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CONTENTS 5 KEEPING WOMEN,COMING BACK,1 INTRODUCTION. PAGE 3 PAGE 28,Before YOU GET,STARTED PAGE 6 6 LEARNING FROM. OTHERS PAGE 33,7 A PPENDICES,3 Attracting women s,attention and. encouraging them to,attend Page 10, This guide will help you get more women and girls in your area active even if you re not directly involved. in the sport or leisure sector It provides hints tips suggestions and answers to your questions about how to attract. more women and girls to your sessions And it will help you run sessions that will appeal to them and keep them. coming back The guide has been designed so that you can read it as an end to end document or simply jump. to the sections that are most relevant to you Ready to get started and help engage more women and girls in sport. and physical activity Sally Gunnell OBE Olympic gold medalist 400m hurdles. 1 INTRODUCTION 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 3,Section 1 INTRODUCTION Why focus.
on women and girls, Gender has a big influence on activity levels Currently about. 41 7 of men play sport at least once a week compared to. only around 31 6 of women1 That means two million fewer. women than men get regular exercise yet women and girls. really want to get involved, Despite 13 million women and girls By doing so you ll be getting more. saying they want to play more sport women and girls active and attracting. nearly half of these are currently more enthusiastic people to your sport. inactive Clearly something is stopping and physical activity sessions. women and girls taking part and APS 9 Q2 ages 14 plus figures. together we can start to change that http www sportengland org research who plays sport. JUMP TO Who is this guide for 4 What s included 5 What s this guide based on 5. 1 INTRODUCTION 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4,Who is this,It s for you even if you re not. directly involved in sport or leisure,Helping more people get active. benefits all parts of society,If we re going to succeed then we all need to.
work in partnership as much as possible So,this guide will encourage you to work with other. organisations in your area whatever their size,and whether they are in the public private or. charity sector Because we all have one thing,in common we care about getting more. women and girls involved in physical activity,Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. A Word version of this document is also available,Please email IWIYW sportengland org for.
further information,1 INTRODUCTION 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 5. What s included, This guide contains practical advice If you haven t already done so start by reading Sport What s this guide based on. England s Go Where Women Are insight pack It, suggestions and top tips from various We have reviewed the large amount of evidence from across. shares the latest understanding of women their motivations England looking into how to get women and girls more active. projects and other organisations that have barriers and triggers to getting more active and how this. previously or are currently working to Sport England has funded programmes aiming to increase. can help you to shape your sport and exercise activities. the attraction of sport and physical activity to women. encourage more women and girls into sport This guide Helping Women and Girls to Get Active A and girls including more than 2m for a large scale. and physical activity Feel free to use as Practical Guide builds on Go Where Women Are It begins practical investigation in Bury Greater Manchester called. much or as little of the information from with a short warm up section on the things to think about I Will If You Will IWIYW We have spent time pulling. before you get started and provides hints tips and together all of this valuable learning and we hope that you. the guide as you wish Even using small suggestions throughout find this resource useful. sections of it will help you to take advantage The final section contains a range of case studies about Click here to visit the Women in Sport resource library. of the demand created by Sport England s the experiences of others who have already encouraged for more helpful information. This Girl Can campaign and get more more women and girls to take part. women and girls active in your local area,Attract women s Keep women. This guide will Run your and girls,help you to attention and encourage.
them to attend sessions coming back, Are you looking for funding to help run your sessions or buy equipment click here for advice. Need more help Email us at IWIYW sportengland org,1 2 BEFORE YOU GET STARTED 3 4 5 6 7 8 6. Section 2 Before you get started, To succeed in getting more women and girls involved in sport. and physical activity it s important that you start with a little. planning The first stage is to make sure that you are clear. who you re targeting and that you understand their motivations. and barriers to taking part This will help you to shape your. activity so that the women and girls want and feel confident. to take part in your sessions,JUMP TO What do I need to know about. local people before I get started,Where can I find out more about.
what women and girls want,1 2 BEFORE YOU GET STARTED 3 4 5 6 7 8 7. What do I need to know 2 Who are you trying,about local people. before I get started If you haven t already done so then this is the time. to identify the specific groups of local women and. girls you re looking to reach The more you can, target your activities the more success you ll have. If you can answer these three questions then you re Start by trying out the exercise here. in a great position to plan and deliver sport and physical. activities that attract more women and girls,1 Which women and girls. in your local area are,already active 3 What other activities.
are going on around you, Your area could be very different to the national picture Before you start planning anything new make sure you. or to another area nearby so it helps if you know how many understand what other activities are already going on in your. local women and girls are taking part in regular activity local area As well as making sure there s a market for your. Also which particular groups of women and girls are active activity it might reveal that there s someone you could partner. Which groups are not If you would like help with this try with Think about the full range of potential partners who. asking your local authority or County Sports Partnership CSP could help you get more women and girls active Remember. for advice Have a look at the CSP Network website even if a partner organisation isn t currently involved in. to find your local CSP delivering sport an increase in physical activity in the local. area could still help it to achieve its own goals,1 2 BEFORE YOU GET STARTED 3 4 5 6 7 8 8. Where can I find out What stops people,from doing exercise What would. more about what and physical activity,at the moment. make them want to,do more exercise or,women and girls want physical activity.
