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Praise for Hypnodontics, I am looking forward to applying the techniques in this. book to help my patients I believe Hypnodontics will add. great value to my practice where we strive to give optimal. dental care with comfort and in a friendly environment We ll. do anything we can to make our patients more,comfortable Isabel C David DDS APC Encinitas CA. Without a doubt this book can help every single dental. office Read it Study it Then reread it It works Marvin. Pantangco DDS, It has been my experience that Juan Acosta is able to. blend the art of clear communication with patient, leadership to influence the patient s desire for dental. excellence and willingness to pay for it People do not. need a smart phone they want a smart phone Juan, transforms patients low level need for dentistry into a.
want for it Evan Harris Patterson Dental, As a clinical dental hygienist and hypnotherapist I am so. thrilled Juan Acosta has written this book His knowledge. and use of hypnotic language in dentistry provides dental. professionals the right practical tools to be more successful. in all arenas of their work Read it apply it and watch your. success unfold Jackie Foskett RDH C Ht, The tools Mr Acosta has offered are valuable in the dental. office and any area of life Dental professionals who choose. to master these skills will enhance their financial success. facilitate clear client communication and help patients get. what they want while maximizing their bottom line and. making the art of managing patients much easier for the. front office Dr Richard Nongard, Juan Acosta has fine tuned the art of hypnodontics with. this comprehensive compelling and clear manual for dental. professionals Not only does he make a sound case for the. integration of hypnosis into dentistry he provides a. multitude of practical and easy to apply approaches which. will immediately enhance a patient s experience Kelley T. Woods co author of HOPE is Realistic A Physician s Guide. to Helping Patients Take the Suffering out of Pain. HYPNODONTICS is highly recommended Acosta s book is. a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of. dental hypnosis I think it is a must read for dental and. hypnosis professionals that want to improve their practices. Michael Ellner Diplomat The International Medical and. Dental Hypnotherapy Association, This book belongs in the hands of dental professionals. everywhere It will revolutionize the way you work with. clients In an easy to read and follow format you ll learn. some of the secrets of professional hypnotherapists and. how to apply them effortlessly and effectively in your. practice Michael Watson C Ht,HYPNODONTICS, Ethical Influence Language for Dental Professionals.
Juan P Acosta CHP,www Hypnodontist com, Copyright 2014 Juan P Acosta CHP All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of any portion of this book is strictly prohibited. without prior written consent from the author,ISBN 978 1 5003 1112 4. Published by Hypnodontist com, This book carries a distribution license that allows professional. hypnotists seeking to expand into the Hypnodontics market to. have a great tool in their hands to help their local dental. DISCLAIMER The content of this book can help you make. your dental patients more comfortable and your practice more. profitable However we Juan P Acosta Hypnodontist Its. associates and affiliates cannot guarantee the performance of. your team We do not make any income claims and we bring. this volume to you with the intent to educate and enhance the. quality of all the lives you touch including yours Your success. with the skills taught in this book is directly proportional to the. amount of time and effort you devote to practicing and. growing as you learn the language of ethical influence. For more information about how,hypnodontics can help please visit. www Hypnodontist com,To all who continuously stand behind me and.
push me forward especially my Mother,I m so happy and grateful to have you. TABLE OF CONTENTS,Foreword By Scott Sandland C Ht 1. Introduction 3,Hypnodontics 5,This Book 6,Practicing 9. Suggestibility and Belief 11,Pre framing framing and re framing 13. Building Rapport 19,Pacing and Leading 19,Matching and Mirroring 22.
Facial Expressions,5 Senses Synesthesia 28,Identification 33. Consequence of Thought 37,What should I say 37,The Direction of Motivation 39. Subconscious Communication 43,Wordswordswordswords 43. Process Language 45,Artfully Vague 46,Affirmatively Speaking 47. Language Patterns 48,Embedded Commands Action Steps 49.
Presuppositions Assumptions 51,Confusion Ambiguity 54. Tag Questions 57,Tonality and Inflection 62,Sentence Structuring 64. Applied Social Influence 70,Cialdini s Principles 70. WANTED Less Chemicals 80,Placebo 80,Emotional Regulation 86. Breathing 86,Mindfulness 88,Anchors 91,Pain Anxiety Relief Techniques 95.
