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KDL 22BX300 32BX300,TABLE OF CONTENTS,SECTION TITLE PAGE. Safety Related Component Warning 3,Safety Check Out 5. SECTION 1 DIAGRAMS 6,1 1 Circuit Boards Location 6. 1 2 Printed Wiring Boards and Schematic Diagrams Information 6. 1 3 Block Diagram 8,1 4 Schematics and Supporting Information 9. A Board Schematic Diagram 1 of 15 9,A Board Schematic Diagram 2 of 15 10.
A Board Schematic Diagram 3 of 15 11,A Board Schematic Diagram 4 of 15 12. A Board Schematic Diagram 5 of 15 13,A Board Schematic Diagram 6 of 15 14. A Board Schematic Diagram 7 of 15 15,A Board Schematic Diagram 8 of 15 16. A Board Schematic Diagram 9 of 15 17,A Board Schematic Diagram 10 of 15 18. A Board Schematic Diagram 11 of 15 19,A Board Schematic Diagram 12 of 15 20.
A Board Schematic Diagram 13 of 15 21,A Board Schematic Diagram 14 of 15 22. A Board Schematic Diagram 15 of 15 23, GD1 Power Board Schematic Diagram 1 of 2 KDL 22BX300 ONLY 26. GD1 Power Board Schematic Diagram 2 of 2 KDL 22BX300 ONLY 27. G2LE Power Board Schematic Diagram KDL 32BX300 ONLY 29. H Board Schematic Diagram 31,Switch Unit Schematic Diagram 32. APPENDIX A ENCRYPTION KEY COMPONENTS A 1,KDL 22BX300 32BX300 2. KDL 22BX300 32BX300,SAFETY RELATED COMPONENT WARNING.
There are critical components used in LCD color TVs that are important for safety These components are identified with shading and. mark on the schematic diagrams and the electrical parts list It is essential that these critical parts be replaced only with the part number. specified in the electrical parts list to prevent electric shock fire or other hazard. NOTE Do not modify the original design without obtaining written permission from the manufacturer or you will void the original parts and. labor guarantee,USE CAUTION WHEN HANDLING THE LCD PANEL. When repairing the LCD panel be sure you are grounded by using a wrist band. When installing the LCD panel on a wall the LCD panel must be secured using the 4 mounting holes on the rear cover. To avoid damaging the LCD panel, do not press on the panel or frame edge to avoid the risk of electric shock. do not scratch or press on the panel with any sharp objects. do not leave the module in high temperatures or in areas of high humidity for an extended period of time. do not expose the LCD panel to direct sunlight, avoid contact with water It may cause a short circuit within the module. disconnect the AC adapter when replacing the backlight CCFL or inverter circuit. High voltage occurs at the inverter circuit at 650Vrms. always clean the LCD panel with a soft cloth material. use care when handling the wires or connectors of the inverter circuit Damaging the wires may cause a short. protect the panel from ESD to avoid damaging the electronic circuit C MOS. LEAKAGE CURRENT HOT CHECK CIRCUIT,KDL 22BX300 32BX300 3. KDL 22BX300 32BX300, The circuit boards used in these models have been processed using.
Lead Free Solder The boards are identified by the LF logo located. close to the board designation e g H1 etc see example The. servicing of these boards requires special precautions to be taken as. outlined below, It is strongly recommended to use Lead Free Solder material in order to guarantee optimal quality of new solder joints. Lead Free Solder is available under the following part numbers. Part number Diameter Remarks,7 640 005 19 0 3mm 0 25Kg. 7 640 005 20 0 4mm 0 50Kg,7 640 005 21 0 5mm 0 50Kg. 7 640 005 22 0 6mm 0 25Kg,7 640 005 23 0 8mm 1 00Kg. 7 640 005 24 1 0mm 1 00Kg,7 640 005 25 1 2mm 1 00Kg.
