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OPER MAINT MANUAL FG15C13 FD35T3S No OF 2B0EE, Thank you very much for your purchase of TCM s product. This Operation Maintenance Manual was written to provide the owner. operator with information about the safe operation and maintenance of the 1 SAFETY. TCM forklift truck Read this manual thoroughly and become completely familiar. with the lift truck before using it If you have any questions see your dealer 2 OPERATING. Due to improvements in design it is possible that the description contained. herein may not completely apply to the truck delivered to you. 3 OPERATION, If the truck is to be leased loaned or sold to anyone this manual must TENANCE. be with the truck,5 SPECIFICA,IMPORTANT SERVICE DATA. The specifications and attachments of the trucks vary with different destinations. The following symbols are used to indicate their destinations in this manual 6 INDEX. Code Destination,EXA North America,EXC Oceania, EXB All regions excluding North America EU member countries Oceania and South Africa. EXE EU member countries excluding Scandinavia,EXK South Africa.
EXN Scandinavia, Rated load Truck model Engine model Rated load Truck model Engine model Rated load Truck model Engine model. 1 5 tons FG15C13 K15 2 tons FG20 C3 K21 3 tons FG30C3 K21. FG15T13 K15 FG20T3 K21 FG30T3 K21,FHG15C3 K21 FHG20C3 K25 FHG30C3 K25. FHG15T3 K21 FHG20T3 K25 FHG30T3 K25,FD15C13 D1503 FD20C3 TD27 II FD30C3 TD27 II. FD15T13 D1503 FD20T3 TD27 II FD30T3 TD27 II,FHD15C3Z C240 FD20C3Z C240 FD30C3Z C240. FHD15T3Z C240 FD20T3Z C240 FD30T3Z C240,FHD15 C3 TD27 II FHD20C3 V3300 FHD30C3 V3300.
FHD15T3 TD27 II FHD20T3 V3300 FHD30T3 V3300,FHD20C3A QD32 FHD30C3A QD32. FHD20T3A QD32 FHD30T3A QD32, 1 75 tons FG18C13 K15 2 5 tons FG25 C3 K21 3 5 tons FD35T3S QD32. FG18T13 K15 FG25T3 K21 FG35T3S K25,FHG18C3 K21 FHG25C3 K25. FHG18T3 K21 FHG25T3 K25,FD18C13 D1503 FD25C3 TD27 II. FD18T13 D1503 FD25T3 TD27 II,FHD18C3Z C240 FD25C3Z C240.
FHD18T3Z C240 FD25T3Z C240,FHD18 C3 TD27 II FHD25C3 V3300. FHD18T3 TD27 II FHD25T3 V3300,FHD25C3A QD32,FHD25T3A QD32. Note In this manual trucks with manual transmission are expressed as C type and those with automatic transmission as T type. FOR SUPERVISORS 1 1,QUALIFIED OPERATORS 1 2,PLANNING AND WORKING AREA 1 3. PROPER AND IMPROPER USES 1 6,TYPES OF VEHICLES AND LOADS 1 7. INSPECTION 1 10,INSPECTION TRANSPORTING THE LIFT,TRUCK 1 11.
TRAVELING ON PUBLIC ROADS 1 13,HOW THE LIFT TRUCK WORKS 1 14. TRAVELING 1 17,LOAD HANDLING 1 24,PARKING 1 29,INSPECTION AND SERVICE 1 31. CAUTION PLATES 1 41, The following symbols found throughout this manual alert you FOR SUPERVISORS. to potentially dangerous conditions to the owner and the. operator Become completely familiar with the truck before. Lift truck accidents cause dozens or hundreds of deaths every. proceeding with operating checking and servicing the truck. year and even greater numbers of personal injuries. This manual and the decals affixed to the truck use the following. TCM has steadily improved the design and fabrication of our lift. safety alert indications, trucks so they may be used more safely and efficiently but many. accidents still occur due to improper use Accidents are often the. SIGNAL WORD CLASSIFICATION, result of more than just bad driving The use of inappropriate.
