Gasoline cut off saw 930L3 935L3 1030L3 1035L3 1140L3

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Manufacturer,Wacker Neuson SE,Preu enstra e 41,80809 M nchen. www wackerneuson com,Tel 49 0 89 354 02 0,Fax 49 0 89 354 02 390. Translation of the original operator s manual in German. Important note,EPA engine, This machine is equipped with an EPA certified engine. Relevant details can be found in the instructions of the engine manu. The engine s exhaust fumes contain chemicals which are known to the. State of California to cause cancer congenital defects or other repro. ductive anomalies,T00940en fm 3,T00940en fm 4, Warranty for machines with EPA certified engines USA. WARRANTY IN CASE OF DEFECTIVE EXHAUST MONITORING DEVICES. The engine manufacturer guarantees the first end user and every subsequent owner. that this engine was designed built and equipped for a machine that is not to be used. on the road that at the time of the inital purchase it met all valid EPA regulations and. that the engine does not have any defects due to material or workmanship such that. this engine would not fulfill the requirements of the EPA regulations for the duration of. the warranty period, For the components listed below under PARTS INCLUDED the authorized Wacker.
Neuson customer service shop will carry out all trouble shooting repairs or replace. ments necessary for the engine to meet the valid EPA regulations. WARRANTY PERIOD IN CASE OF DEFECTIVE EXHAUST MONITORING DEVICES. The warranty period for this engine begins on the date it is purchased by the first user. and ends after 2 years,PARTS INCLUDED, The parts included in the above warranty are listed below Regularly scheduled main. tenance is required for some of the parts listed These parts are under warranty only. up to the first planned replacement,Fuel batching system. Carburetor and internal parts,Fuel filter if present. Throttle flap if present,Choke system if present,Air supply system. Air cleaner plate air cleaner,Air cleaner housing intake manifold.
Ignition system,Spark plugs,Magneto flywheel,Ignition coil. Other parts of the above systems,Fuel hoses clamps and seals. WARRANTY SERVICES, To use the services within the scope of the warranty bring the engine to the nearest. authorized Wacker Neuson customer service shop Present your purchase receipt. which includes the date of purchase The authorized Wacker Neuson customer service. shop will carry out the necessary repairs or conversion within an appropriate period of. time and will give you a copy of the repair order All parts and accessories replaced. within the scope of this warranty become the property of Wacker Neuson. T00965en fm 5,WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED, Defects due to unauthorized intervention improper use or adjustment. except when carried out by an authorized Wacker Neuson customer. service shop as a warranty repair modifications accidents use of un. suitable fuels and oils or not carrying out prescribed maintenance. The replacement parts used for prescribed maintenance work. Consequential damage e g loss of time inconvenience downtime. for engine or machine etc, Diagnostic or testing fees if the testing reveals that a warranty claim.
cannot be made, Any of the disallowed parts or breakdowns of allowable parts due to. the use of disallowed parts, RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE OWNER WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THE WARRANTY. As the owner of the engine you are responsible for carrying out the prescribed mainte. nance in accordance with the operator s manual Wacker Neuson recommends that. you retain all documents pertaining to maintenance work on your engine However. Wacker Neuson cannot dismiss warranty claims based only on missing documentation. or not carrying out all scheduled maintenance work However we draw your attention. to the fact that Wacker Neuson can dismiss warranty claims if a defect to your engine. or to a part of it was caused by improper use negligence improper maintenance or im. permissible modifications, You are obliged to bring your engine to the nearest authorized Wacker Neuson cus. tomer service shop as soon as a problem occurs, If you have questions regarding your rights and responsibilities within the scope of the. warranty please contact the Wacker Neuson CORPORATION Product Support De. partment USA 1 800 770 0957 Canada 1 877 977 0775, WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE WARRANTY FOR THE EXHAUST CON.
TROL SYSTEM,MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS, You are responsible for properly maintaining your engine Retain all documents per. taining to regular maintenance work in case there are questions Give these documents. to any subsequent owner of the engine Wacker Neuson reserves the right to dismiss. warranty claims if the engine has not been properly maintained However warranty. claims will not be dismissed only because prescribed maintenance was not carried out. or maintenance documents are missing,T00965en fm 6. MAINTENANCE REPLACEMENTS OR REPAIRS OF EXHAUST GAS REGULATING. DEVICES AND SYSTEMS MAY BE CARRIED OUT BY ANY REPAIR SHOP OR PER. SON HOWEVER WARRANTY REPAIRS MUST BE CARRIED OUT BY AN AUTHO. RIZED Wacker Neuson CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOP THE USE OF PARTS THAT. ARE NOT EQUIVALENT TO ALLOWABLE PARTS IN TERMS OF PERFORMANCE. AND SERVICE LIFE CAN IMPAIR THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE EXHAUST CON. TROL SYSTEM AND VOID A WARRANTY CLAIM, If parts other than those allowed by Wacker Neuson were used for replacements within. the scope of maintenanace or to repair components related to the exhaust control sys. tem you are responsible for determining if a manufacturer s warranty exists for these. parts that is equivalent to that for parts allowed by Wacker Neuson in terms of perfor. mance and service life,HOW TO MAKE A WARRANTY CLAIM. All repairs for which a warranty claim can be made within the scope of this limited war. ranty must be carried out by an authorized Wacker Neuson customer service shop If. a fault is detected in a part of the exhaust control system during the warranty period. contact the Wacker Neuson CORPORATION Product Support Department USA 1. 800 770 0957 Canada 1 877 977 0775 They will let you know which customer ser. vice shop or which suitable service station can carry out the warranty repair. T00965en fm 7,T00965en fm 8,1 Foreword, For your own safety and protection from bodily injuries carefully read.
understand and follow the safety information in this manual. Please operate and maintain your Wacker Neuson machine in accor. dance with the instructions in this operator s manual Your Wacker. Neuson machine will reward you with troublefree operation and a high. degree of availability,Defective components must be replaced immediately. All rights especially the right for copying and distribution are reserved. Copyright 2010 by Wacker Neuson SE, No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any. means electronic or mechanical including photocopying without ex. press permission in writing from Wacker Neuson SE, Any type of reproduction distribution or saving on data carriers of any. type or method not authorized by Wacker Neuson represents an infringe. ment of valid copyrights and will be prosecuted We expressly reserve. the right to make technical modifications even without special notice. which aim at further improving our machines or their safety standards. Table of contents,1 Foreword 9,2 Many thanks for choosing this product 12. 2 1 Packaging 13,3 Scope of delivery Symbols 14,3 1 Scope of delivery 14.
