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DIESEL COMPRESSION TESTERS,HEAVY DUTY TOOLS EQUIPMENT. Use with OTC s No 3398 to find Min Max pinpoints, clogged dirty fuel injectors Fuel restrictions Transmission. Plugged filters pressure spikes,Weak fuel pumps,Pinpoints worn power steering. 3642 pumps or racks, 12V 24V Truck Circuit Tester Delta Zero monitors fuel pressure. Product Features dropcaused by faulty check valves. PSI reading for hydrostatic drives and, Works on 12 24 volt systems high pressure hydraulics.
Displays readings in BAR for checking, Features 7 stainless steel probe Finds blocked intake ports and European specs. 24 coil cord plugged catalytic converters,Extra large clamp See Scope Meter accessories for. Checks transmission cooler efficiency and temp probes. catalytic converter temperatures,3903 Permits comparison of ABS brake. 24 jumper leads pressures at each wheel,No need to have fuel or transmission hoses. From headlight to taillight inside vehicle during a road test. this extra long test lead No makeshift taping of gauges to the windshield. stretches to over 24 feet,in length Multi Application Digital Pressure and.
Constructed from high Temperature Analyzer, quality polyurethane high Combining the functions of vacuum oil pressure. visibility coil cord test lead hydraulic system pressure fuel pressure. has superior memory retention transmission pressure compression and air. and resistance to grease and oil conditioning all in one Accessory. 3492 3491 01 500 psi transducer, Heavy duty digital pressure temperature analyzer 3491 02 5 000 psi transducer Required for. with four pressure input receptacles and protective. ABS and power steering pressure readings,boot Set includes No 3491 02 5 000 psi. transducer No 3491 13 20 cable No 3500 05 3491 03 10 000 psi transducer. bead type temperature probe assorted fittings No Note For No 3492 only 3491 11 6 cable. 3491 31 plastic storage case instruction manual 3491 12 12 cable 3491 13 20 cable. Diesel Compression Tester with Adapters, This easy to use compression tester is designed for light and medium duty diesel engines equipped. with glow plugs A dual reading gauge featuring a push button release valve measures compression. to 1000 PSI and 7000 kPa The hose end has quick disconnect fittings The tester comes with glow. Diesel Glow Plug Tester,plug and nozzle adapters in a handy storage case.
Glow Plug Tester provides fault detection thru,Tester services these engines. LED s for a quick analysis Short Circuit Over, Current Normal Operation Open Circuit Cummins B and C. Under Current Navistar DT466 DT360, Glow Plug Tester allows for testing without Ford Navistar 6 9L 7 3L. removing glow plug from engine Detroit 6 2L 6 5L 5020. Powers the glow plug to test the plug in it s Hino diesel and Mitsubishi Fuso truck engines. operating state 5020 Diesel compression tester with adapters. Much more accurate test than a cold Similar to Ford 303 D091. 5021 Universal diesel engine compression gauge D93T 6000 A. resistance test which can miss short circuits,304802 Replacement gauge. Tester uses a current measurement to,Replacement Adapters available separately.
accurately determine proper operation and, check for short circuits 47484 Hino diesel truck engines with 12 mm x 1 25 thread. 209633 Ford 6 6L 7 8L diesels,217791 Cummins B 3 9L 4 cyl 5 9L 6 cyl 89 98. 308472 Mitsubishi Fuso truck 4D 6D engines with 10 mm x 5021. 1 25 thread,310810 Cummins C 8 3L 6 cyl 88 96, 310832 Ford Navistar 6 9L 7 3L Detroit 6 2L 6 5L with 10 mm Similar to Ford 303 D092. x 1 0 thread D93T 6000 B,310840 Navistar DT466 DT360. Similar to Ford 303 D103 Similar to Ford 303 757,Diesel Fuel Pressure Tester.
Simple one wire connectivity to the fuel,pressure sensor signal wire Designed for. diesel engines that have a fuel pressure,Ford Diesel Compression Test Adapter. sensor reading used by vehicle computer,Use with OTC No 5021 diesel engine compression. Displays pressure in PSI or BAR 6660, Range 0 22 000 PSI 0 1500 BAR Ford Diesel Compression Test Adapter. Remove glow plug this adapter is used to connect, Read diesel fuel pressure in vehicle the No 5021 gauge to perform a compression test Use with OTC No 5021 diesel engine.
