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Copyright 2017 Susan Faw, All rights reserved Reproduction or utilization of this work in any form by any means now. known or hereinafter invented including but not limited to xerography photocopying and. recording and in any known storage and retrieval system is forbidden without permission from. the copyright holder,Cover Design by Venkatesh Sekar. Edited by Pam Elise Harris, This is a work of fiction Names characters places brands media and incidents are either the product of the. author s imagination or are used fictitiously Any resemblance to similarly named places or to persons living. or deceased is unintentional,PRINT ISBN 978 0 9959940 3 4. EPUB ISBN 978 0 9953438 9 4,Dedication, I d like to dedicate this book to my good friend Jan Riley who has.
been a constant source of review and suggestion as well as also. encouragement along the way Always willing to drop what she is. doing to critique she keeps me on point and true to the journey. Without you Jan writing would be that much lonelier Fair warning. someday I am going to create a character that is all you but I will. leave you to guess which one it is,The First Battle. MARION BALANCED ON THE TIPPING POINT of the limestone. ledge her fingernails digging into the spalling stone glaring at the. raging storm Bleak cold and grey the clouds shrouded the true. tempest stirring the source of which chased a chill down her spine. to lodge in her heart The painful thumping within her chest. distracted her, Calm I must find my focus Marion closed her eyes I am one with. the storm Its fury and mine are united inseparable There is no division for. I am the storm and all who oppose me will die, Lightning flashed highlighting the underside of the angry. clouds before being swallowed whole Hail fell at first pea sized but. it grew larger with every heartbeat pinging off the bronze capped. turret Marion focused on the hail once again as it increased in. quantity and size a mirrored reflection of her clenched fists The. storm could not support its weight and the stones fell away into the. night a deadly missile attack that would break bone and flesh of any. 8 SUSAN FAW, caught out in the open air or on the battlefield below Perhaps the. wizards could shield the soldiers in time She hoped not. The violence of the storm matched her mood She was hungry. for destruction for revenge against those who sought to destroy her. home her way of life She would not be denied, A bolt of lightning flashed by on its way to ground so close that.
her hair stood on end despite being tucked beneath the deep cowl of. her dark green cloak The brilliant light of the redirected spike of. energy washed over the curving relief of a gargoyle all fangs and. muzzle its great head curving into the spine of a neck decorated. with sharp spikes It was perched beside her on the edge of the. rooftop The gargoyle lifted a leg and stretched it out as though to. catch the bolt before it disappeared, Beryl what were you going to do with it if you caught it. Marion said with a snort of laughter, The gargoyle s head turned stretching its lips into a grin that. displayed a mouth full of razor sharp teeth Smoke drifted lazily. from its nostrils One glistening green eye peered at her. I would have sent it back at the traitors who deflected it toward us. then laughed as they tumbled from the sky Beryl rumbled The. gargoyle was not a gargoyle after all but an exceptionally angry full. blooded female dragon, A face leaned out around the dragon It belonged to a black. haired youth with shining green eyes to match Beryl s Chryso sat on. the castle wall next to the dragon His face was just visible in the gap. under Beryl s chin, Are we going to sit on this wall all day he asked his voice. sharp with impatience What are we waiting for He glared out at. the storm I want to finish that traitor once and for all. Marion stared out at the roiling clouds and did not answer Her. eyes drifted closed once again and she reached out with her mind. searching the storm searching searching There It was the tiniest. of sparks but it was there She latched onto it with her mind and. opened her eyes, It is time to merge Marion stood up on the wall then climbed.
into the leather padded saddle strapped to Beryl s back Chryso. stood and touched Marion s hand At the contact his body became. HEART OF DESTINY 9, transparent and he merged into Marion s body Joined they were. stronger faster smarter than when they were separate Together. they could draw on their combined knowledge and history and react. in ways they could not do separately Marion began to sort Chryso s. sensations from her own and organize the sensory information. before her, With a sizzling smack a bolt of lightning struck the precise spot. where Marion had just been sitting Stone blasted into the air and the. upper crenaline bowed outward then tumbled away into the. yawning distance below The heat of the lightning strike singed. Beryl s wings With a roar of pain and anger she dived spiralling. away from the wall She levelled out then rose flying into the midst. of the storm where the battle raged hottest guided by their triad. merged minds, She rose up through the clouds winging her way toward the. distant target at the heart of the storm to confront their worst enemy. This was an ancient enemy and a recent foe the betrayer of hope. He knows I am coming thought Marion She could feel Chryso s. agreement He will expect a direct attack and will have energized the. clouds to defend against it We must use that against him Charge the cloud. as the lightning is released Are you ready Affirmative sensations. vibrated along the bond, Beryl snarled and tensed under Marion s saddle Beryl s scales. shifted as she drew them tight around her body clicking into place. like armour Marion pulled her iron tipped staff from her saddle bag. and elongated its rune enhanced body until it was a full ten feet in. length Muttering a spell under her breath and waving her hand. over its length the staff flared bright red for a second and then a thin. rope trailed away from its base streaming out behind them before. being swallowed by the dense cloud, Lightning flashed skipping from cloud to cloud searching for.
