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Table of contents, 2 Introduction and purpose of this booklet. 3 What is food fraud, 4 Why is it important to prevent food fraud. 4 Glossary of terms used in this booklet, 5 Food fraud prevention process. 6 Vulnerability assessment, 10 Mitigation measures. 10 Raw material specifications, 10 Analytical surveillance.
11 Supplier relationship, 13 Supplier audit, 14 Supply chain transparency and simplification. 16 Alert system, 16 Frequently asked questions, 19 Useful resources tools. 1, Introduction and purpose What is food fraud,of this booklet. The food industry considers the safety No process can guarantee that food Food fraud commonly encompasses Deliberate mislabelling of food . of its products as its main concern Over and food supply are not the target of a wide range of deliberate fraudulent such as . the years industry and regulators have criminal activity The purpose of this acts The focus of this booklet products substituted with. developed food safety management booklet is to guide food operators however is on one type of food fraud a cheaper alternative . systems making major outbreaks of through approaches and processes to the intentional and economically e g farmed salmon sold as wild . food poisoning now quite unusual in improve the resilience of supply chains motivated adulteration of foods This or Basmati rice adulterated. many countries These systems typically to food fraud It provides guidance on is the fraudulent addition of non with cheaper varieties . use Hazard Analysis Critical Control how to assure the authenticity of food authentic substances or the removal or false statements about the source. Point HACCP principles which are by minimising vulnerability to fraud and replacement of authentic substances of ingredients i e their geographic . accepted globally HACCP has proven mitigating the consequences of food without the purchaser s knowledge for plant or animal origin . to be effective against accidental fraud economic gain of the seller . contamination This booklet does not address the, The two main types of economi other types of food fraud such as. However HACCP principles have cally motivated adulteration are counterfeiting fraudulently passing. not been routinely used to detect or Sale of food which is unfit and off inferior goods as established and. mitigate deliberate fraudulent actions potentially harmful such as reputable brands product tampering . on a system or process These actions recycling of animal by products theft smuggling document fraud and. include the deliberate contamination of back into the food chain product diversions Neither does it cover. food or food fraud packing and selling of meat with food adulteration intended to cause. This booklet unknown origin public health harm economic harm or. Describes a process for food fraud knowingly selling goods past their terror i e food defense issues . prevention and the principles of the use by date . vulnerability assessment , Outlines measures that can deter.
fraudsters or give early detection, of food fraud Food Safety Management System. Provides sources of information, and intelligence that may help to. Food safety Food defense Food fraud, identify emerging threats . Mitigation of Mitigation of Mitigation of, unintentional intentional intentional. accidental adulteration adulteration , adulteration Ideologically Economically.
Science based motivated motivated,2 3, Why is it important Glossary of terms Food fraud prevention. to prevent food fraud used in this booklet process. While it is not the intention of food Economically motivated Like any management system a Periodically or as changes occur that. fraud to harm consumers such acts adulteration EMA The intentional food fraud management system is a may impact the previously identified. can cause illness and even death This adulteration of foods motivated by continuous process as depicted in the vulnerabilities e g a newly identified. was the case in 2008 when melamine economic gain It is the type of fraud figure below from U S Pharmacopeia adulterant for an ingredient is reported . was used as a nitrogen source to covered in this booklet Appendix XVII Food Fraud Mitigation changes in the supply chain for an. fraudulently increase the measured Vulnerability assessment or Guidance It begins with an evaluation ingredient the entire process must be. protein content of milk resulting in vulnerability characterisation step to characterise food fraud carried out again to ensure its continued. more than 50 000 babies hospitalised Within a food fraud management vulnerabilities followed by the design effectiveness . and six deaths after having consumed system the step aimed at reviewing and review of a mitigation strategy and. contaminated infant formula and assessing various factors which its implementation . create vulnerabilities in a supply, The common factor in many cases chain i e weak points where fraud. of food fraud is that the adulterant is has greater chances to occur . neither a food safety hazard nor readily Mitigation measure Measure. identified as this would defeat the aim taken to decrease vulnerability to a. of the fraudster Common adulterants certain type of adulteration in a given Food Fraud Management System. include water and sugar or ingredients supply chain . that may be legitimately used and Mitigation strategy Selected. declared but whose improper use set of mitigation measures aimed Implement Start. mitigation, constitutes fraud Food fraud deceives at preventing food fraud in a given tabl. e, strategy, p, the consumers by providing them with supply chain . Acce, lower quality foodstuff against their Food operator Organisation.
knowledge and will carrying out any of the activities. related to processing manufacture Changes, Determine if Vulner . Economically motivated adulteration packaging storage transportation draft mitigation abilities impacting. vulnerabilities, deprives the consumers of the quality import distribution of food including strategy characteri . or system, acceptable zation, products they intend to purchase It can food services and sale in place. also have serious implications on food Supplier The party that is supplying. safety and the health of consumers The materials raw or semi finished food. N, ot, prevention of food fraud is paramount to ingredients or food products to other. ac, ce, protect the trust of our consumers and parties e g food operators in the.
pt, ab, le, to maintain fair sustainable business value chain Draft of. practices Buyer The party that is buying mitigation. strategy, materials raw or semi finished food, ingredients or food products from. suppliers ,4 5, Vulnerability assessment, A general approach to prevent food To characterise the vulnerability of an. fraud can be summarised as follows ingredient to food fraud the following. Conduct vulnerability assessment 3 aspects must be assessed . including , Know your materials and Vulnerability driven by factors. risks history economic factors inherent to the ingredient. geographical origins physical Factors such as the ingredient market. state emerging issues price its fraud history composition . Know your suppliers physical state and level of processing. manufacturer broker history are entirely independent of the actions. Know your supply chain length taken by the buyer to mitigate the risk. complexity supply demand of fraud This is defined as the inherent. arrangements ease of access vulnerability of a food ingredient . Know your existing control Certain ingredients are by nature. measures more vulnerable to adulteration e g , Design mitigation strategy and apple juices or apple purees are more.
implement mitigation measures vulnerable than apple pieces . Validate and verify mitigation, measures continually review food Fraud history past cases of adulteration. fraud management system of specific raw materials is a good. source of information It is an, indicator of the raw material potential. vulnerability and an important source of, possible adulterants for which detection. and deterrence are needed , Vulnerability driven by factors. impacting the business business, pressure , Factors such as the demand for a.
specific ingredient volume the extent, of its use ingredient used in several. products and businesses or the market, price fluctuation may contribute to an. increased level of vulnerability to fraud ,6 7, ,. Food fraud prevention process Like any management system a food fraud management system is a continuous process as depicted in the figure below from U S Pharmacopeia Appendix XVII Food Fraud Mitigation Guidance It begins with an evaluation step to characterise food fraud vulnerabilities followed by the design

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