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gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page i,FOOD CHOICE AND OBESITY. IN BLACK AMERICA,gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page ii. gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page iii,FOOD CHOICE AND OBESITY. IN BLACK AMERICA,Creating a New Cultural Diet,Eric J Bailey. gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page iv, Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data.
Bailey Eric J 1958, Food choice and obesity in Black America creating a new. cultural diet Eric J Bailey,Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0 86569 330 7 alk paper, 1 Obesity United States 2 Food preferences United States 3 African. Americans Health and hygiene Social aspects 4 Reducing diets Social. aspects I Title,RC628 B282 2006,362 196 39800896073 dc22 2006001234. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data is available. Copyright 2006 by Eric J Bailey, All rights reserved No portion of this book may be.
reproduced by any process or technique without the. express written consent of the publisher, This book is included in the African American Experience database from. Greenwood Electronic Media For more information visit. www africanamericanexperience com, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 2006001234. ISBN 0 86569 330 7,First published in 2006, Praeger Publishers 88 Post Road West Westport CT 06881. An imprint of Greenwood Publishing Group Inc,www praeger com. Printed in the United States of America,The paper used in this book complies with the.
Permanent Paper Standard issued by the National,Information Standards Organization Z39 48 1984. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page v. This book is dedicated to my wife Gloria Jean Harden Bailey After the. birth of our second child Darrien and the relocation from Atlanta. Georgia back to a Midwestern city Gloria noticed that I had put on some. extra pounds and looked very bloated In fact I had to purchase a new set. of larger pants because my waistline and stomach area had substantially. increased during this period I was amazed and in denial because I was. still exercising and following my particular health regimen Although all of. us including my daughter Ebony laughed about my heavier weight it. became increasingly a concern for us particularly when the excess weight. caused my blood pressure to increase After several different types of. health fitness and diet regimens and a move from Little Rock Arkansas. to a Mid Atlantic town in Maryland I realized that I needed a health fit. ness and diet program that truly fits me a 47 year old African American. man With Gloria s insight expertise experience and encouragement I. began to formulate this new approach to diet health and physical fitness. for not only myself but for all African Americans Although our culture. embraces a more flexible definition of what constitutes a healthy per. son we as African Americans have been in denial about our overweight. and obesity issues for decades and I believe that we are experiencing. needless overweight and obesity health consequences such as diabetes. hypertension asthma cancer and death Therefore this book is dedicat. ed to my wife Gloria Jean Harden Bailey,gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page vi. gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page vii,Preface ix. Acknowledgments xi, Part I The African American Overweight and Obesity Problem.
1 The African American Weight Problem 3, 2 Overweight and Obesity among African Americans 23. Part II Sociocultural Issues, 3 Body Image Preferences among African Americans 43. 4 Food Preferences among African Americans 61,5 Exercise and Physical Fitness Perspectives. among African Americans 81, 6 Adding African American Culture to Health Physical. Fitness Diet and Food Programs 105,Part III The New Cultural Approach.
7 The New Black Cultural Diet and Lifestyle 131,Appendix Useful Sources 153. Bibliography 157, gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page viii. gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page ix, Food Choice and Obesity in Black America is a book that attempts to be. the first in examining comprehensively and particularly culturally the. overweight and obesity issues in the African American community the. first in taking a holistic and cultural historic approach to African. Americans food preferences particularly soul food the first in highlight. ing African Americans preferences for body image body type and body. build the first in examining African Americans perspective on physical. fitness and exercise and the first in providing a cultural framework for all. other health and fitness and diet programs that strive to be successful in. the African American community Whether this book is actually the first in. all these topics is not the issue but what is the issue is that all of us need. to look at overweight and obesity in all the African American communi. ties the higher socioeconomic community the middle socioeconomic. community and the lower socioeconomic community much more seri. ously once and for all, Chapter 1 is a wake up call to African Americans about the issues of. being overweight and obese This chapter highlights a personal story of an. African American family struggling with diabetes and weight loss it also. addresses the cultural pattern of being bigger and fat is okay it high. lights a state s public health strategy for addressing overweight and obesi. ty in the African American community and it highlights one of my. research studies investigating the chronic effects of overweight and obesi. ty in the African American population, The facts and foundation regarding the medical and health conse.
