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Cautionary Note to the Reader, The principles and techniques presented in this book are your information purposes only. The reader should not attempt any of the techniques and exercises in this book without the. supervision of a qualified instructor This is most especially true regarding the principles of Dim. Mak It is the strong recommendation of the author that you DO NOT attempt to apply the Dim. Mak techniques on another person without a qualified instructor who is experienced in Dim Mak. and revival techniques being present As always it is wise to consult your physician before. undertaking any stressful exercise routine,Acknowledgements. I recognize that I would not have been able to attempt this work without the. untiring support and assistance from many of my friends and students I specifically. appreciate the dedicated effort of Timothy Jeffcoat who has contributed to this work in. countless ways It was Tim who first suggested I undertake this effort and he has added. much to its completion through his dedicated commitment I would also like to recognize. the support from Erle Montaigue who has encouraged my efforts allowed me to use. some of his illustrations and added the forward which introduces this work His. generosity and depth of knowledge of internal kung fu has been invaluable In addition I. would like to thank the many students and fellow martial artists I have been privileged to. work with throughout the years All have contributed to my understanding in countless. ways Finally I would like to recognize my first Wing Chun teachers Si Fu Peter Yu and. Master Tam Hung Fun whose dedicated teaching set me on the path that has lead to the. knowledge and understanding within these pages There have been many other teacher. throughout the years each has contributed to my understanding and skills in a variety of. ways but perhaps the most significant has been Master David Nuuhiwa Uncle David. whose mastery of the finer points was willingly and unselfishly shared with me. Copyright Scott Baker 2000 2, Foreword For Chi Kung Development and Practical Application. in Wing Chun Kung Fu,By Erle Montaigue Master Degree China. Having read many books on Wing Chun over my 35 years in the martial arts business it. is with great pleasure that I now write the foreword for Scott Baker s book This book is an. attempt to bring Wing Chun out of the purely physical domain and in to the internal area. including such things as Chi Kung Qigong and Dim Mak There have been other books that. include Dim Mak however these have been sketchy to say the least Scott attempts to delve. deeper into the area of point striking covering acupuncture points and their effects etc This. book will be a great inclusion in any Wing Chun player s library. Erle Montaigue,January 23 2001,Copyright Scott Baker 2000 3.
Cautionary Note to Reader 2,Acknowledgements 2,CHAPTER 1 7. Introduction 7,What is Kung Fu 7,What it takes to Master internal Kung Fu 7. Wing Chun with or without Chi Energy 8,A Principle Centered System 9. CHAPTER 2 12,Learning about your chi 12,Teacher as a guide An invitation to learn 12. Energy Learn by doing 13,Relaxation 13,Two Keys Attending and Intending 14.
Hard and Soft Chi kung 15,HARD CHI KUNG TRAINING 15. SOFT CHI KUNG TRAINING 16,Four Levels of Relaxation 17. CHAPTER 3 18,Wing Chun an Energy System 18,Assumptions of energy skills 19. Wing Chun An advanced energy system 20,CHAPTER 4 21. Beginning with the Root 21,Four Standing Exercise 23.
8 Pieces of Brocade 23,Breathing 25,Standing meditation from Shaolin 26. Dissolving and Marrow Washing 26,Normal and Reverse Breathing Techniques 27. Beginning the Standing Meditation 27, Advanced Standing Meditation Bone Marrow Washing 28. The Advanced Standing Chi kung Exercise of Sil Num Tao 30. Four keys Relax Root Breathe and Focus 31,The Tan Sau 33. The Wu Sau 34,The Fook Sau 35,CHAPTER 5 38,Copyright Scott Baker 2000 4.
Learning to Move with Chi 38,Stepping 37,Turning 42. Wing Chun Kicking 43,1 Kicking Seeds 43,2 Kicking Principles 44. 3 Soft Internal Kicking Power 45,4 Kicking Targets 46. 5 Kicking as Stepping 49, The Different Energy Expressions of the Three Boxing Forms 49. CHAPTER 6 51,Using Chi as a Weapon 52,The slap or sinking palm 55.
