FY 2020 Behavioral Health and Crisis Stabilization Unit

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Sample Sizes Thresholds,Individual and Staff Interviews. Behavioral Health Quality Review BHQR,Crisis Stabilization Unit Quality Review. CSUQR Revisions,BHQR CSUQR FY20 Sample Sizes Thresholds. FY20 Sample Sizes,Sample sizes remain unchanged from FY19. o CSUQR 15 records,o BHQR See below, Assertive Community Treatment Maximum of 15 records.
Intensive Case Management Maximum of 15 records new for FY20. Providers serving less than five individuals may be selected for an ad hoc review at. the direction of DBHDD,Individuals Served,Provider Size BHQR Sample Size. Maximum 10,Medium 51 100 20,Large 101 30,FY20 Thresholds. Thresholds remain unchanged from FY19,Annual Review Frequency. o BHQR Both the Billing and Overall scores are 90 or above. o CSUQR Overall score 90 or above,Semi annual Review Frequency. o BHQR Either the Billing or the Overall score is 89 or less. o CSUQR Overall score is 89 or less, o Two subsequent Overall and Billing scores of 90 or above in order to be placed back on an.
annual review frequency,New Providers, o New providers will be reviewed approximately six months from the initial date of billed services. three reviews within two years,BHQR CSUQR,Individual and. Staff Interviews,FY20 Individual and Staff Interviews. Staff interviews have been eliminated,Individual interviews up to 5 per BHQR CSUQR. o Questions have been reduced to 11 eleven questions from 44. Examples of FY20 questions, Individual was involved in the development of and updates to the Individual.
Recovery Resiliency Plan, Individual feels supported to achieve their desired level of involvement in the. Individual knows who to go to if a safety concern occurs. o The revised Individual Interview Tool is posted on The Georgia Collaborative. FY20 Behavioral,Health Quality,Review Revisions,FY20 BHQR Revisions Staff and Personnel Records. Staff personnel records will be reviewed during each BHQR. o Up to five 5 staff will be reviewed, o Lead Assessor will select staff records on the first day of the review. Upon receipt of names providers will have two 2 hours to return requested information. o Criminal Records Check will be included for FY20. o Examples of requested information, Attestations for Supervisee Trainees and Addiction Counselor Trainees Counselors in Training. Both agency provided and paraprofessional training documentation must be submitted to include. spreadsheets certificates etc,Documentation of criminal background screening.
Supervision logs, o A complete list of requested documents can be found in The Georgia Collaborative Provider Handbook. FY20 BHQR Revisions Assessment and Planning,New Question New Question. o Discharge Summary different o Individual was assessed for. from the discharge plan is placed suicide risk using the. in record within 30 days of appropriate Columbia Suicide. discharge Severity Rating Tool C SSRS, Includes SNAPS Services supports Applicable to Comprehensive. treatment provided outcomes referrals Community Provider Tier 1 and. and service or organization referred Community Medicaid Providers. document the reason for ending services CMP,and living situation at discharge. Must be placed in record within 30 days,FY20 BHQR Revisions Office of Deaf Services.
Questions have been added to the BHQR if an individual. identifies as deaf hard of hearing For example, Provider notified Office of Deaf Services w in two. business days of first contact w individual served. The Communication Assessment Report CAR is,in the medical record. The CAR is addressed on plan to include,individual s preferred mode of communication. FY20 BHQR Revisions Service Guidelines,Additional Services New Question. Supported Employment Service provision is provided as. planned within the Individual,Crisis Respite Apartments.
Recovery Resiliency Plan IRP,Site visit s will occur in conjunction. with the BHQR for Crisis Respite Answered for each service reviewed. Apartments For example an individual s assessed,needs are PTSD depression and. anger management Individual,Counseling service provision only. addresses substance use without,stating rationale for deferring the other. FY20 BHQR Revisions Programmatic, The Programmatic section will not be included in the Overall Score in.
Fy20 same as in FY19,New Questions, o Providers develop an annual strategic training plan that sets out a specific plan to. train all staff in suicide prevention This plan is to ensure that. Staff is trained in an evidence based basic gatekeeper training program to enhance. awareness and vigilance around the signs of suicide e g Question Persuade and. Refer QPR Safetalk Mental Health First Aid, o The provider has documented policies and procedures for providing reasonable. accommodations to individuals who are deaf hard of hearing. FY20 BHQR Revisions Billing Validation, Billing Validation will continue as in FY19 to include up to ten 10 claims per. individual,New Billing Discrepancy Reasons for FY20. o Monthly Contacts not met per Service Guidelines in DBHDD Provider Manual. ACT IFI CSI Case Management PSR I CST,o Progress Notes not filed within 7 calendar days.
o Utilization without Clinical Justification within an individual s record. For example 8 hours per day without a crisis no clinical justification. o No individual s response to intervention, o Intervention unrelated to IRP without clinical justification. FY20 BHQR Revisions Quality Risk Items, During Quality Reviews items may be identified that. could indicate significant risk to the individuals served. the provider agency or to the Statewide provider,At the direction of DBHDD the Overall score. if applicable will be reduced in 2 increments for,each Quality Risk Item with a maximum of 10. FY 2020 Behavioral Health and Crisis Stabilization Unit Quality Review Updates Presenters Nicole Griep Georgia Collaborative Virginia Sizemore DBHDD 2 Agenda Sample Sizes Thresholds Individual and Staff Interviews Behavioral Health Quality Review BHQR Revisions Crisis Stabilization Unit Quality Review CSUQR Revisions Questions 3 BHQR CSUQR FY20 Sample Sizes amp Thresholds 4 FY20

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