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c 2016 by Authors,All rights reserved, No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form. or by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopy recording. or any information storage and retrieval system without permission in. writing from the authors, Request for permission to make copies of any part of the work should be. mailed to 116 Nakshatra Colony Balapur PO Keshavgiri RR District. Hyderabad TS 500005, The authors have taken care in preparation of this book but make no. expressed or implied warranty of any kind and assume no responsibility for. errors or omissions No liability is assumed for incidental or consequential. damages in connection with or arising out of the use of the information. contained herein,Typeset in TEX,Second Edition 2016 1. ISBN 978 93 5265 609 7,Printed in India,We dedicate this book to the hundreds of.
anonymous professors at IITs who formulated,the challenging problems for IIT JEE The. book is a showcase of their creation, Physics starts with observing the nature The systematic observation re. sults in simple rules which unlock the doors to the nature s mystery Having. learned a handful of simple rules we can combine them logically to obtain. more complicated rules and gain an insight into the way this world works. The skill to apply the theoretical knowledge to solve any practical problem. comes with regular practice of solving problems The aim of the present. collection of problems and solutions is to develop this skill. IIT JEE questions had been a challenge and a center of attraction for. a big section of students at intermediate and college level Independent of. their occurrence as an evaluation tool they have good potential to open. up thinking threads in mind Jitender Singh and Shraddhesh Chaturvedi. have used these questions to come up with a teaching material that can. benefit students The explanations accompanying the problems could bring. conceptual clarity and develop the skills to approach any unseen problem. step by step These problems are arranged in a chapter sequence that is. used in my book Concepts of Physics Thus a student using both the books. will find it as an additional asset, Both Jitender Singh and Shraddhesh Chaturvedi have actually been my. students at IIT Kanpur Jitender Singh has been closely associated with. me since long It gives me immense pleasure to see that my own students. are furthering the cause of Physics education I wish them every success in. this work and expect much more contribution from them in future. Dr H C Verma,Professor of Physics,IIT Kanpur, This book provides a comprehensive collection of IIT JEE problems and. their solutions We have tried to keep our explanations simple so that any. reader with basic knowledge of intermediate physics can understand them. on his her own without any external assistance It can be therefore used. for self study, To us every problem in this book is a valuable resource to unravel.
a deeper understanding of the underlying physical concepts The time. required to solve a problem is immaterial as far as Physics is concerned. We believe that getting the right answer is often not as important as the. process followed to arrive at it The emphasis in this text remains on the. correct understanding of the principles of Physics and on their application. to find the solution of the problems If a student seriously attempts all the. problems in this book he she will naturally develop the ability to analyze. and solve complex problems in a simple and logical manner using a few. well understood principles, For the convenience of the students we have arranged the problems. according to the standard intermediate physics textbook Some problems. might be based on the concepts explained in multiple chapters These. questions are placed in a later chapter so that the student can try to solve. them by using the concept s from multiple chapters This book can thus. easily complement your favorite text book as an advanced problem book. The IIT JEE problems fall into one of the nine categories i MCQ. with single correct answer ii MCQ with one or more correct answers. iii Paragraph based iv Assertion Reasoning based v Matrix matching. vi True False type vii Fill in the blanks viii Integer Type and ix. Subjective Each chapter has sections according to these categories In. each section the questions are arranged in the descending order of year of. appearance in IIT JEE, The solutions are given at the end of each chapter If you can t solve. a problem you can always look at the solution However trying it first. will help you identify the critical points in the problems which in turn. will accelerate the learning process Furthermore it is advised that even if. you think that you know the answer to a problem you should turn to its. solution and check it out just to make sure you get all the critical points. This book has a companion website www concepts of physics com. The site will host latest version of the errata list and other useful material. We would be glad to hear from you for any suggestions on the improvement. of the book We have tried our best to keep the errors to a minimum. However they might still remain So if you find any conceptual errors. or typographical errors howsoever small and insignificant please inform. us so that it can be corrected in the later editions We believe only a. collaborative effort from the students and the authors can make this book. absolutely error free so please contribute, Many friends and colleagues have contributed greatly to the quality of. this book First and foremost we thank Dr H C Verma who was the. inspiring force behind this project Our close friends and classmates from. IIT Kanpur Deepak Sharma Chandrashekhar Kumar and Akash Anand. stood beside us throughout this work This work would not have been. possible without the constant support of our wives Reena and Nandini and. children Akshaj Viraj and Maitreyi,Jitender Singh jsinghdrdo gmail com. Shraddhesh Chaturvedi shraddhesh8 gmail com,Contents ix.
I Mechanics 1,1 Units and Measurements 3,2 Rest and Motion Kinematics 13. 3 Newton s Laws of Motion 29,4 Friction 38,5 Circular Motion 56. 6 Work and Energy 65,7 Centre of Mass Linear Momentum Collision 83. 8 Rotational Mechanics 116,9 Gravitation 184,10 Simple Harmonic Motion 201. 11 Fluid Mechanics 232,12 Some Mechanical Properties of Matter 263.
II Waves 279,13 Wave Motion and Waves on a String 281. 14 Sound Waves 304,15 Light Waves 339,x Contents,III Optics 369. 16 Geometrical Optics 371,17 Optical Instruments 435. 18 Dispersion and Spectra 439,19 Photometry 444,A List of Physical Constants 446. IIT JEE questions had been a challenge and a center of attraction for ii MCQ with one or more correct answers iii Paragraph based iv Kinematics

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