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RC RH22 PACKAGED TERMINAL AIR CONDITIONER HEAT PUMP. INSTALLATION OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE,P N 240004406 Rev 1 3 06 05. Shipping Damage MUST be Reported to the Carrier IMMEDIATELY. Examine the exterior Remove cover and examine compressor and piping for signs of damage. This manual is intended as an aid to quali ed service. personnel for proper installation operation and maintenance SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. of the RetroAire RC RH22 Packaged Terminal Air, Conditioner Read these instructions thoroughly and Read all instructions before using the RetroAire. carefully before attempting installation or operation RC RH22 PTAC Install or locate this unit only in ac. Failure to follow these instructions may result in improper cordance with these instructions Use this unit only. installation operation service or maintenance possibly for its intended use as described in this manual. resulting in re electrical shock property damage personal. injury or death,Check the rating plate on the RetroAire RC RH22. PTAC before installation to make certain the volt,age shown is the same as the electric supply to. TO THE INSTALLER the unit, 1 Retain this manual and warranty for future refer.
The RetroAire RC RH22 PTAC must be connected,only to a properly grounded electrical supply Do. not fail to properly ground this unit, 2 Before leaving the premises review this manual to. be sure the unit has been installed correctly and run. the unit for one complete cycle to make sure it func Turn off the electrical supply before servicing the. tions properly RetroAire RC RH22 PTAC, To obtain technical service or warranty assistance Do not use the RetroAire RC RH22 PTAC if it has. during or after the installation of this unit contact your damaged wiring is not working properly or has. local representative Visit our website www retroaire been damaged or dropped. com for a local representative listing For further as. sistance call 1 800 228 9364 Save These,T Instructions. When calling for assistance please have the following. information ready DANGER,The RetroAire PTAC must,Model Number.
Serial Number Be connected to a properly grounded electrical. supply with the proper voltage as stated on the,Date of installation rating plate. Have proper over current protection i e time,delay fuse HACR Breaker as listed on the. Rating Plate, Failure to follow these instructions can result in a re. Recognize this symbol as an indication, explosion or electrical shock causing property dam. of important safety information age personal injury or death. The Right Fit For Comfort 2 www retroaire com,TABLE OF CONTENTS PRE INSTALLATION.
Installer Responsibilities 3 Test run the RC RH22 prior to installation Connect the line. Description Safety Feature Warnings 3 cord to a proper power supply such as the one the old unit is. Controls and Components 4 plugged into and check all controls for proper operation. Electrical Wiring Warnings 4,Preparation for Installation 4 5. MODIFICATION AND TAMPERING,Installation Instructions 5. How It All Fits 6,Final Inspection and Start Up 7 DANGER. Sequence of Operation 7 11, Cleaning and Maintenance 1 2 Tampering with the RetroAire Dual Motor PTAC is. No Heat Or Cooling 1 2 dangerous and may result in serious injury or death. Speci cations 13 Tampering voids all warranties Do not attempt to. Warranty 14 modify or change this unit in any way,INSTALLER RESPONSIBILITIES.
This manual has been prepared to acquaint you with the IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE. installation operation and maintenance of the RetroAire. Power Cord With Integral Safety Protection, RC RH22 and to provide important safety information in. these areas All PTACs rated 250V or less that are cord connected. to the power supply are equipped with a power cord. We urge you to read all of these instructions thoroughly with integral safety protection as standard Providing. before attempting the installation or operation of your unit personal shock protection as well as arcing and. This manual should be kept for future reference re prevention The device is designed to sense. any damage in the line cord and disconnect power, The manufacturer of this unit will not be liable for any. before a re can occur Tested in accordance with, damages caused by failure to comply with the installation. Underwriters Laboratories the cord set also offers a. and operating instructions outlined in this manual. unique passive operation meaning the unit does not. A rating plate identifying your RetroAire RC RH22 can be require resetting if main power is interrupted. found on the unit When referring to your unit always have. the information listed on the rating plate readily available WARNING A DAMAGED POWER SUPPLY CORD. MUST BE REPLACED WITH A NEW CORD FROM,DESCRIPTION THE MANUFACTURER AND NOT REPAIRED. The Retroaire RC RH22 is designed for use in new con Each power cord should be checked before every. struction or as a replacement for the IceCap RSK and use Follow the instructions in the order listed on the. IslandAire EZ RK series packaged terminal air conditioner device. WARNING DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT IF THE, The unit is available in cooling only as well as heat pump UNIT FAILS THE TEST.
