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Published jointly in 2003 by the,INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANIZATION. 4 Albert Embankment London SE1 7SR United Kingdom,INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION. 999 University Street Montreal Quebec Canada H3C 5H7. First edition 1998,Second edition March 2003,Third edition September 2003. This edition printed in Canada by ICAO,ISBN 92 9194 181 6. ICAO PUBLICATION,ICAO sales number 9731 3,Copyright IMO ICAO 2003.
All rights reserved,No part of this publication may be reproduced. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means electronic electrostatic. magnetic tape mechanical photocopying or otherwise. without prior permission in writing from the,International Maritime Organization or. the International Civil Aviation Organization,AMENDMENTS. The issue of amendments is announced regularly in the ICAO Journal and in the. monthly Supplement to the Catalogue of ICAO Publications and Audio visual. Training Aids which holders of this publication should consult The space below is. provided to keep a record of such amendments,RECORD OF AMENDMENTS AND CORRIGENDA.
AMENDMENTS CORRIGENDA,Date Date Entered Date Date Entered. No applicable entered by No of issue entered by, The primary purpose of the three volumes of the International. Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual is to assist States. in meeting their own search and rescue SAR needs and the obligations. they accepted under the Convention on International Civil Aviation the. International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue and the. International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea SOLAS These. volumes provide guidelines for a common aviation and maritime. approach to organizing and providing SAR services States are. encouraged to develop and improve their SAR services to co operate. with neighbouring States and to consider their SAR services to be part. of a global SAR system, Each IAMSAR Manual volume is written with specific SAR system duties. in mind and can be used as a stand alone document or in conjunction. with the other two volumes as a means to attain a full view of the SAR. The Organization and Management volume volume I discusses the. global SAR system concept establishment and improvement of. national and regional SAR systems and co operation with neighbour. ing States to provide effective and economical SAR services. The Mission Co ordination volume volume II assists personnel who. plan and co ordinate SAR operations and exercises and. enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 3 egaP. The Mobile Facilities volume volume III is intended to be carried. aboard rescue units aircraft and vessels to help with performance of. a search rescue or on scene co ordinator function and with aspects. of SAR that pertain to their own emergencies, This Manual is published jointly by the International Civil Aviation. Organization and the International Maritime Organization. Since it was published in 1998 this volume has been amended by the. 2001 Amendments adopted by ICAO and by the IMO Maritime Safety. Committee at its seventy fourth session in June 2001 and entered into. force on 1 July 2002 by the 2002 Amendments adopted by ICAO. and by the seventy fifth session of that Committee in May 2002 and. entered into force on 1 July 2003 and by the 2003 amendments. adopted by ICAO and by the seventy seventh session of that. Committee in June 2003 and apply as from 1 July 2004 It has also. been amended to reflect the changes to chapter V of SOLAS 1974 that. were adopted in December 2000 and entered into force on 1 July. enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 4 egaP. Abbreviations and Acronyms vii,Glossary xi,Section 1 Overview 1 i.
Section 2 Rendering Assistance 2 i,Section 3 On Scene Co ordination 3 i. Section 4 On Board Emergencies 4 i,Appendices,Appendix A Regulation V 33 of the International. Convention for the Safety of Life,at Sea 1974 as amended A 1. Appendix B Search Action Message B 1, Appendix C Factors Affecting Observer Effectiveness C 1. Appendix D Standard Format for Search and Rescue,Situation Report SITREP D 1.
Appendix E SAR Briefing and Debriefing Form E 1, enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 5 egaP. enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 6 egaP 30 7 92. Abbreviations and Acronyms,A search area,A C aircraft. ACO aircraft co ordinator,AM amplitude modulation,AMVER Automated Mutual assistance Vessel Rescue. ATC air traffic control,ATS air traffic services,CES coast earth station. CIRM Centro Internazionale Radio Medico,CRS coast radio station.
C S call sign,CS creeping line search,CSC creeping line search co ordinated. CSP commence search point,CW continuous wave,DF direction finding. DMB datum marker buoy, enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 7 egaP. DR dead reckoning,DSC digital selective calling,ELT emergency locator transmitter. EPIRB emergency position indicating radio beacon,ETA estimated time of arrival.
ETD estimated time of departure,F V fishing vessel. FM frequency modulation,f w weather correction factor. GES ground earth station,Abbreviations and Acronyms. GHz gigahertz,GMDSS global maritime distress and safety system. GPS global positioning system,GS ground speed,gt gross ton.
HF high frequency,ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization. IFR instrument flight rules,IMC instrument meteorological conditions. IMO International Maritime Organization, Inmarsat International Mobile Satellite Organization. INTERCO International Code of Signals, JRCC joint aeronautical and maritime rescue co ordination centre. kHz kilohertz,kt knot nautical mile per hour,LCB line of constant bearing.
LES land earth station,LKP last known position,LUT local user terminal. enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 8 egaP. M V merchant vessel,MCC mission control centre,MEDEVAC medical evacuation. MEDICO medical advice usually by radio,MF medium frequency. MHz megahertz,MSI maritime safety information,NBDP narrow band direct printing. Abbreviations and Acronyms,NM nautical mile,OSC on scene co ordinator.
PIW person in water,PLB personal locator beacon,POB persons on board. PS parallel sweep search,R search radius,R T radio telephony. RANP regional air navigation plan,RCC rescue co ordination centre. RSC rescue sub centre,RTG radio telegraphy,RTT radio teletype. S track spacing,S V sailing vessel,SAR search and rescue.
