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The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Hewlett Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material including but. not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. HP shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in. connection with the furnishing performance or use of this material. HP assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its software on equipment that is not furnished. This document contains proprietary information that is protected by copyright All rights are reserved. No part of this document may be photocopied reproduced or translated to another language without. the prior written consent of HP,Hewlett Packard Company. Home Products Division,P O Box 4010,Cupertino CA 95015 4010. Printed in the USA, Copyright Hewlett Packard Company 1997 All rights reserved. Hewlett Packard is a registered trademark of Hewlett Packard Company in the United States of America. and other countries, Other brand or product names are trademarks of their respective holders. Chapter 1 Setting Up Your Chapter 3 Operating Your. System 1 Computer 13, Finding a Place for Your Computer 1 Learning Computer Basics 14.
Putting Your Computer Together 2 Turning Off Your Computer 15. Getting Comfortable 2 Suspending Your Computer 16, Your System is Working 3 Using the One Touch Multimedia Keyboard 17. Using the Fax Machine 23,Chapter 2 Starting Out,My Software Folder 6. Personal Guide 7,HP Support Center 11,Contents iii. Chapter 4 Running Programs Adding More Memory 61,and Creating Files 25 Installing Add in Cards 64. Using the BIOS Setup Program 66,Running Software Programs 26.
FCC Regulatory and Safety Information 69,Using Documents and Folders 27. Declaration of Conformity 72,Adding New Software Programs to Your Computer 29. Safety Information 73,Removing Programs from Your Computer 29. Products Provided with External Television Antenna. Removing Icons from the Windows 95 Desktop 30,Connectors 74. Running MS DOS 31,Chapter 5 Troubleshooting 33,Chapter 6 Upgrading and.
Servicing Your Computer 51,Connecting Components to Your PC 53. Using Headphones 54,Using Your Computer with Your Stereo System 55. Replacing the Battery 56,Reconfiguring Keyboard Buttons and the Display 59. iv HP Pavilion PC User s Guide,1 Setting Up Your System. Thank you for choosing a Hewlett Packard Provide access to the back of the computer. Pavilion PC To maximize your comfort and and the display during setup. productivity it is important that you set up and,Use grounded three prong electrical outlets.
use your system properly,for the computer and display HP recommends. that you also use a power strip with surge,Finding a Place for protection. Your Computer Place the computer near a phone jack so that. Keep these recommendations in mind when you you can connect the modem The modem is. choose a place for your computer needed to send and receive faxes and e mail. and to log on to the Internet,Choose a room that is dry clean and well. ventilated Consider the location of the windows in the. room if the display reflects direct sunlight,Place the computer on a strong flat surface. viewing the display may be uncomfortable,with enough space to move the mouse around.
Chapter 1 Setting Up Your System 1,it may be alleviated by ergonomically designed. Putting Your accessories such as adjustable chairs footrests. Computer Together keyboard trays wrist rests and glare screens. For step by step instructions on putting your, computer together refer to the Welcome Poster 0 15. that came in your computer box You ll notice that, the colors of the cable plugs match the colors 20 28 inches. of the connector labels on the back of your 0 15,computer When in doubt match the colors. Getting Comfortable,Refer to the manual Working in Comfort With.
Your HP Computer Equipment which was,provided with your HP Pavilion PC for important. ergonomic information,Note You should take frequent short breaks while. using the computer we suggest you take a break after. 15 to 20 minutes on the computer Stretch each time. you take a break If you experience physical discomfort. 2 HP Pavilion PC User s Guide,Your System is Working. When you first turn on your computer a series,of startup screens including a mouse tutorial. appears and then you see the Microsoft,Windows 95 desktop Your computer is now.
Double click the Free Game icon on the desktop,In addition to giving you a free game this. procedure will guide you through the steps,necessary to register It is important to register. with HP so that you can be notified of changes, and updates for your HP Pavilion PC If Your System is Not Working. After you register online a roadmap points out If one or more of your system components. and describes several important icons on your are not working properly see Chapter 5. desktop For further information on Personal Troubleshooting beginning on page 33. Guide and HP Support Center see the next,Chapter 1 Setting Up Your System 3. 4 HP Pavilion PC User s Guide,2 Starting Out with HP.
