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Table of Contents cont d,542 Approval Of Alternative Standards 27. 543 Owner And Applicant Responsibility For Claims And Liabilities 27. 544 899 Reserved 27, 900 Administrative Procedures Exceptions Penalties 27. 901 Reserved 29,902 Violation And Enforcement 29,903 999 Reserved 29. Archive 2013,CHAPTER 01,IDAPA 41 PUBLIC HEALTH DISTRICTS. 41 01 01 RULES OF IDAHO PUBLIC HEALTH DISTRICT 1,000 LEGAL AUTHORITY.
The rules and standards set forth hereinafter shall be known as the Environmental Code of Panhandle Health District. 1 This Code shall supersede and replace any county sanitary codes in existence prior to July 1 1971 This Code is. adopted pursuant to the authority granted to the District Board of Health under Chapter 4 Title 39 Idaho Code and in. the manner required in Chapter 52 Title 67 Idaho Code The provisions of the Code are supplementary and should. be interpreted in a manner consistent with Chapter 1 Title 39 Idaho Code and any state or federal laws which. establish exclusivity or primacy in a field of rule for another public entity as a matter of law 7 1 93. 01 Conflict In the event of any conflict between city or county ordinances or heretofore existing rules. of county health boards and departments and this Code the respective provision which more completely protects. public health or the environment shall prevail Nothing in this Code shall be deemed to prevent the enforcement of. any standard or rule relating to air water or health quality now existing or hereinafter adopted by the State Board of. Health and Welfare or any interested agency of the federal government Nothing in this Code shall be deemed to. conflict with the enactment by any city or county in the District of any ordinance or rule placing additional. restrictions or limitations which contribute to enhancement of water air land or health quality Where the provisions. of this Code conflict with state or federal statues or rules which preempt regulation of a particular subject or. application of this Code in a particular manner the preemptive state rule or federal regulation shall prevail to the. extent that application of the conflicting rules cannot be accommodated 7 1 93. 02 Policy This Environmental Health Code is based on the recognition that pollution of the air land. and waters of this district constitutes a menace to public health and welfare creates public nuisances is harmful to. wildlife fish and other aquatic life and impairs domestic agricultural industrial recreational and other beneficial. uses of air land and water It is the duty of the Board to establish the quality standards of the environment in the. interest of health individual and community alike and to prevent the outbreak and spread of dangerous and. infectious disease 7 1 93,001 TITLE AND SCOPE, 01 Title These rules shall be cited as IDAPA 41 01 01 Rules of Idaho Public Health District 1. 02 Scope These rules shall govern issues concerning the mission of Idaho Public Health District 1 as. established by the Idaho Legislature in particular addressing matters of local concern in order to protect public health. and the environment in the counties that comprise the District 3 27 07. 002 WRITTEN INTERPRETATIONS, Written interpretations of these rules in the form of explanatory comments accompanying the notice of proposed. rulemaking that originally proposed the rules and review of comments submitted in the rulemaking in the adoption of. these rules are available for public inspection and copying at cost in the principal place of business of this agency. 003 ADMINISTRATIVE APPEALS, All contested cases shall be governed by the provisions of IDAPA 04 11 01 Idaho Rules of Administrative. Procedure of the Attorney General 3 27 07, 004 OFFICE OFFICE HOURS MAILING ADDRESS STREET ADDRESS. 01 Office Hours The main office of the District is open from 8 a m to 5 p m except Saturday. Section 000 Page 3,Archive 2013,IDAHO ADMINISTRATIVE CODE IDAPA 41 01 01.
