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HOW TO GUIDE,INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING,GNS3 AND NPM. IT S ALL IN YOUR MIND OR ON YOUR LAPTOP, Using GNS3 and SolarWinds to create a completely virtualized monitoring environment. This guide provides detailed step by step instructions for setting up GNS3 creating a network and then setting. up a virtual machine running the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring solution. INTRODUCTION,About GNS3, GNS3 is a tool that lets you create virtual network devices that act like real network devices Why would you. want to do this Well for years GNS3 has been the go to solution for people who wanted to pass their network. certification exams without having to drop thousands of dollars on actual network gear and creative but frugal. network professionals who wanted to mock up and test their network designs before rolling them out in a real. production environment,About SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor NPM. NPM is the flagship product from SolarWinds Inc It monitors devices for availability up down performance. capacity and more using agentless techniques including SNMP and WMI Devices which can be monitored include. servers running Windows Linux UNIX and MacOS network devices like routers switches and wireless access. points and any device with an IP address,GNS3 SolarWinds Awesome.
With a relatively recent update GNS3 s support of virtual PCs and servers via Oracle and their open source. VirtualBox tool a whole new class of IT pro has a reason to be really excited Monitoring engineers who want to. test new software and or versions can now set up an entire fake network which could include servers routers. switches and more and perform test monitoring against that network. ABOUT THIS GUIDE, Monitoring engineers might be unfamiliar with setting up networks in GNS3 or otherwise Also GNS3 users might. be unfamiliar with the conventions of monitoring solutions like SolarWinds NPM. Which is where this guide comes in, This document provides step by step command by command show me with pictures instructions for installing. GNS3 setting up a network installing NPM and adding the GNS3 network devices to NPM for monitoring This. guide assumes almost nothing about the reader s background and expertise and provides detailed instructions. for all processes, So if you are a GNS3 guru and can set up a hybrid OSFP BGP EIGRP RIP network before your morning coffee you. can probably skip ahead to the NPM part And if you are a veteran SolarWinds expert who has installed NPM so many. times that you have the screens memorized you can probably stop reading once you get your network installed. For those of you who likely fall somewhere in the middle I hope this guide helps you to get to the part that s. actually useful testing your network and or monitoring changes in a safe environment before rolling them out. to your production environment,INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM. Let s get started,Here s an overview of what we re going to do.
1 Download everything,2 Install PuTTY,3 Install VirtualBox. 4 Install GNS3,5 Configure GNS3,6 Set up a simple network. 7 Add a virtual server to the network,8 Install Windows on the virtual server. 9 Install NPM on the virtual server,10 Configure NPM to monitor the devices. Before you start verify your hardware, You may be wondering What am I installing all this stuff on.
The answer is whatever you want really But of course we all know there are a few requirements. You should have at least a quad core processor on the machine because you will be running at least one. virtual machine along with a few virtual network devices not to mention your host operating system. You should probably have over 4GB of RAM You can run with 4 but things are going to be pretty slow for. the same reasons as the CPU requirement above, Disk space is less of an issue given today s standards GNS3 needs only about 100MB but you also need to. allow for the network device images plus at least one Windows virtual machine running SolarWinds NPM So. you should figure your disk needs to have 200GB to 300GB free. Step 1 Download everything, NOTE You ll need to create an account for the GNS3 community before the download link will work This is a. Very Good Thing and I strongly recommend you do that anyway See instructions below. GNS3 https community gns3 com community software download. PuTTY http www chiark greenend org uk sgtatham putty download html. VirtualBox https www virtualbox org wiki Downloads. NPM http www solarwinds com network performance monitor aspx. A copy of Windows, The images of the network device operating system Cisco IOS or other. 1 Create an account at GNS3 and download the package from here. https gns3 com software download,INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM. Next grab a copy of VirtualBox https www virtualbox org wiki Downloads On that same page you TOP 5 FREE TROUBLESHOOTING. can download the extensions While you don t have to have them they re good to help normalize the NETWORK MONITORING TOOLS. hardware interactions which is worth the extra 10 second download Response Time Viewer for Wireshark. Response Time Viewer for Wireshark, Of course you ll need the 30 day demo of SolarWinds NPM http www solarwinds com network.
analyzes a packet capture PCAP,performance monitor aspx. file to help you determine if it s the, Finally to make your life easier make sure you have PuTTY or a similar telnet ssh utility installed http network or the application. www chiark greenend org uk sgtatham putty download html. DOWNLOAD NOW, Another item you need to have handy is a copy of Windows SolarWinds NPM will install on any version. of Windows from Win7 up although server versions are better and 64 bit server versions are best so Network Analyzer Bandwidth. make sure you have that ready to go Monitoring Bundle. Quickly identify the types of network, You ll also need IOS images to create routers and switches within GNS3 For my example I m limiting traffic by flow data capture and. myself to using an image for a Cisco 3600 router using the image c3640 ik9s mz 124 25b image interface monitoring for bandwidth. usage in real time, Before you get on my back about NOT providing a link here I would like to point you to this section of.
the GNS3 For Windows Getting Started Guide DOWNLOAD NOW. Step 3 Defining Cisco IOS files Network Device Monitor. As mentioned earlier due to licensing issues you must provide your own Cisco IOS and license Monitor any statistic on any. SNMP enabled network device using,for IOU to use with GNS3. a groovy desktop dashboard, GNS3 is meant to be used in a lab environment for testing and learning Once you have obtained. DOWNLOAD NOW, your own copy of a Cisco IOS for one of the supported platforms you are ready to continue. Supported platforms are Cisco 7200 3600 series 3620 3640 and 3660 3700 series 3725 and. IP Address Tracker,3745 and 2600 series 2610 to 2650XM and 2691. Scan track and consolidate your,IP address information in one.