7 640 005 26 1 6mm 1 00Kg, Due to the higher melting point of Lead Free Solder the soldering iron tip temperature needs to be set to 370 degrees centigrade. This requires soldering equipment capable of accurate temperature control coupled with a good heat recovery characteristics. For more information on the use of Lead Free Solder please refer to http www sony training com. KDL 22BX300 32BX300 4,KDL 22BX300 32BX300,SAFETY CHECK OUT. After correcting the original service problem perform the following The AC leakage from any exposed metal part to earth ground and. safety checks before releasing the set to the customer from all exposed metal parts to any exposed metal part having a. return to chassis must not exceed 0 5 mA 500 microamperes. 1 Check the area of your repair for unsoldered or poorly soldered Leakage current can be measured by any one of three methods. connections Check the entire board surface for solder splashes and. bridges 1 A commercial leakage tester such as the Simpson 229 or RCA. WT 540A Follow the manufacturers instructions to use these. 2 Check the interboard wiring to ensure that no wires are pinched or instructions. touching high wattage resistors, 2 A battery operated AC milliampmeter The Data Precision 245. 3 Check that all control knobs shields covers ground straps and digital multimeter is suitable for this job. mounting hardware have been replaced Be absolutely certain that. you have replaced all the insulators 3 Measuring the voltage drop across a resistor by means of a VOM. or battery operated AC voltmeter The limit indication is 0 75. 4 Look for unauthorized replacement parts particularly transistors V so analog meters must have an accurate low voltage scale. that were installed during a previous repair Point them out to the The Simpson s 250 and Sanwa SH 63TRD are examples of. customer and recommend their replacement passive VOMs that are suitable Nearly all battery operated digital. multimeters that have a 2 VAC range are suitable see Figure A. 5 Look for parts which though functioning show obvious signs of. deterioration Point them out to the customer and recommend their. How to Find a Good Earth Ground,replacement, A cold water pipe is a guaranteed earth ground the cover plate. retaining screw on most AC outlet boxes is also at earth ground If the. 6 Check the line cords for cracks and abrasion Recommend the retaining screw is to be used as your earth ground verify that it is at. replacement of any such line cord to the customer ground by measuring the resistance between it and a cold water pipe. with an ohmmeter The reading should be zero ohms, 7 Check the antenna terminals metal trim metallized knobs screws.
and all other exposed metal parts for AC leakage Check leakage as If a cold water pipe is not accessible connect a 60 to 100 watt. described below trouble light not a neon lamp between the hot side of the receptacle. and the retaining screw Try both slots if necessary to locate the hot. side on the line the lamp should light at normal brilliance if the screw. is at ground potential see Figure B,Leakage Test,To Exposed Metal. Parts on Set,Trouble Light,AC Outlet Box,0 15 F Voltmeter. Cold water Pipe,Earth Ground, Figure A Using an AC voltmeter to check AC leakage Figure B Checking for earth ground. KDL 22BX300 32BX300 5,KDL 22BX300 32BX300,SECTION 1 DIAGRAMS. 1 1 CIRCUIT BOARDS LOCATION,GD1 KDL 22BX300 ONLY,G2LE KDL 32BX300 ONLY.
SWITCH UNIT, 1 2 PRINTED WIRING BOARDS AND SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS INFORMATION. All capacitors are in F unless otherwise noted pF F 50WV or All voltages are in V. less are not indicated except for electrolytics and tantalums S Measurement impossibility. All electrolytics are in 50V unless otherwise specified B line. All resistors are in ohms k 1000 M 1000k B line Actual measured value may be different. Indication of resistance which does not have one for rating signal path RF. electrical power is as follows Pitch 5mm, Rating electrical power 1 4 W Circled numbers are waveform references. 4 W in resistance 1 10 W and 1 16 W in chip resistance. nonflammable resistor The components identified by shading and symbol are critical for safety Replace. only with part number specified,fusible resistor, internal component The symbol indicates a fast operating fuse and is displayed on the component. side of the board Replace only with fuse of the same rating as marked. panel designation and adjustment for repair,earth ground. Les composants identifies per un trame et une marque sont critiques pour la. earth chassis securite Ne les remplacer que par une piece portant le numero specifie. All variable and adjustable resistors have characteristic curve B. unless otherwise noted Le symbole indique une fusible a action rapide Doit etre remplace par une. fusible de meme yaleur comme maque,Readings are taken with a color bar signal input.
