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Gulf Coast,To Order Call Poets,1 800 000 0000,Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society. Gulf Coast Poets Proudly Presents,Gary S Rosin,Gary S Rosin is a poet and photogra. pher His poems and short stories have,appeared or are forthcoming in various. literary and poetry magazines and an,thologies including Harbinger Asylum. Houston Nature Mutabilis Press The,Legal Studies Forum Lifting the Sky.
Southwestern Haiku Haiga Texas Po,etry Calendar 2012 2013 2014 2015. and Visions International He has two,chapbooks Standing Inside the Web. Bear House Publishing 1990 and Fire,and Shadows Legal Studies Forum 2008. offprint His poem Viewing the Dead,was nominated for a Pushcart Prize Se. lections of his poetry and photography,can be found on his web site 4P Crea.
tions http 4pcreations com,Fishing for Flamingo, Reuters reports that poor Venezuelans are catching. endgangered flamingos for food,Caracas Venezuela March 23 2004. The last flamingo,hangs in the sky,a pink bauble,Tangled in a net. snatched by a kite,the last flamingo,falls into a pot. fills up bellies,the hungry see only,the color of meat.
The last flamingo,no longer will stalk,the edge of water. no longer will stand,on one leg resting,The last flamingo. now will fly,only in memory,tomorrow the kites,will come down empty. Gulf Coast Poets,Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society. TALKING BACK TO ART,A RESPONSE TO AN ARTIST,You say you have chosen.
the color of truth given it,form instead of words,You say you have. captured the changing,quality of light suspended,choice But only the gods. are free to stand aside,Only the gods can be mute,We must speak though we see. the truth in many colors,though we shade it every time. we see or paint or speak,You tell me to call a taxi but.
I don t need a cab to find,a line of refugees Your painting. already led me to them I ve been,inside your frame felt. the rain of circumstance as I stood,as we all must stand. at the center of possibility,I too have chosen,my own path out. and must speak what I have seen,Gulf Coast Poets,Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society.
DESERT STARLIGHT,after Scorpius Milky Way Rising 1997. a photograph by Neil Folberg,http neilfolberg com book e html. Out in the wilderness,after the dust settles,you can walk by starlight. bright enough to show the way,dim enough to let you. sit until you feel,the Earth as it turns,shadows as they shift.
soak into the sand,until a shoulder of shadows,becomes a hill and trees. the arc of a path,the tumble of a tower,the outline of walls. crumbling as they reach,until texture and tone,erode the familiar. blur the edge between,Earth and the heavens,That cloud does it pass. in front or behind,does it catch the light,or make it.
That dark across the stars,did the wind pick up,or does that dust. travel the beyond,carried by the crest,of some great explosion. ancient when your ancestors,first looked up first,stacked stones. Upcoming Poetry Events,Inprint First Fridays,August 7 2015 Chuck and Mary Wemple. September 4 2015 Vanessa Zimmer Powell,October 9 10 11 Houston Poetry Fest 2015 UH.
November 9 2015 Jane Creighton,Readings begin at 8 30 pm Inprint House. 1520 West Main two blocks south of The Menil,Ongoing OPEN MIC LOCATIONS. 1st Mondays NOKtune 17062 Saturn Ln Houston TX 77058 8 30. 4th Tuesday Barnes Noble 1029 W Bay Area Blvd Webster. Wednesdays Notsuoh 314 Main St 77002 9 PM free, 3rd Wednesday Heights Library 1302 Heights Blvd 77008 6 00. 4th Wednesdays Teatro Bilingue Houston 3333 Jensen Dr 7 30 10. PM Tintero Inkwell Bilingual Reading Series, Fridays The House of Tea 1927 Fairview 77019 9 PM free. Saturdays Secret Word Caf 2061 Dowling 11 AM Write Club. workshop hosted by Marcell Murphy, Sundays Bohemeo 708 Telephone Rd Suite E 77023 8 PM free.
Bambou 2540 University Blvd in Rice Village 7 PM Cost 10. 2015 Poetry Society of Texas Summer Conference July 16. 18 in Beaumont Texas http poetrysocietyoftexas org events. summer conference,Gulf Coast Poets,Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society. Anthologies and Calls for Submission,Houston Poetry Fest 2015. Houston Poetry Fest 2015 will be held in Willow Street Pump Station 811 N. San Jacinto Street Houston 77002 on the campus of the University of Hous. ton Downtown on October 9 10 and 11 2015 The submission deadline is. July 15 2015,The 2015 SFPA Speculative Poetry Contest. Open to all poets including non SFPA members Prizes will be awarded for. best poem in 3 categories Dwarf poems 1 10 lines prose poems 0 100. words Short 11 49 lines prose poems 101 499 words Long 50 lines. and more prose 500 words and up Line count does not include title or. stanza breaks For information on submissions and fees go to http. sfpoetry com contests html, SATURDAY JULY 11 4 6 P M GCP Member John Milkereit will. launch his first full length collection of poetry A Rotating Equipment En. gineer is Never Finished published by Ink Brush Press at the River Oaks. Bookstore 3270 Westheimer Rd Houston Texas 77098, July 25 2015 7PM Brazos Bookstore 2421 Bissonnet St Houston.