What this means is if you have a Cisco support contract you can download images from the Cisco com easy place saving you time and. eliminating errors and headaches, website There are probably other sources for IOS images on the Internet However that is beyond the. scope of this document and is left to the resourcefulness and ethics of the reader DOWNLOAD NOW. Step 2 Install PuTTY Wake On Lan,Remotely power up network PCs. And by install I mean unzip the package and put the executables someplace in your path. DOWNLOAD NOW,Step 3 Install VirtualBox and extensions. I m going to start by installing VirtualBox so GNS3 can detect it when I install it next But I m not going. to set up the NPM server just yet, There s really nothing special about the VirtualBox install Follow the prompts accept the defaults and. let it rip, Once the main installer finishes start VirtualBox and install the extension pack you DID download the.
extension pack right, 1 Go to File Preferences Extensions and click the Add new package button the blue box with the. yellow arrow on the right,2 Select the extension pack and click Open. 3 Accept the license agreement, 4 Follow the prompts until everything is installed. INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM,Step 4 Install GNS3. 1 Double click the GNS3 installer, 2 If you have User Access Control on confirm that you REALLY want to start the GNS3 installer.
3 Click Next on the splash screen,4 Accept the license agreement. INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM, 5 Select the Start menu location where GNS3 programs should appear. 6 And select the GNS3 elements,HINT TAKE ALL OF THEM. INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM, 7 Select the directory where GNS3 will be installed. 8 And finally click Install,INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM.
9 During the install, the sub modules WinPCAP Wireshark SolarWinds Response Time Viewer etc you selected have their own installer. Go ahead and click through those as well selecting the defaults unless you have a compelling reason not to do so Note that. some of the sub installers will pop under the main screen so you should probably minimize all open windows and keep an eye. out for new items on the taskbar just so you aren t waiting for a confirmation box which is hidden somewhere on the desktop. Certain items such as WinPCAP may attempt to install twice once because it s in the GNS3 list of installers. and again because it s part of the Wireshark install which GNS3 also installs. 10 Also note that from time to time GNS3 bundles in offers of free software from other vendors As with all installers. a modicum of common sense is always advisable Although the offer pictured below is a GREAT deal. INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM,Step 5 Start and configure GNS3. Once the GNS3 installer ends there is a checkbox to start GNS3 Go ahead and check that box and click Finish. After a brief bit of screen splashing you ll be in the main GNS3 screen and will be prompted to start a new. project Go ahead and name your project and click OK. Before you do anything else let s check some configuration settings by going to Edit Preferences and looking at. the General tab, Note the location of binary images That s where your IOS images need to go Go ahead and copy them into that. directory create it if you need to, NOTE Although we have mentioned and used Cisco IOS throughout the document GNS3 can also emulate a number. of other vendor hardware products For a comprehensive list of hardware that can be emulated using GNS3 check. the supported hardware documentation page or the GNS3 community page. Now you need to add images to the list of available routers Click down to the IOS routers option on the left and. click New Click the browse button and go to the location where you just placed all your IOS images Select an. image and click Open,INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM.
Follow the prompts taking the default options unless you have a compelling reason to change them Repeat this. process until have added all IOS images,Step 6 Create your network. For the following example I m setting up three Cisco 3600s connected via EIGRP This is a very simple setup intended. for readers who may not have much experience configuring a network If you want to set up something different. be my guest, Here are some notes about what this will look like when we re done A downloadable version of this project which. may require some updates depending on your installation of GNS3 is available at. GNS3 Sample Network,Complete these steps to create your network. 1 From the main screen click the router icon and drag a 3600 router onto the main page. TRICK To get all three routers at once press SHIFT drag You ll get a popup asking for the number of routers and. you ll be done,2 Right click the R1 router and choose Configure. a On the General tab set the name to Spring, b On the Slots tab set slots 0 and 1 to NM 4T serial.
c Set slot 2 to NM 1FE TX FastEthernet, 3 Click OK to finish and repeat these steps for Routers 2 and 3 naming them Summer and Fall respectively. Now that the routers are all placed and provisioned we need to configure them We re going to set up three network. connections on each router and then connect each of the routers together using the EIGRP protocol The remaining. FastEthernet interface is going to be on a management network which is how monitoring will be done. INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM,First a picture. And here s a description of the interfaces on each device. Router 1 name Spring,Interface 1 serial,10 1 1 1 24 i e gateway 255 255 255 0. Connects to Summer,Interface 2 serial,10 1 2 1 24,Connects to Fall. Interface 3 FastEthernet,10 1 100 1 24,Will be default gateway for management network.
Router 2 name Summer,Interface 1 serial,10 1 2 2 24. Connects to Spring,Interface 2 serial,10 1 3 1 24,Connects to Fall. Interface 3 FastEthernet,10 1 100 2 24,Connects to management network. Router 3 name Fall,Interface 1 serial,10 3 1 2 24,Connects to Summer. Interface 2 serial,10 1 2 2 24,Connects to Spring,Interface 3 FastEthernet.
10 1 100 3 24,Connects to management network,INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING GNS3 AND NPM. With that design in mind let s get to configuring,1 Click the Connection button. INSTALLING AND INTEGRATING NETWORK PERFORMANCE MONITOR amp GNS3 HOW TO GUIDE 2 HOW TO GUIDE IT S ALL IN YOUR MIND OR ON YOUR LAPTOP Using GNS3 and SolarWinds to create a completely virtualized monitoring environment This guide provides detailed step by step instructions for setting up GNS3 creating a network and then setting up a virtual machine running the SolarWinds Network

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