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1 An Overview of myitlab Grader,Step 1 Overview of Grader Projects in myitlab. In addition to providing online assessment and training assignments within a simulated. environment myitlab now also includes Grader Projects Grader enables you to assign. projects that students will complete live in Word Excel PowerPoint or Access and then submit. to the myitlab grading engine for immediate grading and detailed feedback. Students simply download the starting materials launch the live Office application and. complete the project as instructed and then upload the completed assignment to be. Once the assignment has been completed and submitted the myitlab grading engine does the. work for you,It s as simple as 1 2 3, NOTE These instructions are for instructors who are currently using myitlab in their courses. and want to ADD Grader projects to their current courses. If you are using myitlab for the first time please reference the Step by Step for Instructors. Guide located under the Support Instructor tab at www myitlab com. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 2,Step 2 Content Included in myitlab Grader. Two projects per Office chapter are currently available for GO Office 2007 Introductory. GO Office 2007 Volume 1 and Exploring Office 2007 Volume 1. Grader Activities are found in the course content at the bottom of the list for each chapter The. steps may vary from the textbook because some questions needed to be modified in order to. work appropriately with the Grader engine, The Homework Project is from the textbook End of Chapter material The Assessment. Project is from the Instructor Resource CD IRCD, The following is a list of the textbooks and the chapters that contain Grader projects.
GO Office 2007 Introductory, Word Chapters 5 8 Excel Chapters 9 11 Access Chapters 12 14 and PowerPoint 15 17. Homework Mastery Level Project Project H in GO 1 e or 2 e Project F in GO 3 e. Assessment Point Counted Production Test on the IRCD. GO Office 2007 Volume 1, Word Chapters 1 6 Excel Chapters 1 6 Access Chapters 1 6 and PowerPoint Chapters 1 6. Homework Mastery Level Project Project H, Assessment Point Counted Production Test on the IRCD. Exploring Office 2007 Volume 1, Word Chapters 1 4 Excel Chapters 1 4 Access Chapters 1 4 and PowerPoint Chapters 1 4. Homework Exploring Series Capstone Case, Assessment Exploring Series Additional Capstone Exercise on the IRCD.
NOTE You will see Grader assignments for the textbooks listed above only There are no. Grader projects for Skills for Success In Business or Exploring Volume 2 books. NOTE If you don t see the Grader assignments in your Content Library at the bottom of the. list of content at the chapter level you may not have access to the most updated template. Please contact your Program Administrator or your Pearson sales representative for assistance. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 3,2 View Grader Home Page Information. Step 1 Grader Resources available to Instructors, The home page at www myitlab com is the starting point for an introduction to myitlab and. Grader an online video tour and links to specific resources including this Step by Step. 1 Introduction to myitlab and Grader, 2 Brief online video with a complete overview of myitlab Grader. 3 Step by Step Grader Guide and a future video to be posted to. Support Instructors student documentation and a PowerPoint presentation to be. posted to Support Students, 4 A link under Tours Training to daily WebEx sessions hosted by the myitlab Faculty. Advocates myitlab Adding Grader to Your Courses,12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 4.
3 Adding a Grader Assignment,Step 1 Add a Grader Assignment. The Grader content is located in your textbook chapters in the Content Library within the. chapter folder To assign a Grader project, 1 First open the folder in My Course on the right where you want to add the Grader. assignment In this case we will open the Exploring Excel 2007 folder where the. instructor has already assigned two simulation assignments. 2 On the left in the Content Library the Grader content is located in the textbook. chapter Scroll to the bottom of the list of available content to see a Grader Homework. project and a Grader Assessment project, NOTE The Homework project is taken from the textbook end of chapter activities The. Assessment project is from the instructor resources and is not in the textbook. 3 Click the checkbox before the Grader assignment s. 1 Open folder,3 Click to select,2 Grader Assignments. 4 Click the Add button to add the assignment to your course on the right side. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 5,Step 2 Scheduling a Grader Assignment.
1 You will be prompted to set the scheduling options at this time if you are adding only. one assignment You can select Yes to set the scheduling options at this time However. you could answer No and set the options later, 2 On the Settings window you can specify the number of attempts students are allowed. to submit the assignment Setting multiple attempts allows the student to view their. submissions and reports make corrections to the document and resubmit for grading. 3 Use the Availability window to specify due dates and set other restrictions The options. for availability are the same throughout myitlab,4 Click Save and Return when you are finished. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 6,4 Student Grader Instructions. Step 1 Access Grader from the Student View, Unhide the Grader assignment in My Course so you can view it from the Student View This. will allow you to get familiar with how the student downloads the instructions goes offline to. complete the assignment live in the Office 2007 application uploads the assignment and. submits for grading,Step 2 Student Grader Instructions.