Readings are taken with a 10M digital multimeter, NOTE The components identified by a red outline and a mark contain confidential. Voltages are DC with respect to ground unless otherwise noted information Specific instructions must be adhered to whenever these components. Voltage variations may be noted due to normal production are repaired and or replaced. See Appendix A Encryption Key Components in the back of this manual. tolerances,KDL 22BX300 32BX300 6,KDL 22BX300 32BX300. REFERENCE INFORMATION Terminal name of semiconductors in silk screen. RN METAL FILM,TA TANTALUM,printed circuit,Printed symbol Terminal name Circuit. RC SOLID PS STYROL Collector, FPRD NONFLAMMABLE CARBON PP POLYPROPYLENE 1 Transistor. Base Emitter,FUSE NONFLAMMABLE FUSIBLE PT MYLAR, RW NONFLAMMABLE WIREWOUND MPS METALIZED POLYESTER 2 Transistor.
RS NONFLAMMABLE METAL OXIDE Base Emitter,MPP METALIZED POLYPROPYLENE. RB NONFLAMMABLE CEMENT ALB BIPOLAR Cathode,ADJUSTMENT RESISTOR ALT HIGH TEMPERATURE Anode. ALR HIGH RIPPLE Cathode,COIL 4 Diode,LF 8L MICRO INDUCTOR Cathode. Anode Cathode,Anode Cathode,Anode Anode,Anode Anode. Cathode Cathode,Cathode Cathode,Anode Cathode,12 Diode Anode Anode.
Cathode Anode,Transistor Source,13 Drain D D,Transistor Source S S. Transistor Source,15 Drain G G,FET Gate S S,16 Transistor Collector. Transistor B1 B2,17 E2 B2 C1,18 Transistor C1 C2,C1 B2 E2 E1 E2. 19 Transistor,20 Transistor B1 B2,21 Transistor B1. B2 E1 B2 E2,22 Transistor B1,B2 E1 B2 C2,23 Transistor.
Discrete semiconductor, Chip semiconductors that are not actually used are included. KDL 22BX300 32BX300 7,KDL 22BX300 32BX300,1 3 BLOCK DIAGRAM. KDL 22BX300 32BX300 8,KDL 22BX300 32BX300,1 4 SCHEMATICS AND SUPPORTING INFORMATION. A BOARD SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 1 OF 15,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. Stand By Power ANALOG POWER AV33,3V3SB PWR 5V PWR GND.
3V3SB U27 L27 100R 100MHZ 0805 5V PWR,L62 100R 100MHZ 0805 3 2 5V PWR 3V3SB PWR. VIN OUT 3V3SB PWR,C235 C236 R3249,ADJ VOUT DV11,10U 10V M 0 1U 16V K C12 C15 C31 C53. C192 C2 0805 X5R 0603 X7R FR1117 R3GTR 110 F 10U 10V M 0 1U 16V K 10U 10V M 10U 10V M DV33. 10U 10V M 0 1U 16V K null 0603 0805 X5R 0603 X7R 0805 X5R 0805 X5R AV33. 0805 X5R 0603 X7R AV125,DIGITAL POWER DV33 ANALOG POWER AV125. L79 100R 100MHZ 0805,3 2 1 TP227,INPUT OUTPUT 4 AV33 AV125. U1 L65 100R 100MHZ 0805,C237 C27 R27 C22 C21 C26 3 2 1 TP228.
10U 10V M 0 1U 16V K AZ1084S ADJTRE1 10U 10V M 10U 10V M 0 1U 16V K VIN OUT. 0805 X5R 0603 X7R null 110 F 0805 X5R 0805 X5R 0603 X7R C9 1 4. 0603 C181 0 1U 16V K R3 C10 C11, 10U 10V M 0603 X7R FR1117 R3GTR C182 0 1U 16V K 1U 16V K. 0805 X5R null 100 F 10U 10V M 0603 X7R 0603 X7R,0603 0805 X5R. Core Power 1 1V Q10 5V PWR,5V P2003EVG,5V PWR 1 TP231. 1 5UH 3 3A 0 038R DV11 3 7,L3 100R 100MHZ 0805 null U34 VLC5020T 1R5N 8. 4 5 1 2 DV11 1 TP229,6 C239 C240 R252 CAP24 C244, 3 C95 C13 10U 16V K 1U 16V K 10K J NC 220U 16V M 0 1U 50V K.
