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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Table of Contents Warnings 2,Warranty Assembly Instructions 3. Installing Upper Frame Assembly Trunk Pad 4,Install Tilt Activation Lever 5. Activate tilt 6,Secure Upper Frame to Base Frame 7. Footrest 8,Trunk Pad and Thorax Pad 10,Shoe Holders Heel Blocks Abdominal Pad 11. Supine Knee 12,Lateral Supports and Strap for Hip Pad 13.
Prone Tray 14,Supine Tray 15,Headrest 16,Cleaning Instructions and Measurements 17. General Warnings and Cautions, Failure to heed these warnings could result in serious. injury to the Giraffe user, Read and understand all user caregiver instructions fully before use. The Giraffe should not be used without first consulting a physician Failure to. consult a qualified physician prior to use could lead to severe medical problems. We recommend that a good standing program be established and supervised by a. qualified registered physical therapist,Never leave child unattended in unit. The Giraffe is designed for indoor use only, The Giraffe should not be used on ramps or uneven surfaces.
Metal parts may become hot if the Giraffe is left in the sun. The Giraffe must be verified to be in safe operating condition before each use If. your Giraffe appears in any way deficient or if there is any doubt as to it s continued. safe use discontinue immediately Contact your healthcare professional or Snug. Seat at 800 336 7684 for assistance, Keep away from hazards such as ranges fireplaces radiators stairs. escalators or thresholds, Use only Snug Seat approved components Do not modify your Giraffe in any. way or use your Giraffe in any way not described in this manual. Adjustments not described in this manual must only be made by authorized Snug. Seat personnel, When the Giraffe is in use always ensure the Tilt Acuation Lever is removed. see page 5 This prevents accidental operation of the gas spring. Make all positional adjustments and fully secure each adjustment point before. putting a child into the Giraffe, The Giraffe contains components that could represent a choking hazard for small. children Ensure all knobs bolts and tools that might be within reach of a child are. fully tightened at all times, Snug Seat warrants all of its products against defects in workmanship according to the schedule.
Five years Metal framework and gas spring,One year All other components. 90 days All fabric tires and tubes, Snug Seat does not warranty parts damaged by improper installation normal wear and tear. neglect accident or misuse,ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS, Your Giraffe will arrive in three sections with some very simple assembly required. Base Frame,Upper Frame Assembly, If you ordered a tray the tray frame will come pre mounted on the trunk pad. Assembly Instructions continued,Assembling Upper Frame into the Base Frame.
Insert Upper Frame into Base,Install Trunk Pad onto Center Spar. 1 Place Trunk Pad onto Center Spar to desired level. Tighten knob 1 on back of pad,When used in prone positions forward facing. the top of the center spar should not be exposed,above the top of the top of the trunk pad. Assembly Instructions continued,Install Tilt Activation Lever. Insert tethered lever into actuator Lever should click into place. Remove tilt activation lever when Giraffe is in use to. prevent accidental activation of the gas spring,Activation Lever.
Assembly Instructions continued, Tilt platform parallel to floor to make further assembly easier. Press Tilt Activation Lever in and down as illustrated below Raise platform parallel to floor. Assembly Instructions continued,Secure Upper Frame to Base Frame. 1 Insert supplied bolt washers and nut positions 1 4 into hole in base frame in the. same order as illustrated below Tighten fully, 2 Tighten both set screws position 5 as shown below. Congratulations Your Giraffe V2 is fully assembled. GIRAFFE V2 FITTING ADJUSTMENTS, Note Adjustments on the Giraffe are made using a combination of tools and quick. adjustment knobs, Make all adjustments and ensure that all movable parts are fully.
tightened before putting a child in the Giraffe, The Giraffe footrest provides Planar Dorsi Flexion and Height adjustments. Planar Dorsi Flexion Adjustment, Loosen bolts knobs located at position 1 illustrated below using included tool. if necessary Adjust as needed and re tighten,Height Adjustment. Loosen screws located at position 2 illustrated below using included tool. Adjust as needed and re tighten,GIRAFFE V2 FITTING ADJUSTMENTS continued. The Giraffe knees feature independent height width angle and depth adjustments. Height Adjustment,Loosen knob located at position 1.