3 2 Symbols 14,4 Safety information 16,4 1 Proper use 16. 4 2 General notes 16,4 3 Personal protective gear 17. 4 4 Operating fluids Filling the tank 20,4 5 Starting up 21. 4 6 Cutting blades 22,4 7 Kickback and pulling motion 25. 4 8 Work habits and methods 26, 4 9 Instructions for using synthetic resin cutting blades 27.
4 10 Cutting metals 28, 4 11 Cutting stone concrete asbestos or asphalt 30. 4 12 Transport and storage 32,4 13 Maintenance 33,4 14 First Aid 34. 4 15 Disposal and environmental protection 35,5 Technical data 36. 6 Part identification 39,7 Starting up 41,7 1 Attaching the cutting blade 42. 7 2 Tightening the V belt Checking the tension 43,7 3 Operating fluids 44.
7 4 Storing fuel 45,7 5 Filling the tank 47,7 6 Starting the engine 48. 7 7 Turning off the engine 51,7 8 Readjusting the idle speed 51. Table of contents,8 Maintenance work 53,8 1 Replacing the V belt 54. 8 2 Cleaning the protective hood 55,8 3 Cleaning Changing the air cleaner 55. 8 4 Prefilter air cleaner cartridge and internal filter 57. 8 5 Replacing the spark plug 60,8 6 Checking the ignition spark 61.
8 7 Replacing the suction head 62,8 8 Replacing the starter rope 62. 8 9 Replacing the return spring 64, 8 10 Cutting attachment in the center outer position 65. 8 11 Remounting the cutting attachment 66, 8 12 Replacing cleaning the spark arrester screen 68. 8 13 Periodic maintenance and service instructions 69. 8 14 Troubleshooting 71,9 Guide cart 72,9 1 Application 72. 9 2 Safety information 73,10 Signs 74,Many thanks for choosing this product.
2 Many thanks for choosing this product, We re pleased that you decided to purchase your new Wacker Neuson. cut off saw The Wacker Neuson cut off saws are equipped with spe. cially designed high performance engines with an excellent power to. weight ratio for better performance at a lower weight. Other advantages of the Wacker Neuson cut off saw include. Robust construction and high reliability, Maintenance free electronic ignition hermetically encapsulated to pre. vent dust and moisture from entering, Vibration damping with a double mass system that allows operators to. work nearly without fatigue even with a hand operated machine. Five stage air cleaner system for reliable operation even when an un. usual amount of dust is produced, Two ways to mount the cutting blade Use the center position for opti. mal balance with the hand operated machine or the side position for. cutting near to walls or curbs or for horizontal cuts directly above the. A comprehensive range of accessories including synthetic resin or di. amond encrusted cutting blades and a guide cart water sprayer and. angular fuel tank filler neck, We d like you to be happy with your purchase from Wacker Neuson.
To guarantee that your Wacker Neuson cut off saw is always ready to. use and functions well and to ensure your personal safety we d like to. ask you to, Read this operator s manual completely before using the cut off saw. for the first time and above all follow the safety regulations Not fol. lowing the regulations can lead to life threatening injuries. T01125en fm 12,Many thanks for choosing this product. 2 1 Packaging, To avoid damage during transportation your Wacker Neuson cut off. saw was shipped in a cardboard box, Cardboard is a renewable resource and can be used again and or re. cycled as waste paper,T01125en fm 13,Scope of delivery Symbols.
3 Scope of delivery Symbols,3 1 Scope of delivery,1 Cut off saw. 3 Combination wrench 13 19 mm,4 Offset screwdriver. 5 Screwdriver for setting the carburetor,6 Operator s manual without illustration. If any of the components listed here is not included with delivery. please contact your salesperson,3 2 Symbols, You will find the following symbols on the machine and when reading the. operator s manual,Read the operator s manual Multifunction switch.
and observe the warnings Start Stop I O choke,and safety information. Use extra caution Locked Unlocked,T01125en fm 14,Scope of delivery Symbols. Prohibited Wear eye protection,Wear a helmet eye protec Start the engine. tion mouth protection and,ear protection,Wear protective gloves Turn off the engine. Wear breathing protection Caution kickback,No smoking Fuel oil mixture.
No open flames First Aid,Cutting blade s direction of Recycling. Maximum cutting blade pe CE marking,ripheral speed is 80 m s. Dangerous dust formation Fire hazard from flying sparks. and gas emission, Cutting blade dimensions Never use circular saw blades. Actuate the decompression Do not touch hot surfaces. 930L3 935L3 1030L3 1035L3 1140L3 0109969en 008 06 2010 Manufacturer Wacker Neuson SE Preu enstra e 41 80809 M nchen www wackerneuson com Tel 49 0 89 354 02 0 Fax 49 0 89 354 02 390 Translation of the original operator s manual in German T00940en fm 3 Important note EPA engine This machine is equipped with an EPA certified engine Relevant details can be found in the

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