Thrusting palm 56, Releasing energy through the fingers and toes Biu Tze 59. The short punch 60,The Yin and Yang manifestations of energy 61. CHAPTER 7 64,Chi Sau Purpose and Attitude 64,Learning a language or competing 64. Putting the Chi back into Chi Sau 65,Single Chi Sau the most important 66. Developing Deep Connectivity Through Chi Sau 67,THE 12 PROGRESSIVE STAGES OF BEING INTERACTION 67.
1 POSITIONING To occupy a strategic advantage 67, 2 BALANCING To maintain continuity and integrity 68. 3 STICKING To stay with what is 68, 4 SPRINGING To awaken and enliven the connection 69. 5 DIRECTION To close your shield and open his 69, 6 WEIGHTING To presence energy into the weapons 70. 7 KU To control the bridge 70,8 LISTENING To Know what is 71. 9 EXTENDING To connect with what is 71,10 FOLLOWING To stay with what is 72.
11 JOINING To interact with what is 72,12 LEADING To influence what is 73. Double chi sau a conversational exchange 74,Freeing technique through principles 77. CHAPTER 8 79, Advanced Wing Chun Energy Training With the Wooden Dummy Long Pole Butterfly Swords 79. Unlocking the secrets of the Dummy 80,Stages of dummy skills 80. Energy in the WC weapons 81,The 6 point long pole 81.
The 8 Slash swords of Wing Chun 83,CHAPTER 9 85,Copyright Scott Baker 2000 5. Wing Chun and Dim Mak 85,Dim Mak within the whole of Wing Chun 86. More than a touch 86,Moving beyond the dummy 87, Principles that Unlock Dim Mak within the Dummy Form 88. Angle and Direction 88,Attack a Single Meridian 90. Yin and Yang 92, The 24 Hour Energy Cycle the Inner Reverse Flow 95.
Special Points 96, Fa jing Energy Release Releasing energy to block energy 97. Refining to a touch Uncle David 98,Combining point Sequences from the Dummy Form 99. Which motions do what 99,First Sequence 99,Second Sequence 100. Third Sequence 100,Fourth Sequence 101,Fifth Sequence 101. Sixth Sequence 102,Seventh Sequence 103,Eighth Sequence 104.
Ninth Sequence 104,Tenth Sequence 105,CONCLUDING REMARKS 105. A FINAL INVITATION 106,Copyright Scott Baker 2000 6. Chapter 1 story told in the halls where kung fu was. Introduction taught anciently that symbolizes the irony of. What is Kung Fu the student s desire to progress through. skills quickly,This book is about kung fu, specifically the Wing Chun system of kung The student asks the master how. fu Even more specifically it is about the long it takes most students to master their. often mystical or secretive internal Chi kung system The master replies 15 years The. skills of Wing Chun kung fu It is written student is shocked then asks how long. specifically to those who currently practice would it take me if I work twice as hard. Wing Chun or have an invested interest in The master replies 30 years The student. Wing Chun kung fu specifically Kung fu is protests but what if I practice 3 times. a term that has become synonymous with longer and harder than all the other students. Martial Arts in both the West and the East then how long will it take me The master. Even in mainland China today the martial smiles and answers then it will take you 45. arts are referred to frequently as gung fu years,Mandarin pronunciation Originally the. term kung fu was used to refer to any skill or The moral of this story should be. ability that had been developed through obvious It illustrates that to learn a valuable. persistent effort over time This skill one has to be willing to practice for. understanding is helpful to those who have however long it takes to gain that skill By. chosen to embark on the life journey of trying to shorten that time either by. learning a martial art Not all systems of practicing harder or more often doesn t. combat are as difficult to learn as others but always mean you will learn it faster The. then not all are as effective as others are obsession with being first or getting to a. either Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the certain skill level quickly most often. most notable effective martial systems negates the attainment of the very skill. available When Wing Chun is practiced desired This is most certainly the case when. fully with its secretive foundation of deep learning Wing Chun s deep energy skills A. energy skills intact then it truly becomes a focus on learning these abilities by a certain. system of skills that require unique and deadline often gets in the way of. diligent effort over time to master It is truly understanding the true nature of the skill. a kung fu system in the literal meaning of being practiced With energy skills one has. the phrase as well as the modern meaning to let go of time frames and fall in love with. the path One has to learn to enjoy the, What it takes to Master Internal Kung Fu journey and focus his attention on what is.