Adjust as needed and re tighten 1,Width Adjustment. Loosen two screws located at position,2 using included tool. Adjust as needed and re tighten,This is also the knee angle. adjustment,Depth Adjustment,Loosen bolt knob located at position 3. using included tool if needed,Adjust as needed and re tighten.
This is also the knee angle,adjustment,GIRAFFE V2 FITTING ADJUSTMENTS continued. Trunk Pad Assembly, Mounts on center spar to provide anterior posterior trunk support as well as lateral trunk. support Can be adjusted in height and lateral width. Warning Do not allow any portion of the center spar bar to. extend above the top of the trunk pad when used in prone. Height Adjustment, Loosen knob located at position 1 Adjust as required and re tighten. Lateral Width Adjustment, Loosen screws located at position 2 using supplied tool Adjust as required and. re tighten,Thorax Pad,The Thorax Pad can be inserted into the spar bar.
for added comfort and support when standing in,the prone position. GIRAFFE V2 ACCESSORIES,Shoe Holders and Heel Blocks. Shoe holders and heel blocks can be easily mounted to the Giraffe footplates for additional. support and positioning,Shoe Holders Heel Blocks,Abdominal Pad. The Abdominal Pad can be installed for additional comfort and support when standing taller. Slide Abdominal Pad on to spar between the trunk pad assembly and hip pad as illustrated. below Tighten knob on back of abdominal pad,Note The abdominal pad can only be. installed if there is at least 5 of exposed Knob,spar bar available between the trunk pad 5.
assembly and the hip pad,Abdominal Pad,GIRAFFE V2 ACCESSORIES continued. Supine Knee Accessory, The Supine Knee Accessory provides additional support and ease of loading when. standing in a supine position,Loosen bolts at position 2. with supplied tool,Rotate knee cup as shown,at right Re tighten bolts. to desired position when, Loosen knob at position 1 placing child in Giraffe.
Remove knee assembly, Note The knee strap is not needed when using the Supine Knee Accessory It can be. wrapped around the back of the knee cup or removed if the Giraffe will only be used with. the accessory, Insert Supine Knee Accessory Insert the Knee Assembly into the. into the Giraffe Tighten knob Supine Knee Accessory Adjust as. position 3 needed and tighten knob located at,position 4. GIRAFFE V2 ACCESSORIES continued,Lateral Supports and Strap for Hip Pad. Lateral supports can added to the hip pad for additional positioning at the time of. purchase or later, Loosen screws at positions 1 using supplied tool to adjust lateral width Adjust as needed.
and re tighten screws, Hip Pad with Lateral Supports and Strap mounted on Giraffe. GIRAFFE V2 ACCESSORIES continued, The Giraffe tray can be adjusted for both prone and supine use. Prone Tray, Adjust tray frame and tray receiver tubes as illustrated below. Using bolt knob located at position 2 on, Using tray angle locking levers at both sides position the tray receivers as. position 1 position the tray frame shown,as shown above.
Note For best results leave one receiver,tube slightly loose. Mount Tray Top, Loosen tray top locking levers located at position 3. Insert tray top into tray receiver tubes and tighten tray top locking levers position 3. Tighten both tray receiver tubes position 4,GIRAFFE V2 ACCESSORIES continued. Supine Tray, Adjust tray frame and tray receiver tubes as illustrated below. Using the tray angle locking levers Using bolts knobs located at position 2. located at position 1 position tray adjust tray receiver tubes as shown above. frame as shown above,Note For best results leave one receiver.
tube slightly loose,Mount Tray Top, Loosen tray top locking levers located at position 3. Insert tray top into tray receiver tubes and tighten tray top locking levers position 3. GIRAFFE v2 STANDER USER MANUAL CONGRATULATIONS You have purchased the Giraffe v2 Stander from Snug Seat Inc Please read this manual before using the product and keep the information on hand for future reference as it contains important informa tion Additional copies and updates for this manual may be found at www snugseat com We at Snug Seat strive to manufacture highly functional

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