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English LanguageArts Literacy, 2019 Released Items Grade 4 Literary Analysis Task. The Literary Analysis Task requires students to read two literary texts that. are purposely paired Students read the texts answer questions for each. text and for the texts as a pair and then write an analytic essay. The 2019 blueprint for the grade 4 Literary Analysis Task includes Evidence. Based Selected Response Technology Enhanced Constructed Response items. as well as Prose Constructed Response prompt,Included in this document. Answer key and standards alignment,PDFs of each item with the associated text s. Additional related materials not included in this document. Sample scored student responses with annotations and practice papers. Scoring Rubric for Prose Constructed Response Items. Guide to English Language Arts Literacy Released Items Understanding. English LanguageArts Literacy, Release Items Answer and Alignment Document ELA Literacy. Text Type LAT,Passage s from A Thousand Cranes Fiddle Fanatic.
Item Code Answer s Standards Evidence,Statement Alignment. BB431743385 Item Type EBSR L 4 4 1,Part A B RL 4 1 1. Part B D RL 4 4 1,BB605638602 Item Type TECR RL 4 1 1. BB431754207 Item Type EBSR RL 4 1 1,Part A C RL 4 2 1. BB605232100 Item Type EBSR L 4 4 1,Part A B RL 4 1 1.
Part B D RL 4 4 1,BB605326515 Item Type EBSR RL 4 1 1. Part A B RL 4 3 1,BB431751124 Item Type TECR RL 4 1 1. BB431879093 Item Type PCR,Refer to Grade 4 Scoring Rubric. English LanguageArts Literacy, BB431757054 Item Type TECR additional item RL 4 1 1. BB605235993 Item Type EBSR additional item RL 4 1 1. Part A A RL 4 3 1,Part B D RL 4 5 1, BB605243300 Item Type EBSR additional item RL 4 1 1.
Part A D RL 4 3 1,Part B C E,English LanguageArts Literacy. Today you will read a passage from the drama A Thousand. Cranes and a passage from Fiddle Fanatic As you read these. passages you will gather information about the characters. the settings and the events Then you will answer questions. so you can write a response, Read the passage from the drama A Thousand Cranes Then answer. the questions,from A Thousand Cranes,by Kathryn Schultz Miller. SADAKO runs in out of breath and laughing,1 KENJI Beat you by four seconds. 2 SADAKO Four You re lying, 3 KENJI Laughing It was actually four and a half but I let you have that.
4 SADAKO Oh You Slumping You always win You should let. somebody else win sometime, 5 KENJI Why Sadako You can t mean that I should cheat so that you. 6 SADAKO Oh it wouldn t be cheating so much as polite. 7 KENJI Laughing And I suppose when you run in the girl s contest next. month you ll want the judges to be polite and let somebody else win. 8 SADAKO Well no,9 KENJI I thought so, 10 SADAKO Oh Kenji do you think I have a chance to win. 11 KENJI Mocking You You win a race against the fastest girls in. Hiroshima You can t win,12 SADAKO Why not,English LanguageArts Literacy. 13 KENJI Because you re a turtle that s why A great big lumbering. turtle Mimes slow turtle laughing at his jest,14 SADAKO I am not a turtle. 15 KENJI Yes you are,16 SADAKO Am not,17 KENJI Are too.
18 SADAKO Well if I m a turtle then you re a frog,19 KENJI A frog. 20 SADAKO Yes A great big green one with warts all over it. 21 KENJI Sadako you can t possibly mean croak Putting her. on Well where on earth could that have come from Croak. 22 SADAKO Oh you, 23 KENJI Look Sadako my hand is turning green croak and it has. warts all over it He crouches to a frog position and sticks out his tongue. leaping around croaking Uses bill of his cap to indicate the mouth of the. croaking frog Croak Croak, 24 SADAKO Laughing in spite of herself Now you stop that She is. laughing almost uncontrollably soon KENJI stops and laughs with her They. stop leaning on each other gaining composure Kenji tell me the truth Do. you think I have any chance of winning the races next month. 25 KENJI Sadako I will tell you the truth I believe you will win. 26 SADAKO Thrilled You really think so You really really do. 27 KENJI Yes I really really do, 28 SADAKO Oh Kenji She hugs him Wait until I tell my father He will be. so proud of me She starts to go,29 KENJI Now don t quit practicing.