their presence Beryl twisted and dodged the bursts hiding their. location from the searcher The problem was that their quarry was. also on the move diving from cloud to cloud and hiding amongst. the clouds in much the same way as they were Having conjured the. storm they controlled its form and shape and power. A cloud to the right flashed and for the briefest of moments a. 10 SUSAN FAW, silhouette was illuminated A great dragon double the size of Beryl. was highlighted in relief wings spread and claws extended before it. Damn yelled Marion Chryso swore an oath of equal, vehemence as Beryl twisted and dived Flame gushed and filled the. void where they had been seconds before Beryl flipped over to fly. upside down extending her feet With a satisfying thud her razor. sharp talons found the soft folds of skin under the wing of the diving. dragon It screamed and was gone swallowed by the raging storm. Marion twisted in her saddle keeping the rod raised and pointed. toward the focal point of the storm where she knew their enemy hid. A blinding flash and a sonorous boom struck simultaneously. The sizzling bolt of energy stabbed the rod and the lightning. emptied down the staff following the trailing wire to where it. touched the castle below The reflected light blinded them and. Marion threw up her other arm to shield her eyes When the. lightning vanished she lowered her arm to see a steel armoured. dragon with milky white eyes bearing down on their position Beryl. spied the Opaleye at the same time and screamed in challenge A. man stood on the back of the dragon a fully charged blivet grasped. in his hand Energy rippled around the weapon discharging a trail. of sparks into the air around it with every motion. Marion looked away from the sparkling mythical weapon. knowing that to look on it was to deceive one s eye Created in the. fires of a sacred volcano the blivet was a weapon of another. dimension out of phase with the reality of the world of Gaia She. focused on the holder the enemy they sought Broad of shoulder. and black haired the man s pearly white teeth flashed as he drew. back his arm, Abort He has a blivet Abort she screamed as Beryl jumped. The blivet soared out of the man s hand and with impossible. speed closed the distance to strike Beryl on the right flank Beryl. roared as her body froze limbs and wings stiffening to stone. Shift Chryso yelled pulling on their combined magic to begin. the process but the magic of the weapon interrupted the shift in. mid process With a bang and a screech the triad bond collapsed. HEART OF DESTINY 11, and they separated free falling with sickening speed toward the. Tumbling head over heels Marion quivered struggling to shake. off the stunning effect of the blivet She had only received a tiny. amount of the numbing energy but it was enough to leave her with. no feeling in her fingers She ignored her useless appendages and. shrank her staff with her mind then focused her mental energies on. the earth rising to meet them The staff flashed and the milling. clouds rushed to the surface and then rose to meet them a fluffy. pillow of white As they dropped out of the storm into the brilliant. sunshine Marion took a quick look over her shoulder Chryso and. Beryl dropped out of the clouds just behind her and she shooed. some of the cloud tops over to form beneath them, With a puff she sank into the soft net of clouds bouncing on the.
The Opaleye soared out of the clouds and winged its way. toward the castle walls on which they had been recently perched. Its rider lifted a hand and waved a lazy goodbye and dragon and. rider disappeared behind the peaks of the mountains that. surrounded the central Citadel to the west Marion s eyes twitched. with fury as she watched the dragon vanish frustrated with her. helplessness and inability to give chase They had failed She had. failed There was no longer a choice Into exile she would go She. was powerless to stop the emperor at this time She waved her. staff and the clouds softened lowering them to the earth As they. broke through the stench of battle reached her nostrils Fires. burned in the lower village of Ionia the smoke a thick haze drifting. over the building tops and snaking between the mountains. hugging the valley floor Castle Ionia rose out of the smoke hardly. unscathed Chunks of stone were missing from its towers and fires. burned in the windows winking out as they were extinguished. from within the castle The bridge was full of Citadel soldiers. entering the ancient school It was obvious that the school was lost. and her sisters were either in hiding or had already fled The. servants and those of no magical power would not be harmed The. battle was being waged against magic not against humanity. Marion sank the rest of the way through the clouds and set. 12 SUSAN FAW, herself Beryl and Chryso down in a wooded area several miles away. from the battlefront The paralyzing numbness of the emperor s. attack was beginning to dissipate as she worked her fingers to and. fro wriggling them to encourage the blood flow to her fingertips. Beryl limped over to her side favouring her flank where an. angry burn shimmered in the dim light of the concealing canopy. Chryso ran over to Beryl and placed his hand beside the wound. chanting and moving his hand over it without making contact Beryl. whimpered nosing his shoulder to push him out of the way Chryso. held up his left hand halting her without breaking his chant The. puckered torn skin began to mend as sweat broke out on Chryso s. forehead He leaned forward placing both hands on either side of. the wound His profile shimmered phasing with the puncture as he. called forth healing from his homeland The skin puckered and drew. together smoothing but the wound resisted his efforts Gasping. Chryso pulled away from the meditation and staggered back. I cannot heal it completely The wound is out of sync with this. Beryl draped a wing over him to thank him for his efforts She. watched Marion approach with one bloodshot green eye. It is much better she said with a blink Thank you for your. Marion passed her hands over the wound The healing is as. complete as what is possible in this world Well done Chryso. Marion s hands dropped and she turned in the direction of. Castle Ionia the tips of the golden towers gleaming in the reflected. late day sun, We have failed The emperor has won this round Go back. home You can do nothing more here At Chryso s squawk of. protest she raised a hand halting him I will go into seclusion. From there I can work with my sisters to develop a plan If we are to. be successful in our next attempt against the emperor we must be. ready We must recruit and train witches that can combat the. emperor s powers We are not trained in combat It was never part of. our calling We are healers She frowned up at the sky thinking. But that must change There is much to prepare she said turning. back to her agitated companions This is how it must be Return to. HEART OF DESTINY 13, Jintessa Tell the Djinn what has transpired here in Gaia There will. HEART OF DESTINY 11 and they separated free falling with sickening speed toward the ground Tumbling head over heels Marion quivered struggling to shake off the stunning effect of the blivet She had only received a tiny amount of the numbing energy but it was enough to leave her with

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