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GRADE 11 BIOLOGY,A Foundation for Implementation,Manitoba Education. Manitoba Education Cataloguing in Publication Data. Grade 11 biology a foundation for implementation electronic resource. Includes bibliographic information,ISBN 13 978 0 7711 4668 8. 1 Biology Study and teaching Secondary Manitoba,2 Biology Curricula 3 Biology Study and teaching. Secondary Manitoba I Manitoba Education, Copyright 2010 the Government of Manitoba represented by the Minister of. Manitoba Education,School Programs Division,Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.
Every effort has been made to acknowledge original sources and to comply with. copyright law If cases are identified where this has not been done please. notify Manitoba Education Errors or omissions will be corrected in a future. edition Sincere thanks to the authors artists and publishers who allowed their. original material to be used, All images found in this document are copyright protected and should not be. extracted accessed or reproduced for any purpose other than for their. intended educational use in this document, Any websites referenced in this document are subject to change Educators are. advised to preview and evaluate websites and online resources before. recommending them for student use, Print copies of this resource can be purchased from the Manitoba Text. Book Bureau stock number 80501 Order online at www mtbb mb ca. This resource is also available on the Manitoba Education website at. www edu gov mb ca k12 cur science scicurr html,Ce document est disponible en fran ais. Grade 11 BioloGy Contents,Acknowledgements ix,List of Appendices v.
Introduction 1,Background 1,Vision for Scientific Literacy 1. Goals for Canadian Science Education 2, Beliefs about Learning Teaching and Assessing Science 2. Changing Emphases in Science 3, Processes That Engage Students in Science Learning 5. Section 1 Manitoba Foundations for Scientific Literacy 1. The Five Foundations 3,Nature of Science and Technology 4. Science Technology Society and the Environment STSE 6. Scientific and Technological Skills and Attitudes 9. Essential Science Knowledge 12,The Unifying Concepts 13.
Kindergarten to Grade 10 Science Topic Chart 15, Section 2 Enhancing Student Learning in Grade 11 Biology 1. Science and the Learning Process 3,Planning with the End in Mind 9. Instruction 14,Assessment 20,Section 3 Document Organization 1. Document Organization and Format 3, Guide to Reading the Learning Outcomes and the Document Format 3. Sample Two Page Layout 8,Grade 11 Biology,Unit 1 Wellness and Homeostasis 1.
Specific Learning Outcomes 3,Personal Wellness 4,Introduction to Homeostasis 10. Cells and Homeostasis 16,Unit 1 Appendices 27,Unit 2 digestion and Nutrition 1. Specific Learning Outcomes 3,Digestion 4, Introduction to Mechanical and Chemical Digestion 10. Enzymes and Chemical Digestion 14,Absorption 16,Contents Grade 11 BioloGy. The Liver 18,Nutrition 20,Wellness 24,Disorders 28.
Decision Making 32,Unit 2 Appendices 35,Unit 3 Transportation and respiration 1. Specific Learning Outcomes 3, Investigation of the Transport and Respiratory Systems 4. Blood Components 8,Blood Groups 10,Blood Vessels 16. Heart Function and Control 20,Blood Pressure 22,Respiration 26. Wellness 34,Unit 3 Appendices 41,Unit 4 excretion and Waste Management 1.
Specific Learning Outcomes 3,Metabolic Wastes 4,Urinary System 6. Processes 8,Feedback 12,Urinalysis 16,Wellness 20,Unit 4 Appendices 27. Unit 5 Protection and Control 1,Specific Learning Outcomes 3. Immune System 4,Issues Analysis 10,Nervous System 14. Homeostasis 20,Wellness 24,Unit 5 Appendices 33,Unit 6 Wellness and Homeostatic Changes 1.
Specific Learning Outcomes 3,Body System Interrelationships 4. Technology and Wellness 14,Unit 6 Appendices 17,General Appendices 1. Bibliography 1,Grade 11 BioloGy Contents,List of Appendices. Unit 1 appendices,Appendix 1 1 Wellness Portfolio Overview. Appendix 1 2 Wellness Checkup BLM,Appendix 1 3A Microthemes Teacher Background.
