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In order to provide greater transparency and accountability in the functioning of. Public Authorities The Right to Information Act 2005 RTI has been enacted by. the Government of India This Act entitles the citizens to obtain information. pertaining to public authorities subject to compliance with prescribed procedure. under RTI Act 2005 The Act has been notified on June15 2005 In compliance with. the provisions of Section4 1 b of the Act this information manual is published for. information of the general public,CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION. 1 1 BACKGROUND, In order to ensure transparency and accountability in the functioning of public. authorities and with a view to confer right on citizens for obtaining information. pertaining to functioning of public authorities the Information Act 2005 herein after. referred to as RTI or Act has been enacted Section 4 1 b of the Act confers. right on citizens to obtain information pertaining to functioning of public authorities. and for this purpose every public authority is required to appoint Public Information. Officer s Assistant State Public Information Officer s Wherever applicable for. processing of information requests from citizens Under any circumstances if the. citizen could not get the information sought for by him he may approach the. appellate authority,1 2 OBJECTIVE OF THE HAND BOOK. The essence of good governance is based on the premise that the laws and. procedures are transparent clearly defined understood by those governed and the. implementation is both quick and smooth Transparency connotes the conduct of. public business in a manner that affords stakeholders wide accessibility to the. decision making process and the ability to effectively influence it In the context of. urban governance transparency assumes added significance The Key objective. behind publication of this information manual is to enable the public to understand. the role played by the Department in the Urban Governance by the Government of. Andhra Pradesh, The citizens are entitled under the Act to obtain any information prescribed under. the Act from the Department The procedure for obtaining information from the. Department is prescribed in the following paragraphs. 1 3 TARGETED USERS, This manual is meant for information of citizens civil society organizations public.
representatives officers and employees of public authorities. 1 4 NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF KEY CONTACT OFFICERS, For facilitating information requests from citizens the following officers are appointed. as PIO APIOs and Appellate authority,Table 1 Names details of Key contact Officers. Sl Name of the Appointed as Contact No Address,No officer Designation per the Act. 1 S Lavanna Appellate 9849905862 Municipal Corporation. Commissioner Authority Kadapa Near Traffic,Police Station Rly. 2 A Bala Obaiah Public 9849907467 Station Road Kadapa. Manager Information Pin No 516001,3 S Iqbal Basha Assistant Public 9000792993.
Information,1 5 PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING INFORMATION. The information request shall be made in writing The information request can be in. one of the following two languages,ii English, Applicant shall pay the following prescribed fee for obtaining the information under. A request for obtaining information under sub section 1 of section 6 shall be. accompanied by anapplicationfeeofRs 10 per each application by way of cash or by. demand draft or by banker s cheque payable to the Accounts Officer or any other. duly authorized officer of the Public Authority against proper receipt at the following. Fee to be charged for providing information, For providing information under sub section 1 or sub section 5 of Section 7 a fee. shall be charged by way of cash or demand draft or banker s cheque payable to the. Accounts Officer or any other duly authorized officer of the Public Authority against. proper receipt at the following rates,A Priced Material. Publications printed matter text maps plans floppies CDs samples models or. material in any other form which are priced the sale price thereof. B Other than price material, i Material in printed or text form in A4 or A3 size paper Rs 2 per each page.
ii Material in printed or text form in larger than A4or A3 size paper actual cost. iii Maps and plans actual cost, iv Information in Electronic format viz floppy CD or DVD. a Rs 100 for CDof700 MB and,b Rs 200 for DVD,v Samples and models actual cost thereof. vi Inspection of records no fee for the first hour and a fee ofRs 5 for each. fifteen minutes or fraction thereof thereafter, vii Material to be sent by post the actual postal charges in addition to the charge. payable as per these rules, Applicants belonging to Below Poverty Line BPL category need not pay the fee. They will pay for material charges For the issues claiming payment of exemption of. fee under BPL category the applicant shall attach a copy of Ration card income. certificate or any other proof under the BPL category The request for information will. be generally processed within the time period mentioned under the Act. CHAPTER II Particulars of Organisation Functions and Duties. Section4 1 b i,PARTICULARSOF ORGANISATIONFUNCTIONS AND DUTIES.
Particulars of Organisation,S No Name of the Address Functions Duties. Organisation, 1 Kadapa Municipal Near Traffic Detailed Description Detailed. Corporation Police Station mentioned below Description. Kadapa mentioned below,2 2 Functions of the Municipality. As per the provisions of the Municipal Acts the municipalities are entrusted broadly. with the following functions, 1 Public health sanitation conservancy and solid waste management. 2 Provision of water supply drainage and sewerage, 3 Construction and maintenance of roads drains culverts and bridges.
4 Provision of street lighting,5 Urban poverty alleviation programmes. 6 Slum improvement and upgradiation,7 Provision of public parks and play grounds. 8 Construction and maintenance of public markets slaughter houses. 9 Urban planning including town planning, 10 Regulation of land use and construction of buildings. 11 Maintenance of secondary and elementary schools. 12 Urban development programmes, 13 Vital Statistics including Registration of Births and Deaths. 14 Maintenance of burial grounds,2 3 Duties Sections in Municipalities.
With reference to the functions referred to above the following sections are provided. in the municipalities The duties of each of these sections are listed below. S No SECTION DUTIES, 1 Administration To look after general administration including. school administration and council meetings, 2 Revenue To assess and collect various taxes and non taxes. and collection of rents from municipal properties, 3 Accounts To maintain accounts prepare annual accounts. budget and attend to audit of accounts, 4 Public Health and To look after sanitation public health and solid waste. Sanitation management including medical and maternity services. 5 Engineering To look after water supply and sewerage public. works like roads drains buildings parks and play,grounds street lighting.