going on where he is currently rather than, When one begins training in a kung always looking ahead to what is down the. fu style he or she often is unaware of the road In learning today s lessons well. degree of disciple that will be required of tomorrow s lessons will come much quicker. them to progress to the point they desire than anticipated. This is especially true among western Kung fu requires a specific quality of. students It is common for a teacher to hear personality for one to pay the price of. the question how long will it take for me to mastery You must fall in love with learning. get to It is not an unfair question but it the skills and forsake the modern tendency. is impossible to answer There is an old to cram more stuff into less time Kung Fu. Copyright Scott Baker 2000 7, mastery requires a lifetime commitment to discuss this internal side Others pay it lip. learning and developing quality skills Wing service but do little to bring its power into. Chun was said to take from 7 to 15 years to their training It should be no surprise to. master by the monks who first developed it western students of Wing Chun to realize. That is an ambitious time frame but given that their kung fu lineage will always return. that the monks lived their kung fu 24 hours a to a Chinese root In China I quickly. day year round it is not entirely unrealistic realized that for the Chinese people all styles. True mastery is nothing short of a lifetime of kung fu have a significant Chi kung. endeavor Sometimes some people may set component For the Chinese to practice kung. their idea of what mastery is at a level less fu without any energy skills as part of the. than true mastery Such people my believe training is absurd For them martial arts are. and even claim to have mastered a kung fu always taught and practiced with chi energy. skill or system but those who understand Most of modern Wing Chun has. the path and know their abilities also know come through grandmaster Yip Man s line. they are not true masters Such people may Grandmaster Yip himself was somewhat. puff up their egos with grand titles but the reluctant to teach the chi side of the system. truth sooner or later shows up through their to students who were less dedicated or. mediocre skills gifted But there are many stories of. Those desiring true mastery not only Grandmaster Yip s Chi kung abilities One. learn to master the kung fu skills of their that is common is that he would sometimes. chosen system but also develop spend up to an hour to perform the Sil Num. considerable mastery over their human Tao form It has been reported that he. failings and personality Ones nature is sometimes put a wet piece of paper on his. refined and developed as a by product of the shoulders and that after finishing the form. years of discipline invested in walking the the warmth generated from the energy. kung fu path Those who practice a martial would dry the paper Anybody familiar with. system that has demanding and difficult skill Chi kung training would recognize these as. sets like Wing Chun will notice many typical chi building practices. students come and go Only the very few For some reason those who became. will ever acquire the discipline to travel the skilled in the chi development that is an. path of kung fu to its enlightened essential part of Wing Chun became. possibilities Those who train but do not somewhat reluctant to pass these skills on. discipline themselves in the kung fu way Perhaps it was due to a cultural problem. will surely benefit from their brief encounter where Chinese teachers often chose not to. with the arts but lacking the commitment teach chi to non Chinese students Or. and discipline to unlock its secrets they will perhaps it was due to a lack of a workable. never know the mysteries they may have understanding of chi in the West that made it. discovered about themselves life and our difficult for Chinese teachers to pass this. magical universe knowledge on Even today some teachers. are reluctant to discuss chi openly or,publicly with their students In Western. Wing Chun with or without Chi Energy Wing Chun circles in general the idea of chi. skills of Wing Chun kung fu It is written specifically to those who currently practice Wing Chun or have an invested interest in Wing Chun kung fu specifically Kung fu is a term that has become synonymous with Martial Arts in both the West and the East Even in mainland China today the martial arts are referred to frequently as gung fu

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