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The key word when it comes to puberty is CHANGE Your body is. changing your feelings are changing and your relationships with those. around you are changing You re growing up and becoming an adult. This change from being a child to becoming an adult is called puberty. You re growing up Celebrate it and celebrate yourself. Somewhere between the ages of about 8 and 16 puberty will begin. The experience of puberty and the time it takes to complete is different. for everyone Try not to compare yourself to others You will grow and. mature in your own way and at your own pace By the time you re. around 18 to 20 years old puberty will be finished. You will grow and develop in your own way at a pace that is different. but just as normal as everyone else s experience, The next few years are going to be interesting All this change might. even seem kind of scary Just remember that the most important thing. about you isn t going to change No matter what you ll always be the. same person you ve always been,You re growing up okay. Changing Bodies, During puberty you re going to grow faster and start to develop an. adult body Hormones in your body start these changes Hormones. are chemicals that are made by organs called glands. The most important gland is the pituitary gland This tiny gland. found at the base of the brain prompts other glands to start making. hormones In males the testicles start to make the male sex hormone. testosterone In females the ovaries start to make the two female. sex hormones estrogen and progesterone The pituitary gland also. makes the human growth hormone in both males and females This. hormone makes the bones and muscles grow faster during puberty. Some of these hormones cause changes only to males Other. changes happen only to females Let s start by looking at the. changes that happen to both males and females, During puberty your skin can get oily Sometimes your pores. might become blocked with oil If this happens you might get pimples. Both males and females will start growing hair on,their legs under their arms and in the pubic.
area Males will also grow facial hair and,possibly chest hair The amount of. new body hair that grows is,different for every person. Females will notice that,their breasts change during. puberty Their breasts might,tingle and hurt just a bit. as they grow and develop,They may not both grow,at the same rate or to the.
same size It is normal,for one breast to be a bit,smaller than the other one. It is also normal for male s breasts to change during puberty They. may swell and hurt a little These feelings will stop after puberty. Growth can be very quick You can have growth spurts and shoot up. several inches in a short time This fast growing might give you achy. growing pains You might also feel clumsy while you get used to your. new size Remember that everyone will grow at their own rate You. might suddenly find that you re a head taller or shorter than a friend. who s the same age as you,As you grow taller it is important that. you also gain some weight Male s,shoulders and chest will broaden. while females will develop breasts,and broader hips. Perspiration,Both males and females start to,perspire sweat more during puberty.
Perspiration may also have a,stronger smell,The voices of both males and. females will deepen This change,will be greater in males As a male s. voice box larynx grows his voice,can suddenly go from high to low or. from low to high The cracking can be,a bit embarrassing sometimes. In time these voice changes,will stop happening,Masturbation.
Touching and rubbing your genitals can, feel good This is called masturbation Males and females of any. age may choose to masturbate or not to masturbate both choices. are normal,The Male Body,The penis is the male,reproductive organ Both. urine and sperm leave the,body through the penis,but never at the same. time During puberty the,penis becomes larger,Penis size and shape is. different for all males,The bladder is the organ,where urine is stored.
Prostate Gland, The prostate gland is one of the organs that add fluid to sperm to. create semen,Seminal Vesicles, The seminal vesicles are two small organs that add some of the fluid. to sperm to create semen,Vas Deferens, The vas deferens are tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the. prostate gland, The two oval shaped glands that hang inside the scrotum are the. testicles These glands make the male sex hormone testosterone. During puberty testicles also start making sperm Sperm are the. tadpole like male reproductive cells that can join with a female s. egg cell to start a pregnancy Like the penis the testicles grow. during puberty It is normal for one testicle to hang a bit lower. than the other one, The scrotum is the sack of loose skin just behind the penis The.
scrotum holds and protects the two testicles and keeps them at the. right temperature for making sperm, The urethra is the tube that carries both urine and semen through the. penis and out of the body but never at the same time. The rectum is the last portion of the large intestine The rectum stores. feces until it leaves the body through the anus, The anus is the opening from which feces leave the body. During puberty the reproductive organs mature In males first the. testicles and then the penis will grow larger and begin to work a bit. differently Like all the changes you ll have during puberty these. changes won t happen all at once Give yourself time You will. develop at your own pace,Erections and Ejaculations. After puberty starts the testicles begin to make the male reproductive. cells These are called sperm The sperm travel from each testicle in. a tube called the vas deferens The vas deferens takes the sperm. around the bladder and through the seminal vesicles and the prostate. gland In the seminal vesicles liquid is added to the sperm and then. the prostate adds more liquid The mixture of these liquids and sperm. is called semen Semen leaves the male body through the penis. When a male is sexually aroused extra blood fills the spongy tissues. in the penis The penis becomes larger and stiffer and it stands out. from the body This is called an erection When a male s sexual arousal. reaches its peak muscles force semen out of the penis This is called. ejaculation During ejaculation about one teaspoon of semen is. ejaculated from a male s penis After ejaculation the penis becomes. soft again Many things can cause sexual arousal and an erection. even wearing pants that rub against the penis Sometimes erections. just happen for no reason at all This can be embarrassing but is. very normal, The basic function of the male reproductive system is to. produce sperm,Wet Dreams, Sometimes the penis can get erect and ejaculate semen while a male.
is asleep and dreaming This is called a wet dream or a nocturnal. emission It can happen to males of all ages It can be embarrassing. to wake up in damp pyjamas and sheets but wet dreams are just a. normal sign that a male s body is growing up,Circumcision. Penises often look different from one another This may be because. some penises are circumcised and others are not Circumcised and. uncircumcised penises both work the same way,Circumcised Penis. A circumcised penis has had the foreskin surgically removed. from the penis This procedure is usually done by a doctor. Uncircumcised Penis, An uncircumcised penis has the foreskin attached The. foreskin is loose skin that covers the tip of the penis. The Female Body,fallopian tube,Side View Front View. Note colours do not represent actual colours of organs. The uterus also called the womb is the muscular organ that can hold. a fetus while it grows until it is ready to be born When a female is not. pregnant the uterus is about 7 5 cm long, The bladder is the organ where the urine is stored.
