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Dear Reader, Although Fool s Gold California is the fictional setting of my latest series of romance novels the town has come. to feel very real to me The series started in 2010 with Chasing Perfect Almost Perfect and Finding Perfect and will. continue in 2011 2012 and perhaps past that The characters live beyond the books at www FoolsGoldCA com where. I post regular updates about what s happening in Fool s Gold There you can see wedding pictures read between the. books articles about the people in town learn about the intriguing history behind the man shortage get your hands. on some fun freebies and of course read excerpts of the Fool s Gold books. Whether or not you ve already discovered the Land of Happy Endings I hope you ll enjoy this glimpse into the. town s holiday traditions Fool s Gold is known for its many festivals and parades so you can bet they do the season. proud Enjoy and happy holidays to you from me and from Fool s Gold. Romance Series Susan Mallery,Fool s Gold Romances,Stand Alone Novels. Coming Soon,Already Home April 2011,The Knitting Diaries April 2011. Coming Soon with Debbie Macomber and Christina Skye. Chasing Perfect May 2010 Only Mine August 2011, Almost Perfect July 2010 Only Yours September 2011 The Best of Friends October 2010. Finding Perfect September 2010 Only His October 2011 Sunset Bay March 2009. Accidentally Yours January 2008, Lone Star Sisters Bakery Sisters Falling for Gracie March 2005.
Someone Like You October 2004,Married for a Month October 2001. Sweet Success May 2001,Under Her Skin May 2009 Sweet Talk July 2008. Lip Service June 2009 Sweet Spot August 2008, Straight from the Hip July 2009 Sweet Trouble September 2008. Hot on Her Heels November 2009,The Buchanan Family The Marcellis. Delicious February 2006 The Sparkling One September 2003. Irresistible June 2006 The Sassy One October 2003, Sizzling January 2007 The Seductive One November 2003.
Tempting July 2007 The Marcelli Bride May 2006,The Marcelli Princess March 2007. table of contents, the best gifts come in threes unmissable pom pom a thon. How the Hendrix triplets got their names page 3 Fun and romantic things to do in Fool s Gold page 5 Cheerleaders show their holiday spirit page 7. Jo s Chocolate Peppermint Martini recipe,Ho Ho Ho cookies recipe. The Angel Fur Ball,The End Zone Kids return, To print this magazine visit the Fun Stuff page at www FoolsGoldCA com. Dishing It Up One Day at a Time,Recipes for the Family Cook.
www dineanddish net,the best gifts come in threes, The Hendrix family has been in Fool s Gold since the beginning they are one of the founding families of the Land of Happy Endings So. with their roots firmly planted in California soil how did the Hendrix triplets wind up with names like Dakota Montana and Nevada. t was Christmas 1982 and Denise of health He didn t know whether I was Sacramento and Ford is serving overseas. Hendrix then 26 years old was in going to live or die He was so scared in the Navy Her grandchildren are playing. the hospital She had given birth that he couldn t think straight A nurse kept together in the back yard. morning to triplets Girls But no one was coming in pressing him to name the girls. celebrating because complications with the if you can imagine that Meanwhile the Fool s Gold takes care of our own and. birth had left Denise hovering on the brink boys were hounding him asking him why sure enough our friends and neighbors. of death Mommy wouldn t wake up stepped in to occupy the boys so Ralph. could stay with me, Ralph was beside himself rest his soul Ethan the oldest was five Kent was three. Denise says now 28 years later the picture and Ford was two The boys settled on different names every. fifteen minutes constantly changing their, Ralph said Let the boys name their minds as children do Rose Lily Petunia. sisters It ll give them something to do Bert Ernie Grover Vanilla chocolate. Denise says We, can laugh about it Dakota Montana and Nevada Hendrix. now but he always,said that was the,best and the worst.
Join the Members Only area at,day of his life,susanmallery com for. a free sneak peek She s ensconced on,of Dakota s a sofa in her sunny. family room sur,story Only rounded by her,Mine Aug three daughters. 2011 Ethan and his,new wife Liz Her,two younger sons. no longer live in,Fool s Gold Kent,teaches school near.
