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We would like to thank you for purchasing a high efficiency Firebird condensing oil boiler This instruction. manual is produced for the reference and guidance of qualified installation engineers preferably OFTEC. Oil Firing Technical Association registered EU legislation governs the manufacture operation and efficiency of. all domestic central heating oil boilers Our boilers and burners are supplied as matched units. 1 STANDARDS REGULATIONS 2,2 SAFETY 3,3 HOUSEHOLDER INSTRUCTIONS. 3 1 Operating Procedure Popular Kitchen System Heatpac. Slimline Heatpac Systempac Slimline Systempac 5,3 2 Digital Controller Kitchen 6. 3 3 Operating Procedure Combi Slimline Combi Combipac 7. 3 4 Combi Timer 8,3 5 Slimeline Combi Timer 9,4 REGULATIONS GUIDELINES. 4 1 Installation Guidelines 10,4 2 Positioning the Boiler 11. 4 3 Condensate Disposal 12,4 4 Flue Regulations 14.
4 5 Flue Systems 18,4 6 Oil Supply Magnetic Filtration 21. 4 7 Domestic Heating Hot Water 23,5 TECHNICAL DETAILS DIMENSIONS. 5 1 Popular 27,5 2 Kitchen 28, 5 3 Heatpac Systempac Combipac Slimline Heatpac Slimline Systempac 30. 5 4 Combi Slimline Combi 32,5 5 System 34,6 1 Popular 35. 6 2 Kitchen 36,6 3 Heatpac Systempac 38,6 4 Combipac 40.
6 5 Slimline Heatpac Slimline Systempac 42,6 6 Combi 44. 6 7 Slimline Combi 46,6 8 System 48,7 1 Popular 50. 7 2 Kitchen 51,7 3 Heatpac Systempac 53,7 4 Combi Slimline Combi Combipac 54. 7 5 Combi Slimline Combi PCB Panel 56,7 6 System 57. 8 BURNER 58,9 COMMISSIONING 60,10 SERVICING 62,11 TERMS CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY 63.
1 STANDARDS REGULATIONS, To ensure the highest standards of installation safety In addition the work must comply with relevant. it is important that the boiler be installed in compliance building regulations for oil fired boilers and oil. with the following regulations where applicable It is storage tanks. the responsibility of the installer and everyone, concerned with any aspect of installation to ensure OFTEC also publish excellent guides including Safe. that all applicable standards and regulations are fully Working Practices for Oil Fired Technicians OFTEC. adhered to Technical Book Three Installation Requirements for Oil. Fired Boilers and Oil Storage Tanks OFTEC Technical. The following is a list of some of the applicable standards Book Four Domestic Heating Systems and it is. and regulations Please always check for the most up to recommended that these should adhere to Domestic. date version Heating Design Guide,Part L J England Wales. COPIES OF BRITISH STANDARDS MAY,Part F Section III Scotland. BE PURCHASED DIRECT FROM,Conservation of Fuel Power.
Part L Northern Ireland BSI Customer Services, Conservation of Fuel Power 389 Chiswick High Rd London W4 4AL. Part J Republic of Ireland Tel 44 0 845 0869001 Fax 44 0 208 9967001. Conservation of Fuel Power International and EC Standards are. also available from above,BS 5410 Part 1 2014 Code of Practice for Oil. Firing Installation up to 44kW OFTEC PUBLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM. Part 2 2013 Code of Practice for Oil OFTEC Oil Firing Technical Association. Firing Installation for 44kW and Foxwood House Dobbs Lane. greater Kesgrave Ipswich IP5 2QQ, BS 799 Part 5 2010 Specification for Oil www oftec org. Storage Tanks,BS 4876 1984 Performance Requirements for. Oil Burning Appliances, BS EN 12828 2012 UK National Annex Heating Systems.
