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oneof the authors Harry Shapiro states, The wide range of variation between Jewish populations in their physical. characteristics and the diversity of the gene frequencies of their blood groups. render any unified racial classification for them a contradiction in terms For. although modern racial theory admits some degree of polymorphism or variation. within a racial group it does not permit distinctly different groups measured by. its own criteria of race to be identified as one To do so would make the. biological purposes of racial classification futile and the whole procedure. arbitrary and meaningless despite the evidence efforts continue to be made to. somehow segregate the Jews as a distinct racial entity 64. Thus attempting to claim the existence of a race of Jews has been proven to be an. anthropological impossibility Though their God consistently warned them against. intermingling themselves amongst non Jewish races their miscegenistic tendencies are. well documented and has resulted in their complete erasure as a distinct genetic peoples. When inevitably there was mixing of Western European and Khazarian Jews there was. a notable difference between the educational levels of the two Jewish sub cultures The. Khazars greatly admired their vastly less numerous but far more learned Western German. speaking brethren and quickly adopted their language education and cultural practices. This resulted also in an assimilation of their other talents in the area of economics. business and things politik, The Khazars were not descended from the Tribes says Koestler but as we have. seen they shared a certain cosmopolitanism and other social characteristics with their. co religionists 65, Somewhere in the historical roots of the Ashkenazi Khazars there incubated a desire to. possess a national Jewish homeland That desire expressed itself in the form of a Messianic. movement in twelfth century Khazaria that took on the texture of a Jewish crusade whose. goal was the forcible subjugation of Palestine A Khazar Jew named Solomon ben Duji. instigated the movement and began an international correspondence with all the Jews of. surrounding nations, It seems that ben Duji was possessed of messianic delusions of his own in that he. claimed that the time had come in which God would gather Israel His people from all. lands to Jerusalem the holy city and that Solomon Ben Duji was Elijah and his son the. Messiah 66, This desire for a Jewish homeland echoed down the centuries and found expression.
again It was among Ashkenazi Jews says the Encyclopedia Americana that the idea of. political Zionism emerged leading ultimately to the establishment of the state of Israel In. the late 1960s Ashkenazi Jews numbered some 11 million about 84 percent of the world. Jewish population 67, At times Arthur Koestler in his broad and extensive treatment of this subject appears as. a Jew himself to wrestle with the glaring contradiction that the Jews who have no genetic. or true ethnic identity are entitled to land they have never by any right of descent owned. or possessed and whose ancestors have never occupied Then claiming to be the state of. Israel created by United Nations fiat they arbitrarily removed that land from the possession. of those who have legitimately owned and occupied it for thousands of years Mr Koestler. claims that such right is not based on the hypothetical origins of the Jewish people nor on. the mythological covenant of Abraham with God it is based on international law i e on. the United Nations decision in 1947 to partition Palestine actually declared May 14. Thus he eliminates what would logically seem to be the most legitimate grounds if there. are any at all for the establishment of Israel possession by racial lineage and bases his. argument on the vaporous contention of what he calls international law. What the United Nations did in 1948 was arguably to make its first official act a violation. of its own charter in the dispossession of over four million Palestinians for the purpose of. creating a nation that had no ancestral or current right whatever to the land. The apparent conflict in Koestler s mind becomes evident in an apparent contradiction as. he concludes that the faith of Judaism transformed the Jews of the Diaspora into a. pseudo nation without any of the attributes and privileges of nationhood held together. loosely by a system of traditional beliefs based on racial and historical premises which turn. out to be illusory 69 Succinctly stated he maintains that the idea of a Jewish national. identity is based on an illusion created by a history that does not exist. It will be shown that the influx of what we now know to be Jews of Khazarian origin. constituted the first invasion of Gog from the land of Magog as prophesied in Biblical. scripture The fascinating aspect of it is that as with virtually all other prophecies those. claiming theological pre eminence in their knowledge of Scripture completely missed the. fulfilment just as did the Jews at the first coming of the Messiah. GOG MAGOG AND THE ASHKENAZIM, It has long been the belief of twentieth and now twenty first century Christianity that. near the end of this world s history as outlined in the Bible Gog from the land of Magog. defined by those Christians as Russia the King of the North would invade the Holy. Land of present day Israel, World and local ministries of the conservative Christian persuasion spend inordinate. amounts of time in attempts to decode such prophecies as found in Ezekiel 38 39. Daniel 11 and Revelation 20 and virtually all of them have come to the above stated. conclusion In most cases belief in the invasion of Israel by Russia and the defeat of. anti Christ in the subsequent war of Armageddon is accompanied by the idea that there will. be a one thousand year reign of peace after Christ returns to the earth. Representative of this almost universal belief are such as Grant Jeffrey Tim LaHaye. principle co author of the Left Behind book series the Jack Van Impe ministries etc. Van Impe a widely known radio and television evangelist has published volumes of. literature on Biblical prophecy and much on the matter of Gog and Magog. When Russia heads south to do battle writes Van Impe in an article entitled. Armageddon The End or the Beginning she will be a mighty force as she comes against. the Antichrist s army with chariots horsemen and with many ships This is the first military. wave Van Impe continues of the three pronged Armageddon campaign mentioned in. Daniel 11 40 when the king of the south Egypt and her Arab Federation and the king of. the north Russia begin their pincer movement Ezekiel 38 16 says And thou shalt come. up against my people of Israel as a cloud to cover the land it shall be in the latter days. and I will bring thee against my land that the heathen may know me when I shall be. sanctified in thee O Gog before their eyes Once Russia has made her move the. Antichrist will be furious He will enter the glorious land Israel. Immediately concludes Van Impe he situates himself in Jerusalem. In reference to former Russian President Boris Yeltzin and other Russian leaders Van. Impe asks Could oneof these above leaders be the Gog of Ezekiel 38 2. This scriptural perspective of Gog invading Israel from the north at some future time is. also largely held by Jewish theologians For example in an October 1996 Jerusalem Post. article entitled All a Gog columnist Moshe Kohn addresses the subject. The war to end all wars is to be launched against Eretz Yisrael by Gog of the land of. Magog chief prince of Meshech and Tuval as foretold in Ezekiel 38 and 39. We don t know what or who Magog Meshech Tuval and Gog are we only know that. Gog and his allies are to come down on Eretz Yisrael from the north God will then destroy. the invaders and I will restore the fortunes of Jacob and have mercy on the whole House. of Israel and I will not hide my face from them any more. The New Testament also mentions the Gog Magog War in Revelation 20 as the final. battle between the rulers of Earth led by Satan and the forces of God In that version this. war may also be what is known in Christian tradition as the Battle of Armageddon a place. mentioned in Revelation 16 16 70, How some historians view the origins of Gog and Magog. Flavius Josephus claimed that Magog founded those that from him were named. Magogites but who are by the Greeks called Scythians 71. Josephus lived and died a half millenium before the founding of the Khazar kingdom. and therefore could not connect those in the region of the Scythians with the Khazars. The Catholic Encyclopedia observes that Josephus and others identify Magog with. Scythia but in antiquity this name was used to designate vaguely any northern. population 72, However Josephus does have an interesting comment on Tubal the brother of Magog.