Let s look at the Grader assignment on the Student side. 1 In the upper right corner of your myitlab course click Student View. 2 Open the folder in which you added the Grader assignment Excel 2007. 3 Click Excel Chapter 2 Grader Project Assessment to start the assignment. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 7, Step 1 Download Starting Files asks the student to download the files including the. instruction sheet The student may want to print out the instruction sheet for convenience as. they complete the assignment,Click the green arrows to download the files. Click Save to save the files to a storage device or to a designated folder on your. You can also download all the files to a zip file if your students are familiar with creating. and opening zip files Click Close and Return,12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 8. Step 2 Work on Assignment requires the student to complete the assignment in Office. 2007 The student may leave myitlab and the Grader window to work on the assignment. Click on Return to Course Content and answer Yes to the message that you want to close. When the assignment is completed the student will return to myitlab navigate to the Grader. assignment in their course and submit the assignment for grading. Step 3 Upload Completed Assignment The student is asked to submit the assignment. for grading, Click Upload Completed File and Browse to locate the completed file. Click Upload, Note the message at the top of the screen that the file has been uploaded successfully and that.
you MUST click the Finish Submit for Grading button to send the file for grading. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 9,5 Viewing Grader Submissions. Viewing Grader Submissions, Once the assignment has been completed and submitted the myitlab grading engine. does the work for you, To view the available reports for a Grader assignment return to your instructor. account The student can also view their individual submission in their gradebook. On the My Course side locate the Grader assignment. Click on the Option arrow for the assignment and select View Submissions from the. On the left side under Student List click on the before a student name If the student had. multiple tries you are able to see a report for each one Click the submission to highlight and. view A variety of reports are available to show your students results and to indicate what. they did correctly as well as where they went wrong. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 10, The initial Score Card Data report shows how many points the student earned for each step of. the project as well as the maximum amount of points possible for each step The student score. is shown as a percent, Click on the Summary Report link to see additional details.
Many of the steps in each project contain more than one part and the sophisticated grading. engine allows for partial credit to be awarded The Summary Report allows you to see exactly. where within each step the student lost points,Click the expand collapse arrows to see details. Close this report and click the link to the Marked Up Report. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 11, The Marked Up Report is a visual of the actual student submission. When you manually grade projects you provide your students with detailed feedback to help. them see where they went wrong Grader does this for you By viewing the Marked Up. Report you can see the student s project rendered on the screen with red X s indicating. where they went wrong and green s showing what they did correctly. By clicking on the red X and or the green both the student and the instructor are provided. with actual student actions taken within each task This detailed report also shows if partial. credit is awarded, Grader is not only a timesaver for instructors but also an invaluable learning tool for students. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 12,6 Working with Integrity Violations. Grader Potential Integrity Violation, Grader assignments have an embedded token that is unique to each student within the.
download of each of the initial document s that the student downloads to begin a Grader. assignment As such if one student copies another student s work and uploads it as their own. or uses another student s file for upload a Potential Integrity Violation will be noted within. the Gradebook, Note A Potential Integrity Violation doesn t automatically appear within Gradebook The. instructor must follow the steps outlined below to view any Potential Integrity Violation. To determine if any students have violated integrity within a Grader assignment. 1 After logging into myitlab as instructor enter class and select Gradebook. 2 From Course Content select the Chapter for the Grader assignment. 3 Locate the Grader assignment that the instructor would like to review. 4 Click the pull down menu to the right of the Grader assignment as shown on the next. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 13, 5 Select View All Submissions from the Options menu. 6 The window that opens contains the student list and scores for Grader. 7 The to the left of the student name indicates that the assignment has been. 8 Click on the and all attempts are visible with the student score for each. 9 The Integrity Violation icon appears when a Potential Integrity Violation has. been flagged, 10 Double click anywhere on the line of the Potential Integrity Violation. 11 Within the window the left pane will be your student list The right pane will allow the. instructor to Show Details of the Potential Integrity Violation and review the. student s score,12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 14, 12 Click Show Details You will be shown a window with a Notify Student button This. button sends a message to the student that there has been an Integrity Violation. After the button has been selected it will not be displayed anymore. 13 After the Notify Student button above has been selected if a student wants to know. that there has been an Integrity Violation the student must select View Submission. After the upgrade in late December the icon will appear next to the submission name. 12 22 2009 myitlab Grader 4 Step 1 Grader Resources available to Instructors The home page at www myitlab com is the starting point for an introduction to myitlab and Grader an online video tour and links to specific resources including this Step by Step Guide 1 Introduction to myitlab and Grader 2 Brief online video with a complete overview of myitlab Grader

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