C160 0 1U 16V K CAP13 10U 10V M 1206 X7R 0603 X7R 0603 6 3x11 0603 X7R. C18 C19 1 8 NC 0 1U 16V K 0603 X7R 220U 16V M 0805 X5R. 10U 16V K 0 1U 50V K 7 0603 X7R R3254 6 3x11,1206 X7R 0603 X7R C14. NC 0 1U 16V K R3252 7 5K F R253 470K J0603,0603 X7R R3253 0603 1 2. 36K F G5682P11U,0402 30K J,C612 D2 R336,330P 16V J B340B. 20K F R254 10K J 0603 B0530WS 7 F,0402 NP0 C,0603 DV11 1 2 1 B null. E Q11 C243,MMBT3904 0 01U 25V K,RP5 36K SW Freq 1 4MHz 0 8 x 1 7 5K 20K 1 1V.
FP6346 T6GTR null,33UH 3A 0 0648R,L14 100R 100MHZ 0805 SCDS127T 330M N. 6 D3 CAP14 C96 D88,CAP20 C28 B340B 220U 16V M 0 1U 16V K LLZ5235B. 470U 16V M 0 1U 50V K R338 6 3x11 0603 X7R null,8x11 5 0603 X7R. DIGITAL ANALOG POWER,1 857 611 11 AZ1FK A P1,KDL 22BX300 32BX300 9. KDL 22BX300 32BX300,A BOARD SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 2 OF 15.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12, Damping for DDR 2 ADDR CMD Damping for DDR 1 ADDR CMD. A RDQ16 G8,NEAR BRANCH NEAR BRANCH,M8 1 A0 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 GND. RDQ17 G2 M3 2 A1 RDQ1 G2 M3 1 A1 DV33, RDQ18 H7 DQ1 A1 M7 2 A2 2 A0 RP2 1 8 RA0 1 A11 RP3 1 8 RA11 RDQ2 H7 DQ1 A1 M7 1 A2 3 5 6 8 12 13 15 16 17 DV33 AV125. RDQ19 H3 DQ2 A2 N2 2 A3 2 7 1 A8 2 7 RA8 RDQ3 H3 DQ2 A2 N2 1 A3 3 5 7 8 13 16 AV125. RDQ20 H1 DQ3 A3 N8 2 A4 2 A8 3 6 RA8 3 6 RDQ4 H1 DQ3 A3 N8 1 A4 DDRV. RDQ21 H9 DQ4 A4 N3 2 A5 2 A11 4 5 RA11 1 A0 4 5 RA0 RDQ5 H9 DQ4 A4 N3 1 A5 16 DDRV. RDQ22 F1 DQ5 A5 N7 2 A6 RDQ6 F1 DQ5 A5 N7 1 A6,56R 0804 8P4R 56R 0804 8P4R. RDQ23 F9 DQ6 A6 P2 2 A7 RDQ7 F9 DQ6 A6 P2 1 A7, RDQ24 C8 DQ7 A7 P8 2 A8 2 A3 RP4 1 8 RA3 1 A5 56R 4 5 RA5 RDQ8 C8 DQ7 A7 P8 1 A8.
RDQ25 C2 DQ8 A8 P3 2 A9 2 A10 2 7 RA10 1 A7 3 6 RA7 RDQ9 C2 DQ8 A8 P3 1 A9. RDQ26 D7 DQ9 A9 M2 2 A10 2 A1 3 6 RA1 1 A9 2 7 RA9 RDQ10 D7 DQ9 A9 M2 1 A10. RDQ27 D3 DQ10 A10 AP P7 2 A11 2 BA2 4 5 RBA2 1 A12 1 8 RA12 RDQ11 D3 DQ10 A10 AP P7 1 A11. ORIGINAL MANUAL ISSUE DATE 2 2010 REVISION DATE SUBJECT 2 2010 No revisions or updates are applicable at this time CONFIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL SERVICE MANUAL INTERNAL ONLY KDL 22BX300 32BX300 2 KDL 22BX300 32BX300 TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION TITLE PAGE Safety Related Component Warning 3 Safety Check Out 5 SECTION 1 DIAGRAMS 6 1 1 Circuit Boards Location 6 1 2 Printed

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