con gurations and will t into an existing wall sleeve The. RH 22 heat pump provides heat when outside temperatures. are as low as 40o F, The RC RH22 also offers an EER rating as high as 10 0 WARNING. This can result in immediate energy savings over an older. Completely read all instructions prior to assembling. unit The RC RH22 features a two speed fan and an out. installing operating or repairing this product Inspect. door fan that conserves energy by not running in vent or. all parts for damage prior to installation and start. electric heat modes,up The RetroAire RC RH22 PTAC must be installed. Whisper quiet operation adds to room ambiance and the ONLY by quali ed installation personnel. permanent washable lter makes service a snap The, 20 gauge galvanized steel chassis construction ensures. long unit life,All Retroaire products are backed by Enviromaster. International LLC and are rated in accordance with ARI. Standards 310 and 380 and UL Standard 484,The Right Fit For Comfort 3 www retroaire com.
CONTROLS AND COMPONENTS ELECTRICAL WIRING,Standard Features CAUTION. Unit Mounted Operating Controls To avoid possibility of electric shock and personal. Thermostat injury disconnect all power to chassis before. Fan Speed Control removing chassis from sleeve or performing any. Heat Cool Switch cleaning servicing or maintenance. Fan Cycle Switch, Low Ambient Protection All wiring should be in accordance with the National Electric. Normally Open Normally Closed Motor Valve,V Code NEC and the local building codes. Switch Hydronic Heat Only, 1 Inspect the existing wiring for any de ciencies such as. cut or frayed wires Replace such wiring if found,Options Accessories.
2 Check the unit rating plate for circuit ampacity and. Custom Wall Sleeves Louvers and Cabinet En breaker or fuse size Use only HACR type breakers. closures Consult Factory, Front Air Intake Select the proper wire for the ampacity rating. Electric Heat 2 3 4 or 5kw 3 If plug and receptacle are used check the compatibility The. Hydronic Heat W Original Cradle Design chassis can be hard wired or direct connected as well. Remote Thermostat, Motorized Fresh Air Damper 4 Each unit must have a separate branch ciruit protected. Disconnect Switch by a fuse or breaker Refer to the unit rating plate for the. 115 Volt 09 12 Only or 265 277 Volt All Models proper breaker or fuse size Use of extension cords. is prohibited,The RetroAire RC RH22 must, Moving parts can cause personal injury Exercise all. Be connected to a properly grounded electrical due caution when test running the chassis. supply with the proper voltage as stated on the,rating plate PREPARATION FOR INSTALLATION. Use the proper maximum over current protection IMPORTANT RetroAire RC RH22 are to be used with. device stated on the rating plate metal wallsleeves The sleeves must employ front panels. secured by screws that prevent contact with all parts with. The use of extension cords is prohibited minor dimensions of openings not exceeding 1 2 The nal. assembly must employ an indoor air discharge grill having. Failure to follow these instructions can result in a re dimensions not less that 26 x 4 separating the top surface. explosion or electrical shock causing property damage of the chassis from the top surface of the discharge grill by. personal injury or death a minimum of 1 For all models the outdoor openings must. prevent contact of all moving parts by means of louvers or. grills with minor dimension not exceeding 1 All 265 Volt. units must be plugged into receptacles within the unit sub. DANGER base or chassis, Do not use the RetroAire RC RH22 with any 1 Remove the front of the existing room enclosure This.