Chunky Monkey,Montana the youngest by minutes,punches Ethan in the arm You. were going to name me Chunky,Chocolate Peppermint Martini. 2 parts vodka, Hey don t blame me he 1 part green creme de menthe. says Who gives a five year,1 part peppermint Schnapps. old that much power, The one that really boggles my 1 oz Bailey s mint chocolate liqueur.
mind is Oceania Denise says You, came up with that one Ethan You In a blender combine ice vodka creme de menthe and pepper. were always watching nature shows, mint Schnapps Blend until ice is crushed Pour into chilled martini. with your dad, glasses Into each glass carefully add one ounce of Bailey s mint choco. As the day wore on the boys grew late liqueur Garnish with a mini candy cane which reveler can use to stir. tired but they refused to leave the her drink,hospital without their mom and dad. So the people of Fool s Gold took, Better yet come to happy hour at Jo s Bar in Fool s Gold and let us do the.
turns reading every book in the wait, ing room to Ethan Kent and Ford work for you Where else in America will you find a bar playing a Life. time Christmas movie marathon on the big screen TVs. Apparently someone had left a,Rand McNally Atlas at the hospital By. the time I came to it was settled The girls,were named Nevada Dakota and Mon. tana I think everyone in town knew my,daughters names before I did They re. unusual but honestly I was just happy,to be alive and that all my children were.
healthy You can t ask for more than that,Even so Nevada says as soon as the new. hospital is finished I m donating 100 chil,dren s books to the pediatrics ward with. characters who have normal names,Although the triplets have visited their. namesake states all three say they hope to,live in Fool s Gold the rest of their lives. It s home says Dakota Mom didn t tell,you the whole story After we came home.
from the hospital Dad had to buy a new,freezer to hold all the food that people. brought Mom didn t have to cook any,thing from scratch until we were around. eleven months old Fool s Gold is a very,special place. Unmissable,6 Cool Things to Do in Fool s Gold this December. 1 Vote for the Cheeriest Storefront,While you re shopping downtown.
don t forget to vote for the Cheeriest,Storefront in Fool s Gold. The winning store will be honored,during the Christmas Eve Eve parade. on December 23 Last year s winner,was the Fool s Gold Toy Emporium. pictured here,2 Lighting of the Menorah,The Menorah will be lit each. night during Hannukah December 2 9,in the window of Temple Beth Shalom.
On December 9 the congregation will,enjoy traditional latkes Yes it s free. food yes we know how much the people,of Fool s Gold love free food and yes all. faiths are welcome Find a partner and play in the,Foolish Winter Games. Every Sunday afternoon in,December semi organized,pick up games will be held near. the gazebo in Pyrite Park Come every,week or just one time on the spur of.
the moment Bring your own partner or,one will be assigned on the spot A great. way to make new friends,Go Sledding,All players welcome fun for all. skis on Saturday,ages Foolish Games include Snow,Golf Twister on the Ice Backward. 18 and join,Snowshoe Races and more Prizes,thousands of. will be awarded each week and,tourists who come from neighboring.
refreshments will be served by The Fox,towns to sled the slopes at The Gold Rush. and Hound Restaurant,Ski Lodge and Resort Sledding is a lot. more fun when you have ski lifts to carry,you back up the hill. Go to page 8 for more cool things to do in Fool s Gold. 12th Annual Christmas Cheeroling,Pom Pom a Thon, Get the hot chocolate ready and keep an head cheerleader Gold Santa is a local. eye on your front yard The Fool s Gold program that gives toys to needy children Fool s Gold. cheerleading squad will start the 12th The toys should be new and unwrapped Better watch out. annual Christmas Cheeroling Pom Pom We need them for all age groups Fool s Gold. a Thon on Friday December 3 Instead of Better not cry. caroling the squad goes house to house to The Pom Pom a Thon was started 12 Fool s Gold. spread Christmas cheers years ago by Pia O Brian when she was in Better not pout. high school Since the City s event planner We re gonna tell you why. R graduated she has joined the squad on Santa Claus is coming. R U their rounds But not this year if her fianc Oh that fat boy s coming. R U D O L P H has anything to say about it Ms O Brian is Santa Claus is coming. Rudolph pregnant with twins and her fianc To town, Rudolph former NFL quarterback Raoul Ho ohhhhhhhhh.