The urethra is the tube that carries urine out of the body. The vagina is the passage that goes from the uterus to the outside. of the body It s about 9 cm long,Fallopian Tubes, These tubes carry ova eggs from the ovaries to the uterus The. fallopian tubes are about 10 cm long and about as wide as a piece. of spaghetti, The anus is the opening from which feces leave the body. The ovaries hold the ova eggs and make the female hormones. estrogen and progesterone Each ovary is about the size of an. The vulva is another word for a female s pubic area It means all the. reproductive organs outside her body, The labia are the two folds of skin that cover the clitoris urethra and. vaginal opening The labia are part of the vulva, The clitoris is a sensitive pea sized organ It enlarges slightly when. it is touched or when a female has sexual thoughts or feelings. The rectum is the last portion of the large intestine The rectum stores. feces until it leaves the body through the anus, During puberty a female s reproductive system reaches maturity Her.
hips broaden her breasts develop and she will begin to menstruate. have monthly periods These changes do not happen overnight. Puberty changes will take a different amount of time for each female. Try not to compare yourself to others,Menstruation. Most females will start to menstruate sometime between the ages of 9. and 16 Each female is going to start menstruating on her own time. Don t worry if you start earlier or later than your peers. In a 28 day cycle ovulation may occur any lining of. day between 12 and 15 days after the first 1 uterus thickens. day of menstruation,Menstruation period will last between one. and seven days,The menstrual cycle can be between,28 and 35 days. fallopian tube,egg cells ovum,Sample 28 and 35 day. Menstrual Cycles,period menstruation,2 3 4 5 6 menstrual flow.
35 2 3 4 5,menstruation,23 24 25 26,11 12 13 14 1,16 17 18 19 17. 0 21 22 23, ovulation Note colours do not represent actual colours of organs. All females are born with thousands of ova egg cells already in their. ovaries It is not until puberty that the ova begin to ripen and leave. the ovaries one at a time This is called ovulation. About once a month an ovum egg leaves an ovary and travels down. a fallopian tube into the uterus The lining of the uterus is made up. of a thick mixture of blood and fluid If a sperm the male reproductive. cell fertilizes the ovum a pregnancy will occur The blood rich lining. in the uterus will help to support a growing fetus If it is not fertilized. the pin point sized ovum either dissolves or flows out the vagina with. the usual vaginal discharge You won t even notice it Soon after the. ovum is gone the lining of the uterus also leaves the body through. the vagina This is called menstruation, During menstruation about 4 to 6 tablespoons of blood and fluid. leave a female s body through her vagina each day It usually happens. around every 28 days and lasts between 2 and 7 days The exact. length of time and amount of fluid are different for each female. One of the biggest changes that happen to a female during puberty. is menstruation,Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle, Many females like to keep track of their menstrual cycle It helps. them figure out when they will probably get their next period You. can keep track of your personal menstrual cycle by circling the days. on a calendar that your period starts and ends The day you begin. to menstruate is the first day of your menstrual cycle Each time you. menstruate count the number of days that have passed since your. last period started After a few months it will be easier to tell when. your next period should occur, At first your menstrual cycle might not be very regular You might.
even skip your period for a month or so and then it will start again. Sometimes it can take a while even a couple of years for a female s. body to get into a regular pattern, Most females will develop a regular menstrual cycle which means that. it will be approximately the same number of days each month Some. females may continue to have an irregular menstrual cycle which. means that the number of days for each menstrual cycle can vary. Questions and Answers about,Menstruation,Question What do you do about the blood when you. have your period,Answer During her period a,female can use either pads. or tampons to absorb,her menstrual flow,Pads attach to the inside. of underwear with small,sticky strips and catch,menstrual flow outside.
of the body Tampons,on the other hand are,small absorbent rolls that. are inserted into the vagina,Some females find it easier to use. pads when they first start menstruating, If you decide to use pads make sure you change them several times. each day and again before you go to bed This will help to stop odour. Tampons also need to be changed often It is important that females. choose the absorbency that is best for them Using tampons the right. way can prevent a very rare but serous infection called toxic shock. Tampons are safe and can be very comfortable but using them can. take some practice When inserted properly you shouldn t be able. to feel a tampon at all Tampons are usually inserted into the vagina. using an applicator Don t worry about the tampon getting lost inside. period menstruation ovulation period menstruation 2 8 d a y c y c l e 3 d a y c y c l e 1 2 3 fallopian tube In a 28 day cycle ovulation may occur any day between 12 and 15 days after the first day of menstruation Menstruation period will last between one and seven days The menstrual cycle can be between 28 and 35 days lining of uterus thickens ovulation menstrual flow ovum egg

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