electrical supply voltage other than the one listed will expose the old chassis. on the rating plate, 2 Disconnect the power supply If a line cord and plug. Check the rating plate on the unit for the correct voltage were used remove it from the receptacle If the chassis. rating Failure to use the correct voltage may result is hard wired locate the circuit breaker place it in the. in death serious bodily injury or property damage If OFF position and tag it announcing work is being. you have any questions or doubts consult the factory done DO NOT TURN ON. before installing this unit,The Right Fit For Comfort 4 www retroaire com. PREPARATION FOR INSTALLATION Continued, 3 Loosen any tie down bolts or screws and remove the 7 Check the present voltage to verify the new chassis is a. old chassis matching voltage and that the line cord and receptacle. IMPORTANT Dispose of old chassis per present state and. federal regulations 8 Before installing the new chassis inspect the outdoor. louver for a minimum free area of 70 and remove, 4 Inspect the wall sleeve cabinet for rust holes and any obstructions Any variation will restrict air ow over. damage Clean the wall sleeve of any dirt repair any the condenser coil and cause serious damage to the. damage and ensure proper drainage of condensate or chassis It will also void the warranty. rainwater to exterior of building, 5 Remove or repair old weather seals and note location WARNING.
for installation of any new seals, Completely read all instructions prior to assembling. installing operating or repairing this product Inspect all. 6 Check the wall sleeve cabinet to assure all drain holes. parts for damage prior to installation and start up The. are open and that A the unit is level left to right and B. Retroaire RC RH22 must be installed ONLY by quali ed. the back is pitched to the outside by 1 2 maximum,installation personnel. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS,1 2 x 3 4 OPEN CELL, 3 Install 1 2 X 3 4 open cell foam tape around the re. turn air duct on the top of the unit See diagram left. on this page, AIR 4 Make sure baf es come in contact with the outdoor louver. IMPORTANT Baf af es and most of the open cell foam. tape seals are factory installed on the RC RH22, ll the gap between the rear of the chassis and the outdoor.
louver and prevent the air from recirculating Consult the. factory if baf es supplied are not deep enough to accom. modate wall sleeve application as system ef ciency and. reliability are dependent on proper air ow,Hydronic Only Remove the 2 position connector as. sembly from kit bag supplied with unit this will have 2. yellow wires attached Connect this 2 position connec. tor to the 2 position connection located on the bottom. RC RH22 INSTALLATION KIT of the control box panel,1 Installation Manual. 1 2 x 3 4 Open cell Foam Tape,2 ea Mounting Brackets To Connect Aquastat. A Remove the black jumper wire located on the bottom. 1ea 2 Position Connector Pin Mate, HYDRONIC panel of the control box this is also terminated with a. 14AWG Black Wire,6 Motor Valve Wire Lead 2 position connector.
B Cut the jumper wire in the middle and splice the. aquastat to the jumper, 1 Slide unit into wall sleeve The supply duct on the cool C Place the connecter back into original location Refer. ing chassis should line up with the supply vent on the to wire diagram on the unit for details. room cabinet 4 Connect line cord, 2 See page 6 for location of mounting brackets 5 See Final Inspection and Startup on page 7. The Right Fit For Comfort 5 www retroaire com,INSTALLATION DIAGRAM. HOW IT ALL FITS,HEATING ASSEMBLY DETAIL,Heat Section Mounted. Above Cooling Chassis,Hot Water Only,Quick Disconnect.
Motorized Valve,Motorized Valve,Supply Optional,Finished Wall. Heating Assembly,Washers Nuts,Cooling Chassis,19 1 8 Threaded. Line Quick,Cord Disconnect,14 15 16 for Heat Sensor. Baf es on Front of,Brackets Condenser,Motorized Valve Quick Disconnect Located. on Bottom Left Hand Side,Heat Sensor Quick Disconnect Bot.
tom Left Hand Side,The Right Fit For Comfort 6 www retroaire com. FINAL INSPECTION AND STARTUP,When the unit is rst powered up high humidity. conditions can cause condensation to form on the, discharge grill Keep doors and windows closed to NOTE Any obstruction of. reduce humidity and condensation will evaporate supply air including. INSTALLATION OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL Enviromaster International LLC 5780 Success Dr Rome NY 13440 www retroaire com An ISO 9001 2000 Certi ed Company RC RH22 Cooling Only Heat Pump Nominal Capacities RC22 9 000 12 000 15 000 amp 18 000 RH22 9 000 12 000 15 000 Btuh RC RH22 PACKAGED TERMINAL RC RH22 PACKAGED TERMINAL AIR CONDITIONER HEAT PUMP for New Construction or as a

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