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In addition to your tutor and teachers the following members of staff are available to provide advice. and support,Heads of House,Miss Stepney Darwin,Mr Jansen Orwell. Mr Burnett Pankhurst,Subject Leaders and Contacts,Mr Swainson Art Design. Mrs McBain Children s Play Learning Development,Miss Stallwood contact Dance. Mrs Alder contact Drama,Ms Waeland English Language English Lit. Mrs Wakefield Food Preparation,Dr Newbold Geography.
Mr Yeatman History and Sociology,Mrs White Zamler Mathematics. Mrs Valley Modern Foreign Languages French,German and Spanish. Mrs David Music,Miss Rogers PE,Mrs Wakefield Resistant Materials. Mrs Silk Religious Studies,Mr West Science,Dr Newbold contact SkillForce. Ms Angela Walker contact Adviza Careers,Leadership Team.
Ms Darnton Headteacher,Dr Newbold Deputy Headteacher. Mr Druce Assistant Headteacher,Mrs McHugh Assistant Headteacher. Mr Yeatman Associate Member,CONTENTS PAGE PAGE NO,Introduction 4. How does this new grade scale compare with the old one 4. GCSE Mock Timetable 5,Revision Sessions 6,Revision Timetable example 7. Accessing Past Papers 8,Exam Boards and Codes 9,Key Exam Dates.
Art Design 11,English Language Literature 15,Food Preparation Nutrition 18. Geography 20,History 22,Mathematics 25,Modern Foreign Languages French German Spanish 26. Religious Studies 34,Resistant Materials 36, Science Combined Science Biology Chemistry Physics 38. Sociology 47,BTEC Children s Play Learning Development 49. Using GCSE Pod 51,Introduction to the 9 1 GCSEs, Almost all of the GCSEs which you will be taking next summer are on the new 9 1 GCSE specifications.
The only exceptions are Resistant Materials and Sociology which still follow the old A G specifications. and BTEC Children s Play Learning and Development, The key changes associated with the new 9 1 GCSEs are summarised below. How will the new GCSEs be graded, The new GCSE qualifications which you will be taking include changes in the type and volume of course. content with more content in some subjects and more challenging content also being introduced. They also involve a move from the existing grade scale based on A G or U to a new numerical scale. based on 9 1 9 is the highest grade, How does this new grade scale compare with the old one. The table below shows how the new 9 1 grade scale will compare with the old one based on A G. Current GCSE grades New GCSE grades, The government s benchmark for achievement for students in English and maths has also now. changed Under the old GCSEs based on the A G scale a C grade or above was regarded as a good. pass Under the new 9 1 grade scale a pass at a Grade 4 or above equivalent to a C grade or above on. the previous scale is now termed a standard pass and a pass at a Grade 5 equivalent to a high C low. B or above a strong pass, It is important to note that students who continue their education post 16 e g studying BTECs or A.
Levels but have not achieved a Grade 4 or above in English and or maths will need to re sit the. qualification in which they have not achieved this grade. Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable 27 November 12 December 2017. Monday 27 Tuesday 28 Wednesday 29 Thursday 30 Friday 1 Monday 4 Tuesday 5 Wednesday 6 Thursday 7 Friday 8 Tuesday 12. November November November November December December December December December December December. B Week A Week, 8 45 Religious Physics English Maths Music Exam Maths English History Chemistry Computing Art Exam. Start Studies Separate Language Paper 2 1hr 30min Paper 3 Literature Cold War Separate 1hr 30min All Day in. 1 hour 45 Sciences Explorations in Calculator Exam In Calculator Shakespeare 1hr Sciences Dance A2 A3. min 1hr 15min Creative Reading Exam Music Exam the 19th Century 1hr 15min 1 hr 30min. Physics and Writing 1hr 30min Room 1hr 30min Novel Chemistry PE. Combined 1hr 45min Drama 1hr 45min Combined 1hour,Sciences 1hr 30min Sciences Food Prep. 1hr 15min Resistant 1hr 15min Nutrition,Materials 1hr 45min. BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK BREAK. 11 30 Sociology Art Exam,Start Crime, LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH. 1 30 Geography Maths History French Biology Sociology Geography French Art Exam. Start Physical Paper 1 Race German Separate Studying Human German. 1 hour Non Vietnam Spanish Sciences Society Geography Spanish. 30min Calculator 1hr 20 min Reading 1hr 15min Education Skills Writing Exam. Exam Exam Biology Families 1hr 15min 1hr 15min,1 hr 30min 1 hr Combined 1hr 30min.
