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Directions, On the following pages of your test booklet are passages and questions for the. Grade 11 Nebraska State Accountability English Language Arts NeSA ELA. Read these directions carefully before beginning the test. This test will include several different types of questions Some questions are. based on one or two passages Other questions are independent and will be. answered based on the information provided in the question Record all of your. answers in the answer document, The test will include questions that will ask you to provide your answer in a. variety of ways, Some questions will ask you to select an answer from among four choices. Some questions will have two parts and require that you choose an answer. or answers to each part, Some questions will ask you to construct an answer by following the. directions given, When you come to the word STOP at the end of the test you have finished the.
Grade 11 English Language Arts Test You may review the test to check your. answers Make sure you have marked all of your answers clearly and that you. have completely erased any marks you do not want When you are finished put. your answer sheet inside your test booklet and close your test booklet. ELA Grade 11 Practice Test, 1 Read the paragraph from a narrative about a hike. Kim had hiked this mountain so many times She loved the challenges of the trail the gnarly roots. that threatened to trip her and the embedded stones worn smooth by years of foot traffic Her. brother Ned had leapt ahead of her on the trail like a mountain goat He had probably already. arrived at Alpine Lake the glistening unspoiled expanse of brilliant blue that was their destination. As she emerged from the shaded trail for her first glimpse of the lake she paused to take in its. Choose the sentence which if added to the paragraph would BEST create suspense. A The lake settled into the landscape like a brilliant blue bowl encircled by the emerald forest. presenting a striking contrast of intense color, B Then behind her she heard the light thud of footsteps and the whisper of branches brushing. against something something mobile and she shivered in the warm sunlight. C Once a real estate developer had threatened to create a small resort community on the shores of. the lake but he had met with so much resistance that he gave up the plan. D She heard Ned calling for her somewhere along the shore and she realized that he was waiting. impatiently for her to join him,A 4 Go on to the next page. ELA Grade 11 Practice Test, 2 A student is conducting research for a report about the county where she lives Read her online. source and the directions that follow, Source statehandbook burlesoncounty geography online.
Burleson County consists of 423 square miles of gently sloping and level terrain with elevations. ranging from 4260 feet in the southeast to 4890 feet in the northwest The La Salle River is the one. major watercourse and flows from the northwest to the southeast with tributaries draining both the. western and eastern half of the county Two natural geographic regions dominate the county the. smaller Redland Prairie region in the southeast is predominately rolling grassland with soil of mostly. shallow clay The Timber Breaks region contains an abundance of deep loamy soil that supports. hardwoods such as American elm and box elder 84 of Burleson County is considered prime. The student wrote the following paragraph for her report Select the sentence that requires revision to. avoid plagiarizing the online source, A Burleson County is one of the fastest growing areas in the state particularly the southeast portion. of the county, B New apartments and single family homes are being built in the Redland Prairie area where 60. acres of rolling grassland have been set aside for a regional high school. C One of the significant effects of this development will be increased recreational traffic in the two. county parks along the river, D The La Salle River is the one major watercourse and flows to the southeast with tributaries. draining the county, E The only other alternative for camping is Ladder Bluff Canyon in the Timber Breaks region. where public access is limited Most of the northwestern part of the county is prime farmland and. privately owned,A 5 Go on to the next page,ELA Grade 11 Practice Test.
3 A student is writing an informative report about a hiking trip Read the draft and complete the task. that follows, Three trails are clearly marked through Arrowhead Canyon The Lower Trail is an easy two hour. loop along the creek bed Most of the trail is hard packed earth level and wide enough for three. hikers or any trio out for a stroll to walk side by side There are even a few park benches along. the way The Middle Trail is more challenging In several places hikers need to scramble over fallen. timber or rugged rock outcroppings The path up to and around the waterfall can be a little. treacherous but with a little determination and a sturdy pair of shoes kids as young as eight or nine. can hike to Mason Falls and back within four or five hours I m completely amazed by the Upper. Trail That hike requires a little more preparation and no less than 18 hours. Which revision of the underlined sentence BEST maintains the tone and focus of the paragraph. A The Upper Trail is an entirely different challenge. B You have to see the Upper trail to believe it,C The Upper Trail is too amazing to imagine. D You must indeed travel the Upper Trail,A 6 Go on to the next page. ELA Grade 11 Practice Test,The Nebraska Unicameral Legislative System. Should you be required to wear a seat belt in a moving car How many days a year should you be. required to attend school These and other similar questions are discussed and answered by your. senators elected politicians who are authorized to institute amend or eliminate Nebraska laws. Forty nine of the fifty states in the United States have a House of Representatives and a Senate These. two house systems are called bicameral legislatures Nebraska is unique in that it is the only state in. the country that has just one legislative body,The Nature of a Unicameral Legislature.