Failure to follow the instructions in the types of equipment the selection of inappropriate attachments or. DANGER message will likely cause a serious accident. or death accessories inappropriate operating environments careless. Failure to follow the instructions in the designation of operators and failure to properly train the operator. WARNING message might cause a serious accident or are other common causes of accidents. Failure to follow the instructions in the It is not possible to describe all potentially hazardous situations. CAUTION message may cause personal injury or, which may occur while operating inspecting or servicing a forklift. damage to the truck or other property,The information will help to prolong the. truck The warnings and cautions in this manual including the. NOTE service life of the truck The message is not decals attached to the forklift are not intended to cover all possible. directly related to accident prevention working hazards. If you operate inspect or service the forklift in a manner not. Right described in this manual please be careful because you do so at. your own risk, Forward Backward This chapter covers the methods of accident prevention which. are primarily the responsibility of supervisory personnel. Pages 1 2 through 1 13 contain instructions which should. Left be enforced by the personnel supervising the operation of the. The diagram above indicates the meanings of the terms lift truck Please make sure the operators also read these pages. forward backward right and left used in this manual Page 1 14 and the following pages contain specific precautions. directly related to the operation of the lift truck. FOR SUPERVISORS QUALIFIED OPERATORS, TRAIN OPERATOR TO STACK SAFELY WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR. Unstacking Stacking,Gloves Safety, Stacking means piling up a palleted load or material directly on Always wear proper work clothes for driving Work clothes.
top of each other without using racks or shelves to separate them should be designed to prevent any part from accidentally. If stacking work is not done properly the loads may slip or fall catching on knobs or other parts of the truck or equipment. endangering the operator as well as fellow workers in the area For example shirts and trousers should have tight cuffs. Safety classes should be held to train all operators in the proper Always wear a hard hat and safety shoes. method of stacking and unstacking loads Wear other protective gear as appropriate to the conditions. Your TCM dealer can provide information about safety stacking of the work site i e goggles or gloves. PROVIDE AND MAINTAIN EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT,TIRED OR UNWELL SEND THEM HOME. Do not let people take chances An operator who is overworked Fire extinguishers and first aid kits should be provided and. or fatigued an operator who is feeling unwell or an operator maintained for use in case of a fire or accident All personnel. who is intoxicated must not be allowed in the driver s seat should understand the location and use of emergency equipment. FOR SUPERVISORS PLANNING AND WORKING AREA, KNOW WHO TO CALL IN AN EMERGENCY MARK THE TRAVEL LANES. Contacts in emergency, Keep information on hand to allow immediate calls for help in Designate the travel lanes for the lift truck and mark them clearly. case of a fire accident or other emergency so they will be kept free of obstruction. MAKE AN OPERATING PLAN AND DISCUSS IT SET SPEED LIMITS. Yard Speed, Set appropriate speed limits on your company grounds and. Before using the lift truck plan out the travel routes and. post signs that are clearly visible, operating procedures and thoroughly discuss the details with.
all involved personnel,FOR SUPERVISORS PLANNING AND WORKING AREA. KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF THE OPERATING AREA ASSIGN TRAFFIC GUIDES TO CONGESTED AREAS. Pedestrians,Pedestrians, No other personnel should be allowed in areas where the lift. truck is used Post a traffic guide in confined or congested areas where other. Where other people must be present post a guide whose job people or vehicles may pass All personnel must obey the. is to make sure people stay clear of moving vehicles guide s signals. KEEP UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES OUT unauthorized PROVIDE ADEQUATE LIGHTING. No entry of, Unauthorized vehicles must be kept out of the load handling Safe operation requires well lit traveling routes so pedestrians. areas Post signs or give signals as required and obstacles can be easily seen Use headlights taillights. helmet lamps or other lights as appropriate,FOR SUPERVISORS PLANNING AND WORKING AREA. KEEP THE GROUND LEVEL AND DRY INSTALL CURBS OR RAILINGS. Be sure that all areas where the lift truck travels are level and If the truck is to be used on a loading dock shore wall or other. regular Clear away pools of oil or water raised surface install curbs or railings. SAFETY MEASURES FOR DANGER SPOTS DO NOT RELY ON THE OVERHEAD GUARD. Post warning signs or take other appropriate measures to The overhead guard is a protective device that will moderate. ensure that lift truck operators keep away from danger spots the impact of an object falling from overhead but it cannot. as they travel withstand every impact If a heavy object seems likely to fall. on the truck make every effort to prevent it from doing so. FOR SUPERVISORS PROPER AND IMPROPER USES,PROPER USE OF THE LIFT TRUCK IMPROPER USE.