To help you get started HP provides simple solutions for discovering Note Your computer is shipped. your software learning Windows 95 getting support and using the with Windows 95 Hewlett Packard. does not support Windows NT on, Internet The following table describes these solutions the Pavilion. Topic HP Solution What It Does, Discovering My Software This folder contains descriptions of various preinstalled applications HP provides on your PC Look. your software folder here to learn a little about the applications before using them. Learning Personal Personal Guide teaches you about Windows 95 folders documents shortcuts and Windows. Windows 95 Guide Explorer It gives you answers to frequently asked Windows 95 questions and also gives you quick. access to the Internet and the HP Support Center, Getting HP HP Support The HP Support Center provides you with online documentation tutorials diagnostics system tools. support Center and answers to frequently asked questions Check your disk for viruses make more room on your. hard drive recover lost or damaged HP programs and contact technical support personnel from the. HP Support Center An online diagnostic tool SystemWizard will take you through a sequence of. questions for problem identification and offer possible solutions If you don t solve the problem this. way whatever you have tried so far is recorded for your support person to look at when you call. Using the Internet An Internet service provider has been provided Upon registration you will receive 50 free hours to. Internet Access use the Internet with HP s customized browser Be sure to explore the HP At Home Web site. designed for HP Pavilion PC owners To access the Internet double click the Internet Access icon. on your Windows 95 desktop, The following sections describe the solutions in more detail. Chapter 2 Starting Out with HP 5,My Software Folder.
Your HP Pavilion PC comes with a number of,preinstalled software programs The programs. vary depending on which system you purchased,To see what programs you have and run them. 1 Double click the My Software,folder on your Windows 95. 2 To run a program double click the program s,icon in the My Software window. Note You can also run all of these preinstalled,programs plus any new ones you install from the.
Windows 95 Programs list To see this list click,Start on the Windows 95 taskbar and then choose. Note Your window may show different software icons. 6 HP Pavilion PC User s Guide,Personal Guide,For those who are new to Windows 95 Personal. Guide provides an easy way to start using your HP,Pavilion PC It offers easy access to a variety of. on screen tutorials and multimedia demos that, will help you get up and running quickly with your. new computer, Start Personal Guide by double clicking its icon on.
the Windows 95 desktop,To explore a Personal Guide category click its. button in the Personal Guide window,Descriptions of the Personal Guide categories are. listed on the following page,Chapter 2 Starting Out with HP 7. Personal Guide Categories, Organizing Your Files Helps you get acquainted with the Windows 95 desktop creating folders saving files moving and. removing documents finding files creating shortcuts and using Windows Explorer. Managing Your Software Explains how to install and remove software add software to the Start menu prevent software from. starting automatically and start a DOS session, Changing Your Desktop Explains how to increase the size of the desktop change Windows 95 colors choose a screen.
saver remove icons from the desktop format the taskbar and use Suspend mode. In Case of a Problem Takes you directly to the HP Support Center so that you can get any additional questions answered. Take Me to the Internet Launches a demo summarizing the benefits of the Internet If you sign up for a free Internet access. trial you can access your browser directly from here. Several of the categories Organizing Your Files,Managing Your Software and Changing Your. Desktop contain a number of topics for which,you can run tutorials Just click a topic read the. helpful information presented on the screen and,then click Show Me a Step by Step Demo to. see and hear the multimedia tutorial,8 HP Pavilion PC User s Guide. Easy Internet Access,HP has made it easy for you to explore the world.
of the Internet by providing,A customized Internet browser that points. you to some of the most interesting sites on,Free Internet access for up to 50 hours E mail. is included and no credit card is needed,To launch the custom browser press the Internet. button on the keyboard or double click the, Internet Access icon on your desktop You can then watch an interactive demo that will. acquaint you with the Web and show you how to,use e mail When you re ready click Sign Up to.
register for your free Internet access trial,Chapter 2 Starting Out with HP 9. After you sign up you will see the HP At Home,Web site which was created especially for HP. Pavilion PC owners It s filled with questions and,answers tips tricks and activities for fun with. your HP Pavilion PC The custom browser,provides direct links to popular sites on the Web. helps you search the Web for specific topics lets,you send and receive e mail and more Even if.
you already have an Internet service provider and,an e mail address you can still use the browser. provided Simply select this option during the,sign up process. The HP At Home owners Web site is located at,http www hp at home com. 10 HP Pavilion PC User s Guide,HP Support Center,If you are having trouble learning a new software. program or diagnosing a hardware problem,the HP Support Center is the place to go Your.
support options online documentation tutorials,and system maintenance tools have been grouped. in this one convenient location To go to the,Support Center choose HP Support Center in. the Start menu or double click the icon on the,Descriptions of HP Support Center options are. listed on the following page,Chapter 2 Starting Out with HP 11. Upon registration you will receive 50 free hours to use the Internet with HP s customized browser Be sure to explore the HP At Home Web site designed for HP Pavilion PC owners To access the Internet double click the Internet Access icon on your Windows 95 desktop The following sections describe the solutions in more detail 2 Starting Out with HP 6 HP Pavilion PC User s Guide My

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