No fittings required Application 1994 2003 Ford vans and pickups compression gauge. Readings alternate between current and with 7 3L direct injected turbocharged DIT Works on 2003 2006 Ford vans and. max pressure diesel engine trucks with 6 0L diesel engines. 2 otctools com,INJECTOR REMOVER INSTALLERS,HEAVY DUTY TOOLS EQUIPMENT. Similar to Kent,Similar to Kent Moore J 41089,6779 Moore J 41711. 6005A GM Injection Pump, Glow Plug Remover GM Duramax Injector Pullers Wrench Set. Set includes 10 mm and 12 mm split nuts Designed to pull injectors on a GM Duramax 6 6L Use to loosen or tighten injection pump. three spacers 3 16 1 4 and 5 16 plastic engines retaining bolts whenever pump timing. storage organizer case and instructions The 6778 From 2001 2004 Similar to J 44639 adjustment or pump service is required. 10 mm split nut will work on Ford 6 9L and 7 3L Services 1996 1999 GM full size 2 and. diesels GM 6 2L and 6 5L diesels and various 6779 From 2005 2011 Similar to J 46594 4 wheel drive trucks vans and Suburbans. diesels in import vehicles The 12 mm split nut with 6 5L diesel engine. works on various diesels in import vehicles Two specially bent wrenches are needed due. plus many agricultural and construction to the location of the throttle cruise control. diesel applications T V cable bracket cooling system crossover. pipe and bracket and the thermostat housing,Diesel Fuel Pressure Gauge. on vans and pickups,Designed to test fuel pressure on.
Wrenches are 15 mm 12 point double box,GM Duramax diesel engines. Similar to J 44638,6088 Detroit Diesel Injector Socket. Ford 5 pin Connector Harness for Glow Used on GM 6 2L and 6 5L. Plug Testing engines This 30 mm socket, Provides an easy way to check glow plug ensures proper fit during nozzle. resistance without having to remove the removal and installation The 3 8. valve cover of 1994 98 Ford trucks and vans square drive and 7 8 hex permit. with 7 3L DIT direct injected turbocharged easy access in tight quarters and prevent. diesel engines damage to nozzle and related components. Used with any standard digital volt ohmmeter,to check glow plug resistance. Similar to Ford 6753, 303 625 Designed for the diesel truck market this tool.
will work for just about any injector you need to,Similar to Ford remove for service or replacement. No 303 491No 6752 Fuel Injector Storage Rack with,303 492 Protective Cups. Ford High Pressure Oil Line Disconnect Tool Compartment are marked to help keep the. Use to disconnect the high pressure oil line 6067 injectors organized by the cylinder they came. from the cylinder head Ford Injector Remover Installer Kit from in order to keep the injector calibration in. Removes and installs injectors without damaging sync with the vehicles ECM Similar to Ford No. Works on 1998 2003 Ford vans and trucks,the injector or cylinder head 303 D113. with 7 3L direct injected turbo charged DIT, diesel engines Application 1994 2003 Ford 3 4 and 1 ton trucks 6753 Protector Cups. Super Duty trucks and vans with 7 3L direct injected A set of eight replacement cups for 6752. turbocharged DIT diesel engine Fuel injector storage rack Similar to Ford No. Similar to Miller 8318 6749,Diesel Engine Barring Socket.
Designed to rotate engine on,a Mack E7 and Cat 3208. Similar to J 38587 A,Cummins Engine Barring Tool,7835 Insert the tool into the flywheel. Ford Rear Main Oil Seal Kit 6069 housing until it engages the ring gear. Works on 1994 2003 7 3L diesel engine in Cummins Diesel Fuel Injector Remover Kit then attach a 1 2 square drive ratchet. Ford 3 4 and 1 ton trucks Kit contains a fuel injector connector tube remover or breaker bar and turn The tool s. A complete kit with the tools you need to and fuel injector puller The fuel injector connector load bearing collar provides friction. correctly remove and install the rear main oil tube must be removed before removal of the free operation while rotating the tool. seal and wear ring on the crankshaft injector or both will be damaged in the housing. Eliminates makeshift methods of seal removal Application 1998 1 2 2002 Dodge pickups Works on Cummins B and C series. and installation that could damage the new and vans with 5 9L 24 valve Cummins diesel diesel engines and 5 9L liter diesels. seal or crankshaft turbo engine used in Dodge pickups. otctools com 3,OIL FILTER WRENCHES,HEAVY DUTY TOOLS EQUIPMENT. Heavy Duty Snap Ring Pliers Set 2 piece, Heat treated steel circlip pliers for large equipment repair. Replaceable tips and spring ratchet locking mechanism to. securely hold against snap ring tension,C Frame Press.
