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Part One Preparing to Invest 1,CHAPTER 1 The Investment Environment 2. ETHICS IN INVESTING Opening Vignette 2,The Price for Behaving Badly. Investments and the Investment Process 3, Types of Investments 3 The Structure of the Investment Process 5. MARKETS IN CR SIS,Your Money Back Guaranteed,Investment Vehicles 7. PAGE 19 Short Term Investments 8 Common Stock 8 Fixed Income. Securities 9 Mutual Funds 10 Hedge Funds 10, Derivative Securities 10 Other Popular Investments 11.
Making Investment Plans 11, Steps in Investing 11 Considering Personal Taxes 13. Investing Over the Life Cycle 16 Investments and the. Business Cycle 16, Meeting Liquidity Needs Investing in Short Term Vehicles 18. The Role of Short Term Investments i 8 Popular Short Term. Investments 19 Investment Suitability 19,Careers in Finance 22. Summary 25 Discussion Questions 11 I Problems 28,Case Problems 29 Excel with Spreadsheets 31. CHAPTER 2 Securities Markets and Transactions 32,Opening Vignette 32.
Securities Markets 33, Types of Securities Markets 33 Broker Markets and Dealer. MARKETS IN CR S S Markets 38 Alternative Trading Systems 43 General Market. SEC Bans Short Selling Conditions Bull or Bear 43,CONTENTS IX. Globalization of Securities Markets 44, Growing Importance of International Markets 44 International. Investment Performance 45 Ways to Invest in Foreign. Securities 46 Risks of Investing Internationally 46. Trading Hours and Regulation of Securities Markets 48. Trading Hours of Securities Markets 48 Regulation of. Securities Markets 48,Basic Types of Securities Transactions 50. Long Purchase 50 Margin Trading 51,Short Selling 56.
Summary 60 Discussion Questions 62 Problems 63,Case Problems 65 Excel with Spreadsheets 67. CHAPTER 3 Investment Information and Securities,Transactions 68. ETHICS IN INVESTING Opening Vignette 68,Did Martha Stewart Cross the. Line PAGE 97,Online Investing 69, Getting Started in Online Investing 69 I Pros and Cons of Using. MARKETS IN CRISIS the Internet as an Investment Tool 74. Tech Stocks and Online Trading, Go Bust PAGE 101 Types and Sources of Investment Information 75.
Types of Information 77 Sources of Information 77,Understanding Market Averages and Indexes 88. Stock Market Averages and Indexes 88 Bond Market,Indicators 93. Making Securities Transactions 94, The Role of Stockbrokers 94 Basic Types of Orders 99. Online Transactions 100 Transaction Costs 102 Investor. Protection SIPC and Arbitration 103,Investment Advisers and Investment Clubs 105. Using an Investment Adviser 105 Investment Clubs 106. Summary 107 Discussion Questions 110 Problems 111,Case Problems 113 Excel with Spreadsheets 115.
Part Two Important Conceptual Tools 117,CHAPTER 4 Return and Risk 118. MARKETS IN CRISIS Opening Vignette 118,Recession Pushes Prices Down. PAGE 122 The Concept of Return 119, Components of Return 119 Why Return Is Important 120. MARKETS IN CRISIS Level of Return 121 Historical Returns 122 Time Value. Disappearing Dividends of Money and Returns 123,Measuring Return 125. Real Risk Free and Required Returns 125 Holding Period. Return 126 Yield The Internal Rate of Return 128 Finding. Growth Rates 132,Risk The Other Side of the Coin 133.
Sources of Risk 133 Risk of a Single Asset 136 Assessing. Risk 139 Steps in the Decision Process Combining Return. and Risk 141, Summary 142 Discussion Questions 143 Problems 144 Case. Problems 147 Excel with Spreadsheets 149 Chapter Opening. Problem 150,APPENDIX 4A The Time Value of Money 151. Opening Vignette 151,Interest The Basic Return to Savers 151. Simple Interest 151 Compound Interest 151, Computational Aids for Use in Time Value Calculations 153. Financial Calculators 153 Computers and Spreadsheets 154. Future Value An Extension of Compounding 154,Future Value of an Annuity 155.
Present Value An Extension of Future Value 156,The Present Value of a Stream of Returns 157. Present Value of a Mixed Stream 158 Present Value of an. Annuity 159,Summary 160 Problems 160,CONTENTS xi,CHAPTER 5 Modern Portfolio Concepts 164. MARKETS IN CR SIS Opening Vignette 164,Bulging Betas. PAGE 178 Principles of Portfolio Planning 165, Portfolio Objectives 165 Portfolio Return and Standard. Deviation 165 Correlation and Diversification 167 I. International Diversification 172,The Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM 175.
