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Table of contents,Installation 5,Starting out 17,First project 29. View menu 37,Draw menu 43,Tools menu 45,Bitmap menu 69. Shape menu 83,Setting menu 85,WinPCSIGN Pro Introduction 3. 4 Sign MAX,Installation of WinPCSIGN Pro version, 1 Be sure to close all open programs and insert the CD ROM program. into the CD ROM or DVD drive, If the autorun is active you will see the following screen If you wish to.
install WinPCSIGN Pro program click the button of your language If it. doesn t start the autorun is deactivated jump to page 7. 2 The following screen appears click the button install WinPCSIGN. 3 Click the install button to begin the installation and stop this. presentation,WinPCSIGN Pro Installation 5, 4 If the Setup exe has been successfully selected the following picture. will be displayed Select your language and click Next to continue. 5 The installation program will show you our Software license Please. take the time to read this licence and click I accept If you choose I. do not accept setup will close To install WinPCSIGN Pro you must. accept this agreement to continue and click Next button. 6 Please enter your name and the name of the company for which your. work You must fill the two information windows,6 Sign MAX. 7 A full installation requires 800 megs of space on your hard disk a. personalized installation asks for much less space Click the type of. desired installation, 8 The installation program will suggest WinPCSIGN as a directory To. accept this directory click Next If you want to install to a different. directory click Browse and create The installation setup will show you the. Select Program Folder dialog box Click Next to confirm. 9 When the installation screen shown Complete click Finish. WinPCSIGN Pro Installation 7, 10 You can register your WinPCSIGN Pro software by using the. registration card contained in the DVD case or if you have access to. Internet use the on line registration Click OK to continue. 11 During the installation of the WinPCSIGN software we also install. Visual Redistributable and drivers, 12 Security key installation dongle You can install the security key.
RocKey2 anytime no driver to install or search just place the security. key dongle in a USB port,8 Sign MAX,Run the program. To run the program click the WinPCSIGN icon on your desktop or use. Start All Programs WinPCSIGN,How to setup your cutter. Before proceeding to the configuration this information will be necessary. 1 Cutter brand name and model,2 Type of connection. 3 USB cable or cable supplied with cutter,4 USB driver. Run the WinPCSIGN Pro software and from the Settings menu click on. Plotter Codes Then from the Setup Plotter window click on. Add Remove Then locate your plotter model select it and click on the. arrow to place the plotter in the visualization windows to the right Click on. OK and click Accept Save,WinPCSIGN Pro Installation 9.
Then from the setup plotter window click on Add Remove Locate your. plotter model select it and click on the arrow to place the plotter in the. visualization windows to the right Finally click OK button. Next step after cutter selection select a communication port. Serial cable connection Serial port, If you use a serial cable between cutter and computer use the. Com port available usually Com1 or Com2 After Com port. selection click on Accept Save button,10 Sign MAX,USB Serial adapter connection. Install the USB Serial adapter to the computer connect the serial cable to. the adapter and the cutter Turn the cutter power ON Windows detects a. new peripheral it will generally ask for the driver This driver is provided. with your adapter, Use the Com port available previously identified in the Device Manager If. you use a USB serial converter check port in the Device Manager and. configure with this port Generally is Com5,USB cable connection. If your cutter is configured to a USB port click the button to select the. proper USB printer driver installed,WinPCSIGN Pro Installation 11.
if your printer s USB driver is not in the list,What to do. Click the OK button to close the USB port selection window and click the. Accept Save button,If the printer driver does not appear in the list. 1 Close the window Select USB plotter by clicking the Cancel button. 2 Close the window Setup plotters by clicking the Cancel button or. a Connect the computer and the cutter using the USB cable turn the. cutter power On, b If Windows detects a new peripheral it will generally ask for the. printer driver this driver is provided with your cutter. c Install the driver If the driver is already installed Windows will. complete the installation, d Start over the cutter configuration procedure this time the USB driver. will be visible select it,12 Sign MAX,To test the equipment.
Draw rectangle near left hand bottom corner this represents the origin. Click on the Cutting icon this will open the Cutting Control Panel press. the Start button,WinPCSIGN Pro Installation 13,To enhance your cutting quality. Click the Options button in the Cutting Control Panel. Enter a value of 0 125 or 0 150 for the weed value. Also checkmark the box for Start Point Orientation. Click OK button and exit from Cutting Control Panel so that the. changes take effect, The blade offset function allows you to compensate for. the slope of the edge of the blade The advantage of. choosing a good offset value is that letters have square. corners and are easier to weed because the vinyl and. adhesive will be totally cut,10 units offset 0 50 mm 0 020 inch. 14 Sign MAX,Starting out, Your WinPCSIGN Pro software is now installed and you are impatient to. discover the many capabilities of the software Your creative energy. overflows but you will need a certain time to get acquainted with the. software and the equipment The more you will explore the possibilities. and functions the easier it will be for you to create and realize your future. After the WinPCSIGN Pro software installation a,new icon will be created on the Windows desktop.
to run the program double click the WinPCSIGN,A screen identical to this will appear. A Create a new blank document,B Open an exixting document. C Training multi media tutoria,D Access our website. Create a new blank document,A new screen appears Page Size. WinPCSIGN Pro Making your first project 15, Now you can select a page size template create a page corresponding.
to your needs and select the desired working unity. Select a Page Size and click Ok, The working screen opens The rectangle represents your page. according to the selected dimension and orientation You will also see. the tools the color palette a function bar and on top of your screen the. WinPCSIGN Pro Introduction 1 Welcome Welcome to WinPCSIGN Our congratulations on purchasing the WinPCSign software Founded in 1988 Sign MAX Enterprises inc has

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