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Feature Description USGA USGA Golf,TM Club TM Club Genius. Courses and tees Create and manage the courses and tees for your events P P P. Hole information Capture the yardage par and handicap for each hole P P P. Slope and rating Capture the slope and rating for each course 18 holes and each side front nine and back nine P P P. Hole labels Create custom labels for each hole great for 27 hole facilities P P P. Green depth Enter the depth of each green for hole location sheets P P P. Pace of play Set the pace for each hole to drive the expected pace of play shown on scorecards P P P. Shotgun priority Decide the order in which holes should be doubled up when automatically assigning starting holes P P P. Tee time interval Set the default tee time interval used to automatically produce pairings with starting times P P P. Divisions flights and teams Organize golfers by divisions flights and teams for each event P P P. Divisions Organize players teams into divisions and track results within each division P P P. Flights Organize players teams by flight within each division and track results within each flight P P P. Teams by Pairing Automatically create teams by Pair AB CD Foursomes etc P P P. Custom teams Ryder cups teams of any size virtual teams etc P P P. Pairing management Automated and optimized pairings for single round and multi round formats using a variety of. Pairing size Twosomes threesomes foursomes fivesomes sixsomes P P P. Automated pairings Random AB ABCD Team Total Index Entry number Custom Field Prior round results P P P. Keep together Tell us which players should be kept together P P P. Spread apart Tell us which players should be kept apart P P P. Optimized pairings Minimize repeats and ensure that everyone plays with everyone else in a league or trip P P P. Players times together Automatic tracking and reporting of how many times players have played together P P P. Tee times Automatically create tee times based on starting time and tee time interval P P P. Shotgun Automatically assign shotgun starting holes based on shotgun priority P P P. Assign course and tee Quickly assign players to course and tee based on gender flight index or other information P P P. Swap players pairs and pairings Easily swap players pairs or pairings P P P. Blinds Add a blind when teams are short a player and automatically incorporate that player s score P P P. Substitutes Easily replace a player when last minute changes are needed P P P. Competitions and scoring Set up and score the full range of formats and competitions from simple events to complex. multi day tournaments and everything in between, Multiple competitions in a single event Unlimited number of independent competitions with each single round or multi round event P P P. Single competition across multiple rounds Aggregate competitions across multiple rounds P P P. Scoring formats Stroke play match play Stableford Quota Skins Birdies P P P. Individual competitions Player vs player player vs foursome player vs field player vs flight P P P. Team competitions Pair vs pair pair vs field pair vs flight foursome vs field foursome vs flight P P P. Wheels Each player vs each player in each group P P P. Balls Own ball best ball both balls average of balls 6 6 6 alt shot scramble balls by par P P P. Advanced Balls Custom scoring rules by hole P P P, Holes 18 holes 36 holes 54 holes front nine back nine Nassau P P P. Brackets Brackets of any size P P P, Stroke to bracket One or more rounds of stroke play with automatic qualifying and seeding into bracket P P P. Round Robin Automatic creation of flights matches with points standings P P P. Ryder Cup Multiple competitions across multiple rounds with points rolling up to teams P P P. User scored tournaments Closest to pin longest drive etc P P P. Handicapping Gross Net Net off lowest Callaway Peoria P P P. 18 and 9 hole indexes Capture 18 hole indexes and calculate 9 index indexes P P P. Maximum handicaps Set a cap on handicap indexes for each gender P P P. Course handicap Convert index to course handicap based on adjustment and rounding convention P P P. Team handicaps Calculate the combined handicap for each team P P P. Section 3 5 Automatically adjust course handicap based on tees played P P P. Handicap analysis Detailed explanation of Course Handicap calculation for each player team P P P. Handicap allocation Allocate shots to holes based on course handicap and hole handicap P P P. Half shots Option to reduce handicap allocation to half shot on each hole P P P. Scoring Enter gross scores for each player and all scoring across all competitions is calculated automatically P P P. Score entry Hole by hole 18 hole totals 9 hole totals team hole by hole P P P. Random scores Automatically populate hole by hole scores to test leaderboards P P P. Tiebreakers USGA lowest to highest handicap last to first hole tee times P P P. Points and Purse Winner takes all 1 to N Gross Net bias etc P P P. Cut lines Low X Low X plus ties cut line forecasting during round P P P. Leaderboards Leaderboards on TV displays website and mobile app P P P. Consolidated leaderboard All competitions shown on a single leaderboard P P P. Affiliation Show additional information under each player s name P P P. Denote pros and amateurs Option to mark pros and amateurs on the leaderboard P P P. Show X places Limit the leaderboard to top X spots P P P. TV leaderboards Scrolling leaderboard plus photos and custom sponsor content on TV displays P P P. Stats Course and player stats P P P, Course stats Scoring averages for by course round and hole P P P.
