Step 15 Confirm Flow Detection. Step 16 Confirm Control Panel Water Shutoff ACCEPT. Step 17 Confirm Automatic Shutoff,REFERENCE MATERIAL. Installation Troubleshooting 15,External System Interconnect Options 16. Wiring Outputs to External Systems 17,Irrigation Override Using External Relay 18. Water Softener Override Using Flow Switch 19,Pool Fill Hose Bib Override Using Flow Switch 20.
Auto Shutoff of Recirculation Pump Using External Relay 21. Product Warranty 22,Basic System Layout 23,PLANNING AND PREPARATION. STEP 1 DETERMINE OPTIMAL VALVE LOCATION, The Valve assembly should be located on the main water line after the line enters the structure but prior to. the breakout of any distribution lines serving your plumbing appliances Like any water supply. component the Valve should be located in an area that is not subject to freezing conditions Unless. your structure is built on a concrete slab this will typically be in a basement or crawl space If the structure. is built on a concrete slab or you prefer to install the Valve assembly outside the footprint of the building. and your geographic location is subject to cold weather you will need to provide an enclosure to protect. the Valve from freezing conditions The System is rated to operate continuously with water pressure up to. 100 PSI If your water pressure exceeds 100 PSI install a pressure reducing Valve prior to the FloLogic. PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS,Whether you choose to place the 1 Inch. Valve inside or outside the footprint A 11,of your building a 120V AC electrical B 10. outlet will need to be available If C 4 5,you need to deploy the Valve further 1 Inch.
than 20 feet from an available AC B A 12,source you can either install a new B 11. electrical outlet or purchase a power C 4 5,extension cable from FloLogic. When selecting the point on the water B 12,main to install the Valve consideration A C C 4 5. must be given to the dimensional, specifications as well as for supporting the weight of the Valve to prevent any undue strain on the piping. interconnections The Valve assembly weighs 11 5 pounds in the 1 model 16 5 pounds in the 1 model. and 25 0 pounds in the 2 model and should be secured to a stud a wall or a joist. The Valve can be installed on a horizontal or vertical pipe run In a vertical pipe there are no limitations as. to orientation On a horizontal pipe the Valve can be installed with the actuator either directly above or. below the pipe Avoid installing the Valve with the actuator on its side parallel to the pipe. UP Manual Override,keep accessible,NO Manual Override.
keep accessible, IMPORTANT NOTE Manual Override Access and Planning for Irrigation and Water Softeners. The FloLogic System is equipped with a manual override that will allow you to open or close the Valve with. a 5 16 8 mm wrench in the event of a complete loss of power When planning for the location of the. Valve provide sufficient clearance to accommodate access to this override Attempt to locate the FloLogic. Valve AFTER distribution lines are tapped off for automatic irrigation systems and after equipment with. automatic backwash cycles such as water softeners If this is not feasible additional wiring may be. required to manage the water used by these appliances see Reference Material beginning on page 16. PLANNING AND PREPARATION continued,STEP 2 LOCATE AN EXISTING OR INSTALL A NEW. ELECTRICAL OUTLET, If you do not already have an electrical outlet within 20 feet. of the Valve location you will need to install one yourself or. have one professionally installed by an electrician Alternatively. if an AC source is available but further than 20 feet from the. Valve location watertight Power Supply extension cables are. available for purchase from FloLogic The permanent use of an. extension cord for power is not recommended, The FloLogic System consumes very little power and as such does not. require a dedicated electrical outlet The Power Supply is configured. with a grounded three prong plug attached to a 6 foot cord The Power. Supply transformer case has molded ears designed for securing it to a. wall or exposed floor joist From the Power Supply there is a 15 foot. cable that connects to the Valve While the interconnect cable and connector between the Power Supply. and the Valve is waterproof the Power Supply must be protected from weather and kept dry at all times. Contact info flologic com or call 877 FloLogic 877 356 5644 to order power cable extensions if needed. STEP 3 SHUT OFF WATER MAIN AND DRAIN PIPES, Before beginning the installation of the Valve the water should be shut.