German Spanish French speaking exams will take place during the week of 20 24 November. Please arrive at your usual exam location at least 10 min before the start time All exams will be in the Main School Hall unless you are told otherwise. Exam Clash if two exams are timetabled at the same time please speak to Mrs Farman in the exams office to resolve this issue. Revision Sessions Term 2,Lunchtime After School Other. Monday Maths invite only 12 30 1 15 RM 3 30 4 30pm FMW T3. M2 with CED Dance HMS 3 30 4 30 Dance,Maths 12 30 1 30 M1 CMR studio. History invite only, Tuesday Science Drop ins Bio S7 JWZ invite only 3 30 4 30pm. Chem S3 Phys S2,Maths 12 30 1 15 M4 with LSS,Maths 12 30 1 15 S13 with CH. RM 12 30 1 30pm T3,History invite only, Wednesda GCSE RS 12 45 1 15 with GS MFL invite only 3 30 4 30.
y RM 12 30 1 30pm FMW T3 All staff,History invite only Maths 3 30 4 30 S13 with CH. History 3 30 4 30 All staff,S11 S12 T1, Thursday GCSE RS 12 45 1 15 with GS Dance HMS Dance Studio 3 30. RM 12 30 1 30pm FMW T3 4 30,RM 3 30 4 30pm FMW selected. dates only T3,Maths 3 30 4 30pm M2 with,Maths 3 30 4 30pm M3 with. Maths 12 30 1 30 M1 CMR,Friday GCSE RS 12 45 1 15 with GS.
RM 12 30 1 30pm FMW T3,PE RMJ TJB 12 30 A11,Maths 12 30 1 30 M1 CMR. Revision Timetable example,Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday. Accessing Past Papers, As the GCSEs which your child will be studying are new qualifications past papers are not yet available. It is possible to purchase exam style question booklets e g from Amazon but it important to ensure. that these are matched to the specification which your child is following details of which can be found. in the subject sections which follow, The website addresses for the main examination boards are. AQA www aqa org uk,Edexcel http www edexcel com,Eduqas http www eduqas co uk.
OCR www ocr org uk, It is important to make sure that you select the right exam specification The code for each subject is. found in the subject sections below,Subject Exam Board Course Code. Art Design AQA 8202,Biology OCR J257,BTEC Children s Play Learning and Edexcel HDR09. Development,Chemistry OCR J258,Dance AQA 8236,Drama WJEC 3690QS. English Language AQA 8700,English Literature AQA 8702.
Food Preparation Nutrition AQA 8585,French AQA 8658. Geography AQA 8035,German AQA 8668,History Edexcel 1HI0. Maths Edexcel 1MA1,PE OCR J587,Physics OCR J259,Religious Studies AQA 8062. Resistant Materials Edexcel 2RM01,Science Combined Science OCR J260. Sociology AQA 4190,Spanish AQA 8698,Key Exam Dates 2017 18.
Please note the external exam dates are subject to confirmation by the exam boards. There will be two sets of internally set and marked mock exams The first set will take place in late. November early December and the second set will take place in late February early March It is really. important that you are as prepared as possible for the final exams in May June and we believe that. having two sets of mock exams will really help with this preparation However it is really important that. you prepare as well as possible for all three sets of exams. The dates of these exam periods are shown in the table below. Date Exams,20th 244th November 2017 MFL Mock Orals Set 1. 27th November 8th December Year 11 Mock Exams 1st Set. 12th December Art Mock Exam,8th 10th January 2018 Music Performing Exams. 26th January 2018 GCSE Food NEA 2,19th 23rd February 2018 MFL Mock Orals Set 2. 26th February 9th March 2018 Year 11 Mock Exams 2nd Set. 23rd and 26th March 2018 Art Final GCSE Exam,30th April 2018 Dance Moderation Day. 14th May 21st June 2018 Year 11 Final GCSE Exams,22nd June Year 11 Prom.