Texas 77005 An evening of poetry at Brazos Bookstore featuring GCP. Members Weasel Patterson and David E Cowen promoting their latest. collections The Hell Inside Us published by Earl of Plaid and The Mad. ness of Empty Spaces published by Weasel Press,Gulf Coast Poets. Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society,Gulf Coast Poets GCP Minutes 05 09 15. Recorded by Laura Pena,10 46 meeting called to order. Featured Reader Weasel Patterson featured reader, Announcements July 25th Weasel and David Cowen will be reading at. Brazos Bookstore 7pm to promote their books The Hell Inside Us. and The Madness of Empty Spaces Jane Chance winner of the 1st. door prize Weasel Patterson s book Congrats to GCP members ac. cepted for Texas Poetry Calendar Jane Chance Choonwah Moon. Laura Pe a Terry Jude Miller, Events and Deadlines Houston Poetry Fest deadline is July 15th Weasel.
Press deadline for new anthology deadline is July 1st Poetry Society of. Texas Summer Conference will be held in Beaumont Tx July 16 18th. July featured reader will be Eloisa Perez Lozano,September featured reader will be Cindy Huyser. October Poetry Out of bounds,November Chuck and Mary Wemple. December Gulf Coast Poets Luncheon, January Elina Petrova runner up to Houston Poet Laureate. Mary Margaret Carlisle mentioned the Facebook poetry challenge of 5. poems in 5 days and tag someone each day to do the same. Renew dues for Poetry Society of Texas,Competition deadlines for PST are in August. National Federation of Poetry Societies competitions are now open. Jane Chance has a new book out of medieval poetry,Taylor has won Black and Red manuscript book.
11 05 Featured reader Weasel Patterson read for 30 minutes from his. new book and other poems from previous publications. 17 authors have been published up to 2015 from Weasel Press. Chapbook competition is now open,Gulf Coast Poets,Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society. Nokturne reading June 13th 7pm featuring ZM Wise Dave. Cowan Weasel Patterson and Ronnie Yates,11 30 open mic. Eloisa Perez Lozano An Evening in Austin with my Brother. won door prize Vagabonds by Weasel Patterson,Mary Ann Goodwin Backyard Night Bathing. Laura Pe a Long Kiss,Taylor Sister Seize, Dave Cowen Faust Waiting for Midnight from The Literary. Mary Margaret Carlisle Canopy, Yong Ae Kim What Kind of Poems Do You Write Alaska.
Jane Chance The Night the Books Fell,Glynn Monroe Irby Imagi 28. 12 00 meeting closed lunch afterwards at King Food. Gulf Coast Poets,Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society. UPCOMING GP FEATURED READERS,Date Speaker,August 2015 No Meeting. September 12 2015 Cindy Huyser,October 3 2015 Poetry Out of Bounds. November 14 2015 Chuck Wemple and Mary Wemple,December 12 2015 Jan Seale 2012 Texas Poet Laure.
ate John Milkereit as second feature,January 19 2016 Elina Petrova. February 13 2016 Tria Wood,March 12 2016 Eloisa Perez Lozano. April 9 2016 TDB Possibly Student readers from,local colleges. May 14 2016 TDB,June 11 2016 Gerald Cedillo,July 9 2016 Word About Town Poets. August No Meeting,September 10 2016 TDB,October 8 2016 Poetry Out of Bounds.
November 12 2016 TDB,December 10 2016 Holiday Luncheon. Gulf Coast Poets,Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society. Gulf Coast Poets,Chapter of the Texas Poetry Society. 2015 Gulf Coast Poets Chapter Membership,Honorary lifetime members 2015 Chapter Members. Ted O Badger Penny Clark,Alan Lee Birkelbach Sybil Pittman Estess.
Robert Clark Dede Fox,John Gorman Carmen Erna Jacobsen. Erica Lehrer C Lynn Happy Daze Carden,Karla Morton Yong Ae Kim. Dave Parsons Jean Mahavier,Larry D Thomas John Milkereit. Deandra Newcomb,Lifetime members Jonathan Peckham,Eloisa Perez Lozano. Nancy Bertoncelj Sandi Stromberg,Diana Dettling Buckley William Turner.
Mary Margaret Carlisle Vanessa Zimmer Powell,Member Chair Weasel Larry Patterson. Daniel Carrington Kay L Cox,Correspondence Secretary Amy L Sasser. Jane Chance Anthology Chair,David Cowen President Jane Wenninger. Winston Derden Dory Williams,Susan Ellis Charles Williams. Ann Fogelman Greeter Billie Hill,Fulton Fry Terry Jude Miller.
Mary Ann Goodwin Lauren English,Susan Musch Vice President Adriana Vazquez. Bernard Patten Luis Vazquez,Richard Peake Gary Rosin. Oscar Pe a Taylor Lane Jones,Laura Pe a Recording Peter Hyland. Secretary Chris Wise,Lynne Streeter Robin Davidson. Martha M Tamez,Glynn Monroe Irby 2015 Student Chapter Member.
Gulf Coast Poets Anthologies and Calls for Submission Houston Poetry Fest 2015 Houston Poetry Fest 2015 will be held in Willow Street Pump Station 811 N San Jacinto Street Houston 77002 on the campus of the University of Hous ton Downtown on October 9 10 and 11 2015 The submission deadline is July 15 2015

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