6 Town Planning To regulate town planning activities including land. uses layouts building constructions and,encroachments. 7 Urban Poverty To look after urban poverty alleviation programmes. Alleviation UPA, CHAPTER III POWERS DUTIES OF ITS OFFICERS EMPLOYEES. Section4 1 b ii of RTI Act,Name of the Subjects being Officer in. S No Section,Officer dealt Charge, 1 Commissioner Appellate S Lavanna Appellate Authority Commissioner. 2 Establishment Section A Bala Obaiah Public Information Manager. and Establishment, 3 Health Section G Sreenivasulu Solid Waste Municipal.
Reddy Management Health Officer,Public Health, 4 Engineering Section A Uma Roads Drains Superintending. Maheswara Rao water supply Engineer, 5 Town Planning M Asif Building plans Town Planning. approvals and Officer,advertisement,6 UBS Section K Radhika Convergence Town Planning. action plan Project Officer,Shelter for urban,homeless Street. vending activities,activities, 7 Revenue Section Vijaya Bhaskar Tax Collection and Revenue.
Gowd Revenue Officer,S Kannaiah enhancement, 8 Accounts Section T Radhika Accounts Accountant i c. CHAPTER IV PROCEDURE FOLLOWED IN DECISION MAKING PROCESS. Including Channels of Supervision and Accountability. Section4 1 b iii of RTI Act, Citizen can avail all the Municipal Services raise Grievances regarding Municipal. Service Delivery through Citizen Service Centres CSC located within the ULB On. receipt of the same the Unique ID will be generated by the system and the system. automatically sends to the Officers concerned, The concerned official will scrutinize the file and write his remarks and pass on the. file to the next higher authority and finally to the Municipal Commissioner who is. the final decision making authority, The entire workflow of ULB functions functionaries are be digitised through a chain. of innovative eGovernance initiatives of the Urban Development Department. Through this all the varied modes of governance namely. i Government to Government,ii Citizen to Government.
iii Government to Citizen, Gets automated digitized and processed without physical transfer of files. Upon completion of the Service requested by the citizen he she gets a mobile sms. notifying the completion of service the signed document may be collected from. Channels of Supervision and Accountability, 1 Urban Development Department has developed ERP Module to facilitate. citizen services to the public through Citizen Service Centres set up in all. Urban Local Bodies ULBs Puraseva Mobile application ULB website. 2 Service Level Agreement SLA has been entered into by the Municipality. clearly stating the no of days for providing each of the Municipal Services. 3 Separate provisions for registering of Public grievance has been provided. through Citizen Service Centres set up in all Urban Local Bodies ULBs. Puraseva Mobile application ULB website portal Live tracking of the status. of the Grievance raised is also provided to the citizen through the mobile. application,CHAPTER V Norms for discharge of functions. Section 4 1 b iv, 5 1 THE NORMS SET BY THE DEPARMENT FOR THE DISCHARGE OF ITS. The usual office hours are from 10 30 a m to 5 00 p m After punching at Biometric. system signing in the Attendance Register all staff must be in their seats and start. work not later than the prescribed hour They will however be allowed grace time of. ten minutes when there is real need The Officer concerned will monitor the daily. attendance, The Service delivery time frame for the services rendered by the Department are.
given below, Citizen Related Complaints on civic amenities and other grievances. Routine matters 15 days,Other than routine matters 30 days. Ex Policy decision files, For more details regarding Service Level Agreement for delivering Municipal. Services please refer Citizen Charter in the ULB,website www kadapa cdma ap gov in. CHAPTER VI Statutory Guidelines,Section 4 i b v, The Rules Regulations Instructions Manuals And Records Held By The.
Department Or Under Its Control Or Used By Its Employees For Discharging. Its Functions, In discharging functions of the Department the following Manuals and the Records. are being used,1 A P Municipalities Act 1965,2 Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Act 1955. 3 Andhra Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act 1994,4 A P Ministerial Sub Ordinate Service Rules 1996. 5 A P CCA Rules 1991, 6 A P Municipal Ministerial Sub ordinate Service Rules APMMSS 1992. 7 A P Municipal Health Municipalities Subordinate Service Rules 2012. 8 A P Revised Pension Rules 1980, 9 A P Municipal Commissioners sub ordinate service Rules 1963.
10 A P Municipal Administration Rules 1990, 11 A P Municipal Accounts Subordinate Service Rules 2012. CHAPTER VII CATEGORIES OF DOCUMENTS,Section 4 1 b vi. A Statement of the Categories of documents that are held by Kadapa. Municipal Corporation or under its control,1 Government G Os. 2 Election related data like ward division etc, CHAPTER VIII Public consultation for policy formulation. Section 4 1 b vii, 8 1 the particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or.
representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of. its policy or implementation thereof, An Expert In House Committee will be constituted as and when required for. suggesting policy decisions,CHAPTER IX,Section 4 1 b viii. A statement of boards councils committees and other bodies consisting or two or. more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice and as to. whether meetings of those boards councils committees and other bodies are open to. the public or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public. CHAPTER X Directory of Officers and Employees,Section 4 1 b ix. The Directory of Officers and Employees,S No Name of the Individual Designation. 1 S Lavanna Commissioner,2 A Uma Maheswara Rao Superintending Engineer.
3 A Bala Obaiah Manager,4 G Sreenivasulu Reddy Municipal Health Officer. 5 M Asif Town Planning Officer,6 K Radhika Town Project Officer. 7 Vijaya Bhaskar Gowd Revenue Officer,8 T Radhika Accountant i c. payable as per these rules Applicants belonging to Below Poverty Line BPL category need not pay the fee They will pay for material charges For the issues claiming payment of exemption of fee under BPL category the applicant shall attach a copy of Ration card income certificate or any other proof under the BPL category The request for

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