Implementing a Full Streaming WPS process

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3 Extend the abstract class for Full Streaming, Make your new class extend the abstract class called. AbstractVectorFullStreamingAlgorithm and add the unimplemented methods this. You need to overwrite those four methods as indicated in the next steps. 4 Overwrite the getBaseAlgorithmName method, Make the getBaseAlgorithmName method return the base process full name In this. case the full name of the Simple Buffer process is. org n52 wps server algorithm SimpleBufferAlgorithm So just write. return org n52 wps server algorithm SimpleBufferAlgorithm. 5 Overwrite the getInputStreamableIdentifier method. Make the getInputStreamableIdentifier method return the name of the parameter. that is a data stream i e the one whose data will be available via a Playlist For this. have a look at the SimpleBufferAlgorithm class and look for input identifiers. As you can see there are two input identifiers data and width As Full Streaming WPS. processes are intended to work with streams of spatial data you must choose the identifier. data So just write,return data, in the getInputStreamableIdentifier method of your. FullStreamingSimpleBuffer class,6 Overwrite the getOutputIdentifier method. Make the getOutputIdentifier method return the output identifier of the base process. Proceed as in the previous step to get the output identifier of the. SimpleBufferAlgorithm class, Yeap it is result so write this in the getOutputIdentifier method.
return result,7 Overwrite the getTimeSlot method, Make the getTimeSlot method return how often the input Playlist must be read in. milliseconds There is no strict rule for this parameter Just as an example if the input. Playlist is updated every 5 seconds you could set the time slot as 2000 2 seconds The. smaller the time slot the sooner the process will get available data but also the more. worthless requests will be triggered by the server It is up to you. Write this in the getTimeSlot method,return 2000 2 seconds. You are almost done the name of the new process must be added to a 52 North WPS. framework config file see next step,8 Add the process to the config file. Open the wps config xml file in 52n wps app src main webapp config and look. for the AlgorithmRepositoryList tag in the middle of the file You need to add a new. Property element to the repository called LocalAlgorithmRepository The new. Property element is, Property name Algorithm active true org n52 wps server algorithm streaming Fu. After adding it the wps config xml file must look like this. 9 Compile and deploy, Compile and deploy the application A new process must appear once you call the.
GetCapabilities request,Simple isn t it, For testing the Full Streaming WPS process you ve just created go to the 52 North WPS Test Client. and copy the content of this document into the input box Before sending it you can choose. whether you want to provide a static Playlist or a dynamic one For the former you are done. the URL of such a Playlist is already in the text you ve just copied For the latter i e a. dynamic Playlist go to this page and copy the returned URL to the href attribute of the data. input in the request so that it looks like this, Once you send the request you will get an XML response with the URL of the output Playlist. which will be updated by the server every time intermediate results are available. As stated before it is recommended to use the Quantum GIS WPS Client for visualizing incoming. intermediate results, You will notice that there is a new parameter compared to the base process It is called. MaxTimeIdle and you can use it to set the maximum time in milliseconds the server has to wait. for new data from the input Playlist If that time is exceeded an exception will be thrown and. the process will end so make sure you choose a proper value that allows the input Playlist to be. Implementing a Full Streaming WPS process Following this tutorial you will be able to publish a Buffer process as a Full Streaming WPS process so that it is possible to process continuous spatial data streams while obtaining intermediate results Prerequisites To follow this tutorial you need a 52 North WPS development environment Have a look at A Primer on 52 North WPS in Eclipse Java

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