Public Health Districts Rules of Idaho Public Health District 1. Sunday and legal holidays 3 27 07, 02 Mailing and Street Address The District s mailing street address is Panhandle Health District. 8500 N Atlas Road Hayden ID 83835 3 27 07,005 PUBLIC RECORDS. Subject to Idaho Code provisions and applicable Federal statutes and regulations official documents of the Panhandle. Health District may be examined after filing of proper written request filed in the office of the Director at the address. above Among others health related and personnel related records are generally not subject to public disclosure. Additional public records information may be obtained by contacting the Director s office 3 27 07. 006 009 RESERVED,010 DEFINITIONS, The terms used in this Code shall be interpreted consistent with the definitions set forth in this section The Board. may by rule provide such other definitions as may be necessary to clarify this Code or to supplement definitions. established by state laws or rules 7 1 93, 01 Board The Board of Panhandle Health District 1 7 1 93. 02 Code Environmental Health Code of Panhandle Health District 1 including the several sections. which follow and the entire series of rules now and hereinafter adopted by the Board and by the State Board of Health. and Welfare 7 1 93, 03 Floathouse A watercraft that is not self propelled and with a dwelling place on it for habitation by.
human beings whether said habitat is seasonal itinerant temporary or permanent and whether the floathouse is. attached to land floating free in the water or tied to a fixed structure 7 1 93. 04 Health Officer As used in this Code shall mean the Director of Panhandle Health District 1 or any. agent or employee thereof whose duties include enforcement of any provision of this Code 7 1 93. 05 Public Sewage Treatment Facility Any sewage collection and treatment system with more than. two 2 individual service connections 7 1 93, 06 Variance A grant of relief from the literal application of a Panhandle Health District 1 rule upon a. showing that undue hardship related to unique characteristics of a site would result from literal adherence to such. rule 7 1 93,011 099 RESERVED,100 WATER QUALITY CONTROL. 01 Sewage and Waste Disposal Political Subdivisions Any political subdivision within the District. may enter into a sewage management plan agreement with the District the purpose of which will be to establish. permanent sewage disposal practices that will fulfill the needs and goals of the political subdivision and the. responsibilities of the District The Board shall have authority to enforce the provisions of sewage management plan. agreements 7 1 93, 02 Sewage and Waste Disposal Private Sewage Disposal No residence place of business or other. building where persons congregate reside or are employed shall hereafter be constructed or altered until the owner. or builder or agent thereof shall have first been issued a permit to construct sanitary disposal facilities by the Health. Officer 7 1 93, a This rule shall not apply to any construction on a street or alley in which there is a public sanitary. sewer or to any construction within two hundred 200 feet of a public sanitary sewer where connection with such. sewer is actually made In such case the residence place of business or other building shall connect to the sewer. Section 005 Page 4,Archive 2013,IDAHO ADMINISTRATIVE CODE IDAPA 41 01 01.
Public Health Districts Rules of Idaho Public Health District 1. b The application for a permit to construct sanitary disposal facilities shall include all applicable. information as set forth in the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Rules for Individual and Subsurface. Sewage Disposal Systems and by a fee as set in the fee schedule 3 27 07. c No drywells or drainfields deeper than four 4 feet below ground level shall be permitted for the. disposal of domestic sewage waste No sewage holding or retention tanks shall be allowed as a method of sewage. disposal for residential purposes unless the operation and maintenance including pumping of the facility is. conducted by or under the authority of a political subdivision as defined in Idaho Code 7 1 93. d No dwelling or building shall be occupied until the sanitary disposal facilities have been. constructed inspected and approved by the Health Officer or his agents The sanitary disposal facilities shall not be. covered with dirt or otherwise completed until inspected and approved 7 1 93. 