Components of Risk 175 Beta A Popular Measure of, Risk 175 The CAPM Using Beta to Estimate Return 178. Traditional Versus Modern Portfolio Management 181. The Traditional Approach 181 Modern Portfolio,Theory 182 Reconciling the Traditional Approach. and MPT 187, Summary 188 Discussion Questions 190 Problems 191 Case. Problems 196 Excel with Spreadsheets 199 Chapter Opening. Problem 200,CFA Exam Questions 202,Part Three Investing in Common Stocks 205. CHAPTER 6 Common Stocks 206,Opening Vignette 206,The Lumbering Bear.
PAGE 207 What Stocks Have to Offer 207, The Appeal of Common Stocks 207 Putting Stock Price. Behavior in Perspective 207 From Stock Prices to Stock. Returns 208 A Real Estate Bubble Goes Bust and So Does. the Market 209 The Pros and Cons of Stock Ownership 209. Basic Characteristics of Common Stock 212, Common Stock as a Corporate Security 212 I Buying and. Selling Stocks 215 Common Stock Values 217,Common Stock Dividends 218. The Dividend Decision 219 Types of Dividends 221 Dividend. Reinvestment Plans 222,Types and Uses of Common Stock 223. Types of Stocks 223 Investing in Foreign Stocks 229. Alternative Investment Strategies 233, Summary 236 Discussion Questions 238 Problems 240 Case.
Problems 242 Excel with Spreadsheets 244 Chapter Opening. Problem 245,xii CONTENTS,CHAPTER 7 Analyzing Common Stocks 246. Opening Vignette 246,Lahde Earns 1000 and Retires,PAGE 249 Security Analysis 247. Principles of Security Analysis 247 Who Needs Security Analysis. in an Efficient Market 248,Cooking the Books What Were. They Thinking PAGE 263 Economic Analysis 249, Economic Analysis and the Business Cycle 250 Key Economic. Factors 250 Developing an Economic Outlook 251,MARKETS IN CRISIS.
Credit Constraints Bind Industry Analysis 254,Key Issues 254 Developing an Industry Outlook 256. Fundamental Analysis 258, The Concept 258 Financial Statements 259 Financial. Ratios 262 Interpreting the Numbers 272,Summary 272 Discussion Questions 278 Problems 278. Case Problems 286 Excel with Spreadsheets 284 Chapter. Opening Problem 285,CHAPTER 8 Stock Valuation 286,MARKETS IN CRISIS Opening Vignette 286. P E Ratios Can Be Misleading, PAGE 230 Valuation Obtaining a Standard of Performance 287.
Valuing a Company and Its Future 287 Developing an Estimate. of Future Behavior 293 The Valuation Process 295,Stock Analysts Don t Always. Believe the Hype PAGE 299 Stock Valuation Models 298. The Dividend Valuation Model 298 Other Approaches to Stock. Valuations 306 Other Price Relative Procedures 310. Summary 313 Discussion Questions 314 Problems 315 Case. Problems 319 Excel with Spreadsheets 321 Chapter Opening. Problem 322,CHAPTER 9 Market Efficiency Behavioral Finance. and Technical Analysis 323,aHH i Opening Vignette 323. I Loss Aversion and Trading,Volume PAGE 331 Efficient Markets 324. Levels of Market Efficiency 324 Market Anomalies 326. Possible Explanations 328, Behavioral Finance A Challenge to the Efficient Markets Hypothesis 329.
Investor Behavior and Security Prices 329 Implications of. Behavioral Finance for Security Analysis 334,CONTENTS XIII. Technical Analysis 335, Using Technical Analysis 335 Measuring the Market 336. The Big Picture 336 Technical Conditions Within the. Market 338 Trading Rules and Measures 341 Charting 344. Summary 350 Discussion Questions 351 Problems 352 Case. Problems 354 Excel with Spreadsheets 357,CFA Exam Questions 359. Part Four Investing in Fixed Income Securities 361. CHAPTER 1 0 Fixed Income Securities 3 6 2,Opening Vignette 362. Yield Spreads Approach,Records PAGE 365 Why Invest in Bonds 363.
Putting Bond Market Performance in Perspective 363 Exposure. to Risk 367,Essential Features of a Bond 369, Bond Interest and Principal 369 Maturity Date 369 Principles. of Bond Price Behavior 370 Pricing a Bond 371 Call. MARKETS IN CR SI, Implicit Guarantee Becomes Features Let the Buyer Beware 372 Sinking Funds 372. Explicit PAGE 379 Secured or Unsecured Debt 373 Bond Ratings 373. The Market for Debt Securities 376, Major Market Segments 377 Specialty Issues 382 A Global. View of the Bond Market 386,Convertible Securities 388. Convertibles as Investment Outlets 388 Sources of, Value 391 Measuring the Value of a Convertible 392.