SART search and rescue transponder,SC search and rescue co ordinator. SES ship earth station, enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 9 egaP. SITREP situation report,SMC search and rescue mission co ordinator. SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea,SRR search and rescue region. SRS search and rescue sub region,SRU search and rescue unit.
SS expanding square search,SSB single sideband,SU search unit. T search time available,Abbreviations and Acronyms. T true course,TAS true air speed,TS track line search. TSN track line search non return,UHF ultra high frequency. UTC co ordinated universal time,V SAR facility ground speed.
VFR visual flight rules,VHF very high frequency,VMC visual meteorological conditions. VS sector search,WT radio telegraph, enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 01 egaP. Aircraft co ordinator A person who co ordinates the involvement. ACO of multiple aircraft in SAR operations, Automated Mutual A world wide vessel reporting system for. assistance Vessel Rescue SAR for maintaining estimated position and. System AMVER other data of merchant vessels that,voluntarily participate. Captain Master of a ship or pilot in command of an. aircraft commanding officer of a warship or,an operator of any other vessel.
Coast earth station Maritime name for an Inmarsat shore based. CES station linking ship earth stations with,terrestrial communications networks. Commence search point Point normally specified by the SMC where. CSP a SAR facility is to begin its search pattern, Conclusion stage A period during a SAR incident when SAR. facilities return to their regular location and,prepare for another mission. Cospas Sarsat System A satellite system designed to detect distress. beacons transmitting on the frequencies,121 5 MHz and 406 MHz. enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 11 egaP. The intended horizontal direction of travel,of a craft.
Craft Any air or sea surface vehicle or,submersible of any kind or size. Datum A geographic point line or area used as a,reference in search planning. Digital selective calling A technique using digital codes which. DSC enables a radio station to establish contact,with and transfer information to another. station or group of stations, Direction of waves Direction from which the waves swells or. swells or seas seas are moving, Direction of wind Direction from which the wind is blowing.
Distress alert Notification by any means that a distress. situation exists and assistance is needed, Ditching The forced landing of an aircraft on water. Drift Movement of a search object caused by,environmental forces. Emergency locator Aeronautical radio distress beacon for. transmitter ELT alerting and transmitting homing signals. Emergency position A device usually carried aboard maritime. indicating radio beacon craft that transmits a signal that alerts. EPIRB search and rescue authorities and enables,rescue units to locate the scene of the. False alarm Distress alert initiated for other than an. appropriate test by communications,equipment intended for alerting when no. distress situation actually exists, False alert Distress alert received from any source.
including communications equipment,intended for alerting when no distress. situation actually exists and a notification of,distress should not have resulted. Fetch The distance the waves have been driven by, enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 21 egaP. a wind blowing in a constant direction,without obstruction. Global maritime distress A global communications service based. and safety system upon automated systems both satellite. GMDSS based and terrestrial to provide distress,alerting and promulgation of maritime safety.
information for mariners, Heading The horizontal direction in which a craft is. Hypothermia Abnormal lowering of internal body,temperature heat loss from exposure to. cold air wind or water, Inmarsat An organization which operates a system of. geostationary satellites for world wide,mobile communications services and which. supports the GMDSS and other emergency,communications systems.
Leeway The movement of a search object through,water caused by winds blowing against. exposed surfaces,MAYDAY Spoken international distress signal. repeated three times, MEDEVAC Evacuation of a person for medical reasons. MEDICO Medical advice Exchange of medical,information and recommended treatment. for sick or injured persons where treatment,cannot be administered directly by.
prescribing medical personnel, Narrow band direct Automated telegraphy as used by the. printing NBDP NAVTEX system and telex over radio,NAVAREA One of 16 areas into which the world s. oceans are divided by the International,Maritime Organization for dissemination of. navigation and meteorological warnings, enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 31 egaP. NAVTEX Telegraphy system for transmission of,maritime safety information navigation and.
meteorological warnings and urgent,information to ships. On scene The search area or the actual distress site. On scene co ordinator A person designated to co ordinate search. OSC and rescue operations within a specified,PAN PAN The international radiotelephony urgency. signal When repeated three times indicates,uncertainty or alert followed by nature of. Primary swell The swell system having the greatest height. from trough to crest, Rescue An operation to retrieve persons in distress. provide for their initial medical or other,needs and deliver them to a place of safety.
Rescue action plan A plan for rescue operations normally. prepared by the SMC for implementation by,the OSC and facilities on scene. Rescue co ordination A unit responsible for promoting efficient. centre RCC organization of search and rescue services. and for co ordinating the conduct of search,and rescue operations within a search and. rescue region, Rescue sub centre RSC A unit subordinate to a rescue co ordination. centre established to complement the latter,according to particular provisions of the. responsible authorities,SafetyNET Communications service provided via.
Inmarsat for promulgation of maritime,safety information including shore to ship. relays of distress alerts and communications,for search and rescue. co ordination, enidualc d3 lerp3LOV losnoc3002dn2 3loVrasmai e269 VAN O 41 egaP. Sea Condition of the surface resulting from,waves and swells. Search An operation normally co ordinated by a,rescue co ordination centre or rescue sub.
Doc 9731 AN 958 IAMSAR Manual INTERNATIONAL AERONAUTICAL AND MARITIME SEARCH AND RESCUE MANUAL Volume III MOBILE FACILITIES incorporating 2001 2002 and 2003 amendments IMO ICAO London Montreal 2003 Published jointly in 2003 by the INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ORGANIZATION 4 Albert Embankment London SE1 7SR United Kingdom and the INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION 999 University Street

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