off at the water meter If you are on a well disable the well pump by. switching off the appropriate electrical circuit breaker Open a cold. water faucet at the lowest elevation point and let the water run until. it stops In some structures the lowest elevation water outlet will be a. hose bib on an exterior wall If you have a multi story unit open a. couple of cold water taps on the upper most floor to break any residual. plumbing system vacuum and improve drainage Depending on the. design of your plumbing system the draining of the water line may. take as long as 15 minutes, You have now completed the planning and preparation work and. are ready to install the Valve and Flow Sensor assembly. FloLogic System Valve and Flow Sensor Assembly 5,VALVE INSTALLATION. STEP 4 MEASURE MARK AND CUT PIPE, Depending on your plumbing system you will need one or more pipe fittings to transition from your water. pipe to the union connections on the FloLogic Valve A spring check valve is recommended to be. installed on the inbound water line prior to the FloLogic Valve The check valve will reduce or. eliminate false flow readings as the pressure in the water main rises or falls throughout the day If installing. a new check valve on the main plumbing line ensure a thermal expansion tank is installed Assemble the. fittings required to transition from the main water line to the FloLogic Valve Securely tighten the union. tailpieces on each end of the FloLogic Valve You are now ready to measure and mark the pipe before. cutting out a section to accommodate the Valve assembly. FNPT Transition Fittings Measure End to End, From Existing Pipe to FloLogic Valve With Fittings in Place. Carefully measure the overall length of the assembled Valve and fittings Take this measurement and. mark it on the water pipe where you intend to locate the FloLogic Valve Next determine how far the pipe. will insert into each of the transition fittings when assembled after cutting Reduce the width of the overall. measurement by these insertion lengths Mark the reduced overall length on the pipe and prepare to cut. NOTE Prior to cutting into the pipe position a bucket. under the pipe to catch any water that remains in the. line even after draining the water,Note Ideally Irrigation and Water.
Softener feeds are shunted off of Measure to Match Valve. water main prior to Valve With Fittings in Place,FLOW FLOW FLOW. Water Reduce Width To, To Softener Check Valve Mark and Cut Accommodate Pipe Mark and Cut. Irrigation recommended Insertion Into Fittings, Using the appropriate tools cut the pipe in the places marked Be careful to make a clean square cut to. ensure minimal clean up and prep work before installing the fittings Additional pipe supports may be. required if the cut pipe sags excessively,To Softener Strap to Section Removed. Irrigation Support Pipe for FloLogic Valve,VALVE INSTALLATION continued.
STEP 5 INSTALL FITTINGS ONTO WATER LINE, To facilitate a simple installation both ends of the Valve are equipped with union fittings The transition. fittings you installed in Step 5 will be threaded or soldered into the union tailpieces Remove the unions by. loosening the large brass nut at each end of the Valve There is an O ring or flat rubber seal inside each of. the unions that provides a sealing surface for the connection Be certain to keep the seals with the unions for. later re installation Do not worry about keeping track of which union comes from which end of the Valve as. they are interchangeable,Unions Removed, With Transition Fittings Attached to Union Tailpiece. Dry fit the transition fittings onto the water line you cut in Step 5 If there is sufficient clearance for the union. nut to slide over the transition fittings and onto the pipe slip the union nut down the pipe and out of the area. where you will be attaching the fittings to the pipe. Water Line to Structure FLOW,Dry Fit Transition Fittings. Attached to Union Tailpiece,Union Nut Union Nut,Slide Down Pipe Slide Down Pipe. Confirm that the Valve will easily slide into the gap between the union tailpieces Make any adjustments. necessary by either moving the pipe or repeating Step 5 if moving the pipe does not work You are now. ready to secure the fittings to the pipe, CAUTION Before installing fittings onto pipe make sure the union nut is in place as described and.
depicted above If not you will have to remove the union tailpiece insert the union nut and re apply. the connection between the tailpiece and your pipe fittings. Follow the fitting manufacturer s instructions for this process If you are soldering a copper fitting on the. pipe it is recommended that you remove the union tailpiece from the fitting assembly prior to soldering This. can be re installed after the solder joint has cooled. CAUTION DO NOT USE PLUMBER S PUTTY OR PIPE JOINT COMPOUND AS THIS CAN INTERFERE. WITH OR FOUL THE FLOW SENSOR, You are now ready to install the Valve into the water line. VALVE INSTALLATION continued,STEP 6 INSTALL VALVE ONTO WATER LINE. Orient the Valve so the direction of flow indicated by the arrow cast into the Valve body matches the. direction of water flow through the pipe The Valve and Actuator Housing will be on the inlet side of the. installation and the Flow Sensor will be on the outlet side. Position the Valve between the sections of cut pipe Make sure the rubber gaskets are in place and hand. tighten the large brass union nut onto each end of the Valve. NOTE Do not use Teflon tape plumber s putty or pipe joint compound on the threads for the union. nut as the sealing surface is the face of the O ring or flat rubber gasket. Actuator Housing,Flow Sensor,Rubber Gasket,Inlet Water Pipe FLOW. After positioning the Valve in an orientation that allows for easy access to the top of the actuator housing. tighten the large brass union nuts with an adjustable wrench or pipe wrench. You may now turn the water back on at the meter or by restarting your well pump After restoring the water. service open all of the cold water taps including exterior hose bibs and flush all toilets to purge any air. that was trapped in the plumbing system during the installation Depending on your plumbing system this. Installation and Setup Instructions Directions for Use Booklet Manual Override Tool Keypad Mounting Screws and Drywall Anchors Optional CONNECT WiFi Module 1PRT002 10 18 v3 6 BATTERY 12 Volt 4 5 6 0 AH Optional CONNECT WiFi Control Panel Valve Assembly Power Supply Communication Cable Battery w Strap

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