Summary 395 Discussion Questions 397 Problems 398 Case. Problems 400 Excel with Spreadsheets 402 Chapter Opening. Problem 403,CHAPTER 11 Bond Valuation 404,Opening Vignette 404. The Behavior of Market Interest Rates 405, Keeping Tabs on Market Interest Rates 405 What Causes. Rates to Move 407 The Term Structure of Interest Rates. and Yield Curves 408,XIV CONTENTS,The Pricing of Bonds 413. The Basic Bond Valuation Model 413 Annual,Compounding 414 Semiannual Compounding 415. Measures of Yield and Return 416, Current Yield 416 Yield to Maturity 416 Yield to Call 419.
Expected Return 420 Valuing a Bond 422,Duration and Immunization 422. The Concept of Duration 423 Measuring Duration 424 Bond. Duration and Price Volatility 426 Effective Duration 427 Uses. of Bond Duration Measures 428,Bond Investment Strategies 430. Passive Strategies 430 Trading on Forecasted Interest Rate. Behavior 430 Bond Swaps 431,Summary 432 Discussion Questions 434 Problems 434. Case Problems 437 Excel with Spreadsheets 438,CFA Exam Questions 440. Part Five Portfolio Management 443,CHAPTER 12 Mutual Funds Professionally Managed.
Portfolios 444,MARKETS IN CRISIS Opening Vignette 444. Mutual Fund Vulnerability,PAGE 446 The Mutual Fund Concept 445. An Overview of Mutual Funds 445 Open or Closed End Funds. ETHICS IN INVESTING 449 Exchange Traded Funds 451 Some Important. When Mutual Funds Behaved Considerations 453 Other Types of Investment Companies 458. Badly PAGE 450,Types of Funds and Services 460,Types of Mutual Funds 461 Investor Services 467. Investing in Mutual Funds 470, Investor Uses of Mutual Funds 470 The Selection Process 471. Investing in Closed End Funds 475 Measuring Performance 477. Summary 483 Discussion Questions 484 Problems 485, Case Problems 488 Excel with Spreadsheets 490 Chapter Opening.
Problem 490,CONTENTS xv,CHAPTER 13 Managing Your Own Portfolio 491. MARKETS IN CRISIS Opening Vignette 491,Baby Boomers Delay. Retirement PAGE 497 Constructing a Portfolio Using an Asset Allocation Scheme 492. Investor Characteristics and Objectives 492 Portfolio Objectives. and Policies 492 Developing an Asset Allocation Scheme 493. The Virtues of Ethical Investing,The Remarkable Life of John. Templeton PAGE 509, Evaluating the Performance of Individual Investments 495. Obtaining Needed Data 496 Indexes of Investment,Performance 496 Measuring the Performance of.
Investments 497 Comparing Performance to Investment. Assessing Portfolio Performance 501, Measuring Portfolio Return 502 Comparison of Return with. Overall Market Measures 505 Portfolio Revision 508. Timing Transactions 509, Formula Plans 510 Using Limit and Stop Loss Orders 513. Warehousing Liquidity 514 Timing Investment Sales 514. Summary 515 Discussion Questions 517 Problems 519,Case Problems 523 Excel with Spreadsheets 525. CFA Exam Questions 527,Part Six Derivative Securities 529. CHAPTER 14 Options Puts and Calls 530,ETHICS IN INVESTING Opening Vignette 530.
Extraordinarily Good Timing,PAGE 540 Put and Call Options 531. Basic Features of Puts and Calls 531 Options,MARKETS IN CRISIS Markets 534 Stock Options 534. The Volatility Index,PAGE 542 Options Pricing and Trading 537. The Profit Potential from Puts and Calls 538 Intrinsic. Value 539 What Drives Options Prices 541 Trading,Strategies 544. Stock Index and Other Types of Options 552, Stock Index Options Contract Provisions 552 Investment.
Uses 554 Other Types of Options 555,Summary 558 Discussion Questions 559 Problems 560. Case Problems 562 Excel with Spreadsheets 564 Chapter Opening. Problem 565,XVI CONTENTS,CHAPTER 15 Commodities and Financial Futures 566. ETHICS IN INVESTING Opening Vignette 566,Trading Energy Futures at Enron. PAGE 577 The Futures Market 567, Market Structure 567 Trading in the Futures Market 569. MARKETS IN CRISIS Commodities 572,Oil Isn t Recession Proof.
PAGE 578 Basic Characteristics 573 Trading Commodities 576. Financial Futures 579, The Financial Futures Market 579 I Trading Techniques 583. Financial Futures and the Individual Investor 586 Options on. Futures 586,Summary 588 Discussion Questions 590 Problems 591. Case Problems 593 Excel with Spreadsheets 595,CFA Exam Questions 596. Glossary G l,Credits C l, WEB CHAPTERS atwww pearsoiilliiglliered com gitinaaiii. Chapter 16 Investing in Preferred Stocks,Chapter 17 Tax Advantaged Investments.
Chapter 18 Real Estate and Other Tangible Investments. Fundamentals of INVESTING ELEVENTH EDITION LAWRENCE J GITMAN CFP San Diego State University Investment Performance 45 Ways to Invest in Foreign

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