Go go go Rudolph Moreno is using his renowned,nimble feet to keep his woman. Go to www FoolsGoldCA com cheers html, While the cheerleaders will gladly accept off of hers to listen to the Fool s Gold cheerleaders. that hot chocolate what they re really after Christmas cheers. is your money The squad is raising funds So get ready to cheer for the. to pay for Cheer Camp next summer and cheerleaders when they. the Pom Pom a Thon has traditionally show up at your house. been their biggest moneymaker,We re also collecting toys for Gold Santa. says Damaris the 2010 2011 school year s,Unmissable continued from page 6. 6 Send a free e postcard to out,of town friends and family.
The Fool s Gold city website has a, 5 Enjoy a romantic carriage ride series of fun colorful e postcards. The new owners at Castle Ranch have that you can send to anyone not. agreed to continue the tradition of offering fortunate enough to live in the. horse drawn carriage rides along the trails Land of Happy Endings. on their property every Sunday during ww FoolsGoldCA com. the month of December Please call Pia,O Brian for the schedule. Book Binge Reviews,Guest authors,Monthly reads,Visit us online at thebookbinge com. Mallery the opportunity to milk a goat but it s,six pound not mandatory. official A Private Night at Jo s Bar Jo will, mascot of Fool s Gold would like to invite close the bar for one night for an.
all residents and visitors to attend the exclusive party for you and your. seventh annual Angel Fur Ball on Friday friends or for you and one special. December 10th at the Community Center friend No sex on the pool table. Dress is semi formal for humans and their please This prize is always a big hit. well behaved canine guests Cats don t so prepare to be generous Although. like to dance The ball will begin at 7 pm Jo s tough on the outside she has. and will feature the music of Slow Smoked a soft spot in her heart for helpless. Piggie Fingers an all female firefighter animals who need a home. cover band,A Round of Golf with Josh Golden, Proceeds from the event will benefit the and Raoul Moreno The two super. Fool s Gold animal shelter Help us give star athletes of Fool s Gold will play. our four legged friends a happy ending of a round of golf at the Rolling Hills. their own Country Club with the winner and a, Bring your checkbook You don t want to guest Will this prize be popular with. miss the silent auction Here s a partial list the ladies even though both men fell. of items that will be up for bid in love this year Or will 2010 be the. A Castle Ranch Gourmet Goat year that a man finally wins a bid on. Cheese Gift Basket Castle Ranch isn t something in the auction. about cows anymore The new owners The evening will be cohosted by Nikki the. raise goats imported from France and toy poodle and Charity Golden the City. they use the milk to make gourmet Planner,cheese The winner will also have the. Ho Ho Ho cookies,cup Butter softened,1 tsp Vanilla. 1 cup Flour,cup Baking cocoa,tsp Baking soda,18 Large marshmallows.
2 Tbsp Butter softened, 2 cups Confectioner s sugar Pictured above A young woman reads Liz Sutton s latest hardcover. Dash Salt Gold Blooded Killer in Pyrite Park Sutton has been quoted in interviews. 3 4 Tbsp Milk, as saying that this is the first book in which she didn t kill a character. Preheat the oven to 350 Cream together butter and sugar until who looked suspiciously like Ethan Hendrix He s not on my murder list. fluffy Mix in egg milk and vanilla In a separate bowl combine anymore says the bestselling author He s too cute to kill. dry ingredients Add gradually to the butter mixture Drop by Sutton married Hendrix earlier this year. tablespoons onto 4 ungreased baking sheets Bake for 8 minutes. While the cookies are baking cut the marshmallows in half Press a marshmallow half onto each cookie cut side down Return to the. oven and bake for 2 more minutes Cool on wire racks for 2 minutes then flatten each marshmallow gently with the back of a spoon. Frosting Beat the butter confectioner s sugar cocoa and salt until smooth Add milk one tablespoon at a time and mix well When. frosting is spreadable stop adding milk Frost the cookies after they re completely cool. In this issue Hendrix triplets Christmas Babies Cheerleaders Pom Pom a Thon Recipes free reads and more Y a gift from author Susan Mallery Dear Reader Although Fool s Gold California is the fi ctional setting of my latest series of romance novels the town has come to feel very real to me Th e series started in 2010 with Chasing Perfect Almost Perfect and Finding Perfect and

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