Appendix 1 3B Microthemes First Draft Checklist BLM. Appendix 1 3C Microthemes Final Draft Assessment BLM. Appendix 1 4 Family Medical History BLM,Appendix 1 5A Word Splash Homeostasis BLM. Appendix 1 5B Homeostasis Background Information BLM. Appendix 1 6 Negative Feedback Mechanisms BLM,Appendix 1 7 The Swimming Race. Appendix 1 8 Student Lab Skills Teacher Background. Appendix 1 9A Investigating the Movement of Starch Iodine and. Glucose Student Handout BLM, Appendix 1 9B Investigating the Movement of Starch Iodine and. Glucose Teacher Background, Appendix 1 10A Cell Size and Diffusion Student Handout BLM. Appendix 1 10B Cell Size and Diffusion Teacher Background. Appendix 1 11A Effects of Osmosis on Living Tissue. Student Handout BLM, Appendix 1 11B Effects of Osmosis on Living Tissue Teacher Background.
Appendix 1 12A Concentration and Diffusion Student Handout BLM. Appendix 1 12B Concentration and Diffusion Teacher Background. Appendix 1 13A Lab Skills Checklist General Skills BLM. Appendix 1 13B Lab Skills Checklist Thinking Skills BLM. Appendix 1 14A Biological Drawing BLM, Appendix 1 14B Rating Scale for Biological Drawing BLM. Appendix 1 15 Microscope Skills Checklist BLM,Appendix 1 16 Those Magic Membranes BLM. Unit 2 appendices, Appendix 2 1 Concept Map of the Digestive System BLM. Appendix 2 2A Enzymatic Factors in the Digestion of Lipids. Student Handout BLM, Appendix 2 2B Enzymatic Factors in the Digestion of Lipids. Teacher Background,Appendix 2 3 Regulatory Systems BLM.
Appendix 2 4A The Role of the Liver in Homeostasis BLM. Appendix 2 4B The Liver and Negative Feedback BLM, Appendix 2 5A Testing for Carbohydrates Student Handout BLM. Appendix 2 5B Testing for Carbohydrates Teacher Background. Appendix 2 6A Testing for Proteins Student Handout BLM. Appendix 2 6B Testing for Proteins Teacher Background. Appendix 2 7A Unravelling the Enigma of Vitamin D BLM. Appendix 2 7B Unravelling the Enigma of Vitamin D,Student Questionnaire. Contents Grade 11 BioloGy,Appendix 2 7C Unravelling the Enigma of Vitamin D. Teacher Background,Appendix 2 8 Human Disorders Assignment BLM. Appendix 2 9 What s My Diagnosis Teacher Background. Appendix 2 10 Decision Making Teacher Background,Unit 3 appendices.
Appendix 3 1 Scientific Inquiry BLM, Appendix 3 2 Feedback Form for Designing an Experiment Plan BLM. Appendix 3 3 Rating Scale for Experimental Design and Report BLM. Appendix 3 4 Blood Transfusion Case Studies Teacher Background. Appendix 3 5 Comparing Vessels BLM, Appendix 3 6 Interpreting the Electrocardiogram BLM. Appendix 3 7 Comparing Electrocardiograms BLM, Appendix 3 8 Blood Pressure Quiz Know Your Blood Pressure. by Heart BLM,Appendix 3 9 Wake up Call BLM,Unit 4 appendices. Appendix 4 1A Urinalysis Lab Student Handout BLM,Appendix 4 1B Urinalysis Lab Teacher Background.
Appendix 4 2 Debating Skills Rubric BLM,Appendix 4 3 Patient Profiles Teacher Background. Unit 5 appendices,Appendix 5 1 Concept Frame BLM,Appendix 5 2 To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate. That Is the Question BLM, Appendix 5 3 Split My Brain A Case Study of Seizure Disorder. and Brain Function BLM, Appendix 5 4 Impulse Transmission Demonstration BLM. Appendix 5 5 Comparing Two Systems BLM,Appendix 5 6 Article Analysis Frame BLM.
Appendix 5 7 A Profile of Sledding Injuries BLM, Appendix 5 8 A Need for Needles Acupuncture Does It. Really Work BLM,Appendix 5 9 Assessment Collaborative Process BLM. Unit 6 appendices,Appendix 6 1 Staying Alive BLM,Appendix 6 2 Staying Alive Template BLM. Appendix 6 3 Substituted Sammy An Exercise in Defining Life BLM. General appendices,Appendix 7 Scientific Communication. Appendix 8 Research,Appendix 9 Assessment, Appendix 10 Developing Assessment Rubrics in Science.
Appendix 11 Assessment Rubrics, Appendix 12 General and Specific Learning Outcomes. Grade 11 BioloGy Acknowledgements,ACknowledgements. This document is based on a draft version of Grade 11 Biology A Foundation for Implementation which. was released on the Manitoba Education website in fall 2004 Manitoba Education gratefully. acknowledges the contributions of the following individuals in the development of the draft and. final documents, Principal Writer Dawn Sutherland Faculty of Education. University of Winnipeg, Members of the Kathy Crang Fort Richmond Collegiate. 2002 2004 Development Pembina Trails School Division. Paul Cuthbert Curriculum Consultant,Evergreen School Division.