Player stats Player performance across one or more rounds P P P. Season long competitions Automatically track season points ringers birdies etc P P P. Parimutuels Enter bets automatically calculate odds and automatically calculate results payouts P. Feature Description USGA USGA Golf,TM Club TM Club Genius. Scorecards Select from the scorecard library or create your own custom scorecards. Scorecard library Full library of system templates and ability to create your own templates P P P. Holes 18 hole scorecards 9 hole scorecards and other custom courses P P P. Two scorecards per page Option to fit two scorecards per page P P P. Number of players per scorecard Individual scorecards pairs foursomes P P P. Configurable headers Event name tee time starting hole player name course name etc P P P. Handicap allocation Holes dotted automatically based on course handicap and hole handicaps P P P. Unadjusted and adjusted course handicap Option to show unadjusted course handicap and or adjusted course handicap for each player P P P. Highlight starting hole Automatically highlight starting hole for shotgun starts P P P. Multiple tees per scorecard Show all tees being played within a single pairing group P P P. Additional lines Add lines for team score comments etc P P P. Configurable notes Add a custom note to each scorecard to communicate important information to players P P P. Signature lines Include signature lines for competitor and marker P P P. Customizable fonts and colors Full control of font font size font colors and background colors P P P. Customizable logos and locations Add logos and control placement size and opacity P P P. Scorecard covers Create custom scorecard covers for two sided scorecards P P P. Printed materials and reports Generate any report you need in seconds design your own or search the user community P P P. Scoreboards Select from a library of templates including large format scoreboards P P P. Cart signs Quickly generate cart signs using a template or design your own P P P. Tee sheets Easily print the tee sheet with any information you want to include P P P. Alpha lists Alphabetical list of players with additional information like starting hole tee flight etc P P P. Hole location sheet Produce a one page summary to provide players with the hole locations on each green P P P. Proximity markers Create markers for closest to the hole longest drive straightest drive etc P P P. MS Publisher templates Templates and merge tools for advanced scoreboard layouts P P P. Report composer Powerful report composer to create fully customized reports P P P. Report library Select a report from the system library and organize your own library of reports P P P. Searchable user community Search the library of reports created by the Golf Genius user community P P P. Spreadsheet exports Create custom spreadsheet exports to export rosters leaderboards etc P P P. Feature Description USGA USGA Golf,TM Club TM Club Genius. League management Keep players coming back week after week and grow league participation using our league. management tools, League website Create a dedicated website for each league P P P. Email promotion Send email blasts to promote league signups and round signups P P P. Online registration Allow players to register via email or website with option to include guests P P P. Optimized pairings Automated and optimized pairings for minimum repeats and pairing by division flight P P P. Substitutes and guests Easily manage subs and guests from round to round P P P. League formats Specialized league formats such as ringerboards and round robin team match play P P P. Season points Automatically roll up daily points to season points and show the standings on the league website P P P. Event websites Create a dedicated website for each event league outing or trip P P P. Customizable branding Create a branded look with customizable logos colors banners and backgrounds P P P. Sponsor content Increase revenue by showcasing sponsor content logos banners etc P P P. Tee Sheet Present the tee sheet by time group or name P P P. Leaderboard Display of results across all competitions within an event P P P. Photos Upload photos to create a digital picture book P P P. Unlimited pages Quickly create new pages using a library of page templates P P. Mobile app and live scoring Engage members save time and increase outing revenue with live mobile scoring and. leaderboards, Free download Free app for iPhone iPad and Android P P. Live score entry Hole by hole score entry by group hole and player P P. Live leaderboard Leaderboard with live scoring updates across all competitions in the event P P. Customizable branding Create a branded look with customizable logos colors banners and backgrounds P P. Sponsor content Increase revenue by adding sponsor content logo banners etc P P. Access to event website Jump directly from mobile app to event website to view additional content P P. Scoring stations Allow tournament officials or volunteers to enter scores as groups pass through scoring stations P P. Walking scorers Allow walking scorers to enter scores for their group P P. Feature Description USGA USGA Golf,TM Club TM Club Genius.
Online event registration and payments Save time with custom online registration forms and secure credit card payments P P. Fully customizable registration form Create a custom entry form for each event P P. Unlimited custom fields Create your own fields to capture any information you need P P. Optional and required fields Tag each field on the registration form as optional or required P P. Team registration Flexible team registration options e g 1 member with 1 or 3 guests 1 or 2 members etc P P. Player limit and waiting list Set the player limit to automatically form a waiting list when limit is reached P P. Promotion from waiting list Promote players from the waiting list manually or automatically P P. Open tee times Allow players to select their tee time when signing up P P. Pending registration Option to treat all registrations as pending until reviewed and approved by a manager P P. Register by division Allow players to register by division P P. Open and close registration automatically Schedule the date time to automatically open and close registration P P. Invitation lists Create an invitation list email invitations and limit registration to invitees P P. Registration packages Create the menu of registration packages and prices offered for each event P P. Add ons Offer additional options and quantities for purchase e g dinner tickets apparel etc P P. Donations Allow players to add a donation at checkout P P. Credit card payments Secure credit card payments with integration to Stripe and AFS P P. Cancellations and refunds Process partial and full refunds with credit back to card used for payment P P. Automated refund policies Establish refund policies to automate refunds upon cancellation P P. Transaction history Comprehensive and searchable log of all payments and refunds across all events P P. Communication Promote events share information and showcase outing sponsors P P. Email Create customized emails to promote events confirm registration and share information P P. Text Messaging Deliver important information e g tee times weather delays and much more directly to your. Custom sponsor content Increase revenue with sponsor branding and messaging on mobile app TV leaderboards printed. materials and event website,Feature Description USGA USGA Golf. TM Club TM Club Genius, Trip management Say goodbye to spreadsheets tedious organizing of pairings and formats time consuming. calculation of results and payouts and clumsy tracking of tee times hotel dinner and travel P P. Trip website Dedicated website for your trip with travel logistics player information tee sheets and more P P. Optimized pairings Automatic pairings to avoid repeats and ensuri that ever. Events Golf Genius provides all the tools you need to create organize and repeat your events P P P Quick setup Create simple single round games in minutes P P P Full setup Create complex single and multi round events using our full set of advanced features including

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