The proper use of a lift truck is to transport a load which is. placed on the pallet and stacked within the prescribed height. With a proper attachment a lift truck may be used to transport. a load which is stacked elsewhere than on the pallet. Transporting a person elevating a person and towing another. vehicle are examples of the improper use of a lift truck Uses. which this manual specifies as improper must never be. requested or permitted under any circumstances,Examples of Improper Use. Transporting or elevating a person on the forks or pallet. Carrying a person on the pallet to control the load. Hanging wire ropes from forks to lift a load,Towing another vehicle. Pushing a load or another vehicle with the forks, Using the forks or truck body to close or open the door of a. freight vehicle,FOR SUPERVISORS TYPES OF VEHICLES AND LOADS. READ MANUAL AND DECALS NO OPERATION WITHOUT LIGHTS OVERHEAD. GUARD OR BACKREST,Load Overhead,backrest Lamps guard.
Read the Operation Maintenance manual and caution plates on. the truck and become familiar with your truck and operating The lift truck cannot be used if the headlights taillights. procedures Remember that individual lift trucks might be different overhead guard backrest horn or turn signals have been. in design and construction from one another Observe the caution removed Any parts that have been temporarily removed for. decals on the truck Keep this Operation and Maintenance manual. some reason must be reattached immediately, on the truck as a ready reference for anyone who may drive or. service it,OBTAIN APPROVAL FOR ANY MODIFICATION,KEEP DECALS LEGIBLE. Modifications or additions that affect the capacity construction. The decals on the truck describe safety precautions and operating or strength of the truck must not be performed by the user. instructions Replace any damaged or missing decals Check that without the manufacturer s prior permission For example don t. the decals are legible during regular inspections add a counterweight. FOR SUPERVISORS TYPES OF VEHICLES AND LOADS, USE THE RIGHT TRUCK FOR THE JOB USE THE PROPER ATTACHMENT. Be sure the type and capacity of the lift truck is suitable for the WARNING. work environment, Avoid hoisting a load with wire rope hung from the forks. Check Point Choice or an attachment or avoid lifting a freight container with. forks because there is danger of the truck tipping If. Capacity Load capacities range from 0 5 to 42 tons Pay. particular attention to the load center necessary have a qualified operator use a hook or crane. TCM Lift Truck Capacities 0 5 0 7 0 9 1 1 35 arm attachment. 1 5 2 2 25 2 5 2 75 3 3 5 4 4 5 5 6 7 8 10,10 5 11 5 12 13 5 15 18 20 22 23 24 25 30.
37 or 42 tons, Power Source Gasoline natural gas diesel and battery powered. models are available Fuel costs and exhaust,composition will vary. Balance On counterbalanced models the counterweight. at the rear makes the vehicle longer than reach,trucks A reach truck performs loading and. unloading by extending the front part of the mast,outward which gives it the advantage of. compactness Popular Attachment Examples, Tires For indoor use there are models with solid tires.
best for reach trucks and cushion tires engine,type or battery type Both are compact. For outdoor use pneumatic tires work well Solid,cushion tires with the same dimensions as. pneumatic tires may be the best choice in cases,where the load materials or surface conditions. could puncture pneumatic tires Roll Clamp Rotating Fork. For paper roll or drum handling For damping work or charging work. Flammable Materials For handling flammable materials such as. petrochemicals a combustion engine is too,dangerous An electric vehicle with explosion. proof or safety reinforced construction is required. A battery power source always offers better,protection against fire than a combustion engine.
Side Shift Crane Arm, Hinged Fork For precise stacking in For slinging work. for lumber handling c o n ta i n e r s o r o t h e r. narrow spaces,FOR SUPERVISORS TYPES OF VEHICLES AND LOADS. HAVE A GOOD VENTILATION STACK LOADS SECURELY,Engine powered trucks. When stacking loads place them in a stable manner that they. When the engine is run indoors such as in an enclosed will not easily come apart and be sure the weight is evenly. warehouse have a fresh air ventilation Exhaust fumes can distributed Secure the top layer with a cord wrapped like a. cause chemical poisoning and in the worst case exhaust fumes headband or in a similar fashion. can kill When warming up or operating the truck indoors open. the windows and doors or use a fan to make sure there is a KNOW THE WITHSTAND LOAD OF YOUR FLOOR. TCM forklift truck Read this manual thoroughly and become completely familiar with the lift truck before using it If you have any questions see your dealer Due to improvements in design it is possible that the description contained herein may not completely apply to the truck delivered to you CAUTION If the truck is to be leased loaned or sold to anyone this manual must be with the

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