Heidi Holst Curriculum Consultant,Lord Selkirk School Division. Georges Kirouac Coll ge r gional Gabrielle Roy,Division scolaire franco manitobaine. Gabe Kraljevic West Kildonan Collegiate,Seven Oaks School Division. Sheri Mackie St James Collegiate,St James Assiniboia School Division. Robyne Mansell Frontier Collegiate Institute,Frontier School Division.
Lynda Matchullis Nellie McClung Collegiate,Prairie Spirit School Division. Connie Shyka Balmoral High School,Independent School. Donna Smith Faculty of Education,University of Winnipeg. Mark Turnbull Gillam School,Frontier School Division. Daniel Turner Institut coll gial Miles Macdonell,River East Transcona School Division.
Richard Zuk Springfield Collegiate,Sunrise School Division. Contributors Natalie Houle Coll ge Churchill,Winnipeg School Division. Nicole Yarjau Coll ge Jeanne Sauv,Louis Riel School Division. Acknowledgements Grade 11 BioloGy, Manitoba Education Louise Boissonneault Document Production Services Unit. School Programs Division Staff Coordinator Educational Resources Branch. after March 2010,Publications Editor,until March 2010.
Lee Ila Bothe Document Production Services Unit,Coordinator Educational Resources Branch. until March 2010,Carole Bilyk Development Unit, Project Manager Instruction Curriculum and Assessment Branch. Sandra Drummond Development Unit, Administrative Assistant Instruction Curriculum and Assessment Branch. Darryl Gervais Instruction Curriculum and Assessment Branch. Acting Director,Lynn Harrison Document Production Services Unit. Desktop Publisher Educational Resources Branch,Susan Letkemann Document Production Services Unit.
Publications Editor Educational Resources Branch,after March 2010. John Murray Development Unit, Science Consultant Instruction Curriculum and Assessment Branch. Aileen Najduch Instruction Curriculum and Assessment Branch. Science Consultant,Donna Smith Assessment Unit, Science Consultant Instruction Curriculum and Assessment Branch. Bureau de l ducation fran aise Jacques Dorge Curriculum Development and Implementation. Division Staff Director Branch,Bureau de l ducation fran aise. Dani le Dubois Jacques Curriculum Development and Implementation. Consultant Branch,Bureau de l ducation fran aise,Grade 11 BIoloGy Introduction.
IntroductIon,Background, Grade 11 Biology A Foundation for Implementation presents student learning outcomes. for Grade 11 Biology These learning outcomes are the same for students in the. English French Immersion Fran ais and Senior Years Technology Education. Programs and result from a partnership involving two divisions of Manitoba. Education School Programs Division and Bureau de l ducation fran aise Division. Student learning outcomes are concise descriptions of the knowledge and skills and. attitudes that students are expected to learn in a course or grade in a subject area. Manitoba Education and Training A Foundation for Excellence 14. Manitoba s student learning outcomes for Grade 11 Biology are based in part on. those found within the Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes K to 12 Pan. Canadian Protocol for Collaboration on School Curriculum Council of Ministers of. Education Canada and on those developed as components of the 1998 Manitoba. Transitional Curricula The former commonly referred to as the Pan Canadian. Science Framework was initiated under the Pan Canadian Protocol for Collaboration. on School Curriculum 1995 It was developed by educators from Manitoba. Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia the Northwest Territories the Yukon. Territory Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces, Grade 11 Biology A Foundation for Implementation provides the basis for learning. teaching and assessing biology in Manitoba This document also serves as a. starting point for future development of curriculum support documents related. teacher support materials learning resources assessment tools and professional. learning for teachers This document also complements the Pan Canadian Science. Framework by providing support for its implementation including suggestions for. instruction and assessment,Vision for Scientific Literacy. Factors such as global interdependence rapid scientific and technological. innovation the need for a sustainable environment economy and society and the. pervasiveness of science and technology in daily life reinforce the importance of. scientific literacy Scientifically literate individuals can more effectively interpret. information solve problems make informed decisions accommodate change and. achieve new understandings Science education makes possible the development of. Essential Science Knowledge 12 The Unifying Concepts 13 Kindergarten to Grade 10 Science Topic Chart 15 S 2 E S L G 11 B 1 Science for Grade 11 Biology These learning outcomes are the same for students in the English French Immersion Fran ais and Senior Years Technology Education Programs and result from a partnership involving two divisions of Manitoba Education School Programs

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