A1 2014 in Buildings Design for Water Based BOILER INSTALLATION. Heating Systems Other than special considerations for condensate. BS 7074 Part 1 1989 Application Selection and removal and plume dispersal the installation of oil. Installation of Expansion Vessels and firing condensing boilers is the same as for. Ancillary Equipment for Sealed Water non condensing boilers. BS5410 Part 1 2014 gives the requirements for, BS 7593 2006 Code of Practice for Treatment of domestic boiler and oil storage installations. Water in Heating Systems, BS 715 1989 Metal Flue Pipes Fittings Terminals If an appliance is to be installed inside a building or. and Accessories within a restricted area externally a carbon monoxide. detector alarm conforming to EN 50291 should be, BS 1181 1989 Clay Flue Linings and Flue Terminals installed in accordance with the manufacturer s. BS 4543 Part 3 1990 Factory made Insulated instructions. Chimneys for Oil Fired Appliances, BS 8558 Design Installation Testing and For condensing boilers the same requirements apply. Maintenance of Services for installation with regard to cleaning and flushing. Supplying Water and providing inhibitors as are followed for any. other boiler Manufacturer s instructions must always. BS 7671 Current IEE Regulations be followed together with the requirements of. Requirements for Electrical Regulations EN 12828 2012 A1 2014 BS EN 12831 2003 and. Local Water Undertaking Bylaws the statutory requirements of the Building. Water Supply Water Fittings Regulations,Regulations 1999 The Control of.
Pollution Oil Regulations, HEALTH SAFETY INFORMATION THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DESIGNED. TO THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS, The installer should be aware of his her responsibilities. under the current local Health and Safety at Work Act The. This equipment complies with the Low Voltage Directive. interests of safety are best served if the boiler is installed. 2006 95 EC the EMC Directive 2004 108 EC, and commissioned by a competent qualified engineer. OFTEC trained and registered If not a Building Notice is. EMC conformity was demonstrated by meeting the, required in England Wales Other parts of the British Isles. following standards, including the Channel Islands also require notification to.
building control, EN 55014 1 2006 A2 2011 Electromagnetic Compatibility. Requirements for Household Appliances Electric Tools. Under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 UK section 6 of. and Similar Apparatus Part 1 Emission, the Health and Safety Act 1974 UK and the Safety Health. and Welfare at Work Act 2005 ROI we are required to. EN 55014 2 1997 A2 2008 Electromagnetic Compatibility. provide information on substances hazardous to health. Requirements for Household Appliances Electric Tools. and Similar Apparatus Part 2 Immunity Product Family. INSULATION AND SEALS, Ceramic Fibre Alumino Silicone Fibre material are used. for boards ropes and gaskets Known hazards are that. EN 61000 3 2 2009 Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC. people may suffer reddening and itching of the skin Fibre. Part 3 2 Limits Limits for Harmonic Current Emissions. entering the eye will cause foreign body irritation It may. equipment input current 16 A per phase,also cause irritation to the respiratory tract. EN 61000 3 3 2008 Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC. Precautions should be taken by people with a history of. Part 3 3 Limits Limitation of Voltage Changes Voltage. skin complaints or who may be particularly susceptible to. Fluctuations and Flicker in Public Low voltage Supply. irritation High dust levels are only likely to arise following. Systems equipment with rated current 16 A per phase. harsh abrasion Suitable personal protective equipment. and not subject to conditional connection,should be worn where appropriate.
Safety conformity was demonstrated by meeting the,Generally normal handling and use will not give. following standards, discomfort Follow good hygiene practices wash hands. before consuming food drink or using the toilet,EN60335 1 2012 Household and Similar Electrical. Appliances Safety Part 1 General Requirements, First Aid medical attention should be sought following. eye contact or prolonged reddening of the skin,EN60335 2 102 2006 A1 2010 Household and Similar.
Electrical Appliances Safety Part 2 102 Particular. The small quantities of adhesives and sealants used in the. Requirements for Gas Oil and Solid fuel Burning, product are cured They present no known hazards when. Appliances having Electrical Connections,used in the manner for which they are intended. FUEL SPILLAGE FIRST AID, 1 Switch off all electrical and other ignition sources If fuel is accidentally swallowed. 2 Remove all contaminated clothing to safeguard Seek medical attention immediately. against fire risk and skin damage Wash affected skin Do NOT induce vomiting. thoroughly with soap and water and remove clothing If fuel is splashed into eyes. to a safe well ventilated area and allow to air before Wash out with running water for at least ten. cleaning minutes and seek medical attention, 3 Contain and smother the spill using sand or other. suitable oil absorbent media or non combustible, 4 Do not allow fuel to escape into drains or water cours.