Internal pliers capacity 3 1 16 to 6 1 4 78 mm to 159 mm snap rings. The C Frame used in conjunction with OTC, Ball Joint Adapters Can also be used for External pliers capacity 3 1 2 to 6 1 2 89 mm to 165 mm snap rings. removing installing universal joints with Blow molded storage case includes extra sets of replaceable tips. needle bearings pressed in wheel studs and Overall length 16 handle length 12 1 2. brake anchor pins on heady duty vehicles 4513 includes. Suitable for general pressing operations,Tool No Description Tool No Description. 4513 1 Internal snap ring pliers 4513 4 2 12 3 mm 45 tips. U Joint Service Adapter 4513 2 External snap ring pliers 4513 5 2 12 3 mm 90 tips. For use with the 7248 4513 3 2 12 3 mm straight tip 4513 6 4 tip retaining screws. C Frame to service the,u joints found on Dana 60 Retaining Ring Pliers. 4WD front drive axles 7300 Internal straight tip,Application retaining ring pliers 16 long. 1977 1991 Chevrolet and GMC 1 7301 External straight tip. Ton 7300 7301, retaining ring pliers 16 long Internal tip External tip.
1975 2010 Dodge 1 Ton See page 116 for replacement tips. 2000 2002 Ford Excursion, 1999 2010 F250 1985 2010 F350 Giant Adjustable Wrenches. 1999 2008 F450 1999 2004 F550 The really big jobs call for really big tools These wrenches. will handle 42 bolt sizes from 1 3 8 to 4 3 4 Together both. wrenches weigh just 41 lbs but can replace over 1 000 lbs of 7640. Heavy Duty Oil Filter fixed size wrenches, 7640 Giant adjustable wrench Rated to withstand 2 000 ft. Features a 1 2 wide lbs of torque Nut bolt size 1 3 8 to 2 7 8 Increments of Jaw. steel band that can adjustment 1 8 length 24 Head thickness 7 8. stand up to the high, 7641 Giant adjustable wrench Rated to withstand 5 000 ft 7641. torque needed to, lbs of torque Nut bolt size 2 3 4 to 4 3 4 Increments of Jaw. remove filters from,adjustment 1 8 length 36 Head thickness 1 1 8.
trucks tractors,and other heavy 7463 Adjustable Gland Nut Wrench. equipment Gland Nut Wrench Here s a wrench designed to fit. Use with a 1 2 drive ratchet or breaker bar This wrench is fully adjustable hydraulic cylinders on most farm. 4555 Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench for filter to fit hydraulic cylinders on and construction equipment. dia of 4 1 8 to 4 21 32 104 mm to 118 mm vehicles having gland nuts It fits gland nuts from 2 to 6. 4556 Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench for filter from 1 to 3 3 4 in diameter diameter pin to pin Includes. dia of 4 21 32 to 5 5 32 118 mm to 131 mm It also reverses to work on reversible pins sizes 1 4 and. either 1 4 or 7 32 pinholes 5 16 diameter,4557 Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench for filter. Accommodates a 1 2 drive ratchet Accommodates a 3 4 drive. dia of 5 5 32 to 5 21 32 131 mm to 144 mm,215128 Replacement pin ratchet or breaker bar. 204928 Replacement pin,Similar to Ford,D79L 6731 A. 5961HD 7062A,Heavy DutyDrain Plug Pro Universal Filter.
For Agricultural Commercial and Wrench, Heavy Duty Vehicle Applications This filter wrench will stand up to the job of. Remove fluid drain plugs removing nearly any spin on filter up to 6. withouttouching the plug or Universal design permits use on most vehicles. hot fluids The tough 2 wide nylon strap holds firmly The. Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers NO touching HOT plugs more leverage applied the tighter it grips. Forged jaws with sure grip teeth grab the filter NO HOT fluids on hands Accommodates a 3 8 drive ratchet. for easy removal,Removable attachment permitsuse, Slip joint ratchet and lock mechanism allows a with common 3 8 squaredrive. secure grip on filters sockets Great for startingbolts in. 4560 Small Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers Plier is hard to reach places 5028. 13 1 2 long and fits filters ranging from 2 1 4 Just magnetically attach heavy duty Slide Hammer Puller. to 5 57 mm to 127 mm in diameter drainplug pro to pre looseneddrain Just 8 1 2 long to fit into tight spots but its. 4561 Large Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers Plier is plugs and rotate to remove 1 1 2 pound hammer gives you a little extra. 18 long and fits filters ranging from 3 3 4 to 7 Magnetic attachment for internal 1 2 muscle for stubborn jobs It s perfect for pulling. 95 mm to 178 mm in diameter square drive drain plugs injector nozzles The shank is threaded 1 2 20. Magnetic attachment for large and has a 5 8 18 threaded adapter included. 4562 Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers Set Includes Works with many OTC pulling attachments. both the No 4560 and No 4561 listed above drain plugs. Application 1998 1 2 2002 Dodge pickups and vans with 5 9L 24 valve Cummins diesel turbo engine 6087 GM Injection Pump Wrench Set Use to loosen or tighten injection pump retaining bolts whenever pump timing adjustment or pump service is required Services 1996 1999 GM full size 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks vans and Suburbans

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