quences of being overweight and obese in our society are established in. gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page x,X P R E FA C E. Chapter 2 This chapter provides the scientific data and reports on life. expectancy and major causes of mortality and morbidity in the United. States it highlights the current data on overweight and obesity in the U S. population it shows the current data on overweight and obesity among. children in the U S population and it concludes with stating the current. data on overweight and obesity among African Americans. How African Americans view their body image is examined in. Chapter 3 This chapter highlights African Americans preferences for. ideal body type it defines overweight obesity and body mass index from. the public health perspective it reviews several research studies on. African Americans body type and body image preferences and it suggests. that African Americans have a flexible cultural definition of healthiness. The strong relationship that African Americans have with their par. ticular food preferences is recognized in Chapter 4 This chapter reviews. several well known soul food cookbooks it examines the cultural history of. African American cuisine it defines soul food it discusses food food. habits and present day African American cuisine and it highlights my per. sonal and cultural connection with soul food, Chapter 5 describes how African Americans feel about exercise and. fitness programs This chapter addresses corporate America s lack of. health and fitness items for the African American market it highlights sev. eral research studies on physical fitness and African Americans and it. highlights how I developed my exercise and fitness regimen. Culture is introduced to diet and physical fitness programs in. Chapter 6 This chapter defines culture it discusses why culture is impor. tant to diet and physical fitness programs for African Americans it defines. African American culture it reviews several research studies emphasizing. the important role of African American culture in diet and physical fitness. programs it highlights successful federal diet and fitness programs that. used African American culture and it reviews other successful diet and. physical fitness books that embraced African American culture. Finally Chapter 7 introduces the New Black Cultural Diet This. chapter defines cultural appropriateness it highlights specific culturally. appropriate overweight and obesity intervention for specific segments of. the African American population it covers the major cultural health and. fitness questions and it provides my strategy for using the key components. of the New Black Cultural Diet,gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page xi. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, It has been my pleasure and joy to complete my third book for Greenwood. Publishing over the past six years I want to sincerely thank my editor. Debora Carvalko and all the staff at Greenwood Publishing. Now that I have returned to academia I want to thank two federal. institutions for allowing me to become a part of their culture They are the. National Institutes of Health where I served as a Health Scientist. Administrator at the National Cancer Institute and the National Center on. Minority Health and Health Disparities I also want to thank the Centers. for Disease Control and Prevention where I served as a Postdoctoral. Fellow in HIV AIDS in the Tuberculosis Division and the Office of Minority. Health Moreover the National Library of Medicine at the National. Institutes of Health has been an invaluable resource for all of my past. present and future research endeavors, In addition I want to thank the various academic institutions that.
provided me opportunities for research teaching service and leadership. They are Miami University Ohio Central State University Ohio Wayne. State University Michigan Indiana University at Indianapolis IUPUI. Emory University University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences UAMS. Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science and of course East. Carolina University North Carolina, Naturally there are several key scholars and health administrators. who I want to recognize for assisting me with my recent career and. research ideals They are Sandra Millon Underwood Richard Levinson. Jean Flagg Newton Lorrita Watson Vincent Thomas Holly Matthews. Linda Wolfe Rick Ward and John Ruffin,gpg bailey final fm qxp 4 4 2006 1 14 PM Page xii. XII ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, As always I give my respect and guidance to my family members. past and present my phenomenal mother Jean Ethel Bailey father Roger. Bailey and brothers Dwight Ronnie Billie and Michael Bailey. Finally I want to thank my very supportive family for following me. around from state to state my wife Gloria daughter Ebony and sons. Darrien and Marcus,gpg bailey final ch01 qxp 4 4 2006 1 15 PM Page 1. THE AFRICAN AMERICAN OVERWEIGHT AND,OBESITY PROBLEM.
The first section of this book is a wake up call to African Americans about. the issues of being overweight and obese The latest findings reports def. initions and scientific data on overweight and obesity are presented as. they relate to the African American population,gpg bailey final ch01 qxp 4 4 2006 1 15 PM Page 2. Food Choice and Obesity in Black America Creating a New Cultural Diet Eric J Bailey PRAEGER

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