A one house system is called a unicameral legislature In 1934 Nebraskans voted to do away with. the House of Representatives, In all other states a bill or proposed law is first proposed by a member of the House or Senate. If the bill is passed by that particular legislative body then it is passed on to the other legislative body. and must be passed there too So both the House and the Senate have to vote on and approve a bill. before it can become a law In Nebraska however a bill is discussed and voted on only by the Senate. How a Bill Becomes a Law in Nebraska, Nebraska is divided into 49 equal districts Each district has about the same population Voters in. each district elect a senator to represent them for four years A senator must be at least 21 years old. and have lived in the district for at least a year. The senator takes the idea for a law to the capitol and writes it up as a bill A bill in Nebraska. may contain only one subject Therefore everyone is clear on exactly what is being discussed and. voted on The bill is filed with the clerk of the legislature who reads its title aloud to all the senators. and distributes written copies Bills then get a public hearing in front of a committee of senators. Citizens can speak up and express their opinions at these hearings After the hearing the committee. votes on whether to send the bill to the full legislature to postpone it or to defeat it. If the bill goes to the full legislature it is discussed and debated openly Committees and. individual senators can propose amendments or changes to the bill The resulting draft is voted on If. a majority of senators 25 of the 49 approve it then it has received general approval and moves on to. the next stage of consideration, The next stage involves discussion and debate of details Amendments might be made or the bill. might be dropped If a vote is taken and a majority of senators approve the bill in its new detailed. form then it moves on for a final reading In the final reading the entire bill is read aloud to the. whole senate and voted on for the final time If the bill passes the vote then it is sent to the governor. for his or her approval If the governor signs the bill or chooses to ignore it then the bill becomes a. law If the governor vetoes the bill a vote of 30 senators is needed to make the bill a law. Nebraska s Choice, Nebraskans made the change from a bicameral legislature to a unicameral one for a number of. reasons For one the state of Nebraska believes that a unicameral system is less expensive to support. In a bicameral system there are many more politicians to pay and more building space needed than in. a unicameral system Having only senators discuss a bill and vote on it could be more efficient both. A 7 Go on to the next page,ELA Grade 11 Practice Test.
financially and logistically In the unicameral system ample time is allotted to carefully discuss. everything in different stages but without inefficient repetition Time and energy could be saved by not. reviewing the same bill in two separate legislative bodies. In addition Nebraska believes that a unicameral system tends to keep the focus on a bill In a. bicameral system bills are sometimes altered in order to convince members of both the House and the. Senate to vote for them The original intent might get lost Discussions in general are focused on the. proposed law and its intent rather than on how to get it passed by another legislative body. Support for the Bicameral Legislature, If a unicameral legislature is so much more preferable then why would other states choose to. have a bicameral legislature instead Some argue that the bicameral system ensures more thorough. deliberation over a bill since it has to be debated and passed by both the House and the Senate. Bicameral legislatures believe that their process actually saves time if one legislative body rejects a. bill then the other body does not need to take the time to debate it There are also more leaders. involved in the passing of the bill so this could provide better checks and balances ensuring that no. one group of leaders has too much law making power. Another benefit of a bicameral legislature could be that because there are more legislative leaders. in the state there are more opportunities for citizens to make contact with them and express their. views to them Also members of the House of Representatives in other states serve two year terms. instead of the four year terms that Senators serve so citizens may feel they have more frequent control. over who their elected lawmakers are,Empowered Citizens. Regardless of which legislative structure is best lawmakers in Nebraska and all across the country. are working hard to make the best choices for the citizens of their states Citizens of Nebraska can. propose a new law to the senator of their district They can attend the public hearing in which their. bill is discussed They can even speak up at the hearing and explain more fully why the law they. propose should be passed Citizens can best support lawmakers by staying involved with current. events and making their voices heard, 4 Which sentence from the passage BEST supports the inference that a unicameral legislative system. simplifies the lawmaking process, A Nebraska is unique in that it is the only state in the country that has just one legislative body. B The bill is filed with the clerk of the legislature who reads its title aloud to all the senators and. distributes written copies, C After the hearing the committee votes on whether to send the bill to the full legislature to.
postpone it or to defeat it, D Time and energy could be saved by not reviewing the same bill in two separate legislative. A 8 Go on to the next page,ELA Grade 11 Practice Test. 5 Show how unicameral and bicameral legislation systems are similar and different by selecting. whether the characteristic is a feature of the Unicameral System Only Bicameral System Only. or Both Unicameral and Bicameral Systems Record the answers on the answer document. 1 Unicameral 2 Bicameral System 3 Both Unicameral,System Only Only and Bicameral. a includes Senate,b includes House of,Representatives. c is less expensive,for citizens,d makes decisions.
about state laws,e is system used by,most states in the. United States,f usually saves time,in law making, 6 How does the organizational pattern used in the section How a Bill Becomes a Law in Nebraska. help the reader, A Chronological order helps the reader understand the steps involved in passing a bill. B Order of importance helps to ensure that the reader focuses on the most significant information. which is presented first, C Compare and contrast helps emphasize why a unicameral system is more efficient when passing. D Problem and solution helps the reader understand how the state resolves inefficiencies in the bill. making process,A 9 Go on to the next page,ELA Grade 11 Practice Test.
7 How does the last paragraph contribute to the author s purpose. A It urges the reader to become more involved as a citizen. B It engages the reader by showing he or she can be involved in the law making process. C It informs the reader that he or she has more to learn about . Grade 11 English Language Arts Test You may review the test to check your answers Make sure you have marked all of your answers clearly and that you have completely erased any marks you do not want When you are finished put your answer sheet inside your test booklet and close your test booklet A 3 STOP

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