English LanguageArts Literacy,30 SADAKO Oh I won t. 31 KENJI See you tomorrow, 32 SADAKO Tomorrow She moves upstage as if to exit. KENJI now ACTOR 1 moves to instrument station and makes music for. scene change SADAKO moves upstage as ACTOR 2 now MOTHER moves. into the scene She is counting out candles and putting them on the table. She wears a kimono ACTOR 1 counts and then fades as MOTHER joins in. and finally ends the counting, 33 ACTOR 1 One hundred and eighteen one hundred and nineteen one. hundred and twenty one hundred and twenty one one hundred and. twenty two one hundred and twenty three Again they speak the. primary numbers together,34 MOTHER Counting candles One two three four. SADAKO comes running in very excited, 35 SADAKO Mother Mother Wait till you hear I have wonderful news.
36 MOTHER Not looking up continues working Your shoes Sadako. 37 SADAKO Oh She calms down to remove her shoes puts them by the. door then rushes back to MOTHER Wait till I tell you. 38 MOTHER Sadako show your respect to your elders, 39 SADAKO Oh She bows puts hands together as in prayer and bows her. head toward MOTHER Mother Kenji just told me,40 MOTHER Sadako show your respect to our beloved. ancestors Disheartened SADAKO kneels before an imaginary shrine hands. in prayer and bowing her head Returns to MOTHER somewhat subdued. 41 SADAKO Mother I, 42 MOTHER You must wait for your father to tell this earth shattering news. Now it is time to prepare for dinner,English LanguageArts Literacy. 43 SADAKO But Mother, 44 MOTHER Sushi has been prepared the rice plates have been set Sadako.
you may warm the saki for your father, 45 SADAKO Yes Mother MOTHER straightens candles on the table. FATHER enters takes off his shoes, 46 SADAKO Father She runs to him grabs him in embrace and almost twirls. him around Wait till I tell you,47 FATHER Well what is this. 48 MOTHER Not angry This daughter of yours will not learn discipline. 49 FATHER Your mother is right Sadako You must learn moderation in all. 50 SADAKO But Father I have such wonderful news, 51 FATHER Warm It seems that everything in your world is wonderful. Sadako Kisses the top of her head You may tell us your news. 52 SADAKO Looks anxiously at them BOTH Now,53 FATHER Laughing Now Sadako.
54 SADAKO Kenji says I m fast enough to win the race next month Isn t that. wonderful He thinks I can win, 55 FATHER Genuinely impressed You have been practicing very hard. 56 SADAKO Oh yes Father Kenji and I run every day, 57 FATHER Kenji is a fast runner an excellent athlete. 58 SADAKO Yes he is Father And a good teacher too, 59 MOTHER Even so you must use discipline to practice very hard if you. really want to win,English LanguageArts Literacy, 60 SADAKO Oh I want to win Mother I want to win more than anything on. 61 FATHER We are very proud of you Sadako BOTH parents hug. her MOTHER begins to light candles, From THEATRE FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES 20 GREAT PLAYS FOR CHILDREN 1998.
by Coleman A Jennings Reprinted by permission of St Martin s Press All Rights. English LanguageArts Literacy,BB431743385, What is the meaning of composure as it is used in speech 24 of the. passage from A Thousand Cranes,A imagination,B self control. D self confidence,Which detail is another example of composure. A Well if I m a turtle then you re a frog speech 18. B He crouches to a frog position and sticks out his tongue. C Kenji tell me the truth speech 24,D She calms down to remove her shoes speech 37. English LanguageArts Literacy,BB605638602, 2 Create a summary by dragging the major events in the passage from.