Submodalities 96,Dissociation 102,Imagery 105,Synesthesia again 109. Unconscious Behaviors 110,The Con Artist 115,Appendix Dental Phone Script Book 117. The Next Step Implementation 158,Hypnodontics Juan P Acosta CHP. In 2003 I began working as a hypnotist on staff in a dental. practice In the years since I have been fortunate enough to. see for myself the variety of ways hypnosis and its. principles can be employed in a dental office I have met. and worked alongside many dental professionals who have. shared a positive outlook on dental hypnosis but don t. have the resources to develop personal competency in the. A few years ago I met Juan Acosta a colleague passionate. about helping connect hypnosis practitioners and dental. professionals to improve patient outcomes as well as. practice operations His plan to educate and introduce. both sides immediately made sense to me as it allows all. parties to share a common goal and language His passion. and skill set will show themselves early in this book and. readers will quickly see the excitement and logic he brings. to this endeavor, This book represents one of the initial major steps towards. Juan s goal of facilitating a better relationship between. dental and hypnosis professionals I trust you ll take away. from this book practical pieces you can incorporate with. your patients immediately and to see the potential for. more with additional training and practice,Scott Sandland C Ht.
Founder of the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute and. Hypnothoughts com the largest hypnosis network on earth. with over 16 000 members as of 2014,Hypnodontics Juan P Acosta CHP. Hypnodontics Juan P Acosta CHP,Introduction, Dental anxiety and other unconscious behaviors are. major contributors to poor oral health Over the last two. years I dedicated my time to bringing comfort to the. dental practice in an effort to change that, Having gone through specialized training for common. mind body dental issues like teeth grinding and TMJD. overactive gag reflex and insomnia etc I knew the, dental field could use me but at first I was shortsighted. I saw opportunities for patients to benefit from this. approach and it gave me a great sense of satisfaction to. help them but I didn t realize the greater impact I could. have on the rest of the dental practice s day to day. operations, In 2012 I had the opportunity to manage a dental clinic.
and while working there my direct interaction with. almost a thousand patients several dozen doctors and. other dental professionals helped me broaden how I. view the scope of my work,Suddenly I began to notice my skills were helping. the practice grow due to reduced no shows more and. better online reviews and referrals and increased, patient satisfaction and retention All that in addition to. the already improved patient outcomes faster healing. Hypnodontics Juan P Acosta CHP, times and associated benefits of reducing chemical. anesthesia and prescription drugs, With a new outlook I began to work with other dental. practices and the scope of the trainings offered at. Hypnodontist grew to include the language of ethical. influence for dental professionals which helps practices. increase case acceptance revive old lists of patients who. haven t scheduled and generally finding ways for, patients to elect to do the dentistry work their mouths.
Within these pages then dear dental professional you. will find effective communication techniques to help you. become even more efficient and influential with your. patients and other team members, To put it simply this book will help you offer your. patients the type of complementary care that shows. them how much you care and it will teach you and your. team how to keep them as patients and friends for life. I applaud your dedication to your patients experience. and trust we ll get to work together some time in the. Let s get moving,Hypnodontics Juan P Acosta CHP,Hypnodontics. Unwanted unconscious behaviors show up in all fields of. health care In dentistry they present themselves in the. form of fears and phobias dental anxiety overactive gag. reflex teeth grinding clenching insomnia or undesired. habits like smoking and nail biting to name a few, Hypnodontics deals with eliminating the symptoms of. these conditions and in many cases the conditions, themselves Although formal hypnosis isn t used in any. of the techniques in this book you ll soon understand. how hypnosis in a broader sense is the perfect, addition to the excellent care you already provide.
Understanding the profound effect our words and, actions can have on treatment outcomes makes the art. of effective patient communications a skill worth, learning As a bonus when you apply them the concepts. and techniques you re about to learn will enhance every. other area of your life, Unlike other dental specialties Hypnodontics deals only. with the mental portion of your patients oral health not. with the teeth themselves,Hypnodontics Juan P Acosta CHP. This book is about your developing a useful practical. skill set which helps you make your patients comfortable. and your practice more profitable What you ll learn here. will dramatically improve your patients experience with. you and your services and thereby their quality of life. and the sustainability of your practice,There are 5 key elements in the paragraph above.
Development As it s the case with any other skill worth. learning becoming proficient enough to be useful,requires you understand the learning process. Up until now you may have never thought of using, hypnosis and the mind body approach in your dental. office So up until now it had been excusable for you to. unknowingly miscommunicate with your patients, possibly asking them to experience more pain or anxiety. than necessary Yes ignorance is bliss, Now after reading this volume with the intent to truly. understand the subject your new awareness will begin. to turn the skills you will have learned here into. unconscious competence only as fast as you are able to. practice and apply these skills with a live person So. practice practice practice When the words flow easily. and you catch yourself succeeding with these skills then. HYPNODONTICS Ethical Influence Language for Dental Professionals Juan P Acosta CHP Praise for Hypnodontics I am looking forward to applying the techniques in this book to help my patients I believe Hypnodontics will add great value to my practice where we strive to give optimal dental care with comfort and in a friendly environment We ll do anything we can to make our

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