Demand and desire to take part in sport,and physical activity are high amongst women. and girls but the emotional and practical,barriers are even higher As we mentioned. before have a read of Sport England s,key things,Go Where Women Are insight pack. It will give you a great sense of what encourages you re looking. to understand,women and girls to get more active and what. puts them off, The pack includes a checklist to help currently regularly physically active For.
you apply its lessons to your local area example you could organise small focus. The content of the checklist is also groups with local women Or you could. woven throughout this guide so the two spend an afternoon in the areas you re. documents work well together looking to deliver activities in talking to. In addition to reading the national research,do whatever you can to get a solid picture of. women and girls on the street You could, post some questions on the Facebook page What sorts of. what is going on in your area If you don t,of a local community group Or perhaps ask. people who already attend your sessions to,sports or activities What would attract. have a research budget there s still lots that,you can do to get local insight It s important.
ask their friends and family to talk to you,about their attitudes to physical activity. would appeal them to sessions,to speak directly to people who aren t. at your venue,Need more help Email us at IWIYW sportengland org. 1 2 BEFORE YOU GET STARTED 3 4 5 6 7 8 9,let s get started. 1 2 3 ATTRACTING ATTENTION 4 5 6 7 8 10,Section 3 Attracting women s.
attention and encouraging,them to attend, The next step is to create communications that will grab the. attention of women and girls and encourage them to attend. your sessions You can have the best session in the world. but if your marketing isn t right you won t attract the people. you want This is especially important for women and girls. where your communications need to help them overcome. their practical and emotional barriers to attending. JUMP TO What communications,channels should I use,How do I create great. communications materials,1 2 3 ATTRACTING ATTENTION 4 5 6 7 8 11. What communications All of your communications should aim to target. women and girls as they go about their daily,lives across a range of the places they visit and. channels should I use platforms they use Things to consider include. dd a page or section to your organisation s website. A nsure you post to and update your social media accounts. to house information about your activities Or create regularly to make the most of them and keep people following. a new website for your programme if resources allow his Local Government Association online guide provides lots. reate an open access Facebook page for your sports. C of useful information on getting the most out of social media. or activities click here, reate Twitter and Instagram accounts and link them to.
the Facebook page you ve created these are great ways. to attract wider audiences and keep people engaged. with your activities, I n addition to your online and social media activity review which types. of advertising are most likely to reach your local women and girls and. Talk to local media to establish links with editors and. reporters and explain that your activities will be the. Consider advertising, that work within your budget Potential options include source of regular content for them your activities. Ads or inserted flyers in local free papers rite and send regular news releases to local media. oster placements including bus shelter posters bus sides and backs. P featuring human interest and facts like those at the. noticeboards in community settings like libraries and community centres front of this guide. Radio adverts on local commercial stations Keep it positive and inspiring focus on the benefits. oogle advertising with links to the website or page containing your. G Be available for follow up questions and interviews. sport and physical activities I nvite local media to a community launch event for. eaflets flyers and other promotional materials that can be handed out. L any new programme of sport or physical activity, by hit squads in community locations or via dispensers in places like. shopping centre information points or pubs,1 2 3 ATTRACTING ATTENTION 4 5 6 7 8 12. What communications Embrace the,people power of,channels should I use local women.
The people who come to your sessions are your best. advertisements Word of mouth from them is the most powerful. way to reach new people so ask them to spread the word. Think about what you can do to help for example you could. Promotions will help motivate women, and girls to attend and keep attending reate and promote a sport buddy system asking existing. There s lots that you could do here including attendees to bring a friend to sessions Reward both parties. when this happens,ree taster sessions of your current and. new activities ncourage get togethers outside of the sessions themselves. oyalty cards for people who attend,L Create simple such as coffee morning catch ups. multiple sessions for example attend nine,sessions get the tenth free. promotions ncourage people to pledge via their social media accounts. to get active fitter try a new activity This increases their. chances of coming back and spreads the word to their. reward for attending a certain number of, social circles at the same time Getting a friendship group.
sessions something small after three sessions,to pledge together is even more powerful. something bigger after ten This doesn t, necessarily need to be related to activity and could ive leaflets to your regulars to hand out to friends or. be as simple as a voucher for a coffee You could colleagues. partner with local businesses asking them to Go the extra mile to ensure people come back. provide the reward in exchange for the,Use their name when greeting them. free publicity and new people using their business. Make eye contact,Ask how they found the session, Top tip I saw a flyer which was attached to my windscreen promoting a sk them for their contact details so that you can. new yoga class that s in the evenings It appealed to me as yoga is very send them further information and remind them. Helping women and girls to get active a practical guide This practical guide contains advice suggestions hints and tips that will make it easier for you to get more women and girls active in your local area Brought to you by CONTENTS This guide will help you get more women and girls in your area active even if you re not directly involved in the sport or leisure sector It provides

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