Note Dates for the final Drama and PE moderations are to be confirmed. How to use the rest of this booklet, The next section of this booklet contains the following details for each subject. how many exam papers you will have next summer and the length of each exam styles of. link to the exam board specification if you then scroll down to the unit content you will be able. to see details of what you need to study and learn. links to other resources found on the exam board websites e g command words key terms. It is worth remembering that the person who writes the exams for each subject will. have these documents in front of them when they write the papers If is is not included. in these documents it will not come up in the exam However if it is included it could. be part of a question,Art Design, Specification Code Exam Board Website Link GCSE Specification Link. Link to Art Design Section of Exam Board Website GCSE Art Design. Specification,Other key resources available from the Exam Board. http www aqa org uk subjects art and design gcse art and design 8201 8206. GCSE Course Topic Structure,Unit 1 Portfolio, Students must explore through a range of two dimensional and or three dimensional processes and media. practical application of skills and relevant critical and contextual sources such as the work of contemporary artists. craftspeople and designers and the different purposes intentions and functions of art craft and design as. appropriate to their own work,Unit 2 External Assessment.
Students respond to a starting point provided by AQA This response provides evidence of the student s ability. to work independently within specified time constraints realise intentions that are personal and meaningful and. explicitly address the requirements of all four assessment objectives. GCSE Assessment Structure,Unit 1 Portfolio,Portfolio 60 of the grade. Assessment will be ongoing with weekly homework tasks and interim and final grades given for each project. Self assessment peer group marking and teacher assessment will be used There will also be ongoing. intermittent one to one tutorials, Exam board marking criteria will be used at all times. Unit 2 External Assessment,40 of the grade, The same criteria are used as for the portfolio Teachers advise and assess work until the final 10 hour exam. where students must work unaided, The final exam assessment will be done by staff and moderated by the exam board. Details of additional resources which may help you e g web sites textbooks revision books. The following websites and resources will provide useful support for your child during their GCSE subject. Exam Board, http www aqa org uk subjects art and design gcse art and design 8201 8206.
Useful for inspiration and research,http uk pinterest com. http www artchive com,http www artcyclopedia com,https www bbc co uk education subjects z6hs34j. https artsy net, http www besthistorysites net index php art history. Contact Details,Subject Leader Mr K Swainson,Contact email kswainson gillotts org uk. Specification Code Exam Board Website Link GCSE Specification Link. Link to Dance Section of Exam Board GCSE Dance specification. Other key resources available from the Exam Board,GCSE Course Topic Structure.
Dance appreciation of six professional set works Emancipation of Expressionism A Linha Curva Shadows. Within Her Eyes Artificial Things Infra, Critical appreciation of own performance and choreography. Solo performance two solo pieces of 30 seconds each. Duo trio performance,Choreography Based on a list of Stimulus from AQA. GCSE Assessment Structure,Choreography 30, Solo or group choreography a solo two to two and a half minutes or a group dance for two to five. dancers three to three and a half minutes,Performance of Set Technical Study 30. Set phrases through two solo performances approximately one minute in duration. Duet trio performance three and a half minutes in duration. 40 marks 15 marks for set phrases and 25 marks for duet trio performance. Written Exam 40,Written exam 1hr 30 mins,What is assessed.
Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills. Critical appreciation of own work,Critical appreciation of six professional works. Details of additional resources which may help you e g web sites textbooks revision books. The following websites and resources will provide useful support for your child during their GCSE. subject course,Company Websites, http www boyblueent com Emancipation of Expressionism Boy Blue Ent Kenrick H20 Sandy. http www phoenixdancetheatre co uk work shadows Shadows Phoenix Dance Theatre. http www rambert org uk performances a linha curva A Linha Curva Itzik Galili. https www jamescousinscompany com within her eyes Within her Eyes James Cousins. http stopgapdance com productions artificial things 2014 stage Stop Gap Artificial Things. http www aqa org uk subjects dance gcse dance 8236. GCSE Revision Booklet 2017 18 2 In addition to your tutor and teachers the following members of staff are available to provide advice and support Heads of House Miss Stepney Darwin Mr Jansen Orwell Mr Burnett Pankhurst Subject Leaders and Contacts Mr Swainson Art amp Design Mrs McBain contact Mrs McBain hildren s Play Learning amp Development Miss Stallwood contact Dance Mrs Alder

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