03 Sewage and Waste Disposal Septage Disposal Site It shall be unlawful for any person engaged. in the business firm or corporation to clean any septic tank sewage pit or other means of sewage disposal or to. operate a septage disposal site within the limits of Panhandle Health District 1 without first having been issued a. registration permit by the Health Officer 7 1 93, a Application shall be made upon a form provided by the Health Officer and shall be accompanied by. a fee as set in the fee schedule The registration permit shall be issued yearly and shall be revocable for failure to. comply with the rules governing sewage disposal Each permit shall be only for the unexpired portion of the calendar. year for which the permit is issued and at the end of the calendar year all permits shall expire becoming void and of. no further effect 7 1 93, b Any person engaged in the business of removing and transporting sewage shall comply with all. applicable rules governing removal transportation and disposal of sewage or sewage sludge issued by the Idaho. State Department of Health and Welfare and with all applicable rules hereinafter adopted 7 1 93. c All applications for permits to operate septage land disposal sites must be accompanied by a plan of. operations which shall include details relative to application rates and methods access control odor control control. of surface water runoff cropping and vegetation All land disposal sites must not be closer than three hundred 300. feet from a property line nor closer than one quarter l 4 mile from a residence at the time the site is established All. disposal sites must provide access for all weather operation All land disposal sites established after the effective date. of these rules may be required to have an engineering report prepared by a licensed engineer detailing such items as. site topography site boundaries property boundaries direction and distance to nearest residence s depth and type. of soil strata depth to ground water direction of prevailing winds and such other information as may be deemed. necessary by the Health Officer All required information must be submitted to and approved by the Health Officer. prior to the issuance of a permit 7 1 93, 04 Sewage and Waste Disposal Prohibited Conditions 7 1 93. a Domestic sewage septage sanitary sewage industrial waste agricultural waste sewage effluent. or human excreta shall not be allowed to remain open to the atmosphere or on the surface of the ground in such a. manner so as to be a source of noxious or offensive odors to be dangerous to health or to be a public nuisance. b Domestic sewage sanitary sewage septage industrial sewage industrial waste agricultural waste. sewage effluent or human excreta shall not be allowed to endanger any source or supply of drinking water or cause. damage to any public or private property 7 1 93, c Raw or untreated sewage septage or industrial waste or agricultural waste shall not be allowed in. any body of water water course or any underground water drain any storm water drain channel or other surface. water drain 7 1 93, 05 Sewage and Waste Disposal Authorization to Connect to an Installed System 3 27 07.
Section 100 Page 5,Archive 2013,IDAHO ADMINISTRATIVE CODE IDAPA 41 01 01. Public Health Districts Rules of Idaho Public Health District 1. a This applies to connection to an approved drainfield installation that has never received wastewater. flows 3 27 07, b Application must be made and an authorization to connect permit issued to determine that the site. has not been compromised and continues to meet the standards under which the original permit was issued A fee for. such inspection may be set by the Board A drainfield that is installed inspected and approved shall be valid to be. connected to under the conditions of the original permit for which it was issued for five 5 years from the date of. permit application provided that the site and its surroundings are not substantially modified 7 1 09. 101 109 RESERVED, 110 SEWAGE DISPOSAL ON THE RATHDRUM PRAIRIE IN KOOTENAI COUNTY IDAHO. The Board has determined that extensive use of subsurface wastewater disposal on the Rathdrum Prairie presents a. threat to the public health by contamination of the Rathdrum Aquifer which is a drinking water source It is the intent. of the Board to adopt rules to govern subsurface sewage disposal on the Rathdrum Prairie 7 1 93. 01 Title These rules within this Section shall be known and cited as the Rathdrum Prairie Sewage. Disposal Rules 7 1 93, 02 Scope The provisions of this Section shall apply to subsurface sewage disposal systems installed. on the Rathdrum Prairie 7 1 93, 03 Definitions The following definitions shall apply to the Rathdrum Prairie sections of these rules.
a Sewage Loading The total liquid volume of sewage produced on any given parcel of land and. expressed as gallons day 7 1 93, b Dwelling Equivalent The total sewage loading from a single family dwelling When applied to. structures or facilities other than housing units a dwelling equivalent shall be equal to two hundred and fifty 250. IDAPA 41 PUBLIC HEALTH DISTRICTS 41 01 01 RULES OF IDAHO PUBLIC HEALTH DISTRICT 1 000 LEGAL AUTHORITY The rules and standards set forth hereinafter shall be known as the Environmental Code of Panhandle Health District 1 This Code shall supersede and replace any county sanitary codes in existence prior to July 1 1971 This Code is

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