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Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd,SAFETY DATA SHEET. Fructose 2 of 9,2 2 Label elements, Labeling in accordance with Regulation 1272 2008 CLP. Hazard pictograms Not classified,Signal word Not required. Hazard statements Not classified,Precautionary Statements Not classified. 2 3 Other hazard, Substance meets the criteria for BBT according to Regulation EC No 1907 2006 Annex XIII.
Not applicable, Substance meets the criteria for vPvB according to Regulation EC No 1907 2006 Annex XIII. Not applicable, Other hazard which do not result in classification. Not applicable,Section 3 COMPOSITION INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS. Substance preparation,Product Ingredient Identifiers EU GHS. name Classification Classification,CAS number 57 48 7.
EC number 200 333 3 100,REACH registration no s, There are no additional ingredients present which within the current knowledge of the supplier. and in the concentrations applicable are classified as hazardous to health or the environment and. hence require reporting in this section, Occupational exposure limits if available are listed in section 8. See section 16 for the full text of the H statements and R phrases declared above. Section 4 FIRST AID MEASURES,4 1 Description of first aid measures. Eyes contact Check for and remove any contact lenses In case of contact immediately flush eyes. with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes Get medical attention immediately if. irritation develops or persists or if visual changes occur. Skin contact In case of contact immediately wash with plenty of water. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes Get medical attention. Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd,SAFETY DATA SHEET. Fructose 3 of 9, Inhalation If inhaled remove to fresh air If not breathing give artificial respiration If breathing is.
Difficult give oxygen Get medical attention, Ingestion Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel Never give. Anything by mouth to an unconscious person Get medical attention. 4 2 Most important symptoms and effects both acute and delayed. Potential acute health effects, Eyes contact May cause irritation to eyes Symptoms may include reddening. Inhalation May cause irritation to the respiratory tract Symptoms may include breathing difficulties. Ingestion May cause gastrointestinal irritation, Skin contact May cause irritation to skin Symptoms may include itching scaling reddening. inflammation or occasionally blistering,Over exposure sigh symptoms. Eyes contact No specific data,Inhalation No specific data.
Ingestion No specific data,Skin contact No specific data. 4 3 Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed. Notes to physician No specific antidote medical staff contacts Poisons Information Center All. treatments should be based on observed signs and symptoms of distress in the patient Consideration. should be given to the possibility that overexposure to materials other than this product may have. Special treatments No specific treatment,Section 5 FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES. 5 1 Extinguishing media,Suitable Small fire use dry chemical powder. Large fire use water spray fog or foam,Not suitable Do not use water jet. 5 2 Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture. Hazardous thermal decomposition products Under fire carbon oxides CO CO2. 5 3 Advice for firefighters, Special protective equipment for fire fighters Fire fighters should wear full protective clothing and.
self contained breathing apparatus in positive pressure mode. Remark Move containers from fire area if possible to do so without risk. Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd,SAFETY DATA SHEET. Fructose 4 of 9,Section 6 ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES. 6 1 Personal precautions protective equipment and emergency procedures. Wear protective clothing Ventilate area of spill,6 2 Environmental precautions. Do not let this chemical enter the environment Keep away from drains surface and ground water. 6 3 Methods and materials for containment and cleaning up. Small spill Use a tool to scoop up solid material and place into an appropriate labeled waste container. Do not mix with sawdust or other combustible material Avoid creating dusty conditions and prevent wind. dispersal Keep out of waterways,Large spill As for small spill. Personal Protection in Case of Large Spill Safety glasses Full suit Suitable respirator Boots. Gloves A self contained breathing apparatus should be used to avoid inhalation of the product. 6 4 Reference to other sections,See Sections 1 for emergency contact information.
See Section 8 for information on a appropriate personal protective equipment. See Section 13 for additional waste treatment information. Section 7 HANDLING AND STORAGE,7 1 Precautions for safe handling. Handling Minimize dust generation and accumulation Do not breathe dust Avoid contact with skin and. eyes Wash thoroughly after handling Do not permit eating drinking smoking near the material. Hygiene Measures Eating drinking and smoking should be prohibited in areas where this material is. handled stored and processed Workers should wash hands and face before eating drinking and. smoking Remove contaminated clothing and protective equipment before entering eating areas See also. section 8 for additional information measures, 7 2 Conditions for safe storage including any incompatibilities. Storage Keep containers tightly closed in dry cool and well ventilated place. Do not store together with oxidizing agents Keep away from heat. Packaging materials Recommended Use original container. 7 3 Specific end use s N A,Section 8 EXPOSURE CONTROL PERSONAL PROTECTION. 8 1 Control parameters,Occupational exposure limit values N A. Deraived effects levels, Recommended occupational and consumer exposure limit values following from the preformed.
Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd,SAFETY DATA SHEET. Fructose 5 of 9,8 2 Exposure controls,Enginnering Measures. Use process enclosures local exhaust ventilation or others engineering controls to keep airborne levels. below recommend exposure limits If user operations generate dust fume or mist use ventilation to keep. exposure to airborne contaminants below the exposure limit. Person Protective measures,Occupational exposure controls. Respiratory protection Dust respirator Be sure to use an approved certified or equivalent. Wear appropriate respirator when ventilation is inadequate. Eye face protection Wear protective safety goggles. Skin protection, Hand protection Wear protective disposable vinyl gloves to prevent skin exposure. Other Wear appropriate long sleeved clothing to minimize skin contact. Hygiene measures Keep away from foodstuffs and beverages Do not eat drink or smoke during work. time Remove soiled or soaked clothing immediately Clean skin thoroughly after work apply skin cream. During use provide suitable ventilation, Environmental exposure controls Emissions from ventilation or work process equipment should be.
checked to ensure they comply with the requirements of environmental protection legislation In some. cases fume scrubbers filters or engineering modifications to the process equipment will be necessary. to reduce emissions to acceptable levels,Section 9 PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES. 9 1 Information on basic physical and chemical properties. Appearance Solid crystals white,Odour threshold N A. Melting point Freezing point N A,Initial boiling point boiling range N A. Flash point N A,Evaporation rate N A,Flammability N A. Upper lower flammability or explosive limits N A,Vapor pressure N A.
Vapor density N A,Relative Density N A,Solubility ies N A. Partition coefficient Octanol Water N A,Auto ignition temperature 360 C. Decomposition temperature N A,Viscosity N A,Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd. SAFETY DATA SHEET,Fructose 6 of 9,Explosive properties N A. Oxidizing properties N A,9 2 Other information,Molecular weight 180 16 g mol.
Section 10 STABILITY AND REACTIVITY,10 1 Reactivity. No specific test data related to reactivity available for this product or its ingredients. 10 2 Chemical stability, The product is stable under normal handling and storage conditions described in Section 7. 10 3 Possibility of hazardous reactions, Under normal conditions of storage and use hazardous reactions will not occur. 10 4 Conditions to avoid,10 5 Incompatible materials. Oxidizing agents,10 6 Hazardous Decomposition products.
Under fire oxides of carbon,Section 11 TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION. 11 1 Information on toxicological effects,Acute toxicity N A. Irritation and corrosivity, Eyes contact May cause irritation to eyes Symptoms may include reddening. Inhalation May cause irritation to the respiratory tract Symptoms may include breathing difficulties. Ingestion May cause gastrointestinal irritation, Skin contact May cause irritation to skin Symptoms may include itching scaling reddening. inflammation or occasionally blistering,Sensitization N A.
Chronic toxicity, Carcinogenicity According to the manufacturer this material is not known to cause cancer in animals or. Mutagenicity N A,Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd,SAFETY DATA SHEET. Fructose 7 of 9,Reproductive toxicity N A, Specific target organ toxicity single exposure N A. Specific target organ toxicity repeated exposure N A. Aspiration hazard N A,Other effects,Over exposure signs symptoms N A. Target organs N A,Section 12 ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION.
12 1 Toxicity, According to the manufacturer the product itself and its products of degradation are not toxic. 12 2 Persistence and Degradability,Not available,12 3 Bioaccumulative potential. Not available,12 4 Mobility in soil,Soil water partition coefficient Koc N A. 12 5 Results of PBT and vPvB assessment,Not available. 12 6 Other adverse effects, Substances which have an unfavorable influence on the oxygen balance and can be measured using.
parameters such as BOD COD etc N A,Substances which contribute to eutrophication N A. Section 13 DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS,13 1 Waste treatment methods. Methods of disposal Waste must be disposed of in accordance with federal state and local. environmental control regulations,Hazardous waste N A. Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd,SAFETY DATA SHEET. Fructose 8 of 9,Section 14 TRANSPORT INFORMATION,International transport regulations.
Regulatory 14 1 14 2 14 3 14 4 14 5 14 6 Additional. Information UN Proper Classes Packing Environmental Special information. number shipping group hazard precautions,name for user. ADR RID Not,Class Regulated,Class Regulated,IMDG class Not. IATA class Not, 14 7 Transport to bulk according to Annex II of MARPOL 79 78 and the IBC Code. Not applicable,Section 15 REGULATORY INFORMATION, 15 1 Safety health and environmental regulations legislation specific for the substance or mixture. EU Directives 67 548 EEC and 1999 45 EC including amendments and take into account the intended. product use, EU Regulation EC No 1907 2006 REACH No 1272 2008 CLP.
15 2 Chemical safety assessment, In accordance with REACH article 14 a Chemical Safety Assessment has been carried out for this. Section 16 OTHER INFORMATION, Full text of R phrases referred to in sections 2 and 3 N A. Safety phrases N A, Full text of Hazards Statements referred to in sections 2 and 3 N A. Precautionary Statements N A, Training advice Before using handling the product one must read carefully present MSDS. Recommended restriction N A,Key Legend Information.
ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd,SAFETY DATA SHEET. Fructose 9 of 9, OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration. NTP National Toxicology program,IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer. ND Not Determined,N A Not available,R phrases Risk phrases. S phrases Safety phrases,Date of issue 22 December 2011.
Date of revision 10 August 2014,Version no 2, To the best of our knowledge the information contained herein is accurate However neither the above. named supplier nor any of its subsidiaries assumes any liability whatsoever for the accuracy or. completeness of the information contained herein Final determination of suitability of any material is the. sole responsibility of the user All materials may present unknown hazards and should be used with caution. Although certain hazards are described herein we cannot guarantee that these are the only hazards that. Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd SAFETY DATA SHEET Fructose 2 of 9 2 2 Label elements Labeling in accordance with Regulation 1272 2008 CLP Hazard pictograms Not classified

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