es If this happens contact the relevant authorities in. your area Ireland Contact The Environment Agency,on 0800 807060 UK. 5 Consult local authority about disposal of contaminated. Safe use of Kerosene, These fuels give off a flammable vapour when heated. moderately Vapour ignites easily burns intensely and may. cause explosion The vapour can follow along at ground. level for considerable distances from open containers and. spillages collecting as an explosive mixture in drains cel. Fuels remove natural oils and fats from the skin and this. may cause irritation and cracking of skin Barrier cream. containing lanolin is highly recommended together with. good personal hygiene and where necessary appropriate. personal protection equipment P P E, Gas oil may also cause irreversible damage to health on. prolonged or repeated skin contact, Always store fuels in a properly constructed and labelled. tank Always handle fuel in open air or well ventilated. space away from sources of ignition and refrain from. Always drain fuel using a proper fuel retriever funnel or. mechanical siphon Never apply heat to a fuel tank, container or pipework Never siphon fuel through tube by.
mouth If accidentally swallowed contact a doctor, immediately and do NOT induce vomiting Avoid inhaling. fuel vapour as this can cause light headedness and. seriously impair judgement, 3 3 1 OPERATING PROCEDURE HOUSEHOLDER INSTRUCTIONS. POPULAR KITCHEN SYSTEM HEATPAC Thermostat Control,SLIMLINE HEATPAC SYSTEMPAC. SLIMLINE SYSTEMPAC,Re set button, Temperature Set at Max 80 C Set at Mid 70 C Set at Min 60 C. Mode control,LCD display Led power,Error lamp light.
Burner Lockout,Please note that the following applies to the. models on this page as well as those on the next pages. Burner The boiler is factory fitted with a burner control box. High limit re set button plug lockout safety feature which operates automatically if a. Temperature control, fault occurs in the burner operation Should this occur the. light on the front of the burner will illuminate,re set button This could be caused by. A An interruption in the fuel supply,eg empty oil supply tank. Burner B An electrical supply fault, lockout C A fault with the burner or its safety control system.
re set button,D The failure of a component eg photo cell. E Worn or dirty oil nozzle, Before attempting to restart the boiler the front panel and. the burner cover should be removed and a visual check. made for any obvious problems such as oil leaks loose. To start the boiler connections etc,Turn on fuel supply. Switch on power supply to boiler ENSURE OIL TANK CONTAINS. Turn timer control if fitted to ON KEROSENE 28 SECOND CLASS C FUEL. Set the boiler thermostat to the required temperature. The boiler thermostat controls the boiler operation by. automatically maintaining the required boiler water To restart the boiler. temperature output Safe operation is also maintained 1 Press reset button. by the burner control system which provides the 2 Ensure that the boiler thermostat time switch. required ignition and shut off sequence If the optional if fitted and any external controls connected to the. timer control is fitted this will automatically switch the boiler are set to call for heat. boiler off and on when heat is required 3 Check that the oil supply valves are open and that. To turn off the boiler there is sufficient oil in the tank. 4 Check that the burner lockout light is unlit and with. Turn the timer control if fitted to OFF the mains on the boiler will be ready to commence its. start sequence, Turn off the mains electrical supply to the boiler. Lights not included in Popular,and Heatpac models, 3 3 2 KITCHEN DIGITAL CONTROLLER HOUSEHOLDER INSTRUCTIONS.
This controller has a number of new features as standard these include anti cycling frost protection on o switch option. hours of operation recorded optional system pressure display If pressure sensor is tted pump over run and LCD display. The LCD display shows key boiler information and error codes. 6 3 Mode Button LCD Display,Press Mode Button x 1 Press Mode Button x 2. CONTROL PANEL,Actual Boiler Hours of Operation,1 Temperature control knob Temperature 1 10 Hours. 2 LCD display, 3 Led lamp power Lights green when power to the panel Press Mode Button x 3 Press Mode Button x 4. 4 Mode button for scrolling through the display options. on LCD display,5 Re set button,6 Error light,TO START THE BOILER System Pressure Programme No. Pressure sensor required,Turn on fuel supply, Switch on power supply to boiler Green Led will light up.
The boiler is factory fitted with a burner control box lockout safety feature which operates automatically if a fault occurs in the burner operation Should this occur the light on the front of the burner will illuminate This could be caused by A An interruption in the fuel supply eg empty oil supply tank B An electrical supply fault C

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