and Meshech which sounds as if it were tailored specifically for their descendents. the Khazars Tubal exceeded all men in strength and was very expert and famous in. martial performances 73, Vasiliev in The Goths in the Crimea quotes from the Life by Saint Abo of Tbilisi who. claimed that the Khazars were savage sons of Magog who had no religion. whatever although recognizing the being of a sole god 74. References made by Rabbi Petakhiah in his travelogue Sibbuv ha Olam concerning. the conversion of King Bulan to Judaism makes mention that the kingdom was that of. ancient Meshech 75, Much in harmony with Biblical prophetic terminology Koestler writes that the Persians. and the Byzantines referred to Khazaria as the Kingdom of the North with whom. nearly all modern theologians connect Gog and Magog 76. Ibn Fadlan the noted Arab traveler of the 700 s made the comment in his journals. that the Khazars and their king are all Jews The Bulgars and their neighbors are. subject to him They treat him with worshipful obedience Some are of the opinion that. Gog and Magog are the Khazars, Westphalian monk Christian Druthmar of Aquitania wrote a Latin treatise Expositio. in Evangelium Mattei in which he reports that there exist people under the sky in. regions where no Christians can be found whose name is Gog and Magog and who. are Huns among them is one called the Gazari Khazars who are circumcized and. observe Judaism in its entirety 77, After a century of warfare Koestler notes the Arab chroniclers obviously had no. great sympathy for the Khazars Nor had the Georgian or Armenian scribes whose. countries of a much older culture had been repeatedly devastated by Khazar. horsemen A Georgian chronicle echoing an ancient tradition identifies them with the. hosts of Gog and Magog wild men with hideous faces and the manners of wild. beasts eaters of blood 78, The Talmud Avodah Zara 3B states The war of Gog and Magog Russia will be.
one of the key events to usher in the Messianic Era The Jerusalem Targum claims. that At the end of days Gog and Magog shall march against Jerusalem but perish. by the hand of Messiah, Simply speaking Gog is a symbolic name representing the leader of the world. powers antagonistic to God The Imperial Bible dictionary. In response to those who believe that Gog in the land of Magog is specifically Russia. Revelation 20 8 provides a clarification as to the true geographical region of Gog in the last. days the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth Gog and Magog This. world force from the four quarters of the earth is ubiquitous not existing in Russia only. not just exclusive to the area of the compass north of Palestine The names Gog and. Magog appear to be used only as an indication of their origins not their final location. There is but one identifiable group which fits that ubiquitous designation of occupying. the four quarters of the earth a group whose religious cultural identity has remained. intact though their ethnic origins have vanished in antiquity that in spite of two thousand. years of being decimated by persecution forced emigration disease and war have still. survived whose roots are precisely where prophetic Scripture says they would be in the. northland of Magog the southern steppes of Russia, Just as the Jews by misinterpreting Scripture to suit their nationalistic desires missed. the first coming of their Messiah so also have Christians in the same way reinventing the. same mistakes missed the prophetic issues of the last days and the second coming of. Messiah They have placed the invasion of Palestine as being sometime in the future when. it has already taken place and in such an unexpected manner as to have come upon them. as does the Messiah like a thief in the night, As one nineteenth century prophet wrote The world is no more ready to credit the. message for this time than were the Jews to receive the Saviour s warning concerning. Jerusalem 79 This is clearly as much the case now as when those words were penned. A HOMELAND FOR GOG and MAGOG, If the present trend continues for another 37 years in the same direction and at. the same rate traveled for the past 37 years the Christian faith as it is professed. today by Christians will have disappeared from the face of the earth In what. form or by what instrumentality the mission of Jesus Christ will thereupon and. thereafter continue to make itself manifest here on earth is as unpredictable as. it is inevitable Benjamin H Freedman, In a word to sum up our system of keeping the governments.
GOG MAGOG AND THE KINGDOM OF THE KHAZARS Part II THE KHAZAR ORIGIN OF THE ASHKENAZIM Judah hath married the daughter of a strange god The Lord will cut off the man that doeth this Malachi 2 11 12 Modern Jews are essentially divided into two major categories ethnically and culturally Sephardim and Ashkenazim The former are primarily of Spanish origin the name Sephardim being derived

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