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Are you using ink Remember no pencil,Map Break Thirteen Colonies 1754. Label colonies and highlight them one color, Label French territory and highlight them a second color. Then label and highlight British territory a third color. Then label and highlight Spanish territory a fourth color. Create a key, Write a caption summarizing the significance of territory in 1754 to the European powers and the colonists. 13 colonies,Other British territory,French territory. Spanish territory,2 Empires at War pp 69 72,Key Concepts.
Main Ideas Notes Analysis, Britain s Empires at War What was the chief reason for colonial. victory over discontent,France in the,struggle for. North America The First Three Wars List three major ways England s war for empire. led to new impacted the colonies in North America,conflicts among. the British,government the 2,American 3,colonists and. The Seven Years War French and Indian War,List three reasons the Albany Plan aka Join or.
culminating in Die failed,the creation of a,new nation the 1. United States,Beginning of the War,What was the most significant impact of the. Treaty of Paris 1763 aka the Peace of Paris,Explain your reasoning. The Albany Plan of Union,British Victory,Compare the British View to the Colonial View. Immediate Effects of the War and explain why these opposing views are. significant to the development of the United,The British View.
The Colonial View,3 Reorganization of the British Empire pp 71 72. Key Concepts Notes Analysis,Main Ideas, After the British Reorganization of the British Empire Defend or refute the following statement. defeat of the 1763 was an important watershed year. French white,Indian conflicts,continued to, erupt as native List three pieces of evidence to support your. groups sought view,to continue trading,Pontiac s Rebellion. with Europeans 2,and to resist the,encroachment of 3.
British colonists on,traditional tribal,lands Name one piece of evidence to support the. Proclamation of 1763 opposing view,Map Break The 13 Colonies 1763. The map below captured from Wikipedia shows North American territorial gains of Spain in 1762 and Britain in 1763. Explain the significance of the,territorial changes from 1754 to. Using a highlighter trace the,location of the Proclamation. Line of 1763,What was the purpose of this, If the United States bought Louisiana from France in 1803 why does this1763 map show Louisiana as Spanish territory.
4 British Actions and Colonial Reactions pp 72 73,Key Concepts. Main Ideas Notes Analysis, During and after the Proclamation of 1763 Identify the major causes and effects of. imperial struggles the Stamp Act controversy,of the mid 18th. century new Caused by,pressures began to,unite the British. colonies against New Revenues and Regulations,perceived and real.
constraints on their,economic activities Effects of. and political rights,sparking a colonial Sugar Act 1764. independence,movement and war,with Britain, Quartering Act 1765 What was the most significant cause of. the controversy,Stamp Act 1765,What was the most significant effect of. the controversy,The main source of resentment among.
colonists was,Declaratory Act 1776,5 Second Phase of the Crisis pp 73 74. Key Concepts Main,Ideas Notes Analysis, During and after the The Townshend Acts Explain the limitations of the repeal of. imperial struggles of the the Townshend Acts in restoring. mid 18th century new positive relations between England and. pressures began to unite its 13 colonies in North America. the British colonies,against perceived and,real constraints on their. economic activities and,political rights sparking,a colonial independence. movement and war with,Continued on next page,Repeal of the Townshend Acts.
Of the following whose contribution was,The resulting most significant to the emerging. independence American identity, movement was fueled by Charles Townshend John Dickenson. established colonial James Otis Samuel Adams Lord North. elites as well as by Crispus Attucks,grassroots movements. that included newly,mobilized laborers,Boston Massacre. artisans and women and, rested on arguments over Defend your answer with specific.
the rights of British evidence,subjects the rights of the. individual and the ideas 1,of the Enlightenment,6 Renewal of the Conflict pp 74 75. Key Concepts,Main Ideas Notes Analysis, Renewal of the Conflict Explain how Committees of Correspondence and. intercolonial committees sharpened the divisions, Great Britain s between Britain and the colonies in the early 1770 s. massive debt from,the Seven Years,War resulted in,renewed efforts to.
The Gaspee,consolidate, imperial control In what way does the Gaspee incident illustrate the. over North overall turning point of 1763,American markets. taxes and political,institutions Boston Tea Party,actions that were. supported by some, colonists but Were the Sons of Liberty justified in the Boston Tea. resisted by others Party Defend your answer with three pieces of. 7 Intolerable Acts and the Philosophical Foundations of the American Revolution pp 75 77. Key Concepts Main,Ideas Notes Analysis, Great Britain s Intolerable Acts Explain how the Coercive Acts Intolerable Acts.
massive debt from the were both an effect of colonial actions and a cause. Seven Years War of colonial action,resulted in renewed. efforts to consolidate The Coercive Acts 1774,imperial control over. North American,markets taxes and,political institutions. actions that were Explain the role of religion in colonial resistance to. supported by some the new imperial policies of 1774. colonists but resisted,Quebec Act 1774,The resulting. independence,movement was,established colonial, elites as well as by Philosophical Foundations of the American Revolution.
grassroots Review the Enlightenment ideas located on the last. movements that page of your Period 2 Term Review Part 4 Looking. included newly Ahead List the most three most significant ideas. mobilized laborers that influenced our founding fathers as they. resisted new imperial policies,artisans and,Enlightenment Ideas. women and rested 1,on arguments over,the rights of British. subjects the rights 2,of the individual,and the ideas of the 3. Enlightenment,Section 2 HIPP, If at length it becomes undoubted that an inveterate Historical Context. resolution is formed to annihilate the liberties of the. governed the English history affords frequent examples. of resistance by force What particular circumstances will Intended Audience. in any future case justify such resistance can never be. ascertained till they happen Perhaps it may be allowable. Author s Purpose, to say generally that it never can be justifiable until the.
people are fully convinced that any further submission will. be destructive to their happiness Author s Point of View. Source Letter III Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania John. Dickenson 1767 Public Domain,Other Context Similar in Kind In a Different Time. Reading Guide written by Rebecca Richardson Allen High School. Sources include but are not limited to 2015 edition of AMSCO s United States History Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination Wikipedia org College Board Advanced Placement United States History Framework writing strategies. developed by Mr John P Irish Carroll High School 12 th edition of American Pageant other sources as cited in document and other sources as cited in document and collected adapted over 20 years of teaching and collaborating. Chapter 4 Imperial Wars and Colonial Protest pp 68 84 Reading Assignment Guided Reading pp 68 77 As you read the chapter jot down your notes in the middle column Consider your notes to be elaborations on the Objectives and Main Ideas presented in the left column When you finish the section analyze what you read by answering the question in the right hand column 1 Overview and

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