A Thousand Cranes into the boxes in the order that they happen. English LanguageArts Literacy,BB431754207, Which statement describes a theme of the passage from A Thousand. A Sometimes rules are accidentally broken, B Silliness can limit the ability to solve problems. C Preparation is necessary for achieving success, D Having a positive attitude is the best way to win. Which statement supports the answer to Part A,A Sadako and Kenji laugh and tease each other. B Sadako forgets to remove her shoes when she comes home. C Sadako s mother encourages her to continue practicing. D Sadako s father appreciates her eagerness,English LanguageArts Literacy.
Read the passage from Fiddle Fanatic about Melanie Mel and her. sister Abigail Abbie Then answer the questions,from Fiddle Fanatic. by Elisabeth Deffner, 1 Mendoza Abigail Concertmistress Her little sister leader of the whole. 2 Abbie squealed I can t believe it, 3 Mel kept reading Mendoza Melanie Second violins What She wasn t even. in the first violin section, 4 I can t wait to tell Mom and Dad Abbie hurtled down the street toward. their parents restaurant, 5 Mel followed Abbie slowly There had to be some mistake Mr Benson had.
probably mixed up their names She d straighten everything out tomorrow. 6 But tomorrow was a long way off When Mel reached the restaurant Abbie. was playing her audition piece right in the middle of the dining room. 7 Music poured from Abbie s bow like water from a teapot pure and perfect. And the trill sounded like a bird warbling Customers applauded as Abbie. lowered her violin Mel fought the urge to clap Abbie was good really. good but that wasn t the point,8 Blushing Abbie turned to Mel. 9 Why are you playing in here Mel snapped,10 Abbie frowned I like playing in the restaurant. 11 I guess you would be happy to play anywhere even if you re sitting with. the seconds, 13 Mr Benson mixed us up I should be in the first violins this summer. English LanguageArts Literacy, 14 Abbie stiffened He didn t make a mistake Melanie He made me first chair. because I m good Because I actually practice,15 I practice.
16 Not the way I do You d rather spend time with your friends. 17 Because I actually care about having a social life. 18 Her ponytail absolutely still Abbie turned and walked toward the back of the. restaurant Mel s stomach ached She didn t like it when Abbie was upset. with her But what would her friends say if her little sister had a better seat. than she did, 19 The next morning on the way to school Mel watched her sister marching. ahead of her again Mel was a little mad and a little sad But also a little. glad She didn t want Abbie to see her slipping into the music room. 20 Inhaling stale air and rosin dust Mel squared her shoulders Mr Benson I. want to talk to you about the orchestra seats, 21 Yes you must be proud of your sister Mr Benson smiled Abigail is a. rare student If she continues to work hard and grow as a musician she. could become a professional Then we ll look back on our little orchestra and. think about how lucky we were, 22 Mel froze So there wasn t any mix up She was the one who d made a. mistake Her little sister had earned the top spot and she hadn t even. congratulated her, From Fiddle Fanatic by Elisabeth Deffner from HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN INC. Copyright 2015,English LanguageArts Literacy,BB605232100.
What is the meaning of applauded as it is used in paragraph 7 of the. passage from Fiddle Fanatic,A ended the performance. B showed strong approval,C surprised the performer. D paid close attention, Which detail from paragraph 7 helps the reader understand the meaning of. A like water from a teapot,B sounded like a bird warbling. Isn t that wonderful He thinks I can win 55 FATHER Genuinely impressed You have been practicing very hard 56 SADAKO Oh yes Father Kenji and I run every day 57 FATHER Kenji is a fast runner an excellent athlete 58 SADAKO Yes he is Father And a good teacher too 59 MOTHER Even so you must use discipline to practice very hard if you really want to win English

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